During the holidays, I made up my mind about the future of Spirit of House. I've been doing it for way over a decade now, and to be honest, I'm burned out to some degree. But on the other hand I do love music from the bottom of my heart, so I just can't give it up...

So I was thinking how can I keep it going while making sure it does not eat up all of my free time (remember that I work a full time job) and burns me out even more. Changes were inevitable, but I tried to keep them as small as possible - here is the list:

  • The fundament will be weekly updates (usually late Saturday) as you are used from the past
  • These weekly updates will include mixes and reviews
  • Selected releases only (the "Picks") will get individual reviews, the rest will be reviewed in one block (similar to the "Short Reviews" I've done past year)
  • More "Spotlight" reviews are planned to give special exposure to new/rising talent our outstanding products
  • No more "Short Reviews" as they are now part of the regular reviews

Mike Fossati
"Spirit of House"

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