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Stephanie Cooke "I thank you 2009" (Dolls Combers Remix)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Image Stephanie Cooke's 2002 club smash "I thank you" gets reworked by Italy's Dolls Combers who turn out two masterful interpretations. Their vocal version is a soulful affair built around a funk soaked, percussion enriched backing, with Stephanie Cooke's incomparable vocals being accompanied by phat hammond organ solos and lush synth chords. On the dubbish 'Element Mix', the Dolls Combers take the song to deeper hypnotic grounds on a slight dark edge, letting spacy synth sounds do most of the talking.


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Toronto based Kim Davis, an up and rising singer to watch, scored big in 2008 with the beautiful r&b song "Valentine 4 life". The song has been touched by William 'ReelSoul' Rodriguez who delivers one of his trademark smooth yet captivating interpretations featuring lush keys and chords over a groovy backdrop, while Guy Robin uses a funk drenched groove alongside jazzy keys and warm synth melodies to create an uplifting feel. DJ Garphie deepens the vibe on his mesmerizing take, using dramatic synths over fiercely thumpin' beats (Home Records CD-R).

DJ Roland Clark presents a soulful gem titled "Goodbye love" under his Urban Soul moniker that has been mixed by Sole Channel's own Alix Alvarez who gives the song a deeply thumpin' feel, with the marvelous keys and synth chords and Roland Clark's unmistakable vocals creating a captivating vibe. The dub is a bass heavy affair on a more pumpin' tip featuring freaky synths. The release also includes instrumental and reprise versions (KinngStreet Records CD Promo).

Back in December 2008, we gave you an exclusive preview of "Until" by Chach, now the full package is here. Ron Allen's 'Lounge Mix' is a laidback production on an old-school tip, built around a deep chunky groove that gets topped with sensitive vocals by Chach alongside lovely melodies created by warm synth chords, while Nick Holder and Jason B team up to deliver a smooth and deep interpretation featuring delicious keys. The 'Deep 6 Mix' is deep with a progressive edge, while the 'Hi Def Mix' is electro-trance for the big rooms (Strobe Records CD Promo).

"Time" by The Realm (Oli Lazarus, Pete Kuzma & Toni Economides) is a beautiful production built around a smooth backdrop composed of a sweet percussion enriched groove and gentle synth chords, with the highly talented and in-demand singer Tony Momrelle delivering an inspirational vocal performance. A wonderful release sure to warm you up on those cold winter nights (Papa Records CD  Promo).

With "Believe in you", Wil Milton is starting the new year off strong with a production lifted from his forthcoming album "Mental Photograph" that is nothing less than brilliant, featuring the signature sound he is beloved for, with a deep and smooth yet fierce drum groove leading the way for marvelous melodic keys and synth chords and an outstanding vocal performance by UK songstress Carlene Graham. Simply wonderful (Blak Ink Records CD Promo).

"Rio de Janeiro" is one of those lovely tunes from Mustafa's long player "Ginga Brasileira" that finally gets a well deserved full single release. The original version is a fabulous laidback affair perfect for chilling, with Bia Pontes contributing a sexy vocal over the jazz flavored, lounge styled backdrop. Remixes are courtesy of Dom Navarra who adds his magic latinesque touch to the track, turning out a deep and mellow yet captivating interpretation coming in two equally great versions to choose from. Steven Stone is firing things up on his funk drenched stomper that features lush synths and chords (Staff Productions CD Promo).

Tyron Dixon teams up with the legendary 80's funk master John Davis for "Bring it back", a soulful feel good anthem built around an irresistibly stormin' funk soaked groove that is enriched with warm jazzy keys, lovely guitars and classic horns that altogether give the track an authentic old school club-funk feel. The 'Dark Room Remix' is on a deep and dark tip, featuring infectious synths and wicked piano chords over a deeply hammering groove to create a mesmerizing vibe, while Greg Mckay's remix is a splendid acoustic reworking (Soundmen on Wax Records CD Promo).

Behind Passionardor is Mark Moore who presents the uplifting "There's a candle", a groovy disco-funk tinged production featuring a wonderful instrumentation including jazzy trumpet and saxophone alongside a catchy piano and passionate vocals courtesy of Nicolette Street. The 'Passion' mixes are on a more housed-up tip while not letting down those lovely retro vibes thanks to the strings, classy piano and funky guitars used, while the 'Dub' is a relentless affair on a deeper yet very jazz-funky tip. Finally Gregory Del Piero smoothes down the vibe a bit on his take to create a more laidback feel (Del Records CD Promo).

Hot on the heels of her massive "Connected minds", Weysa Dya presents another not to be missed release titled "Deep house meditation". Like the previous release, her newbie track features infectious spoken words with a sexy touch, with Beppe Gioia going deep and hypnotic with an old school twist on the vocal version. His dub is a great alteration on a funked-up tip that features a wonderful into. DJ Aakmael goes as deep as it gets, using a rumblin' groove alongside awesome snyth chords to create a mesmerizing moody feel. Lastly Mr. Mama serves a groovy rework based on a deeply stompin' backdrop that is topped with lovely synths and a great jazzy piano and horns (CyberJamz Records CD Promo).

The latest offering from Libby Jones is titled "Seasons change & so do we" and comes in four version titled like the seasons. The 'Summertime Mix' is a sweet and soulful affair built around a percussion driven groove, featuring warm melodic chords alongside Libby Jones' sultry vocals. The fired up 'Springtime Mix' deepens the vibe while keeping the overall feel relaxed. The laidback 'Autumn Mix' drops the beats to give the track an organic live touch, while the funked-up 'Winter Mix' is on a stormin 4/4 tip (Mantree Records CD Promo).

"The  noise" by  Heather Walker is wonderful song coming in a great set of mixes, with Thomas Toccafondi supplying a fierce yet smooth interpretation that makes use of a percussion enriched, funk drenched backing and wicked synths that serve as playground for Heather Walker's sultry vocals. The 'Nuyorican Sounz Remix' is the choice for peak time play thanks to the atmospheric vibe created by the deep groove and lush chords. The marvelous 'Original Reprise' features a jazzy piano alongside dreamy synths, lovely strings and a smooth groove - this one will give you goose bumps. Lastly the 'NS Delicious Mix' is an acoustic take that shows the beauty of this song (Tocca Records CD Promo).

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