The Classic Tips for 1997.

Classic Tips as of September 28, 1997

David Cole "You take my breath away" (Epic Records 12", 1988)

I'm sure not too many of you know that David Cole had a solo single, but here it is. Produced together with Bruce Forrest and Frank Heller (two big producers and remixers in the late '80), this is a smooth club record. We'll always remember you, David.


Classic Tips as of September 21, 1997

Jocelyn Brown "Somebody else's guys" (M&M Remixes)(Forth & Broadway Records 12", 1984)

Huge classic from 1984, M&M (aka John Morales and Sergio Munzibai) gave us a real club smash in form of this mixes (including vocal, dub and acapella versions).


Classic Tips as of September 14, 1997

"Little" Louie & Marc Anthony feat. Tito Puente & Eddie Palmieri "Keep it comin' now" (Atlantic Records 12" Promo, 1991)

What a collaboration between Louie Vega, Marc Anthony, Tito Puente and Eddie Palmieri on this one. Not all of the six mixes on this promo where released, especially not the 'Original Album Version', a real tribal-ish winner.


Classic Tips as of September 7, 1997

Steve Harvey "Tonight" (London Records 12", 1983)

The mixes are courtesy of Francois Kevorkian. He had lots of success back then, especially with remixes on Prelude Records. This is a classic club record.


Classic Tips as of August 31, 1997

Inner Life "I'm caught up (In a one night love affair)" (Prelude Records 12", 1979)

A classy Patrick Adams production in a Johm Morales remix, this is a true classic featuring the vocals by Jocelyn Brown (she is still singing this one when she's performing).


Classic Tips as of August 24, 1997

Uncanny Alliance "I got my education" (A&M Records 2x12" Promo, 1992)

Only five years old, but already one of my favs in my collection. And it has something to do with the mixes: they are by the Masters at Work. Lots of fine dubs included on this double-promo, unfortunatlely not all have been released on the commercial copies.


Classic Tips as of August 10, 1997

Inner Life "Ain't no mountain high enough" (Salsoul Records 12", 1981)

Written by Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson, this classic has been produced by Patrick Adams & Greg Carmichael and remixed by the legendary Larry Levan. One of the biggest club hits for Salsoul, just check out the mixes, and you'll know why.


Classic Tips as of August 3, 1997

Blaze "Whatcha gonna do" (Quark Records 12", 1986)

One of the first 12" by Blaze ever, this was even the first 12" for Quark Records. Already back then, Blaze had found their own style of house music. On this production, they got help from Freddy Baston, Ace Mungin and David Morales.


Classic Tips as of July 27, 1997

Deodato "Keep on movin / Keep it in the family" (Warner Brothers Records 12" Promo, 1982)

Remixed by John "Jellybean" Benitez (the man that discovered Madonna), this is Eumir Deodato at his best. True club music from the early 80s, for some reason unreleased.


Classic Tips as of July 20, 1997

Masters at Work "Justa lil Dope / Blood Vibes / Our mute Horn" (Cutting Records 12", 1991)

It's about time I talk about the first (or one of the first) 12" by Little 'Louie' Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales under the name of Masters at Work. 'Justa lil Dope' and 'Blood Vibes' are both track with a hip-hop beat. 'Our mute Horn' is a nice deep house track with a beautiful horn played by Ray Vega.

BTW, do you know where Louie and Kenny have the name Masters at Work from? The Answer: Todd Terry had a record out under this name, and since Louie and Kenny liked it, they asked Todd if they could use it. This is history, and you all know what followed.


Classic Tips as of July 13, 1997

The S.O.S. Band "Groovin" (Tabu Records 12", 1982)

This is none of their superhits which have all been produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, but this is one of my favorites. A simple, jazzy groove with very little vocals, this record sounds like it would by by Shakatak. Perfect easy listening record from the early 80s.


Classic Tips as of July 6, 1997

Basement Boys "Love don't live here anymore" (Jump Street Records 12", 1988)

As far as I know, this has been the first house cover of this classic (I think the original is by Roce Royce), and it came in brilliant Tony Humphries mixes. Still one of my favorites of the days back then.


Classic Tips as of June 29, 1997

Blaze "We all must live togehter" (Motown Records 12", 1990)

This one is taken from the much underrated album "25 years later". All the versions included here have a nice reagge feeling to it what makes this record something special.


Classic Tips as of June 22, 1997

First Choice "Ain't he bad" (Warner Bros. Records 12" Promo, 1976)

This is a real disco-classic from 1976 on a promo-only 12". Maybe this version has been released on an album, but anyway, this one is worth getting it even if it gets you a few years to find it.


Classic Tips as of June 15, 1997

Nona Hendryx "Why should I cry" (Boo-Hoo Mix)(Emi Records 12", 1987)

One of my favorites of the 80s, these Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis remixes show us what club music was all about back then. Pure pleasure.


Classic Tips as of June 8, 1997

The Daou "Surrender yourself" (Columbia Records 12", 1992)

Peter and Vanessa Daou are known for their ambient like house music. This is one of (if not) the earliest recordings by this duo, and it got remixed by Danny Tenaglia for the club. After listening to it for a while, you'll love it.


Classic Tips as of June 1, 1997

Risse "Chain of fools" (Altantic Records Promo 12", 1989)

For some unknown reason, Atlantic Records never released this one, but this has still been one of the biggest club hits here in Switzerland in 1989. This one is produced and mixed by Steve 'Silk' Hurley and is taken from the 'Work it out Compilation'.


Classic Tips as of May 25, 1997

Five Star "Let me be the one" (Tent/RCA Records 12", 1985)

You may be surprised or even shocked I add this one to this page, but this is one of my all time favourites in its 'Lot Hot Soulful Summer Mix' which includes no vocals, but the saxophone of Groover Washington Jr. - a beautiful 80s Groove.


Classic Tips as of May 18, 1997

A Basement, a Red Light, and a Feelin (Madhouse Records Album, 1992)

Only about five years old, but already a classic, this includes gems like Grampa "I loved you", Dreamer G "I got that feelin" and more, all produced by Kerri 'Kaoz 6:23' Chandler in his typical pumping house music style. Quality stuff, hope you didn't miss it!


Classic Tips as of May 11, 1997

Dan Hartman "Vertigo/Relight my fire" (Blue Sky Records 12", 1979)

A big, big classic that has nothing to do with those cheesy disco cuts that were out at the end of the 70s, Loleatta Holloway is the vocalist and the remixes are by John Luongo and Michael Barbiero. Try to get the 'Progressive Instrumental Remix', which came out a few month after the vocal version had such an huge success.


Classic Tips as of May 4, 1997

Sharon Brown "I specialize in love" (Profile Records 12", 1982)

One of the biggest club hits in the early eighties, this one is mixed by Tee Scott. As in these days, two versions to choose from: a vocal and an instrumental.


Classic Tips as of April 27, 1997

David Peaston "We're all in this together" (Geffen Records 12", 1989)

Originally a swing track, David Morales and Frankie Knuckles teamed up to get us some taste of their classic house style. Beautiful strings and pianos coupled with David Peston's voice - we can talk of a timelass classic.


Classic Tips as of April 20, 1997

J.M. Silk "Music is the key" (DJ International Records 12", 1985)

One of the first real House 12" with vocals by Keith Nunnally, this was just the first of many hits for J.M.Silk.


Classic Tips as of April 13, 1997

Adeva "I thank you" (Cooltempo Records 2x12", 1989)

A classic Smack Production with additional mixes by Paul Simpson, this is what we've called uplifting house back in 1989.


Classic Tips as of April 6, 1997

Lil' Louis & the World "Journey with the lonely" (Epic Records Album, 1992)

Hope you didn't miss this one! It sees Lil' Louis on top of his game. Beside the hits 'Club lonely' and 'Saved my life' there are some real jazzy songs included with vocals are by Lil' himself, Barbare Tucker and Joy Cardwell.


Classic Tips as of March 30, 1997

The S.O.S. Band "Just be good to me" (Tabu Records 12", 1983)

This is one of those magnificent Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis classic club cuts of the early 80s. It's just one of many hits the S.O.S. Band had. Try to get the Reggie Thompson & Scott Folks remixes which have only been promoed but never released in 1983. Their 'Instrumental Remix' has a brilliant sax solo.


Classic Tips as of March 23, 1997

Maze feat. Frankie Beverly "Joy and pain" (Capitol Records Promo 12", 1989)

This one came out as a taster for Maze best-of-album in 1989. It features both the Original Mix and New Mixes feat. a rap by Kurtis Blow. Already beeing covered numerous times, but non of these covers can equal this one.


Classic Tips as of March 16, 1997

Andrea True Connection "What's your name, what's your number" (Buddah Records, 1977)

A real disco peace, produced by Michael Zager, a big heat at its time in 1977 (and it even used a guitar). On the flip, there is 'Fill me up (heart to heart)', a classy downbeat song in 'A Tom Moulton Mix'. Hard to find, but worth looking for.


Classic Tips as of March 9, 1997

Donna Summer "I feel love" (Patrick Cowley Mixes)(Casablance UK Records 12", 1982)

Patrick Cowley did this two fantastic mixes, a nearly 16 minute long megamix and an 8 minute long edit, both of them beeing ahead of its time.


Classic Tips as of March 2, 1997

Mariah Carey "Dreamlover" (Columbia Records 12", 1993)

This one may be one of the best remixes Dave Morales has ever done. When it hit the streets on Promo first in 1993, everyone and his dog tried to get his hand on it. Luckily, Columbia US decided to release it commercially.


Classic Tips as of February 23, 1997

Inner Life "Ain't no mountain high enough" (Salsoul Records 12", 1981)

This is another Nick Ashford & Valerie Simpson written song that has made it to the dancefloor and was very successfull. This time, Patrick Adams together with GregCarmichael produced the song while Larry Levan did the Club Mixes. The ten minutes plus 'Garage Version' still does the business on the dancefloor.


Classic Tips as of February 16, 1997

Roberta Flack with Donn Hathaway "Back together again" (Atlantic Records 12", 1979)

It's rare these days to get a duet, but this one is one of the biggest classics of all time.


Classic Tips as of February 9, 1997

Willie Colon "Set fire to me" (A&M Records 12", 1986)

One of my absolute faves of the 80's, this is a latin-jazz track remixed by Yvonne Turner in two mixes. It's got a beautiful, layed-down groove for the more romantic moments.


Classic Tips as of February 2, 1997

Cookie Watkins "I'm attracted to you" (Final Vocal Mix)(Smash Records 12", 1991)

One of Tony Humphries best mixes, Anna Robinson first sung this one, but for some reason (I have no idea why) Cookie Watkins has resung it for the official release. But it's the groove Tony created that makes this one a winner.


Classic Tips as of January 26, 1997

Montana Sextett "Who needs enemies" (Philly Sound Works Records 12", 1983)

Vince Montana Jr. produced, aranged and composed this one - a typical philly sound dance-track with beautiful vocals by Nadiyah. Still sounds good when played among todays Garage sounds.


Classic Tips as of January 19, 1997

Valerie Johnson "Step into my life" (Emotive Records 12", 1991)

This was the first big hit for Emotive and it was the breakthrough for Jovonn (Armstrong) where he began to develop his own definition of House-Music.


Classic Tips as of January 12, 1997

Ten City "Devotion" (Altantic Records 12", 1987)

This one was written by Marshall Jefferson and Byron Stingily who is starting his solo career now with "Get up". It was the start of a series of fantastic 12" for Ten City. Ten City were one of the few acts who have been supported by a major label.

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