You might remember that beginning of the year I announced changes to Spirit of House, but actually only some of them were introduced. Reflecting the past year, I have to admit that I spent much more time on the site than initially planned which kept me from doing other things. Looking forward I decided it is finally time for these changes to make time for other important things in my life.

So again I'm going to announce changes, and be prepared that this time I will actually implement them:

  • The fundament will be weekly updates (usually late Saturday) as you are used from the past
  • These weekly updates will include mixes and reviews
  • The amount of reviews will be limited (exceptions to be made only for important events such as the Winter Music Conference)
  • The focal point will be on soulful vocal house, the tracky/techy stuff will get fewer space and no longer get dedicated update cycles
  • Everyone that is using my reviews for any type of activity (e.g. quotes, mail outs, promotional texts) will have to add a reference such as "Written by Mike Fossati for Spirit of House ("

Happy new year to all my loyal followers and all the music lovers out there !!

Mike Fossati
"Spirit of House"