It all began in 1991 when producer/DJ's Ron Allen and Hayden Andre fused their talents and formed Strobe Records, one of the most influential house music labels of its time. The popularity of Strobe grew very quickly and its unique sound spread through North America, Europe South America and Asia.

Ron and Hayden eventually decided to pursue other ventures and genes of music, however they finally reunited in 2006 and have decided to continue where they left off making, good quality music bred from the soul.

With classic releases such as Subculture "The voyage", Helen Sharpe "Got 2 have your love", Hayden Andre "Tribal life", The R.A.S.E. "Get on up" and Afterglow "Come back 2 me", Strobe was one of the hottest selling house music labels around. Strobe's vision even gave birth to producer and label owner Nick Holder (DNH Records) with the release of Nick Holder "Digital Age".

The Future:

After going through many DAT tapes of unreleased material, Strobe will be releasing a Doulbe-Length Album entitled "Revelutions 1991" to celebrate its 15 Year Anniversary. The album features both new and unreleased material. "Revelutions 1991" will contain a wide variety of Deep House, Techno, and Experimental creations, all with that undeniable Strobe sound. 12" releases will be issued of selected tracks from the album.

Strobe will also release a compilation entitled "Strobe Classics" which will contain the previous Strobe catalogue, which until this time has been unavailable. 12 releases will also be re-issued.

Strobe has a new stable of artists and releases that will follow the re-launch. The new sound of Strobe will continue for years to come with the development of new music and styles that span multiple genres of electronic music.

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