The Classic Tips for 1996.

Classic Tips as of December 29, 1996

Jean Carn "Was that all it was" (Philadelphia International Records 12", 1979)

Out in a time when the Philly sound was on top, this beautiful song had lot of success in the clubs and discos. Already covered (Kym Mazelle has done a house interpretation in the late 80's), the bassline has been sampled recently (sadly, I can't remember the name of the track).


Classic Tips as of December 22, 1996

Susan Clark "Deeper" (Deeper than Deep Mix)(FFRR Records Promo 12", 1991)

Licenced from 111 East Records, this James Bratton production got remixed by Benji Candelario & Wayne Rollins. This is the one-sided promo including the unrelaesed Mix - a minimal groove with only a few vocals over it. But it has been the one the DJ's where looking for.


Classic Tips as of December 15, 1996

Mr. Fingers "Closer" (MCA Records 2x12" Records, 1992)

Antother beauty from Larry Heard, this one has lots of mixes to choose from by Sasha, Frankie Foncett and Larry himself. This is (like 'Rainforest serenade') a real piece of soulful house music.


Classic Tips as of December 8, 1996

The It "Rainforest serenade" (Black Market Records 12", 1990)

This is one of the best tracks Larry Heard ever wrote. A piece of real music with loots of pianos and the so loved keyboard sounds of Larry.


Classic Tips as of December 1, 1996

Taravhonty "Join hands" (Big Beat Records 12", 1987)

This was the first release for Big Beat Records. Nelson 'Paradise' Roman and Craig Kallmann did the mixes of this underground spiritual anthem.


Classic Tips as of November 24, 1996

Mass Order "Lift every voice" (Columbia Records 2x12", 1992)

This track caused a lot trouble on the music market. While Mass Order were looking for a record deal, some people in the USA and UK did bootleggs and the buzz went on. After Columbia had signed the track, the did a rush-release including some fine Tony Humphries Mixes. On the limited Double-Pack, a total of a dozen mixes is included.


Classic Tips as of November 17, 1996

The Night Writers "Let the music use you" (Danica Records 12", 1987)

A real classic from the early days of House Music, this Henry Watson & Alan Walker written track has been produced and mixed by Frankie Knuckles.


Classic Tips as of November 10, 1996

Push/Pull "Bang the drums" (Fore Records EP, 1990)

Of this six-track EP, the standout cut is "Secrets of the nile". This one was hard go get because only limited quantities have been around. A few months after its release, this track even appeared on a dodgy boottlegg in the UK so you can imagine how saught after this one is. It's a beautiful instrumental track with great drums and a beautiful xylophone.


Classic Tips as of November 3, 1996

Satoshi Tomiie "Tears" (FFRR Records 12", 1989)

Written by Frankie Knuckles, Robert Owens and Satoshi Tomiie, this one rocked all the dancefloors seven years ago. This has been the breakthrough for Satoshi. Dave Morales and Frankie Knuckles provided the mixes.


Classic Tips as of October 27, 1996

Jerry Edwards "I am somebody" (Republic Records 2x12", 1989)

The 1st 12" features the Original Mixes handled by Blaze, while the 2nd 12" has new Mixes by Blaze and Rock Shock. Beautiful Garage whick works best in the Blaze Remixes.


Classic Tips as of October 20, 1996

Ce Ce Rogers "All join hands" (Atlantic Records 12", 1990)

On the 'Essay Mix', Ce Ce gives us his definition of House Music. After a beautiful spoken intro and an Accapella the music kicks in. This might well be the definition of House Music...


Classic Tips as of October 13, 1996

India "You should be loving me" (Reprise Records Promo 12", 1990)

Never released commercially, this might be one of "Little" Louie Vega's first House Mixes ever. His 'Wicked Dub' has all the trademarks that made Louie so popular he is today. And with the voice of India, this even could hit in these d


Classic Tips as of October 6, 1996

Robert Owens "Too much for me" (Black Label Records 12", 1992)

Only one mix to choose (on the flip-side, it is recorded backwards), Robert Owens shows us his vocal abilities on this Nelson 'Paradise' Roman production. A beautiful deep House-journey, definitely one of my favourites.


Classic Tips as of September 29, 1996

Blaze "So special" (Tony Humphries Remix)(Motown Records Promo 12", 1990)

This track is from their "25 years later" album which they recorded for Motown Records. These mixes by Tony Humphries have never been released commercially.  A beautiful record with excellent mixes.


Classic Tips as of September 22, 1996

Sorry, no tip today - because of my movement, i'm currently living between lots of boxes of records and can't find anything I'm looking for. Normal service will be back next week.


Classic Tips as of September 15, 1996

Serious Intention "You don't know" (Easy Street Records 12", 1984)

One of the biggest tunes Paul Simpson has ever been involved. A classic club trax featuring Anthony Malloy on vocals.

Classic Tips as of September 8, 1996

Padlock (Island Records Album, 1983)

A classic Album from 1983 including classics like "Peanut butter", "Hopscotch", "Seventh heaven" and "Padlock". The Remixes are courtesy of all-time legend Larry Levan, the singer is Gwen Guthrie.


Classic Tips as of September 1, 1996

Master Jam "Dancin' all night" (2nd to None Records 12", 19??)

I have no clue when this came out cause i got it in 1994 - but it's got this famous Nick Martinelli Mixes so you what to expect.


Classic Tips as of August 18, 1996

Sharon Ridley "Changin'" (Columbia Records 12", 1978)

A classic, jazzy Disco-cut. I'm still trying to get the 12". Can anyone help me?


Classic Tips as of August 11, 1996

Frankie Knuckles "It's hard sometime" (Virgin Records Promo 2x12", 1991)

Already a classic, this is one of the best ever recorded House 12" since this genre of music has began to grow in the middle of the eightes. A classic Frankie Knuckles production featuring Shelton Becton on vocals, it comes with lots of David Morales Mixes on this limitied Double-Promo.


Classic Tips as of August 4, 1996

Stephanie Mills "You can't run from my love" (Casablanca Records 12", 1983)

One of the best Stephanie Mills 12", this one has been written and produced by James Mtume and Reggie Lucas. The Dance Mix has been done by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero.


Classic Tips as of July 28, 1996

Chigaco "Streetplayer" (Columbia Records 12", 1979)

Well, your all know this one 'cause it has been sampled by the Bucketheads for their smash 'The bomb' (and you all know who's behind the Bucketheads, don't you???). This is the Original, loved for it's fantastic live workout in the second part.


Classic Tips as of July 21, 1996

Colonel Abrams "Nameless" (MCA Records Promo 12", 1987)

This fine Mixes (especially the Dub) by Timmy Regisford have never been released. MCA only released the Louil Silas, Jr. Mixes which aren't bad either. This is one of the many good dance records by Colonel Abrams.


Classic Tips as of July 14, 1996

Third World "One more time" (Columbia Records 12", 1985)

One of the later Mixes by all-time legend Larry Levan done together with Judy Weinstein.


Classic Tips as of July 7, 1996

Donald Byrd and 125th Street, N.Y.C. "Love has com around" (Elektra Records 12", 1981)
Marlena Shaw "Touch me in the morning" (Columbia Records 12", 1979)

This are two of my all-time classics - the first is a jazz-funk thing, the second a splendid disco-cut.

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