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Juan Hoerni - Love on highBack in May of this year, we were celebrating the outstanding "Love rewind" single by Juan Hoerni, now he is back with his second full length album entitled "Love on high" which is nothing short of phenomenal and features collaborations with the likes of Terry Dexter, Maurice Smith, Chezere and Irantzu Pujadas, as well as remixes of of selected songs by none other than legends Roy Davis Jr, Terry Hunter and JoVonn. Once again, the exceptionally gifted Juan Hoerni has been pulling out all the stops to truly bless us with a towering and verily eclectic album showcasing his versatility and ingenuity as a music artist, effortlessly moving from one genre to another. Beyond doubt, the vocal and instrumental jewels included on "Love on high" take you on an blissful musical journey you wish would never end...

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