The Reviews for 1997.

December 24, 1997

Juliet Roberts "So good" (Booker T. Remix)(Delirious Records 12" Test Pressing)

More mixes of this still unreleased massive club hit. On the vocal and main dub, Booker T. gives us pure UK garage. The second dub is speed garage thing.

Debbie Pender "Movin on" (Industry Standard Remix)(Azuli 12" Test Pressing)

Industry Standard is another remix outlet on the speed garage tip. If you're into speed garage, get this two dubby affairs.

Ce Ce Peniston "Somebody else's guy" (Tuff Jam/Eric Kupper Mixes)(AM:PM Records 12" Promo)

Tuff Jam go for another winning speed garage remix while Eric Kupper hits the more commercial side of house on his 'Uplifting Club Mix'. But it's the 'Dark & Funky Mix' which you should turn your interest in - a deep and groovy thing. And why don't you give the original from Jocelyn Brown another chance?

Cooly's Hot Box "Could you love me" (Earl Remixes)(SoleTronic Records 12" Test Pressing)
Cooly's Hot Box "Could you love me" (Crash Remixes)(SoleTronic Records 12" Test Pressing)

The first 12" has fine and deep remixes by Earl  with the dub beeing the one for the dancefloor. Also on this 12" is the original version. A jazzy bonus cut 'Coolys Wages' is included as well and should not be missed. The second 12" has the puming garage remixes by Canada's Crash Boys Dino and Terry.

The Movement "Stevies wish" / Gee Tee "Herbie rides again" (Azuli Records 12" Test Pressing)

Produced by Tee Scott, the first one is a reworking of an old Stevie Wonder song in a fine and funky way. The second one is a pumping house cut.


Lynette Smith "Only you" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12" Test Pressing)

Another production by busy man Charles Dockins with his original piano garage mix on the a-side. The b-side has some jazz-funky remixes by Orin Walters.

Black Jazz Chronicles II (Nuphonic Records 12")

Ashley Beedle is back with four new tracks on this EP. Check out 'Do the Positive', a latin-jazz track and 'Dope Stuff', a nice pumping house track with an organ and a funky guitar.


December 21, 1997

Sounds of Blackness "The pressure" (Remixes)(AM:PM Records 2x12" Promo)
Sounds of Blackness "The pressure" (Booker T. Mixes)(AM:PM Records 12" Test Pressing)

Finally, the promos have arrived. Already reviewed on test pressing, the double promo has additional dub mixes by Jazz'N'Groove and the fantastic original mix by Frankie Knuckles. Also out is a test pressing including Booker T. mixes in UK garage style. Sure to be a massive club hit.

Big Moses feat. Kenny Bobian "Brighter days" (Sony S3 Records 12")

New remixes by Mousse T., and funky they are as we can expect from him. Also included is the classic original among Matthias Heilbronns 'Deep Dub'.

Sabrynaah Pope "Shelter" (Purple Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

Been around a year ago on Deep Vision Records only in very limited amounts, swiss label Purple Music have picked it up for general release in early 98. This is the first promo including the famous original version by Sandy 'K.O.T.' Rivera and an short acapella. The new mixes by Djaimin and Jamie Lewis, two swiss top DJs, can't stand up against them. A second 12" with mixes by Mousse T. will be around soon.

Kenny Bobien "Goin up under" (Equip Records 12")

True gospel garage coming from New Jersey featuring Kenny Bobien on vocals. This is for the real garage lovers among us and not to be missed.

The Songstress "See Line Woman" (Ibadan Records 12" Promo)

Kerri Chandler and Jerome Sydenham team up again for another example what quality house music is all about. Check out 'The Organ Grind' - the name says what to expect. Or you get the sasy taste of the 'Muted Relaxation'. I just bought two copies.

Kenny Dixon Jr. "Black Mahogany" (KDJ Records 12")

Kenny Dixon Jr. is back with another special production. After a a curious acapella intro, a funky beat kicks in and gets very jazzy. A nice laid back groover.

Kerri 'Kaoz 6:23' Chandler "Purple Wall EP" (11:07 Records 12")

Four tracks by Kerri Chandler in New York style.

Naked Music NYC "It's love" (OM Records 12")

Coming all the way from San Francisco, this features Ady Dyer (who had once a major deal with Motown Records) on vocals. The a-side has a New York style club mix while the flip hosts another vocal version with a 80's touch.

Debbie Pender "Movin' on" (Azuli Records 12" Test Pressing)

Another vocal house winner from UK based Azuli Records. Check out the A2-mix, a groovy dub affair. B1 is the full vocal version of that and it's pretty cool.

Azymuth "The Quest" (Far Out Records 12")

'The Quest' is a organ driven jazzy house track. On the flip, check out 'Electric Soul' in a spacy ambient house style.

Niro "Movin' on" (Sonic Soul Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Mixes are included by Smokin' Beats, Joey Musaphia and others. No info who has done what on this double pack. The A-side has a rather conventional UK garage mix. The B-Side has a speed garage interpretation as well the Joey Musaphia Mix (at least I think so). The C-Side has another fine vocal version and the Joey Musaphia Dub. Side D can be forgotten (it holds a progressive and a drum'n'bass version).


December 14, 1997

Massflow "Beautiful Dreams" (Liquid Groove Records 12" Promo)

It finally arrived on vinyl! I've been waiting for a year to get this one releases. Oliver Stumm has outdone himself again with this garage stomper. Vocal and dub mixes are provided along a UK style garage remix.

Watch out for future releases by Billie, Jahkey B. and many others on this constantly growing label...

Tiefschwarz feat. Ronnie Christie "24 seven" (Remixes)(Peppermint Jam Records 12")

Remixed by Boris Dlugosch, these new mixes got a funkier beat than the original mixes and are perfect for club play.

Alison Limerick "Put your faith in me" (Remixes)(Movement Records 12")

Alison is back on the club front with these Michael Lange remixes and as usual, he gives us quality stuff to dance too.

The Ladbroke Groovers "Seasons of Time" (Masters at Work Records 12")

Quite a special collaboration between Kenny Carpenter and Danny J. Lewis, this record is on a trackwise, tribal-ish trip. Check out the 'MAW Spaced out Beats' on the flip side.

Reel Soul feat. Carolyn Harding "Talk about love" (Sneak Tip Records 12")

Only one mix of interest included here, it is the remix by Mike Delgado and BB Keys in true NY garage style.

Kings of Tomorrow (Deep Vision Records 12" Test Pressing)

No details available 'bout this test pressing, this is another damn fine jazzy house track with a drum'n'bass style beat.

DJ D "Guiding light" (Guidance Records 12")

Deep ambient track we get this time from Guidance records.

Cookie "Best part of me" (Azuli Records 12" Test Pressing)

Joey Negro gives us a disco-ish club mix while Kerri Chandler heads for a deeper NY garage style.


December 7, 1997

The Brand New Heavies "Shelter" (FFRR Records 12" Promo)

Check out the 'Harvey Disco Stomp' for a real disco revival.

Sounds of Blackness "Pressure" (AM:PM Records 12" Test Pressing)

This classic (with lead vocals by Ann Nesby) get the remix treatment - and what a remix SoulFuric give us. Their full vocal version got all it takes to take you to another level - it's pure quality.

Candido "Dancing and prancing" (Boottlegg 12")

Titled 'The Unreleased Mixes', this apperently is a boottlegg, and rumour is that this is a David Lee remix. Anyway, it is cool and should not be missed.

Global Communications and the VCF Band "The Groove" (Global Communications Records 2x12" Promo)

Jazz-funk house in top quality - what more needs to be said?

Juliet Roberts "So good (Original / M+S Remix)(Delirious Records 12" Promo)

This looks to be the follow up to Ultra Naté "Free" in terms of crossover success. The 'Original Mix' by Danny D. is very much like 'Free', but has some new elements like a harder guitar. M+S take the song to a more clubbier level.

Dru Hill "Whatever U Want" (Island Records 12" Promo)

Dru Hill (a R&B act from the US) get another house remix, this time by Brian Tappert & Marc Pomeroy (aka Jazz'N'Groove aka SoulFuric). Check out the dubs for the real pleasure.

Ground City "Inna City Dubs Volume Three" (Swing City Records 12")

UK tracks by Grant Nelson - for those who like this.

Liquid "Got it all together" (Defender Records 12")

Lenny Fontana gives us another fine female vocal house song, a bit commercial, but still good.

Atmosfear versus Edjut Boys EP (Disorient Records 12")

Tribal, funk, jazz - all combined in one sensational record for the connaisseur.

The Shape of Things to come "Summer Sampler No. 1" (People Records 12" Promo)

Strong EP including 'Groove Theory' by Soul Tutition, a jazzy piano-driven track with junglish beats. Another fine track is 'Futuristic Dancer' by New Sector Movements including nice xylophones.

Kings of Tommorrow "Ancestors" (Deep Vision Records 12")

Pumping house track featuring a female singer - for those who like it a bit harder.

Michelle Ayers "That's life" (Suntune Records 12")

Strong remix by Kamasutra on an italian trip - definitely worth checking.

The Soul Survivers "Get down" (Pan Records 12")

Glenn Underground giving us another one of his beauties, this time featuring Cei-Bei on vocals. Deep and smooth.

Reggie Hall "Count on it" (Urgent Records 12")

Classic old-school house on a jazzy tip mixed by House of Jazz - for the connaisseur.

Chris Brann "Smuthullet EP" (Guidance Records 12")

Guidance are on the roll at the moment. This is a four track deep-house EP.

MAW Sampler (MAW Records 12")

Sampler including four MAW productions, among them is the Frankie Feliciano remix of "Hillbilly song".

The Congregation "Be grateful" (Cajual Records 2x12")

Sounding like a Donna Summer classic adapted to the 90s, this is pure gospel house with a disco-touch.

Nick Jones Experience "Spiritual Jazz EP" (Nite Groove Records 12")

Taken from the fantastic "Abstract Jazz Lounge" album, this is quality jazzy house.

Mateo & Matos "Deeper Dimension EP Part II" (Nite Groove Records 12")
Mateo & Matos "Songs for the Soul" (Large Records 12")

These guys can't be stopped at the moment. After their slamming EP on Nervous Records, here come two more hammer records. Again, killer tracks for us to enjoy.

The Men on Wax EP Vol. 1 (Distant Music Records 12")

Four Tracks by Black Daniels, Jon Cutler, Mario Conte & Dario T., and yet again Mateo & Matos. Four more jazzy tracks to be added to our collection.

Kings of Tomorrow "Set my spirit free" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

Simple but effective house track to make your crowd jumping.

DJ's DJ EP (Catch 22 Records 12")

DJ Disciple presents the 2nd EP on his own label, this time including productioncs by M+S, 95 North, Naeem Johnson and himself. A real DJ pleasure.

Boogie Bruthaz "Love American Style EP" (Ruckus Records 12")

Three tracks sampling old disco beats, and very cleverly done.

Charles Dockins "Happy Song" (GrooveOn Records 12")

Finally, we got it! Long awaited gospel garage by Charles, this is anthem alert.

Soul Creations "Soul Blues" (Bassclef Records 12")

Jazzy house with male spoken words.


November 23, 1997

All Saints "Never Ever" (London Records 12" White Label)

Booker T. on another winning remix trip in splendid UK dark garage style.

Jamiroquai "High Times" (Sony S2 Records 12" Promo)

Remixed by Roger Sanchez in two mixes, a club and a dub, both are stunning club mixes.

Janet Jackson "Togehter Again" (Virgin Records 12" Promo)

Nice to see Tony Humphires back in action. His mixes are in classic house music style (remembering me of the old Def Mix style), the dubs beeing the ones for the dancefloor.

Club Artists United "Sweet Chariot" (Nervous Records 12")

Picked up from Le Millenium Records, the sensation original 'Soul Creation Mix' is included here. On the remix front, we got a speed garage version by Tuff Jam and two mixes by Booker T in UK garage style.. But none of them can match the original.

Rosie Gaines  "I Surrender" (BigBang Records 12")

Rosie returns to the club front with another winner. Mixes are courtesy of Mentor Productions with help by Rosie herself, Curtis & Moore, and Grant Nelson with an ultra strong dub version.

Illtown Collage feat. Craig Travis "I Surrender (My Life)" (Liquid Groove Records 12" Promo)

Destined for the UK market, this is a solid house production feat. male vocals iin UK house style.

MAW "To be in Love" (Remixes)(MAW Records 12")

The Black Science Orchestra are coming with two dub versions: their 'Swingtime Mastadub' is an eleven minute adventure through funky, disco-ish music with lots of other influences. The 'Tribal Science Xtra Kut' is on a tribal tip while the Masters give us an new 'MAW Dub' to play around.

Soul Familia "Tus Manos" (RealTime Records 12")

RealTime Records have put out quite special records in the past, and this one stands in this tradition too. Funky house music with a flute and a guitar, for those who like.

Johnny Fiasco "Subliminal Passage EP" (Large Records 12")

What an four track EP we got here! Slamming tracks, the killer beeing the percussive 'Fixation'. Quality stuff for ya ears.

Doriel "Can you hear me" (Crash Records 12")

Another damn fine garage record coming from Canada. Dino & Terry have done killer remixes on this Shem Ali written and produced song.

Mateo & Matos "The Deep Koncepts of New York" (Nervous Records 12")

Among the bunch of Mateo & Matos records out at the moment, this is the one to get. Four track, all equally good. Funk, jazz, afro and more - all included on one record.

Kerri Chandler & Jerome Sydenham "Espirito Du Tempo" (Ibadan Records 12")

Now words need to be lost about his label - it stands for quality live music, and this is no exception. With electric piano, flute, soprano sax and percussion, this is another house music records standing out of the rest for its quality.

Fiat Mistura EP (Spiritual Life Music Records 12")

Like Ibadan Records, this is a labe releasing only quality music. This EP is produced by Slam Mode (aka Michael Cole and Angel Rodriguez) with help by Wayne Gardner. Three tracks, all in fine deep house style.

Avenue Project "Fourth EP" (I Records 12")

Kevin Yost is giving us another killer jazz-house cut on this one: "Thethingswedo" is piano-driven and funky.

Antoine "Close" (Balane Records 2x12")

Split over two 12", another quality record this is featuring smooth male vocals over a jazzy instrumentation including a trumpet.

Free Energy "Teach me to fly" (Guidance Records 12")

Guidance is putting out lots of cool records at the moment. This one is a disco-ish production with some jazzy and funky elements.

Abacus "Analog Trax Vol. 2" (Guidance Records 12")

And yet another of those magnificent records this week. Really deep house coming in two vocal versions, one with female, the other with male vocals. An instrumental with a nice piano is included too.


November 16, 1997

Since there hasn't been an update for over a month, you'll get lots of reviews this week. Enjoy!

The Heartists "Belo Horizonti" (Morales Mixes)(:VC: Records 2x12" Double-Promo)

David Morales remixes of one the summers biggest anthem. If you liked the original, this one is for you.

Paid & Live "All my time" (Peppermint Jam Records 2x12" Promo)

This one features Lauryn Hill (of the Fugees) and Robert 'Kool' Bell (of Kool & the Gang) on vocals, this one comes in strong club mixes by Matthias Heilbronn using a guitar sounding like George Benson.

Mary J. Blige "Missing you" (Universal Records 12" Promo)

Curtis & Moore on the remix tip. Check out the 'Reprise' which is a acapella using a piano - very much like the old Def Mix style. The 'Dub Remix' has a stomping speed garage beet.

Urban Spirits "Pressure" (Jive House Records 2x12" Promo)

Finally, this one is out on vinyl. Splendid production by Ricky Morrison and Fran Sidoli featuring both a male and female singer. It's a bit smoother than their usual production. Try to get the double-promo because the offical release has only edits.

Amira "My desire" (Boris Dlugosch Remixes)(:VC: Records 2x12" Promo)

After the original mixes by Blaze, we now get the long awaited remix package. Boris Dlugosch does an excellent job together with his partner Michael Lange. The dubs are funky as hell can get.

DJ Spen "The grinde" (Kumba Records 12")

Percussive track with a smooth edge.

Davidson Ospina "Chronicles III" (Henry Street Records 12")

The saga of renewed disco continues, and as the previous releases, it's a must have.

Ultra Naté "Free" (M&S Remixes)(Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

Finally out on vinyl, these new mixes are hot giving the UK underground flavour to this years biggest club hit.

D'Pac feat. After Dark "Took me 4 granted" (Crash Records 12")

Strong male garage coming on Canadas leading label in four cool mixes.

Glenn Underground "C.V.O. Elements EP" (Guidance Records 12")

Jazzy house by Glenn in four flavours.

DJ Shorty presents Deep Thoughts "In your mind" (ES-Soul Records 12")

Deep house coming out of NYC in two nice mixes.

Living Room Chronicles Vol. 1 (Leaf Records 12")

Check out 'West Coast Movement' - it's a percussive monster.

Mariah Carey "Fly away (Butterfly Reprise)" (Morales Mixes)(Columbia Records 12" Promo)

Massive David Morales remixes of this beauty.

Trouble (Flatline Records 12")

Like other Backroom Productions, this is quite a bit special. Find out for yourself.

Julius Papp & Dave Warrin "Daylight" (Large Records 12")

Yet another fine jazze-house fuscion by Julius and Dave.

Kerri "Kaoz 6:23" Chandler "Magic" (11:07 Records 12")

Kerri is back on his own label with a slamming track in New York underground style.

B.M.E. "All night" (King Street Records 12")

Rhano Burrell is back with an old school house production.

Mousse T. "Horny / Bad boy" (Peppermint Jam Records 12")

It's a picture disc, and it's funky house by Mousse T. And it has been very rare for month on promo.

Big Bang Theory feat. Carloyn Harding "When you touch me" (Z Records 12")

Cover of the Tana Gardner classic, this one saves the vibe of the original having a 90s beat.

Jasper Street Company "Solid Ground" (Basement Boys Records 12")

What a return for the Jasper Street Company! Pure quality soul house.

Byron Stingily "Sing a song" (Nervous Records 12")
Byron Stingily "Sing a song" (UK Remixes)(Nervous Records 12")

Another winner for Byron, this Mousse T. production comes in very nice mixes by Matthias Heilbronn. On the other 12", you'll get the 'Joey Negro Latin Magic Mix' which is very hot.

Black Magic "Dance (Do that Thing)" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

The Masters at Work disco house, and it's a winner.

BOP feat. B.J. Crosby "Thinkin' about you" (SubUrban Records 12")

Best mix is the 'Tommy Musto Perspective' - a club monster.

Key to Lie feat. Monica Hughes "Faithful" (Remixes)(SubUrban Records 12")

80-style remixes by Mousse T. and Michael Lange - sounding fresh and kicking.

Vision "Somewhre" (MAW Records 12")

Deep house track produced by Byren B-Rude Burke.

Basil "All true (African)" (King Street Records 12")

African jazz-house, check out the flute mixes on the flip side.

Tension "Can you feel it" (Azuli Records 12" Test Pressing)

A Lenny Fontana production, this is a strong house record with gospelish vocals.

D*Note "Lost and found" (:VC: Records 2x12" Promo)

Hot Danny Tenaglia and Joe Claussell mixes on this double-pack. Joe is giving us his Spiritual Life medicine while Danny has done superb club remixes.

Gipsy Kinks "Ami wa wa" (MAW Mixes)(Nonesuch Records 12")

The Masters can't keep up their usual standard on this one, but the 'Masters at Work Dub' is a good mixing track.

Overjoyd "We can make it" (Klub Zoo Records 12")

UK garage from the Klub Zoo guys including remixes by Dino & Terry from Canada.

God's Property "Stomp" (Booker T. Mixes)(Universal Records 12" Promo)

Massive garage remix of this gospel hit - hot on the heels of Sounds of Blackness.

Michelle Weeks "Don't give up" (Sound of Ministry Records 2x12" Promo)

Another damn fine M&S Production with lots of slamming remixes, but stilll the M&S mixes are best of the bunch. Pure club music.

Sounds of Blackness "Hold on" (Blaze Remix)(Perspective Records 12" Promo)

Blaze turn this one into a stomping gospel houser, including some R&B breaks.

Kamasutra feat. Jocelyn Brown "Happiness" (Sony S3 Records 2x12" Promo)
Kamasutra feat. Jocelyn Brown "Happiness" (Eric Kupper Remixes)(Sony S3 Records 12" Promo)

The original mixes on the double-pack are by Kamasutra themselve and they are funky. Eric Kupper does a fine job on the remix.

Future Sound of Africa "Macumba" (B.O.P. Mixes)(Toshiba/EMI USA Records 12" Promo)

Fine tribal mixes by B.O.P. on the flip side. Get it while it's hot.

John Cutler "Harmonica Walk" (Distant Music Records 12")

Deep house featuring a harmonica - for those who like.

Sandy Rivera "Expansions 97" (Remedie Records 12")

The Lonnie 'Listen' Smith classic gets the 97 jazz-house remix treatment.

Taster's Choice "Instanct Coco" (Prescription Records 12")

Subtle house with congas and much more.

Peter Funk "The Peter Funk EP" (I Records 12")

Check out the Kevin Yost remix of 'Dreams of you' - jazzy house on top level.

First Choice "The Player" (Remixes)(Minimal Records 12")

The original mix from the 70s is included - a true classic.

Sex-O-Sonique "I thought it was you" (FFRR Records 12" Limited Edition)

Nice mixes by Salt City Orchestra on a moody vibe.

Sanjay "I hear my calling" (White Label 12")

Deep house produced by the Kings of Tommorrow, featuring male vocals.

DJ Disciple "The Fixed EP" (Ultra Records 12")

DJ Disciple is getting tougher - just check out the track on the flip side. The winner here is 'I'll be there', a nice house track featuring female vocals.

House of Correction feat. Colonel Abrahams "You're the only one" (Remixes)(Sonic Soul Records 12")

Here he is , the 'M&S Gunshot Dub' we've been waiting for. Also included is the 'DJ Disciple Extra Hard Dub'.


Reviews as of September 28, 1997

Mystiq "Funky" (Flatline Record 12")

Another cool production from Backroom productions. Over a funky beat, Renée Washington is singing the vocals. Different mixes to choose from, this is a solid package.

Crash Connection "Double Play EP" (Maxi Records 12")

Dino and Terry (Demopoulos) of Crash Productions give us this cool EP including some jazzy tracks perfect for the beginning of your session.

Sounds of Life "We've got the funk / Keep the music strong" (ProgCity Records 12")

This 12" coming from Germany included two funky tracks, worth getting your attention.

Martha Wash "Carry on" (97 Remixes)(Delirous Records 12" Promo)

This is a really hard to get record (it took me over a month to find my copy) because of the remixes included: they are by Todd Terry and Tuff Jam. The version by Todd Terry is a remix of his mix from 1992. So head straight to the Tuff Jam mixes on the flip-side for a real new interpretation of this classic. Of course, it's a speed garage thing, but it sounds good and has enough power to please your crowd.

Pearl "Love peace joy" (Suntune Records 12")

After their summer break, Suntune are back with a fine record. The original version is a commercial, italian tribal thing. The real delight is on the flip-side. Here we get remixes by Tommy Musto in New York Garage style.

Mint Condition "Let me be the one" (Hurley House Mixes)(Wildcard Records 12" Promo)

Out on promo only, these house versions by Steve "Silk" Hurley might be at your taste if you love swing vocals over house beats. Both vocal and instrumental versions are included.

House of Correction feat. Colonel Abrams "You're the one for me" (Sonic Soul Records 12")

Great reworking of the D-Train classic, the main mix is courtesy of M&S, and it is really slamming. Staying close to the original, M&S manage to make it sound up to date, and with the vocals of Colonel Abrams, this is gonna be massive. On the flip, there is a somewhat cheesy garage version and a speed garage version by Tuff Jam. There will also be an italian double-pack including the dub mixes.

Blak Beat Niks "Changes" (Pan Records 12" Test Pressing)

Smooth garage song featuring female vocals, this one has nice funky mixes. On the flip side, we get a really nice, deep version of a song titled "Thats the way it is" (or something like that) featuring male vocals.


Reviews as of September 21, 1997

Kevin Yost "Plastic Jazz EP" (Guidance Records 12")

Another damn fine jazz-house release for Kevin, this time on Chigacos Guidance Records. Highlights on this EP are '2wrongs making it right' and 'Days like these' with nice bass, piano and more.

Storm Bryant "Love lifted me" (Guidance Records 12")

Llicensed from Freetown Records where it was out on a promo only 12" a year or two ago, this is a quality New York garage release.

Brothers of Peace feat. Ricky nelson "Keepin' on" (FreeBase Records 12")

Best production by BOP for a long time 'cause this is no mainstream stuff, featuring the talented Ricky Nelson on vocals, check out the 'Bop 2 Da Trax Mix', a strong vocal dub interpretation with a nice pumping groove.

Lil Louis "Clap your hands" (GoBeat Records 12" Promo No. 2)

Here we get the 'DJ Q Re-Groove', a very groovy remix featuring the female vocals. Other mixes include two R&B versions and a jungle version.

Voices of Life feat. Sharon Pass "The word is love" (Silk Enterteinment Records 12")

Big return for Steve 'Silk' Hurley on the dance music community, the 'Anthem of Life Mix' with its funky bass is already getting lots of play both on radio and in the clubs.

Jocelyn Brown "Pickin up promises" (Bassline Records 12" Promo)

You probably know the original from 1984 (it was out on Easy Street Records), the main mixes by Woody Bianchi are commercial house remixes (the dub is using the main hook of 'Love cant turn around'), the highlight is by no doubt the 'Crash Cabana Dub' by Dino & Terry of Crash Records in canadian garage style.


Reviews as of September 14, 1997

Lisa Stansfield "The line" (Arista Records 12" Promo)

Many promos around so far, I've been able to catch two of them. The first has two instrumental reworkings by the Black Science Orchestra, both with a disco-ish groove and nice sax and piano. The second has a vocal version by the Black Science Orchestra on a similar vibe and a vocal mix by Hippie Torrales on the same style as he used on 'Closer'.

Lil Louis "Clap your hands" (GoBeat Records 12" Promo)

Nice to have Lil Louis back with this stomper. The main mix has a pumping groove with a flute and a harmonica on top. The first mix on the flip features some female vocals and lots of interesting breaks. Finally, the Etienne de Crecy is taking onto a funkier tip.

Jovanotti "L'ombelico del mondo" (Diffusion Records 12" Promo)

Italian carnival cracker (that's what Diffusion is saying about their record) which has been out on Germany last year, here coming with the original Mousse T. and Boris Dlugosch mixes on the a-side. On the flip, brand new mixes by Cevin Fisher. The first one, the 'Wheres Ibiza Dub' is on a real samba tip. The second one, the 'Big Venue Dub' is on a tribal tip. Sure to be huge on the european dancefloors.

Lena Conquest "Boundaries" (Tuff Jam Remix)(12" White Label)

No idea if this is a promo or bootlegg, I don't even know what the original was sounding like. These two mixes, a vocal and a dub, are on the speed garage tip and courtesy of in demand remixers Tuff Jam. Solid track to be played today, but definitely not gonna be a classic to be remembered.

Simone Hines "Yeah yeah yeah" (Epic Records 12")

House mixes courtesy of Maurice Joshua included and on a major label, so you would think of a garbage record. But it's not. Maurice gives us a vocal and an instrumental 'Classicsoul Mix', both on an easy listening tip, maybe to soft for club play, but I like it just for listening pleasure.

Gisele Jackson "Foolin' with my love" (Waako Records 12")

This is the follow up to the ultra massive 'Love commandments', this won't be as massive but is still a very good record. Mixed by B.O.P., it's on a more commercial US garage tip. And yes, another weird guitar is included!

Shine feat. Eddie Stockley "Fly away" (Jellybean Records 12")

This label had only commercial garbage on the last few releases, but this one makes an exception. Like the above, it's on a more commercial tip (it's also mixed by B.O.P.), but it has enough of that garage feeling.

Bucketbeetleg "Henry Street Records 12")

Produced by Ken Dog (means Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales of MAW), these are some slamming house grooves for ya crowd. 'DAT Rowdy Shit' is a tribal groover. 'Eddies Groove' uses the main parts of 'Keep it coming now' (by Louie Vega and Marc Anthony feat. Tito Puente & Eddie Palmiere, out on Atlantic Records in 1991) and is a fine reworking of it. Finally, we get 'Happy Henry Bonus' where Kenny samples 'Back to the beat' (by The Todd Terry Project, out on Fresh Records in 1988).

MAW "La India con la voe" (Masters at Work Records 12")

How long have we been waiting for this one? It's gotta be half a year, but it has been worth the wait. A fierce tribal production feat. India on vocals, produced by the Masters at Work, so nothing more need to be said. Already in the pipeline is the next 12" by India: 'To be in love'.

Kenny Bobien and Friends "Why we sing" (Equip Records 12")

New Jersey style garage courtesy of Kenny Bobien and his friends, this is for the real garage lover under us. Check out the nice backround choir. The 'Church Mix' has some gospel feeling in it, I really do love this.

Todd Edwards "Push the love" (I Records 12")

Mr. Edwards is back with a track on his own. Following his recent success on the remix front, he uses the same production style, and again, it work beautifully for the dancefloor.


Reviews as of September 7, 1997

Wildchild "Bad boy" (Remixes)(HiLife Records 2x12" Promo)

Already beeing played by lots of DJs from acetates, the promos just arrived. The package kicks off with the fantastic 11 minute 'Original Mix' with it's ragga vocals. The 'Stephan Mandrax Club Rub' goes NY style using less vocals. 'Sneaks Ragga Dub' is on a harder edge with the sampled ragga voice. Finally, the 'Just Right Remix' with its commercial appeal (no idea who has done it) closes the package.

Manix! "Find a way" (Liquid Groove Records 12" Promo)

Already reviewed half a year ago on acetate (and back then my 'Pick of the Week'), the official release is just a couple of weeks away. More a track than a song, we get served in four flavours. Check out the 'All in One Mix' with it's jungle break in the middle (I still love it). This might well get a speed garage hit in the UK and it would deserve so.

H20 "The Final Mixes EP" (Liquid Groove Records 12" Promo)

This is for all of you who missed the limited pressings on Panthera Records and the UK releases. It kicks off with the 'US 97 Mix' of "Take me higher" and is followed by the 'Soul City Edit' and 'Dubplate Vocal' of "Nobody's Business" mixed by Brian Tappert & Roy Grant. The 'Panthera Dub' of "The Future" finishes this collectors item.

Jaydee "Plastic Dreams" (97 Remixes)(Time Records 2x12")

As reported in the news section, this one was promoed on a triple pack on R&S Records in Belgium, but is out first in Italy. Split over two separate 12", the first disc includes the already bootlegged 'Angel Moraes Dream Rmx' with its very simple but effective groove. There is also the 'Funky Green Dub' by Funky Green Dogs. The other side has the 'Morales Def Mix' and the 'Morales Bass & Drum Mix'. But don't be shocked, this has nothing to do with Jungle. The second disc has the 'Morales Club Mix', 'Davids Dream Mix' and 'Morales Radio Edit'. David Morales has used lots of tribal elements as well as a happy piano. Finally, there is a 'Boom Boom Satellites Rmx' which has a rock guitar.

Gerideau "Sunshine" (Phuture Trax Records 12" Test Pressing)

This one has been around last year as a very limited one sided promo copy and is set for a full release this autumn. The a-side kicks off with a clubby version by Jazz'N'Groove and is followed by a speed garage mix by ? (it might by Booker T. or Grant Nelson). On the flip we got the original version which still works best with its infectious intro (check out the caribbian steels).

NuYourican Soul "Sweet tears / Runaway" (UK Boottlegg 12")

I haven't been able to get the limited Talkin' Loud test pressing so I had to buy the boottlegg which is around in large entities. 'Runaway' is a Kenny Dope re-edit of the large Armand Van Helden Remix. 'Sweet tears' has got a killer remix with a really pumping beat. That's what we've all been waiting for. BTW, 'Black gold of the sun' is around as a boottlegg, too.

Julie McKnight "Rock steady" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12")

Produced by K.O.T. (the Kings of Tomorrow), this is a smooth garage stomper coming to ya. There is also a deeper dub in form of the 'K.O.T. Raw Club Dub' included. Check out the soulful organ.

Tuff Jam feat. Mr X."Dangerous" (Unda-Vybe Music Records 12")

A real speed garage record (not for the speed, just for the beats), check out the 'DJ Disciple 91.5 Mix'. DJ Disciple has done a fine club version in a NY club style. The other included mixes by Tuff Jam and New Horizon are different variations of speed garage.


Reviews as of August 31, 1997

The Blueboy "Sandmen" (Fire Island Mixes)(Sidewalk Music Records 12" Promo)

Already out, this promo has two mixes by Heller & Farley. Their 'Groove version' is nicely build around the vocals while the 'Rhodes Version' makes use of a (surprise) rhodes organ. Get the Italian release on D-Vision Records - this is the only release including the 'Rhodes Version'.

Love Tribe "Stand up" (RIP Remixes)(AM:PM Records 12" Test Pressing)

RIP have turned this big hit from last year into a real speed garage track so it'll be huge in the UK. Only a one-sided test pressing so far, so likely more mixes to come.

Fatima Rainey "Love is a wonderful thing" (Coalition Records 2x12" Promo)

Already a big hit all over Europe in its original Stonebridge mixes (which are very commercial), Curtis & Moore have gotten the credits to do the remixes. Their dub is a speed garage thing while on the vocal version, they follow the formula they already used on the Brand New Heavies 'You are the universe'.

D'Influence "Magic" (2nd Promo)(Echo Records 12" Promo)

Only one house version here, this 'Spellbound Club Mix' is easy-listening house music with a fine organ on top.

Karina Vaughn "Dee Day" (Worx Records 2x12" Promo)

A double-pack with lots of mixes, the standout cuts ar the vocal and dub by Jazz'N'Groove. They deliever a fine remix in the same way they did on East 57th Street last week.

Tears of Velva "The way I feel" (Remix)(King Street Records 12" Promo)

Kerri 'Kaoz 6:23' Chandler has done a nice dub remix of this (his own) club hit of a few years back. Also included is the fine 'Original 4 Days Mix' as well as a harder remix by Hiroshi W.

Boris Dlugosch "Hold your head up high" (Realtime Records 2x12")

Hopefully, this is the last release of this record, this one includes the Matthias Heilbronnn club and dub reworkings I reviewed a few weeks ago on a Peppermint Jam Records Test Pressing. Also included are mixes by Derrick Carter, and an accapella.

Mariah Carey "Honey" (Columbia Records 2x12")

You know who has done the house mixes, don't you? David Morales of course. Five mixes in total, a fierce 11 minute club-dub is included which is destined for the dancefloor. Among the other four mixes, check out the 'Classic Instrumental' for it's soft sounds.


Reviews as of August 24, 1997

T2 feat. Robin S "You got the love" (Champion Records 2x12" Promo)

It's great to have Robin S back on a real club record (her own album is totally mainstream). Unfortunately, since this is a double-pack, only a few of the included mixes are interesting, in this case the vocal and dub mixes by Curtis & Moore. They follow their usual formula and this works very fine on this production.

East 57th St. "Saturday" (Remixes)(AM:PM Records 2x12" Promo)

Among the original Jazz'N'Groove mixes, we get new mixes by Soulfuric. I'm sure you know this are the same guys - Brian Tappert and Marc Pomeroy - so these mixes are very similar, but the new ones are even more pumping and feature Donna Allen on vocals.On the second 12", there are mixes by Full Intention with a nice disco-ish beat and a cool guitar.

Shampale Carter "I'm talking to you" (Diffusion Records 12" Promo)

Forget the A-side (it has the original, commercial pop-house mixes) and head straight to the flip-side. The new mixes are handled by 95 North in a very tough style and have nothing in common with the original.

The Soulchip feat. V. Scott "Let's rock" (Boris Dlugosch Remixes)(Counting Records 12" Test Pressing)

Boris is going for a harder edge on his mixes now and loosing some of the soulful element, but his mixes still work on the dancefloor. There is also a softer dub version included).

Byron Stingily "Sing a song" (?? 12" Test Pressing)

No info which label this is on (I just can say it's coming from Germany), this are the Mousse T. mixes of this nice song. It's more club friendly than 'Flying high' and is the real follow up to 'Get up'. Byron's vocals fit perfectly over Mousses beat. Two nice funky dubs are also included.

Bobby D'Ambrosio feat. Michelle Weeks "Moment of my life" (DeepZone Remixes)(ClubTools Records 12")

These mixes are totally different from the ones we have so far, and Matthias Heilbronn is getting tougher as well (this might be the new sound for Germany). After a few listen, I began to like the mixes and they might work well on the dancefloor. There is also a more classic DeepZone mixes included.

D'Influence "Magic" (Echo Records 12" Promo)

This is the follow up to 'Hypnotize' and it comes in mixes by the Black Science Orchestra. A vocal and a dub mix are included, both very cool and in fine BSO style.

Kim English "Learn to luv" (UK Mixes)(HiLife Records 2x12" Promo)

This is the second double-promo and it has all the UK remixes included. The best of it is the 'Tuff Jam UVM Dub' which features the full vocals over the typical Tuff Jam Garage beat. Also included are mixes by Mowat and RIP and Nush.

TJR feat. Xavier "Just gets better" (Multiply Records 12" Promo)

The A-side has mixes by Tommy Musto in New York Garage style while on the B-Side, we find mixes by Todd Edwards. Todd follows his formula he used on the 'Pink Panther' mix.


Reviews as of August 10, 1997

Glenn Underground "Secrets of C.V.O. EP" (Guidance Records 12")

Three tracker from Glenn, the a-side has 'House of blues', a nice laidback groove with a live guitar. The flip has to more mellow tracks 'Waterhodes' and 'Wilderness Funk'.

Halo "Keep reaching" (Ricanstruction Records 12")

Produced by Frankie Feliciano featuring the vocals of Carole Sylvan, this is a simple but nice house song coming in a vocal and instrumental version. On the flip, there is a harder dub by Cevin Fisher and a Drum'N'Bass version.

King Brett presents Sylk 130 "When the Funk hits the Fan" (Ovum Records 12")

This is the b-side to 'The reason' (a solid R&B song), this comes in strong Mood II Swing mixes. The 'Main Pass' is a very funky affair, while the 'Dub Mix' is the one for the dancefloor with its tuffer edge.

Real Soul feat. Carolyn Harding "This love we've found" (Farley & Heller Remixes)(Ultra UK Records 12")

Strong UK remixes by Farley & Heller in their typical Fire Island style, this is sure to rock your dancefloor. Check out the 'Laid Back Style Mix' which is softer than the typical Fire Island stuff.

Cricco Castelli "Yolu asked 4 it EP" (Kult Records 12")

Check out 'Life is changing' and 'Life has changed' on the flip - a beautiful rework of the Crusaders 'Life is changing' from 1978 - very funky.

Next Moov "Current Moov EP" (Next Moov Records 12")

This EP sees the return of Jovonn (he had some fine productions on Emotive and Goldtone Records). In his typical deep and moody style, its 'Times running out' working best.

Nick Jones Experience "Harmonies" (Nite Grooves Records 12")

Another fine release for Nite Groove Records, this is another fine jazzy house cut with a live guitar coming to us.

Deep Swing feat. A7 "He's got the Love" (Kult Records 12")

Subtitled 'The Church Sessions Vol. 1', this hits exactly the point. Sounding like a gospel song housed up, check out the full choir on the vocal mix. And it really is pumping.

Julius Papp "Cosmic Wave EP" (Yellow Records 12")

Not only are the french producing good house, now they even do sign up and remix foreign productions. Fantastic disco-house cuts, including a real phat remix by Dimitri from Paris - this is trully something special.


Reviews as of August 3, 1997

Shawn Benson "Music" (FruitTree Records 12")

After beeing around on a one-sided promo for a long time, this is the full release. The A-side has the original mix and dub by Gusto (which have been on the one-sided promo). The flip has new dub mixes by Booker T.

Kathy Wood "Give me joy" (Phuture Trax Records 12")

Already out last year, and I'm not sure which are the new mixes (I haven't found the original release in my collection yet). Definitely new is the 'Tuff Jam Remix', a dubby interpretation of the original in Tuff Jams typical style. The other three mixes are by Booker T. & BB Stone and may all have been on the original release.

LZ Love "It's your love" (Phuture Trax Records 12" Promo)

One-sided promo release of LZ Love's upcoming 12", this has two vocal mixes both produced and mixed by Dave Camacho & Carlton Cotterill.

Liorca "Can't take it" (F-Communications 12")

Fine vocal house production from France by Ludovic Liorca featuring a female vocalist. Somehow this remembers me of Vicky Martin's "Not donna do it" (out on Movin Records in 1989) - is this even the original vocal sampled or resung??? Maybe someone knows and tell me. Some fine jazzy mixes included.

Ce Ce Peniston "Finally" (1997 Remixes)(AM:PM Records 2x12" Promo)

One of 1991's biggest club anthems gets the remix treatment by Eric Kupper (and Sharp). This one was originally remixed by David Morales whos '12" Choice Mix' is included here. Eric Kupper does a 'Classic Funk Mix', which is very groovy and has a nice piano. The 'Nasty Funk Mix' and 'Nasty Funk Dub' mixes have the same groove with a really funky guitar - these mixes are made for the dancefloor. Finally, an accapella is included for your mixing pleasure.

Tuff Productions "Always searching" (Diffusion Records 12" Test Pressing)

Diffusion Records continure two deliever fine Garage records. The A-side has the UK-style mixes by Tuff Jam (they are NOT Tuff Productions), a vocal and a dub. The B-side has the US-style mixes by 95 North, again a vocal and a dub (the vocal mix has already been featured on Diffusions 4-track sampler).

Sole Fusion "We can make it" (1997 Remixes)(Train Records 2x12")

This Italian release is much better than the US release on Strictly Rhythm because it has two nice, funky interpretations. The 'Hand version' has the full vocals over a groovy beat with a nice funky bass. But the real winner is the 'Walterino Version' adding a guitar (sounding a bit like George Benson) and a sax over a funky groove - may this be played life?

Soul II Soul "Pleasuredome" (House Mixes)(Island Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Soul II Soul are back on the dancefloor with this double-pack of house mixes of their new single (which is R&B; unfortunately I don't know the label yet). The first 12" has a vocal and a dub mix by Booker T. The dub is in his usual style, but check out the vocal featuring a male vocalist with female background singers. It's in true classic UK house style. The second 12" has two mixes by Tuff Jam (both very dubby) and two mixes by Dream Team - does anyone know who they are?


Reviews as of July 27, 1997

95 North "Odyssey (The Offbeat Track)" (GrooveOn Records 12")

Hot, hot, hot - Richard Payton & Doug Smith give us a fantastic track based around beats with a jazzy piano - not to be missed.

Phillip Ramirez "Keep the faith" (UK Remixes)(Crash Records 12")

Fine and smooth UK remix by Zoo Experience of this garage hit.

Black Magic "Let it go" (The Unreleased Mixes)(Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

New mixes by the Masters at Work of this beauty, including an 'Acappella with Rhodes Mix' and a 'Guitar Mix'. Cool.

Mike Delgado presents "The Upstairs Lounge" (Henry Street Records 12")

Another Henry Street 12", this time by Mike Delgado, again a fine reproduction of old disco cuts (don't know the name of the originals).

Rick Wade presents "The Angry Pimp EP" (Harmonie Park Records 12")

Only the forth release for this label, but all four release are something special. On this one, Rick Wade gives us four jazz-house cuts to enjoy.

First Choice "The player" (Different Mixes)(Minimal Records 12")

Still labeled like the copy I reviewed a month ago, but the mixes on the flip-side changed. Now there is a philly-style instrumental (check out the guitar) and some bonus beats.Who knows what's behind this? Anyhow, try to get both different releases.

Street Corner Symphony "The fifth symphony" (Harveys Remixes)(Street Corner Records 12")

Two new mixes, still very disco-ish with the extra value of a piano.

India "To be in love / La India con Lavoe" (UK Boottlegg)

Normally I don't review boottleggs (I just mention them on the News Page), but I make an exception for this one. 'To be in love' is pure Masters at Work featuring that talented India on vocals while 'La India con Lavoe' has been promoed on MAW Records for half a year now but not released!


Reviews as of July 20, 1997

Crustation "Flame" (Mood II Swing Mixes)(Jive Records 2x12" Promo)

Out for about two month now, I totally missed to review this one. Thanks to Jason Jasberto for reminding to do so. On this double-pack, only the two Mood II Swing mixes are intresting for us house and garage music heads. On the vocal mix, they've turned this alternate track into a real club anthem (like Todd Terry did whith Everything but the Girl). The dub is the real winner for it's nice deep groove.

Brothers of Peace feat. Su Su Bobien "He'll be there" (FreeBase Records 2x12")

Hard to get here in Switzerland, this is a nice return for BOP productionwise to the house music scene (they've done some remixes in the past few month, but these have all been very, very commercial). Featuring the talented Su Su Bobien, the first time you here this, it sounds a bit to cheesy, but after a few listens, you'll begin to like it. Using some elements of Inner Life's "Ain't no mountain high enough", this record comes in different mixes. Check out the 'Revival Mix' for full effect.

Kevin Yost "Dawn Approaches" (I Records 12")

This EP has for tasty tracks, all in a jazzy style of house containing flutes, jazzy guitars and organ. Nice.

Second Thought "Deep penetration / Elemental" (Ricanstruction Records 12")

Two mellow tracks, the first having a nice guitar, the second a nice sax. Again, an easy listening record.

Corrina Joseph "Wish tonite / Lonely" (Basement Jaxx Records 12")

'Wish tonite' is house with a junglish beat and nothing too spectacular, so head straight to 'Lonely' - the choice of this record. Beautiful vocal house coming from the UK with a nice flute over a mellow groove in a vocal and an instrumental version.

Tina Moore "Neer gonna let you go" (Delirious Records 12" Promo)

Out two years ago in the US on a double-pack, this has the original Kelly G. mixes - a combination of house and new jack swing. The new mix is courtesy of the Tuff Jam boys and is a vocal dub with a grooving beat.

Zeitia Massiah "Wishing on a star" (Swing City Records 2x12" Promo)

Promoed as double-pack, it will be released as two single 12". This vocal track is produced by Curtis & Moore who are also responsalbe for the original mixes in a UK garage affair. Jazz'N'Groove deliever another couple of monster mixes in their usual style. Grant Nelson does his usual dub in pumping underground style. Finally, there are some Tommy Musto mixes, a classy New York vocal approch with a superb dub mix.

Julius Papp & Dave Warrin "Excursion" (Large Records 12")

The a-side has a nice deep house track called 'Aftermath' and another track called 'Citro' on the jazzy way with a nice keyboard. The b-side has two tracks with a downtemp groove, the first 'Ancestors' with keys and the second 'Mount Royal Park Daze' with a guitar.


Reviews as of July 13, 1997

T.K.O. "Gateway" (ProgCity Records 12")

Produced and written by Michael Lange (who teams up on a lot of remixes with Boris Dlugosch), this might surprise you because it's a harder edged house track which is very simple but effective.

Boris Dlugosch "Hold your head up high" (Peppermint Jam Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is the remix we've all been waiting for: featuring the full female vocals over a pumping beat, this is another hit coming from Germany. A dub version is on it to, as well as to more trackwise versions. Unfortunatley, it's not yet clear if and when this one will be released. But there is already word of some more remixes, probably by Masters at Work and DJ Sneak.

Eric Gadd "The right way" (Mood II Swing Mixes)(Edel Records 12")

The Mood II Swing guys are doing lot's of remixes at this time (just for the money, it's obvious), but this one has a standout dub that is worth hunting this record down. Pumping with nice keyboard sounds, it's perfect for your mixing pleasure.

George Benson "Song for my brother" (GRP Records 2x12")

Already reviewd as Italian import, this is the US release including non less than seven mixes. And finally, we've got all the dubs (that's what I really love the Masters for). Get it and enjoy it!

JohNick "Three" (Henry Street Records 2x12")

You know what to expect: classy disco cuts, and this time we get a lot of them on a double-pack! Track it down at your local record store - too much stuff (and I'm just too tired to describe it all).

Visual feat. Barbara Tucker "Bring you love" (Strictly Rhythem Records 12")

Produced by M&S (Ricky Morrison and Fran Sidoli), this is another winner in the style of easy going vocal house music. The standout mixes are on the flip side. Both a vocal and instrumental are included, it's typical M&S style, but this time a bit more polished than usual, but as I said before, very nice.

Second Floor Collective "Blvd. East" (Nite Groove Records 12" Promo)

Taken from that fantastic 'Abstract Jazz Lounge' album, this is a fine jazz house cut coming in four mixes ranging from organs to saxophone.

The Soulchip feat. V. Scott "Let's rock" (Counting Records 12")

Michael Heilbronn and Mousse T. team up again to deliever this fine remix. With a jazzy piano and live bass, check out the 'Reprise' for full pleasure.

Brian Tappert & DJ John 'Julius' Knight "The Re-Vibe-Al EP" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12")

Classy EP which is opened by a disco-ish track on the A-side. On the flip, there is another fine track in true U.B.P. style.

D'Menace "Spirit in my soul" (GrooveOn Records 12")

Nice deep-house record. Check out 'D-Pass' which is a atmosfearic acapella - true spirit. Also don't miss the beats mix on the flip which is perfect for mixing.


Reviews as of July 6, 1997

Project MSC feat. Ce Ce Rogers "Superstar" (Artform Records 12")

Blaze are back, again on a new label. Featuring the vocals of Ce Ce Rogers, it's typcial Blaze-style New Jersey Garage but the vocals by Ce Ce really kick this one.

Black Magic "Let it go" (Strictly Rhyhtm Records 12")

Produced by Masters at Work, this is the follow up to "Freedom" and it's another winner. Funky groove with nice female vocals and a jazzy sax. Don't miss the fierce 'Rascal Beats'.

Phillip Ramirez "Keep the faith" (Crash Records 12")

Another fine production by Dino and Terry Demopoulos, this is Garage with a pumping groove. Nice dubs included, one of them very funky.

Urban Soul "Show me" (King Street Records 12" Promo)

Roland Clark again showing us his vocal capabilities, this one comes complete with David Morales mixes. His vocal is just for the people and is far from beeing a real winner for us Garage-heads but perfect for the dancefloor. Best of the package is the original version by Urban Soul themself, having a pumping and kicking groove.

Key to Life feat. Monica Hughes "Faithful" (SubUrban Records 12" Test Pressing)

Tommy Musto is back with another winner for this label. It's a typical smooth production by Tommy with a funky guitar on the A-side, while the flip has some harder mixes to offer.

Hidden Talents "B-Gee" (Diffusion 12" Test-Pressing)

This test-pressing includes four mixes. Two of them are by Lenny Fontana (one of them already featured on the double-pack Sampler reviewed a couple of weeks ago), both very similar, but having a different intro. The other side seems to have the original mixes, on a different funky vibe.

Livin' Joy "Deep in you" (Universal Club Records 2x12" Promo)

Ok, you might be surprised to find a review of this commercial act on this page, but since the main club mixes are by none other than Matthias Heilbronn for DeepZone Productions, this one deserves that review. The mixes are a bit commercial but still good enough to be played in a house set. Check out the dubs for full pleasure.

Michelle Ayers "That's life" (Suntune Records 12")

Suntune is back with another fine vocal production. The original version licenced from Essential Records is ok, but go to the flip for the 'Jackie Reverse Edit' and the 'Original Dub' which have a much more kicking feeling.

C-Dock "Traffic Jam" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12")

This is kinda special record by Charles Dockins. The '4007 Mix' is a very jazzy jam with a house trip-hop-beat (can you imagine that)? The 'C-Dock Dub' has a real house groove. Finally there are some 'Trip-Dock Beats'. Check it out, you'll be surprised.

C. Docks's Heritage "Black boy / White boy" (GrooveOn Records 12")

This is another special record by Charles Dockins, and I just don't know how to describe it best. It has some weird keyboard sounds, obscure male vocals, but it somehow really kicks. It may take some time until you and your crowd like it, but it's worth a try.


Reviews as of June 29, 1997

Nyles-Jarvis Project "We can work it out" (Jazz Club Records 12")

It's nice to see Boyd Jarvis back on this one in togehter with Nyles Arrington. This production is a nice jazz-house track with a flute. Just for those who like it.

Mark Grant "Spirit of the black ghost" (Guidance Records 12")

And yet another beauty from this Chigaco Label. Mark Grant gives us a real deep-house jam in jazzy style. Very moody with nice a nice piano on the 'Blackest Mix'.

Kerri 'Kaoz 6:23' Chandler "Kaoz on King Street Chapter II" (King Street Records 12")

This got the subtitle 'The Unreleased Mixes' and includes new mixes of 'Be there', 'Harder gets higher' and 'Sunlight'. Definetly worth getting.

United Funk Pilots "The 2nd flight" (Henry Street Records 12")

Yet another marvellous disco-revival thing by those people at Henry Street Records. This time it's Norty Cotto doing the business on 'Time to rock a party', Keep on dancing' and 'Get higher'.

Orphies "Boon dox / Love the flute" (Realtime Records 12")

'Boon dox' is a very special track with samples from George Kranz 'Din da da' and church bells over a simple but pumping groove. 'Love the flute' is just another track including a flute but nothing special.

Disco Dub Band "For the love of money" (Sushi/Disorient Records 12")

Disco-house with remixes by Harvey, The Underdog and Toshiyuki Goto and the original version.

Kabbala "Ashewo ara" (Mama Records 12")

The original version (is included here) has been released in 1982. Now, we get awesome housy remixes of this african sung funky track. But it's still the original that does the business for me.


Reviews as of June 22, 1997

B Crew "Partay feeling" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

Erick 'Moore' Morillo presents Barbara Tucker, Dajae, Ultra Naté and Moné on this record. I only like the 'Classic Touch Mix' which is pretty commercial but still a good dancing record. Both the Dub and Instrumental are to much Morillo for me.

Kings of Tomorrow "Organic Warfare" (83 West Records 12")

Special record by K.O.T. this time. A simple groove with a long keyboard solo and some acid-ish sounds.

The Space Invaders "EP" (Distant Music Records 12")

Two tracks, 'Calypso Madness' and 'Westchester Lady', to choose from, both very smooth, maybe to smooth for the dancefloors.

Mad Moses "Panther party" (Hi-Life Records 2x12" Promo)

I'm sure you know the cartoon Pink Panther and it's theme by Henry Mancini. This is a house-remake of it. Two mixes are worth beeing checked out: the 'Todd Edwards Remix' and the 'New York Chapter'. Todd Edwards gives us his usual medicine while the 'New York Chapter' (maybe by Stephan Mandrax) stays closer to the original and is more club-friendly. The mixes on disc 2 are not quite as good.

Bobby D'Ambrosio "Moment of my life" (UK Remixes)(Sound of Ministry Records 2x12" Promo)

Here they are: the M&S remixes of this huge club hit. To be honest, I'm a bit dissapointed, especially of the 'Epic Klub Mix' which is very similar to the original versions. The 'Ministry Dub Mix' is much better and is much more the typical M&S style. Also included are a nice dub by Richie Jones and a mix by R.I.P. More mixes are still to come.

Diffusion Records - Sampler (Diffusion Records 2x12" Promo)

Yes, I got my copy (word is that this one is very limited). The first record includes already released songs (Jay Williams "Testify" mixed by U.B.P. and Jovanotti "L'ombelico del mondo" mixed by Boris Dlugosch) while record two has two very interesting gems. "Always searching" by Tuff Productions mixed by 95 North is a very strong, dark garage song. "B-Gee" by Hidden Talents is an instrumental track remixed beautifully by Lenny Fontana.

Su Su Bobien "Another story" (Azuli Records 12" Promo)

Massive garage song produced by MAS Collective from Italy, the first mix is very disco-ish while the second one is typical UK-garage style. Two dubs are included as well.

Joey Negro feat. Taka Boom "Can't get without U" (Z Records 12")

Retro-flavoured dancefloor music by Joey Negro featuring Taka Boom on vocals (she is the sister of Chaka Khan).


Reviews as of June 15, 1997

GU's 70's Trip (Cajual Records 12")

Strong three-tracker from Glenn Underground, all very discoish. Best of it is the title track '70s Trip' for its moody disco groove with nice melodies.

Corvino Traxx "Primo" (MAW Records 12")

A pure latin track produced by Marco Corvino, an italian guy and picked up by Kenny Dope & Louie Vega. The 'Latin Groove Mix' features a wicked guitar - you like it or not. The 'Latin Beats Mix' is a simple but effective groove thang for every dancefloor.

Shawnee Taylor "In the sunshine" (King Street Sound 12")

Produced by DJ Romain & Matt 'Keyz' Echols, an upcoming production team from NYC, this is a true femal vocal house cut.

Divine Soul "Search'n (higher ground)" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

Featuring the vocals of Michelle Weeks, this DJ Choco production is another example of fine female vocal house music. Deep grooves, moody keyboards - a true New York style house record.

En Vogue "Whatever" (Elektra Records 12" Promo)

Yeah! Those UK remixers of the moment, Tuff Jam, have done some true garage remixes of this R&B song. Unfortunately, they are not released commercially, but there already exists a boottlegg (and the quality is good). Two mixes, a vocal and a dub, Tuff Jam pitched up the vocals a bit, but they still do sound good.

Rosie Gaines "Closer than close" (Big Bang Records 2x12" Promo)

This is the twin-pack release of this huge club hit including some new mixes. Four mixes by Hippie Torrales are included, including the so far unreleased dub mixes. Also included are two new mixes by Frankie Knuckles. But again, credits go to Tuff Jam for the best mix on this package. Their 'Unda Vybe Mix' is another UK garage monster-jam.

Shèna feat. Byron Stingily "Let the beat hit em" (Virgin Records 2x12" Promo)

Do you remember the original by C&C Music Factory? This is a clever cover version working best in the 'Dunn & Stingily Vocal Mix' and 'Dunn & Stingily Dub' - solid house groove with a nice piano on top. Also very good is the 'Derrick Carter Groovy Dub Rub' - the name says it: very, very groovy with a jazzy piano. Made for the dancefloor.

Evolution "Atmosphere strutt" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12")

Jazzy house music build around lots of congas played by Tommy 'The Amazing' Rivera with timbales by Richie Guerrero and sax and flute by Glen Guidone. This stunning track is produced and mixed by Lenny Fontana.


Reviews as of June 8, 1997

Ultra Naté "Free" (Full Intention/R.I.P. Mixes)(Strictly Rhymthm / AM:PM Records 12")

Not as strong as the Mood II Swing mixes, these mixes are more UK-club orientated. Full Intention give us their usual, a bit 'America' like, medicine, while R.I.P. go for the harder garage grooves.

Deep Bros. feat. Michael Watford "You got it" (Orignal / Lenny Fontana Mixes)(Azuli Records 12")
Deep Bros. feat. Michael Watford "You got it" (Tuff Jam Remixes)(Azuli Records 12")

The original mixes are a bit to commercial for my taste while Lenny Fontana gives us a dub and a nice 'Musipella Mix' - cool for an opening. But credits have to go to Tuff Jam for their groovy Garage treatment on this one. These guys are getting bigger and bigger.

Street Corner Symphony "The fifth symphony" (Street Corner Records 12")

If you liked the previous ones, you'll like this one: strong disco-house production coming in two mixes.

INXS "Everyhting" (Basement Jaxx Mixes)(Mercury Records 12" Promo)

Only one mix of two is worth beeing mentioned: the 'Jaxx Love Dub' with the strangly sampled vocals over a groovy beat.

Calvin Rock "Take a chance" (Smack Music Records 12")

This is a strong New Jersy type garage record produced by Smack Productions. Check out the A-side for it's vocal and instrumental mixes.

Backroom Boys "Can't get over" (Ultra Records 12")

You know the kind of records the Backroom Boys do - this is another one of it. Some addtional mixes by Benji Candelario are included as well, but they are a bit strange.

10th Street Assembly "Free me" (SubUrban Records 12")

The main attraction is the 'Kaoz 6:23 Mix' by Kerri Chandler: male vocals over a pumping garage groove.

Mystiq "Runnin" (Flatline Records 12")

YABBP (means 'yet another Backroom Boys Production'), funky as usual with female vocals destined for the dancefloor.

Marcel Krieg "Disco * Drive" (Compose Records 12")

Strong disco cuts coming to us from Germany, the main thing is 'Take a ride' coming in two variations. You should also check the jazzy 'Sophia'.


Reviews as of June 1, 1997

D*Note "Waiting hopefully" (Dorado/Virgin Records 2x12" Promo)

First, there has been a triple-pack promo inluding three mixes by Deep Dish, but now, we've got the real intersting double-pack promo including the much better mixes by Faze Action and Lil' Louis. The 'Faze Action Dub' uses a harp and some disco-ish strings, while the 'Footprints Vocal Mix' and the 'Bastrumental Mix' by Lil' Louis feature a nice bass guitar with live drums. True music.

Jephté Guillaume "The prayer" (Spiritual Life Music 12")

Sadly overseen by myself (it's out for a few weeks now ), this is another piece of pure music, again produced by Joe Clausell. Don't know which language Jephté is singing (I just now he is from Haiti), musically it features a flute, haitian drums and bongos. Not to be missed.

DJD presents The Jammy Dodgers "Biscuits in the basement" (Defender Records 12")

And yet another real music record - and I just love it! Produced by Dominic Dawson (responsable for that fantastic 15 minute dub of First Choice 'Armed and extremly dangerous', out on Minimal Records) and Tom Silvester, it uses percussion, flute, bass & strings, all hooked up together beautifully.

Green Finger feat. Sugami "Try" (Styling Records 12")

This one is coming from Japan, and it's a beauty. Quality female garage with Robin Lee (of Faze Action) on bass and keyboards, keep trying to get his one.

Rhythm Soul feat. Freddy Turner "Wanna live 4 U" (Remixes)(Clear Music NYC 12")

What shall I say? This are some fine remixes by Lenny Fontana, just check out his 'New Age Dub'.


Reviews as of May 25, 1997

Mondo Grosso "Do you see what I see" (King Street Records 12")

Around a few months ago on a singled-sided 12" on Suntune Records, this one is the full release. You'll get a 'Deep Zone Main Mix', an 'Instrumental', a 'Mike Delgado Dub', some 'Deep Zone Beats' and finally an 'Acapella'. Pure jazz-house quality music.

Cassio Ware & the Funky People "I like you" (Pan Records 12")

Licenced from Easy Street Records, go directly to the flip-side for the Restless Soul Remixes. Two mixes to choose from - the 'Restless Soul Peak Time Mix' and 'Moody Rhodes Soul Dub' - this is another example of a fine UK-remix of an Garage classic.

H2O "Satisfied (Take me higher)" (AM:PM Records 2x12" Limited Edition)

We've been waiting for this one a long, long time. It kicks off with the previously only hard to get 'Original Mix Panthera Re-Edit' (made for the annual party of Panthera Records, a shop in Zurich), which stays close to the original version. The 'Eric Kupper Dark Mix' is the one the DJs are looking for its deep and dark bass, while the 'Eric Kupper Funky Mix' is what it says - funky. Also included are the Soul City Remixes of 'Nobodys Business'.

Kristine W "Feel what you want" (Smokin Beats Remixes)(Champion Records 12" Promo)

This is rather courius cause there are no less than six - yes, six! - pieces of vinyl around of this one, but the Smokin Beats Remixes are the only one worth hunting down. Two mixes to choose - 'Smokin Beats Vocal' and 'Smokin Beats Hard Mix' - both on a UK Garage tip. If you're looking for it: this are the E+F-Side of the many promos around.

Jay Williams "Testify" (Tuff Jam Remixes)(Diffusion/AM:PM Records 12" Promo)

Tuff Jam (aka Karl "Tuff Enuff" Brown and Matt "Jam" Lamont) deliever another superb UK-Garage remix of an already big club hit. You can't compare this one to its original mixes by Mousse T. and Urban Blues Project, because these mixes are on a totally different vibe. Both a vocal and dub are provided. I just love the Tuff Jam vocal interpretation...

Dru Hill "Never make a promise" (Island Records 12" Promo)

For the second time, this R&B group gets the house remix treatment, this time by Hex Hector. Best of the package is the 'Hex Hector Club-Heads Dub', a nice instrumental version with a piano on top of it.

It's a DJ Thing Volume 5 (Defender Records 2x12")

Defender Records coming to us with already Volume 5 of their 'DJ Thing' series. It includes D'Shadeaux Men "Spanish storme" mixed by DJ Spen & Josane, a previously unavailable 'Magic Session Dub' of the Cover Girls "Wishing on a star" (remember the original by Rose Royce?) and some tracks by Zack Toms, Full Swing and Lenny Fontana.


Reviews as of May 18, 1997

Larry Heard "The claim & chaos EP" (Guidance Records 12")

Larry Heard giving us more of his medicine. This time, it sounds like is earlier work of around the mid eighties. If you're into this kind of stuff, get it.

Furious George "4-track EP" (Henry Street Records 12")

Another fine EP coming from Henry Street by George Rivera. Two of the tracks ('Samba swing' and 'Start the rumba') are based around samba rhythms, the other two tracks are typical Henry Street stuff.

70's Freaks "Love & Life EP" (4th Floor Records 12")

Another fine release for this reborn label, check out 'Funky Song' and 'Dub Song' for a funky groove, the later containing an additional rhodes organ. A dub by Claudio Coccoluto is included as well.

Johnny D & Nicky P "The Bay Ridge EP" (4th Floor Records 12")

Second release for this label this week, it sees the JohNick guys with some more quality disco sampling cuts in true Henry Street Records style.

Kerri Chandler "Raw Grooves 3" (Large Records 12")

Four jazz flavoured tracks by Kerri 'Kaoz 6:23' Chandler, check out 'Ladbroke Groove' and 'Cant you see' which features Hunter Hayes on saxophone. Quality music for our dancefloors.

The Penthouse Groove Anthem "Stompin Grounds" (Purple Music Tracks Records 12" Test Pressing)

Swiss DJs Jamie Lewis and DJ N-Joy team up to gives two nice grooves. 'Stompin Grounds' uses a sample of the unreleased MAW House Mix of Simply Red "Thrill me" for an effective pumping groove.

Nick Morris & the Family "Native funk" (Purple Music Future Records 12" Test Pressing)

Two versions to choose from, it's a funky track which will keep the people dancing.


Reviews as of May 11, 1997

Ruffneck feat. Yavahn "All that jazz" (MAW Records 12")

After last weeks KenLou V, this is another pure quality record for this label. This time, Backroom Productions give us a real jazz thing. The main mix is a 13 minute plus version with an acappella in the middle. The real pleasure is the 'Original Mix' on the flip-side which is very, very jazzy - listen for that deep, deep bass! Also featured is a bonus track, 'Get up', another fine jazzy house cut.

Jazz Syndicate "Deudes Wild" (Realtime Records 12")

Out for a few weeks now (can't believe I managed to oversee this one), this is another fine jazzy house cut with live musicians. The main attraction is the 'Dub Instrumental', a real groovy workout.

Marti St. Michaels "Your love" (Charm City Records 12")

Produced and mixed by DJ Pope, this is a splendid garage song which is far away from beeing commercial, instead it's for the real garage connaisseur.

Dj RaSoul "The Midnight Funk" (Leaf Records 12")

Two versions to choose, both giving us funky music over a nice (I'm still thinking what it is) sample.

Kings of Tomorrow "Fade II Black" (Yoshitoshi Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Deep and dark production by Kings of Tomorrow (aka KOT), this is a contrast to the other records reviewed this week. Only a few words over a driving ruff beat, coming to ya in mixes by KOT and Roger Sanchez. Don't miss the 'KOT Flutapella'.


Reviews as of May 4, 1997

Lisa Toris "People hold on" (Limited Edtion Boris Dlugosch Dubs)(Reform House Records 7")

Yes, it's a cover of the old Lisa Stansfield song, and it's on a 7". On the commercial 12", there was only Boris Dlugosch vocal mix which is to commercial, but on this 7", there is the 'Philly Instrumental' and the 'Philly Dub Mix' with a cool and fresh groove.

Lenny Fontana presents The East Side Movement "Inner City" (Nite Groove Records 12")

One of the finest 12" ever released on this label, this is pure jazz-house with sax, horns, congas and bongos. Best of it: an album titled 'Abstract Jazz Lounge' will follow.

USG "Ncameu" (Clairaudience Records 2x12")

A new label kicking off with a strong double-pack including four mixes, produced by Ron Trent with vocals by D'Bora Rivers and a trumpet by Peven Everett. Pure soulful house in four different flavours. I just wonder what the title means.

Digital Soul "Ain't no place" (Shelter Records 12")

Shelter for once give some newcomers the chance to make an impact, and they do. Using the vocal capabilities of Leon Neal, they give us (probably) the future face of Garage music: soulful vocals over digital produced beats.

Soul Pie "The juice" (Basement Boys Records 12")

Like the previous 12" on this label, this Charles Dockins production is pure music. And find out for yourself, what a 'wind controller' is.

Soul Creation "That feelin" (Groove On Records 12")

Quality house with vocals by Eddie Stockley (the background vocals are by Eddie Stockly, Kenny & SuSu Bobien and Sabrinah Pope), this is another record going back to real music with a live sax and bass.

Foxy Brown "I'll be" (Violator/DefJam Records 12" Promo)

David Morales Mixes of a hip-hop song, this one may be or may be not releases - we'll see. Not of one of his best remixes, but strongly recommended for his fans (like me).

And here are some other records worth beeing checked out:

  • Curtis & Moore "Never stop" (Swing City Records 12")
  • Mount Rushmoure "The vybe" (Remixes)(I Records 12")
  • Divas of Color feat. Evelyn King "One more time" (Torrales/Mendoza Mixes)(4 Liberty Records 12")
  • DJ Disciple "The sidebar EP" (including "Steel away" by Dawn Tallmann)(Catch 22 Records 12")
  • Colonel Abrams "Sweet love" (Smack Music Records 12")
  • Mood Life feat. Sonya Rogers "Movin on" (Tommy Musto Mixes)(Suntune Records 12")
  • Deepstate feat. Colonel Abrams "With your luv" (Interstate Records 2x12")


Reviews as of April 27, 1997

Club Artists United "Sweet chariot" (Le Millenium Records 12")

Behind Club Artists United are vocalists Gerideau, Jazmina, Eddie Stockley and Kenny & Susu Bobien. Among the four mixes, only the 'Original Mix' can please the real Garage fan with its beautiful production work. The mixes by B.O.P. are to mainstream, but more mixes are already promised.

D.J. Romain & Matt Keys feat. Nedelka Prescod "Joy 4 ever" (Faze Records 12")

Another new label coming to ya on a Garage tip, check out the flip-side mixes. The 'Deep Bluez Mix' is a really deep Garage version while the other mix on this side, the 'Slam it even harder Mix' is a heavy slammin' Dub version.

Danin Henderson "Luv's 2 deep" (Urgent Music Works Records 12")

Another House of Jazz production on this hard to get label, this is only for the real Garage music lover. Nothing spectacular, just solid Garage grooves with male vocals.

Cassio & the Funky People feat. Amira "What is love" (Easy Street Records 12")

Amira returns whith this one in a fine DJ Disciple mix of a Funky People production. On the flip, you'll get harder mixes by newcomers Paramour.

Soulboy "Harmonica Track 97" (Maxi Tracks Records 12")

The original was released in 1991 and was a big hit (the 1991 flip-side "Love or lust" is also included), but Danny Tenaglia decided to rerelease on of his earlier productions in a brand new, harder edged 'Rough N Ready B Room Mix' which is already hitting hard on every DJ's playlist.

Da Mooch feat. Ellis Miah "Send me some love" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12")

A hit from the Winter Music Seminar in Miami, this Garage track comes in different tastes. Marc Pomeroy added some touches on one of the Dubs which makes this one a winner.

Rosie Gaines "Closer than close" (BigBang Records 12")

Finally, after beeing bootlegged last year, this one gets an official release. Beside the already known 'Mentor Re-Make' there is a 'Mentor Club Mix' which makes more use of the vocal and the piano. Also included is a UK-Garage version by Tuff Jam.

D'Pac feat. After Dark "U & me" (Suntune Records 12")

Licensed from Crash Records, this one has got new Garage mixes by Booker T. which give this one new life.

Funky Green Dogs "The way" (Twisted/MCA Records 2x12" Promo)

The original version (also included on this package) is already beeing played by lots of DJ's, but on this Double-Pack, there is lot more. Dino and Terry Demopoulous of Crash Records give us a Garage version of this acidic track which features vocals by Pamala Williams. Terry Farley & Pete Heller give us a dark ride in their 'Way into the Roach Motel'. Also included are some beats, an Acapella and versions by Dirty White Boy and Club 69. Sure to be a big follow up to "Fired up".


Reviews as of April 20, 1997

Kimmie Horne "Missing you" (Slip'N'Slide Records 2x12" Promo)

This Mad Mike Banks production has been out on Simply Soul US in 1994 and is gonna be rereleased in new mixes by Joey Negro and 95 North. The main mixes are by 95 North - ranging from Club to Dub and Instrumental versions all very tasty.

Ann Nesby "Hold on" (Mousse T. Mixes)(AM:PM Records 12" Test-Pressing)

This is the follow up to the massive "Can i get a witness", and it can hold up to it. Mousse T. again give us some fierce mixes. No details on this Test Pressing, all i can say is that there is a more commercial vocal mix and a harder dubby mix while on the flip-side there is a R&B version together with a very tasty vocal version. Additional mixes should be around soon.

Baltimore Soul Tree feat. Sandé "Party people" (Defender Records 12")

Charles Dockins is back with another New Jersey Garage song coming in two mixes.

Urban Soul "What do i gotta do" (King Street Sounds Records 12")

Another fine production by Roland Clarke who also provides the vocals, its busy man of the moment Eric Kupper who is responsable for the club mixes.


Reviews as of April 13, 1997

Michael Jackson "Blood on the Dance Floor" (Farley & Heller Mixes)(Epic Records 12" Promo)

Surprised to see a Michael Jackson review? Well, wait until you hear the 'Fire Island Dub' and you'll know why. Very strong, a good taster for the forthcoming album 'Blood on the Dance Floor' - the remix project we've been waiting for two years (or even more? - I can't remember).

Paul Simpson "Sessions Take 2" (Henry Street Records 12")

Paul Simpson on a disco-sampling tip, and it's at good as the first one. Also included are remixes of 'The cure', one of them by Zack Toms.

Jay Williams "Testify" (Remixes)(Soulfuric Records 2x12")

This Double-Pack has the 'Mousse T. in a Mood Mix' as well as three versions by Roger S. giving us his medicine in these mixes. And because it is selling at the price of an Double-Album, you gotta know for yourself if you need it.

Magic Groove feat. Beverly Houston "Can't stop loving you" (Flatline Records 12")

Another fine 12" for this young label. Strong female garage over a nice beat coming to ya in different variations.


Reviews as of April 6, 1997

Sean Grant, Treasa Fennie & Sean Blank "Gotta live my life" (DeepVision Records 12")

Another K.O.T. Production, you know what kind of beats to expect. No info about the mixes (there are five of them), it's a strong song for all you Garage heads out there.

Ten City "All loved out" (Ibadan Records 12" Promo)

It looks like this one is finally released, a real soulful remix by Joe Claussell. Two versions to choose with lots of percussion and pianos. Maybe to smooth for the dancefloor, but definitely something for your collection.

Soul Creation feat. Dee Holloway "Be with you" (Minimal Records 12")

The mixes to choose come from Benji Candelario and Soul Creation. Benji does a harder version of the Swing 52 style in two mixes while the Soul Creation Mixes are smoother including some live instrumentation.

Johnny D & Nicky P "All star madness" (Atlantic Records 2x12")

This has already been released in the UK in 1996 (a double-pack too), but this US release has some new mixes by Deep Dish, That Kid Chris, DJ Sneak and Davidson Ospina. Also included are some of the original mixes by Kenny Dope, Johnick, MK, Todd Terry, Armand van Helden and Maurice Joshua. But why didn't they release the TMVS Mix?


Reviews as of March 30, 1997

Kim English "Supernatural" (Remixes Part 2)(HiLife Records 12" Promo)

After the classy Mousse T. Mixes, here are some further remixes. Best of the pack is 'Hulas Superdeep Vocal Mix', a deep and smooth garage affair. Also included is the 'M&S Epic Club Mix' by Ricky Morrison & Fran Sidoli.

Funky Green Dogs "Fired up" (UK Remixes)(MCA/Twisted Records 2x12" Promo)

Out last year in a fantastic 'Twilo Anthem Edit' by Danny Tenaglia on Twisted America, here are new mixes for the UK market. Angel Moraes give us two hypnotic and deep mixes in his very own style. The 'Ddddep Vocal Mix' uses the full vocals while the 'Ddddep Dub' only uses a few samples over a very minimalistic beat.

Michael Watford "Say something" (Free Bass Records 12")

Finally, after a wait for many years, this one sees the daylight. But unfortunately, the 'Original Mix' is still not released. Instead, we get new mixes by Grant Nelson and BOP. But wait, there pretty good. Grant's 'Extended Mix' is a full on effect uk-style garage track while the two mixes by BOP are more New Jersey orientated.

Sandy B "Make the world go round" (97 Remixes)(Champion Records 2x12" Promo)

As with many releases on Champion, you'll get lots of cheesy mixes, but sometimes also some fine house mixes. This time, this fine mixes are courtesy of Curtis & Moore (never heard of them before). Their 'Make my Dub Go Round' sounds like Mousse T. at work while the 'Travelling the World Mix' is a vocal mix sounding similar to Urban Blues Project mixes. But neverless, they do work on the dancefloor.

Robert Owens "Love wil find its way" (Musical Directions Records 2x12")

All mixes on this double-pack are produced and mixed by Robert Owens himself, the only thing missing is an instrumental version. As usual, Roberts vocals are brilliant, this time over a harder beat than usual.

Denise Condor "I can do it" (Colourblind Records 12")

First release for this new label, and they've choosen Booker T. for remix duties. You can choose between a 'Vocal Mix' and a 'Dub Mix', both equally good for club play.

Erykah Badu "On & on" (Universal Records 12" Promo)

Two very nice jazz-house mixes with some junglish beats, perfectly designed for the dancefloor. No information who did the mixes, but the 'Instrumental' is the one to be played.

NuYorican Soul "It's alright, I feel it" (Talkin' Loud Records 12" Promo)

This is the first promo of the new 12" featuring a jungle mix by Roni Size and the 'Live from da Darkside of the Moon Remix' by Armand van Helden. Armand does his usual funky thing, but this time it's not as effective as usual but still worth beeing played. With other mixes by Mood II Swing still to come, this will for sure be another hit.

Rebekah Ryan "Woman in love" (Universal Pop Records 12" Promo)

Written by Barry and Robin Gibb (from the Bee Gees), you would expect a commercial pop song. It may be one, but not in these mixes by Matthias Heilbronn & Mousse T. They deliever two mixes, both very dubby and pumping affairs designed for the dancefloor.

Daft Punk "Da Funk / Musique" (Virgin Records 12")

This US release sees a new mix of "Da Funk" by Armand van Helden. It's called 'Ten Minutes of Funk Mix', and thats exactly, what it is. Much better than the mix Armand did for the new NuYorican Soul 12" (see review above), this one really pumps the dancefloor with added flavors to the original.


Reviews as of March 23, 1997

World Class "I got what you need" (4th Floor Records 12")

4th Floor Records are back. The first release is courtesy of Frenndy Turner and Jerome van Rossum. It's a track full of funky elements. Check out its breaks.

Jasper Street Company "Get together" (Basement Boys Records 12")

Produced by DJ Spen and Josane, the Roger S. Mixes on the flip side are the ones to get played.

Alexander Hope "Never can we get away" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12")

Alex is back with this Blaze production. Blaze stay in their shoes - the Klubhead Mixes soundling like their last few productions, but its Alex voice getting the record for.


Reviews as of March 16, 1997

The Blue Boy "Remember me" (The Remixes)(D-Vision Records 12")

Remixed by Matthias Heilbronn with additional keyboards by Mousse T., you know what to expect. Three quality mixes, the 'Deep Zone Club Mix' doing the damage with the sampled voices.

Jahkey B. feat. Eleanor Mills "You'll never know" (Oxygen Music Works Records 12")

Surprisingly, this label gives us a garage thing. Quality song with two nice and smooth mixes to choose from. The vocals are courtesy of Eleanor Mills.

Davidson Ospina "Chronicles II" (Henry Street Records 12")

Following the success of last years "Chronicles I", this one is of the same quality, but just a little bit harder. Three quality tracks: 'Feeling good' has thumping beats, 'Snap your fingers' has got a honkytonk piano and 'Wexican' has lots of percussive elements.

Powerplant Revisited (Chord 44 Records 12")

Two tracks coming each coming in two different flavours by Roy Davis Jr. and DJ Sneak. Both tracks use some moody keys - check it out.

Jahkey B. feat. Lydia Rhodes & Craig Alyas "It's allright" (Freeze Records 12")

The second release from Jahkey B. this week, this one comes to you with Eric Kupper Remixes in Eric's usual jazzy housy style. On the flip, you'll get Jahkey's original mixes, one of them , the 'Space B Mix', a real moody affair.

The Episodes "97 Flavors EP" (Essential Records 12")

Four tracks by Eddie Perez, four different tastes. Quality stuff coming from this new label from New Jersey.

Dru Hill "Tell me" (Crystal Waters/95 North Remixes)(4th & Broadway Records 12")

I have no idea what the original is like, but this remixes are fierce. The 'Club Mix' is on a more commercial vibe, but the track is build nicely around the vocals. The 'Dub Version' goes more underground with its pumping bass.

Grant Nelson & Brian Tappert "The Soul City Experience" (Swing City Records 12")

This time, Grant Nelson invited Brian Tappert of UBP/Jazz'N'Groove for a collaboration. The A-Side 'Let's do it' has Grant's funky bass and Brian's jazzy keys on top. On the flip, you'll find two other tracks. 'So right' has a thumping bass and funky keys while 'Mars' is on a disco-oriented tip.


Reviews as of March 9, 1997

Roy Davis and Jay Juniel "Transitions" (Large Records 12")

Only the A-side is beeing worth checked out, "Transitions" and "Musical sense" are booth very deep and moody tracks perfect for your after-hour set.

Steven Dante & Juliet Roberts "Never had a love like this before" (Delirious Records 2x12" Promo)

Danny D. returns with this production on his own label, the mixes are by Danny D. himself and B.O.P. Best of the mixes are Danny's 'Old Skool Philly Mix' and B.O.P.'s 'Soul Delicioius Mix', both using lots of the vocals over solid grooves. Unfortunately, no Dubs or Instrumentals are included.

Vice Versa feat. Michael Watford "I'm coming home" (Azuli Records 12" Test Pressing)

Michael Watford returns, this time produced by Vice Versa. Typical uplifting UK-Garage which lives of Michael Watfords vocals.

Discocaine "Keep on" (Mike Delgado Remixes)(Zoom Records 12")

Very simply track, the only vocals sung by a lady are 'Keep on', these two Mike Delgado Mixes are made just for the dancefloor.

Victor Romeo eat. Leatrice Brown "Love will find a way" (Deep Dish Remixes)(Public Demand Records 12")

The second 12" of remixes of this classic, Deep Dish for once deliever some good mixes, three in all.


Reviews as of March 2, 1997

Angel Moraes "I like it" (Remixes)(AM:PM Records 2x12")

Licensed from Hot'N'Spicy Records, this one comes in new mixes by Heller & Farley, Mark Picchiotti and Victor Imbres. The mixes to check out are the ones by Heller & Farley. Their 'Fire Island Main Mix' kicks off the package with all their trademarks, a real pumping affair sure to rock the dancefloor. They also give us 'Fire Island Drums' and 'Fire Island Dub', both equal good for mixing. Victor Imbres gives us the 'Dark (Green) & Funky Vocal Mix' and the '(Green) Light & Sexy Vocal Mix', booth very dark underground house mixes.

Deepstate Players "Jazz not jazz" (Five-O Records 12" Test-Pressing)

This is a one-sided Test-Pressing with just one mix, but it's pure jazz-house. Let's hope this one gets a full release with more mixes to choose.

Loni Clark "Searchin'" (Groove On Records 12")

Finally, after two years, Loni is back with this Mood II Swing produced and written song. The 'Vocal Mix', over 10 minutes long, shows us the incredible work Mood II Swing are capable of getting into. On the B-Side (the Dub Side), we get a 'Dub Mix' and 'Bonus Beats'. Welcom back, Loni!

Byron Stingily "Get up" (NY Underground Remixes)(Nervous Records 12")

Yet more mixes of this big hit. This time, Mateo & Matos are responsible for the mixes. Check out the 'Back to Parade Dub' which makes use of that Sylvester sample which has been futured on the Original Mix.


Reviews as of February 23, 1997

Buzzin' Cuzzins feat. Romanthony "Good feeling" (Azuli Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

Normally, Romanthony records are very deep and special, but with remixes by Salt City Orchestra you'll get quality house music from this a quality label. Other mixes by Romanthony himself - this double-pack is worth the money.

NuYorican Soul "It's alright / Runaway (Remix)" (Giant Step Records 12")
NuYorican Soul "It's alright / Makes your nature rise" (Talkin' Loude Records 12" Test Pressing)

On both 12", it's the album version of 'It's alright' thats featured. On the first 12", you'll get a 'Spanish Underground Mix' by Mousse T. The vocals are both spanisch and english and it's got a different vibe and an absolutely brilliant intro.. The second 12" hold the so far unreleased 'Makes your nature rise', a five minute long jazz-funk house track which hasn't been released on the six-record-box.

Matt Wood "No time" (Crash Remixes)(Groovin' Records 12")

Out last year and now coming back with new slammin' mixes by Crash who turn this one into a real garage song. On the flipside, you'll get the Original mixes. Be sure no to miss this one.

The Walls & Company presents "Heaven (when U smile)" (Simplex Records 12")

Mixes by Blaze so we know what to expect. The vocals by Simone are a bit strange but on the 'Klubhead Mix' Blaze do their usual fine damage with the moody keyboard sounds.

Kenny G "Havana" (Arista Records 12")

Surprised to find a Kenny G record on my page? I was when until I found out there are some Todd Terry mixes on it (we can forget about the cheesy mixes by Tony Moran). The song lives by its brilliant saxophone (that's what we all love Kenny for), but on the 'Dub' there is also some nice keyboard work.

100% Pure Underground Basics Volume 1 (Flatline Records 12")

Five track to choose from by the Backroom Productions - and the word underground on the title stands for it.

Global Mind feat. Desy Moore "In the heat" (Smokin' Beats Records 2x12")

Out a while ago on Baseline Records, this one comes in half a dozen new mixes by the Smokin' Beats crew (aka Neil Runney & Paul Landon). They give us real garage mixes, and with six of them to choose from, you can be sure to find one which will suit your taste.

New Horizons "Find the path" (500 ReKorDs 12")

New label from England, and their kicking off in fine style: piano driven dark-garage for the harder side of your set.


Reviews as of February 16, 1997

Deluxe & Simmonds feat. Rose Windross "Peace of mind" (Sound of Ministry Records 12")

Nice garage song coming in four mixes, but only two of them are worth beeing checked out. It's a uk-style production with nice vocals by Rose Windross.

Doug Willis "Doug-ism EP" (Z Records 12")

Another EP of sampled disco cuts, the standout track is 'Two tons of doug" the classic 'Feeling' by Two Tons of Fun. If you're into the disco thing, you gotta have this.

Jamiroquai "Alright" (Sony S2 3x12" Promo)

A doube-pack and an additional single 12", this is gonna follow the success of 'Cosmic girl'. The double-pack holds five mixes by Todd Terry. The mixes are all very similar but effective. Todd keeps the spirit of the album version but uses a new uptempo beat. On the single 12", there is no info, but I think this are Jay Kay's own mixes. Very groovy at midtempo, there is a nice instrumental.

The Deep "Deep / Vibe" (Narcotic Records 12")

Moody music by Roger S., the titles of the tracks say what to expect. So nothing more has to be said.


Reviews as of February 9, 1997

Mike Huckaby "Deep Transportation Vol. 2" (Harmonie Park Records 12")

Interesting title for an EP, this four-tracker has the interesting "Flashback '78" where the disco-ish sound is fading in and out a few times. A cool track for your the disco-freak.

Black Saints "The first Day - Part 2" (Emotive Records 12")

Finally, the Mentor Mixes are released. Mark Mendoza & Hippie Torrales took a cool guitar over a funky beat to present you this interesting song: check out the lyrics telling you the start of life - for once, a song with a true meaning.

Colonel Abrams "Trapped '97" (Upbeat Records 12")

This new label comes from Germany, and it gives us some nice reworkings of this classic. First, the 'DJ Tonka Remix' makes a disco-approach. On the other side, you'll get a beautiful 'Massive Mix' by Al-Faris & Andrew Wooden with a harder beat which should work on your dancefloor. Watch out for this.

Todd Terry feat. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown "Keep on Jumpin'" (Remixes)(Manifesto Records 12")

New mixes by Rhythm Masters, DJ Choco and Masters at Work of this top tune of '96. The mix to checkout is the 'DJ Choco Remix' with his jazzy sound - this one really is worth of beeing checked out and played.

Tomoki Hirata "Facing up" (Remixes)(Interstate Records 12")

Remixes courtesy of Grant Nelson which are much better than the ones on the original release. Grant does his usual job so you can be shure this one will make the people dance.

Deepstate feat. Colonel Abrams "With your love" (Five-O Records 12")

As usual, this one is a test pressing with no info on it. Just two mixes to choose from which sound very demo alike but are very useful for a garage set, this one will probably be released on Interstate Records later this year with more mixes.

Seal "Fly like an eagle" (ZTT Records 12")

Taken from the soundtrack of "Space jam" (have you seen Bugs Bunny playing basketball? - very cool indeed), this Steve Miller Band classic has been remixed by CJ Macintosh in his Cosmack-style. As usual, great keyboards especially on the 'Cosmack Dubs'.

Street Corner Symphony "Symphonic tonic" (Street Corner Records 12")

Classy track with jazz and disco elements, this is a great follow up to "Symphomaniac". This one stands out of the tons of disco-sampling tracks that come out these days so don't miss it.

Dimitri From Paris "Dirty Larry" (Yellow Productions 12")

Both the record and the sleeve are beautiful, and it's a tribute to legend Larry Levan. So this one has to be a winner - and it is. Three mixes by Dimitri himself, Kenji Takimi and The Idjut Boys all worth of beeing played. As a bonus, "Free ton Style" is included. Aqquire.


Reviews as of February 2, 1997

The Chameleon "The missile" (Henry Street Music Records 12")

The first release for Henry Street under the distribution of Strictly Rhythm, this Little Louie Vega production will surprise you. No retro-disco cut on Henry Street this time, instead, you'll get the Louie Vega interpretation of ambient, housy grooves.

Urban Blues Project feat. Jay Williams "Testify" (Bootlegg)

It might not be fair to review a bootlegg of an release that is still to come, but this is a beauty. Four mixes to choose from, the second mix on Side A is the one. I thinks this is the 'Urban Blues Project Classic Mix' - in the same style like last years 'Love don't live' by Michael Proctor. All the UBP trademarks are here: saxophone, xylophone and the funky groove.

Please, don't buy the bootlegg and wait for the official release!


Reviews as of January 26, 1997

Kerri "Kaoz 6:23" Chandler "Trionisphere Part 2" (King Street Sounds Records 12")

Taken from Kerri's forthcoming album, this is a 4-track EP in typical Chandler style: moody and groove. Vocals provided by Dee Dee Brave, Freddy Turner and Wilma Beckford. A nice taster for the album.

Ground 96 "Inna City Dubs Vol. 2" (Swing City Records 12")

Another EP of Grant Nelson produced tracks, this is a DJ-thing just for filling up your program.

The Damien / Clark Project "Turn up your luv" (Clear Music Records 12")

Phillip Damien and Roland Clark team up for this beautiful, mellow garage track with its moody keyboard play by Damien and the beautiful vocals by Roland.

G-Dubs "EP #1" (Groovin' Records 12")

G-Dubs is back with his jazzy style of grooves in this collaboration with DJ Choco. Four tracks of jazzy grooves on this hot platter.

Future Force "Puttin' a rush on me" (AM:PM Records 2x12")

This is a cover of the old Stephanie Mills song and it comes to you in a variety of mixes. Mark Picchiotti, who also produced it, does his usual job of bouncy house. For us Garage-heads, Hippie Torrales & Mark Mendoza deliever the essential mixes.

U2 "Discothèque" (Island Records 12" Promo)

You will be surprised to find U2 reviewed on this page, but the mixes are courtesy of Dave Morales so it makes sense. Mr. Morales gives us four mixes to choose from. Best of them is the 'DM Deep Instrumental Mix' where he uses a nice flute.

Sabrynaah Pope "Shelter" (Deep Vision Records 12")

Out for a few weeks already, I finally got my copy (no idea why it's so hard to get). It's a simple but effective groove with Sabrynaah on vocals coming in three mixes including an Accapella.

Big Moses feat. Kenny Bobien "Brigther days" (Remixes)(King Street Sounds Records 12")

This test pressing was given to the DJ's at the MIDEM and it's indeed very hot. The remixer is Stephan Mandrax (of H2O, Liquid Groove Records) with edits by Matthias Heilbronn of DeepZone. Solid Garage mixes of a hit of 1996.


Reviews as of January 19, 1997

Thelma Houston "All of that" (Remixes)(Azuli Records 2x12")

This one came out a few months ago in some discoish mixes, but now we get the Garage mixes by Grant Nelson, Paul 'Trouble' Anderson and Crash on a Double-Pack (at this time, only as a Test-Pressing). No details of the mixes so far, all I can say is that you get a real quality package worth hunting down.

The Deep Zone Remixes "Praise him / It's gonna be alright" (SubUrban Records 12")

'Praise him' has been remixed by DeepZone themselve while you get some new mixes of 'It's gonna be alright' by Analogic, the team of Boris Dlugosch and Mousse T. alongside Migael Lange.

Victor Romeo feat. Leatrice Brown "Love will find a way" (Vice Versa Remixes)(Public Demand 12")

This is the first of two 12" of remixes of this classic (the second 12" will have the Deep Dish Remixes), including four mixes by Vice Versa aka DJ Device and DJ Devibes who turned this one into an uplifting anthem.

Cooly's Hot Box "We don't have to be alone" (Remixes)(Sole Music Records 2x12")

Licensed from Groovin' Records from the USA, Crash and Basement Jaxx deliever the remixes which are released together with some of the original Mixes.

Kenny Carpenter EP feat. Anthony Malloy (Waako Records 12")

Great follow up to Gisele Jackson, this EP conisits of three different tracks. The EP starts of with 'Impulse', a deep New York style groove featuring Anthony Malloy on vocals. A Dub is also included. 'Catechism' is a piano-driven track while 'Scoots Theme' features a saxophone over a moody beat.


Reviews as of January 12, 1997

M+S presents the Guy Next Door "Deeper" (The Remixes)(Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

You may have already heard this mixes played which use less vocals than the previous ones. Check out the 'Epic Church Klub' for its new organ.

Southern House-Po-Tality "Stop!!!" (Basement Boys Records 12")

Another production by SpenSane (aka DJ Spen and Josane), this one makes use of a live harmonica we haven't heard played this beautiful since Nu Yorican Soul. This is kind of a record you love or hate.

The Absolute feat. Suzanne Palmer "I believe" (Swing 52 Mixes)(AM:PM Records 12")

Finally, some mixes for the Garage-Heads. Benji Candelario is on full effect on this one making it a real winner. Check out his 'BC's NYC Heights Mix' which kicks it perfect. More mixes available by K-Klass and Mark Picchiotti on a second 12".

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