If you signed up for our newsletter but have trouble receiving them (usually we send them out on Saturdays), this might be because:

  • your mailbox is over quota (you need to do some clean-up work before you can receive new mails)
  • your email address is invalid (you might have changed it, but did not update your registration for the newsletter)
  • receiving mail from spiritofhouse.com is not allowed by your provider or hosting company
  • the mail is considered SPAM and blocked or sent to a quarantine folder

Please note that we removed all users from the database where the newsletter could not be delivered for consecutive weeks (this step was taken after we've got lots of delivery error messages stating that mail address are not invalid).

You can simply subscribe again if you want to receive our newsletters. Thanks for your understanding.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question or other problem.

"Spirit of House"