GMCD05When in July 2011 Grooveland Music was celebrating its five years anniversary, we wrote "Unbelievable how the years have passed... In June 2006, Brazilian label Grooveland Music was launched with "Afrika" by E.Deep, and ever since the label has been at the forefront of soulful house music." Since then, another three years have passed, with the label having released many more soulful classics such as DJ Garphie featuring George Sida "Take me home", the highly acclaimed full length album by Michelle McClain or the South African remixes of one of the labels legendary releases: "Eu soul by BSC featuring Andre. This truly eclectic and varied compilation in celebration of "8 Years of Grooveland" features past and future releases from an illustrious list of artists, including brand new music from Ars Domini, Carlos Vargas featuring Danny, Citysounds! featuring Natasha Watts, Deepn Soul featuring Robert Carvalho, BeeKay Deep or Manousos. Highly recommended.