• Wax Wars compilation series
  • Reel People signed to Defected
  • Danny Rampling to release "Break for love"
  • Kings of Tomorrow to release remixes of  "6pm"

Wax Wars Compilation Series

Wax Wars is a new compilation concept by Defected, coming as a 3xCD package with accompanying  DJ friendly vinyls. It seeks to make globally respected house labels battle against each other through the strength of their catalogues and their mixing abilities. Each imprint is only allowed to use their own exclusive catalogue to create an individual mix which is a true representation of the sound of their label, containing classics as well as future hits.

The first release sees the battle of house 'superheros' Simon Dunmore (Defected) with Brian Tappert (SoulFuric) and Jamie Lewis (Purple Music), to be relased by the end of october.

Defected sign Reel People

Reel People who haven gotten lots of recognition for their releases on Papa Records, have just signed a contract with Reel People, with the single "The rain" to be released by the end of november and the album "Second guess" to follow in february 2006.

Danny Rampling "Break for love"

As you may have heard on the grapevine Danny Rampling is hanging up his headphones and fusing his passion for music with his love for food by opening a central London restaurant in the new year. This 3 disc collection marks 18 years of Danny Rampling as a DJ and his significant contribution to the history of club culture. From the sounds of 'Shoom' and the halcyon years of '88-'89 to the more recent sounds of the 'Love Groove Dance Party', this album includes some of house music's defining moments. Released by the end of october.

Kings of Tomorrow "6pm"

Hard to believe this has been in our ears for nearly a year and the original still hits with all the impact of the first time you heard it. As is the freshness of the remix package too. Sandy Rivera himself musters up more genius with His 'Twin Peaks' style key hook, pushing the whole track into more groove style path. MK+MTV still reign as floor favourites. Jazz funk spices the final remix in the pack as king of keys Simon Grey brings in heavy amounts of Stevie Wonder inspired backing vocals. Released in mid november.

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