The Album Reviews for 1999.

December 26, 1999

Soulful Garage Hits Volume 1 (Universal Sounds/JetStar Records Double-CD)

Cleveland Anderson of Black Masses compiled this double-cd including twenty tracks (also available is a triple vinyl pack including twelve tracks). Newer stuff gets coupled with older and rare stuff to give you a real nice selection. You get "Nite Life" by Kim English (the MAW remix), "Wonderful Person" by Black Masses (the original version), "Can you see the Light" by Voices (the Kings of Tomorrow remix), "Vibe PM" by Mondo Grosso feat. India, "Our Time" by Soul People, "Thank you" by SuSu Bobien (the DJ Spen & Karizma remix), "Sunshine" by the Black Science Orchestra, "Soul' Talkin'" by Deep Brothers, "Inner City" by East Side Movement (a Lenny Fontana production) and "Don't Stop" by Soul Vision (the Kings of Tomorrow mix) to name just half of the included tracks.


December 19, 1999

6 Years of Paradise (King Street Records Triple-Album)

A triple vinyl package inlcuding some unreleased stuff: the 'Malawi Original Mix' of "Something to smile about" by Malawi Rocks, the 'Air Mix' of "I luv you more" by Kimara Lovelace, the 'Big Mix' of "Heal my Heart" by Kerri Chandler featuring Treasa 'Diva' Fennie. Also inlcuded are the original demo version of "Philadelphia" by Brooklyn Friends, "Trust Yourself" by Mentalinstrum featuring Giant Storm, "Brighter Days" by Big Moses featuring Kenny Bobien, "Souffles H" by Mondo Grosso, and more.


December 5, 1999

SoleVisions 2 (SoleMusic Records Double-Album)

This compilation features material that was released on SoleMusic and TronicSole Records. You get "What a surprise" by Cooly's Hot Box in mixes by DJ Spinna and Frankie Feliciano, "The Wanderer (Revisited)" by Romanthony, "Ladbroke Groove" by DJ Spinna, the Bugs in the Attic remix of "No Time" by Matt Wood, and more.


November 28, 1999

The New Latinaires 2  (Ubiquity Records Double-Album)

A compilation exploring the sounds that lay between latin, afro-cuban, brazilian and cutting-edge club music. Included are "Casa Forte" by Snowboy in the Joe Claussell remix, "Flying high" by P'taah and my absolute favourite "Diana Park Nights" by Nu Sound Collective who already had a few 12" on Guidance Records under the name Nu Spirit Helsinki. This is an absolutely outstanding jazzy track with live instrumentation which includes an ultra-funky horn section.


November 14, 1999

San Francisco Sessions Volume 1 (OM Records Triple-Album)

What an album Mark Farina did compile here! Lots of good stuff over six sided of vinyl. Included are "Happiness" by Rob Mello, "Spellbound" by Rae & Christian in the dub mix by Matthias Heilbronn, "Got the Bug" by Bougie Soliterre in the Sfere remix, "Spring Fling" by Rick Preston and much more.

NuPhonic 02 (NuPhonic Records Double-Album)

One of the most intersting UK labels present their second compilation. Included are an alternate version of "Moving Cities" by Faze Action, "On the Beach" by Marcel, "Michael" by Roy Davis Jr., the Swag remix of "My Beat" by Blaze, "The String Thing" by Soul Ascendants and more.

Ron Trent "Primitive Arts" (PeaceFrog Records Triple-Album)

A heavy purchase (each of the three discs is 180 gramm of vinyl) of deep music by Ron Trent. Jazzy grooves on the moody and laidback tip, a midtempo track with a jazzy edge and a couple of tracks reflecting Ron's earlier style of produtions.

Bossa très ... Jazz, when Japan meets Europe (Yellow/EastWest Records France Double-CD)

A simply terrific compilation including lots of cool music like "Plein Soleil" by Yasushi Ide in the NuYorican Soul remix, "Vai minha tristeza" by Tom & Joyce in two versions, "Outro Lugar" by Salome de Bahia, and much more to discover. As a bonus, the second CD includes "Introduction to 'Bossa très ... Jazz' and Dzine Paintings" which can be viewed on your computer.


November 7, 1999

Classic/Album Review: Larry Levan's Classic West End Records Remixes (WestEnd Records Triple-Album)

Nine classics in remixes by Larry Levan included on this triple vinyl package. Taana Gardner is represented with "Heartbeat", "No Frills", "Work that Body" and "When you touch me", you also find Ednah Holt "Serous, sirius space Party", New York Citi Peech Boys "Don't make me wait", Loose Joints "Is it all over my face", Sparque "Let's go dancin'" and Billy Nichols "Give your Body up to the Music".

This compilation represents some of the music from 1979 to 1982 that was made famous at the legendary Paradise Garage.

USG presents African Blues "Color in Rhythm Stimulate Mind Freedom" (Distance Records Double-Album)

Ron Trent and Anthony Nicholson are the heads behind African Blues which is all about african rhythms coming in various variations our way, but all of them inlcuding a jazzy edge reflecting the deep USG sound.

Disco BluePrints (X:Treme Records Double-Album)

This album includes ten classics that features samples and soundbites what were used by Armand van Helden, Soul Searcher, Danny Tenaglia and more to create some of the biggest club tracks of the past few month. Included are "Dance with You" by Carrie Lucas, "Reach up" by Tony Lee, "Let's lovedance tonight" by Gary's Gang, "Love Thang" by First Choice, "212 North 12th" by Salsoul Orchestra, "Vertigo/Relight my Fire" by Dan Hartman in the 'Progressive Inst. Mix', "We're on the right Track" by Ultra High Frequency, "Pipeline" by Bruce Johnston, "The Glove of Love" by Luther Vandross and "Imagination" by The Whispers.


October 31, 1999

Femi Kuti "Shoki Remixed" (Sound of Barclay Records Triple-Album)

Triple pack vinyl full of remixes of tracks all taken from the original recording "Shoki Shoki". Included are the singles "Beng Beng Beng" in mixes by Ashley Beedle, Chateau Flight and Da Lata, "Truth Don Die" in mixes by Masters at Work and Kerri chandler, "What will tomorrow bring" in mixes by Joe Claussell and Cyril K. "Scatta Head" gets remixed by Zenzile in ragga style, "Eregele" is mixed by Seven Dub in dub style, "Sorry Sorry" comes in afro funky style remix by Francois K., "Victim of Life" sees Steffen 'Dixon' Berkhahn on a percussive afro tip and "Look around" has a remix by IG Culture on a afro tip.

Roy Davis Jr. "Soul Electrica" (PeaceFrog Records Double-Album)

Compilation of Roy Davis Jr. tracks that includes "House Inferno", "Party Here" (Da After Set Dub), "Rock Shock", "I wanna see your body move", "All I do", "Musical Sense", "Transition" and "Lyrical Trip".

Mateo & Matos "The Many Shades of Mateo and Matos" (Glasgow Underground Records Double-Album)

Maybe the hottest producers of 'tracks' around at the moment (none of their recent output really fails) deliever a double pack with eight slamming tracks including the recent 12" "The Real Thing". The attributes melodic, jazzy, deep, funky, groovy and many can be used to describe their vibes.


October 3, 1999

Faze Action "Moving Cities" (NuPhonic Records Double-Album)

Robin Lee and Simon Lee, the masterminds behind Faze Action, deliever their second full album. Among their trademark house tracks with disco elements, you also find other styles and influences on this album. A real listening enjoyment.


September 26, 1999

Blaze "Blaze Productions" (Playhouse Records Double-Album)

After Playhouse Records licensed "Lovelee Dae" and had a huge hit with it two years ago, they decided to release a compilation of their favorite Blaze tracks. Now, after two years, the result will be released on october 4th on double-album. It will include "Fantasy" by Blaze presents Cassio Ware, "For the next time" by Black Rascals, "Love comes around" by Blaze, "Paradise" by Cassio, "Our Spirit" by The Colour Funky, "Nubia" by Funky People presents Blaze, "Journey" by The Colour Funky and "Live a happy Life" by Blaze. Various stlyes covered from traditional NY house to deep garage to afro.

Body & Soul Volume 2 (Wave Records Triple-Album)

Compiled by Joe Claussell, Danny Krivit and Francois K., the Body & Soul residents. Twelve tracks that offer a seamless voyage through the universe that gets creataed every sunday afternoon at the Body & Soul. You find "Love and Respect" by The Carlos Sanchez Movement, "Sangue De Beirona" by Cesaria Evora, "Samba Magic" by Summer Daze, "Don't you ever give up" by Innervisions feat. Melonie Daniels, "I am the black gold of the sun" by NuYorican Soul feat. Jocelyn Brown, "NY Style" by Mateo & Matos, "Dancin' in outer space" by Atmosfear and more. Just be aware that some tracks have been edited for this vinyl release.


September 5, 1999

Rewind One "Part-1" (Guidance Records Triple-Album)

To celebrate their 3rd birthday, Guidance Records released this limited triple vinyl pack including some of their best dancefloor momenets. Mark Grant, Charly Brown, Fresh and Low, Blue Boy, Kevin Yost and more are featured. Also included is the unreleased "The Solution" by Boo Williams and a previously unreleased version of I-Level's "Dope Eyes".

Mundial Muzique (Guidance Records Triple-Album)

The cool vibes of upfront Afro-Caribbean, Latin and Brazilian rhythms that emerged from the world's dancefloors in the past year. Gems like "Latin Soul" by Turnstyle Orchestra, "Afro-Cuban Sunshine" by Nu-Spirit Helsinki, "Da Sambafrique" by Nick Holder and more. And not to be missed is a classic from 77: "Brazilian Skies" by Bill Summers!!


June 27, 1999

East West Connection "The more I get..." (Chilli Funk Records Double-Album)

Finally, Lofty, Dr. Bob Jones and Neil Cowley release the long awaited long player. Soulful music, not everything is strictly for the dancefloor, but some housey tunes can be found.

June 20, 1999

Abstract Afro Lounge II (NiteGroove Records Double-Album)

Great follow up to the first volume. As usual, some unreleased tracks as well as brand new material is included. There is another Joe Claussell mix of "Koté Moun Yo" by DJ Hiro feat. Masabumi Kikuchi, an unreleased USG mix of "Every Day" by Lost Tymezz, the new "More than Gold" by Palmer Brown & Blaze and much more to discover like the classic "Ashewo Ara" by Kabbala.

Toko "Soul in your Spacesuit (Alma en su traje del espacio)" (Toko Records Double-Album)

One of the hottest UK labels in the past few month, celebrating their success with this hot double-pack including all the goods from Attaboy, Weekender and more. Smooth house sounds for the lovers of quality music.


June 13, 1999

Brothers of the Underground "Collective Grooves 2" (SOM Underground Records Double-Album)

On the four sided of vinyl, you get tracks from Tony Rodriguez, Retroactive, Victor Simonelli, Brett Dancer, Jordan Fields, Brothers' Vibe and more. From the jazzy vibes to the more percussive tracks, you find a lot of different and cool music here.


May 23, 1999

A Jedi's Night out - Tom Middleton (Mixmag Records Triple-Album)

Cosmic grooves selected by Tom Middleton of Global Communications. Trip hop, house, jazzy vibes and more to be discovered. Included are 'Disco Magic (Secret Ingredients Mix)' by The Jedis, 'Echoes & Instruments' by Wamdue Kids, 'Whats your number (Jazzanova Renumber)' by Ian Pooley and more.


May 9, 1999

Rootdown 99 - compiled by Rainer Trueby (NuPhonic Records Double-Album)

What a nice compilation put out by NuPhonic, compiled by Rainer Trueby. Included are gems like 'My Beat' (Swag's Spiritual Mix) by Blaze, 'On the beach' (Chaser Remix) by Marcel, 'Whats your number' (Jazzanova Renumber) by Ian Pooley, 'Nexus' by Blofeld, 'Atabaque' by Jazzanova and more.


April 25, 1999

Sylk 130 "When the Funk hits the Fan - The Remixes" (Ovum Records Double-Album)

Some unreleased stuff to be found here amongst some of the best remixes done for Sylk 130. There are unreleased dubs of 'When the Funk hits the Fan' by Mood II Swing, 'Last Night a DJ saved my life' by Roger S. and Francois Kevorkian.Also included are such rare things like a remix of 'City (5-6 Theme)' which was done for the Japan release of the album.


April 18, 1999

Kevin Yost "One starry night" (Distance Records Double-Album)

Lots of the jazzy vibes to explore here in the usual quality by Kevin Yost. But there is also some different stuff included: 'Hypnotic Progression (Part 1)' is a more progrissive house track with some athmospheric sounds before the jazzy keys kick in at the end of the track. And some of the tracks have a more driving feel than his earlier more laidback stuff but still he keeps it jazzy.


April 11, 1999

Mixe the Vibe: Joe Claussell (Nite Grooves Records Double-Album)

You know this series by know: there is always to find some unreleased stuff on it. Here, you can get an unreleased Joe Claussell Mix of 'Koté Moun Yo' by DJ Hiro feat. Masabumi Kikuchi, a unreleased instrumental of 'Season of Love' by Blaze and some unreleased beats of 'Those Native Drums' by Mateo & Matos.

Also included are 'Straight Magic' by Ananda Project feat. Heather Johnson, 'Hiroshis Dub' by T.P.O., 'Nafara' by Mood II Swing, 'Sunshower' by Souichi Terada and more.

Armand Van Helden "2 Future 4 U" (FFRR Records Quadruple-Album)

Just a compilation of his recent stuff he put out on different labels. Included are 'Mother Earth' feat. Tekitha (of Wu-Tang), 'The Boogie Monster', 'Psychic Bounty Killaz' feat. DJ Sneak, 'U dont know Me' feat. Duane Harden, 'Alienz', 'Summertime' feat. Mi Madre, 'Necessary Evil', 'Entra Mi Casa' feat. Mita and the massive 'Flowerz' feat. Roland Clark. Worth buying if you don't have the 12" or if you're looking for a good pressing.

H2O "You can run..." (Liquid Groove Records Double-Album)

Expected to be released last year, now finally out on vinyl (the CD was released about a year ago here in Switzerland). You can find all their 12" releases here: 'You can run...', 'The Future', 'Take me Higher', 'Nobodys Business'. Also included is the next single 'All over your Face' among with some material only available on the CD so far.

Glenn Underground "A Story of Deepness" (Nite Life Collective Double-Album)

Deep and jazzy grooves spread over four sides of delicious vinyl. Sometimes Glenn gets onto the disco mood, sometimes he lets the jazzy keys speak for itself. And not to missed are the vocals cuts included here - full of soul. More for your listening pleasure than for the clubs.

Crazy Penis "A nice hot Bath with" (Paper Records Double-Album)

Laidback grooves spread over this double-pack, some being on the house tip, some of them on a midtempo groove, but all of them with a fresh sound. Another record more for your listening pleasure then for peak hour service.


April 4, 1999

Disco Spectrum: Real Disco for Real People, compiled by Joey Negro (BBE Records Triple Album)

Triple album full of classics, compiled by Joey Negro, one of the DJ's/producers who is still living this kind of music (just listen to his recent releases). Included are such gems as "Let me down easy" by Rare Pleasure (the song David Morales sampled the piano for his 'Needin you' smash), "Bourgie Bourgie" by John Davies Ochestra, "Come Back Lover" by The Fresh Band (Bob Sinclair used the rhythm track of this for his latest 'My only Love'), "Feel it" by Revelation, a marvellous production by Jimmy Simpson who also mixed this gem.

Many more gems are included like "(You got) that Something" by Logg, "Don't turn your back on me" by Frontline Orchestra, "I'll be your pleasure" by Esther Williams, "Take some time out for Love" by Salsoul Orchestra and more. Not to forget are the lineups for each song featured on the album.


January 31, 1999

Todd Edwards "Prima Edizione" (i! Records Double-Album)

Todd presenting eight tracks on this double-album in his typcial grooves.


January 24, 1999

People present "People's Choice" (?? Records Double-Album)

I'm not sure what the label is, but this is a truly outstanding compilation from the UK with lots of  quality material selected: "So tired of waiting" by Bah Samba, "Junkie Blues" by Frankie Valentine, "Outboard Jeopardy" by Modaji, "Lost i n the Loft" by Weekender, "Jesta Funk" by Idjut Boys and more.


January 17, 1999

Tommy Boy: Greatest Beats (the first fifteen years 1981 - 1996) (Tommy Boy Records CD Box-Set)

This CD Box-Set (also available on vinyl double-packs) includes many of the classic 12" Tommy Boy has put out throughout the last 15 years.

Inlcuded are such classics as "Planet Rock" by Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force, "Play at your own risk" by Planet Patrol, "Lean on me" by Club Nouveau, "The Humpty Dance" by Digital Underground, "Come into my House" by Queen Latifah, "Hip Hop Hurry" by Naughty by Nature, "Talkin' all that Jazz" by Stetsasonic and many more, a total of 56 tracks.

Also included is a bonus CD with remixes of nine classic tracks including the fantastic Dimitri from Paris remix of "Talkin' all that Jazz" by Stetsasonic in its full 10 minutes vocal version.

Not to be forgotten are the 60 pages of the included booklet with lots of background information and nice pictures.

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