It has been a long time since you've heard from me on general things about Spirit of House, so its time to get some news to you.

Future Website Features

  • Finally a new open source blog component that can be used on the website is available, and after initial testing I'm confident to get this implemented soon. This will bring back the option for you to comment on selected articles on the website, without the need to create an account etc.
  • Still pending is the re-introduction of the gallery section, I am still in the process of evaluating an appropriate component for the website.


  • You might not be aware of this, but in recent weeks and months I have been rejecting quite a lot of music submissions. This did not happen due to the high amount of music being produced and released as you can see by the massive updates in the past few weeks, this happened due to quality control and music not fitting into the concept of Spirit of House.
  • Unfortunately the high amount of new music has an impact what I can do otherwise, for example I planned to do a couple of interviews which are currently queued up, and I also had to cut back on album reviews.

Archive Website

  • There haven't been any updates to the archive site for quite a long time as I - for the time being - gave up on ripping the old mixes from the original CDs. Unfortunately these CDs are no longer readable, and the ones that are readable produce tons of read errors resulting in distortions.
  • However the good news is that I will soon upload a new Classics mixshow.

Mike Fossati

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