The Reviews for 2004.

December 31, 2004

The Backroom Bandits "You don't know what love is" (Bootleg 12")

Shaheer Williams from Soul Groove Records is the person behind this housed up version of Kurt Elling's "You don't know what love is" (Blue Note Records), a wonderful jazz song in its original form that is taken straight to the dancefloor with a smooth 4/4 house groove underneath the jazzy piano line.

Herb Martin "Soul drums" (Ibadan Records 12" Promo)

Ibadan Records present a lovely slice of subterranean spiritual house produced by New York underground DJ Herb Martin. "Soul drums" is a sultry late nite track that blends superb percussion elements and a deep laidback bassline. Same mix on both sides of the record.

Soul Creation "Nia's spiritual journey" (83 West Records 12")

DJ Jose Burgos & Duce Martinez aka Soul Creation present this jazzed up track on Canada's 83 West label. It is a lush deep house track with a superb piano line and wonderful vibe solo by Duce Martinez that are surrounded by warm chords and shuffling beats. The dub on the flip features additional afro tinged vocal chants.

Basil "Time to be free" / Big Moses featuring Kenny Bobien "Brigher days" (Remxies(KingStreet Records 12")

A double header with two classic tracks from the KingStreet catalog reworked. Kei Sugano takes on "Time to be free" by Basil and uses slammin' afro-styled beats together with orchestral keys and a lovely flute as base for Basil's speech and Roland Clark's chants. "Brighter days" by Big Moses featuring Kenny Bobien has been given a new life by Angelo 'MJ' Posito who comes up with a full-on tribal version that will work great on the bigger floors with its powerful beats and drums. Kenny Bobien's vocals keep the soul in this remix.

Louie Vega "Africa/Brasil" (Isolee Remix)(Vega Records 12")

Taken from the "EOL Extensions" series comes this unreleased mix of "Africa/Brasil" by german producer Isolee. He gives the track a whole new outfit on minimal house tip with a techy edge featuring deep synthy strings that flow around a raw and gritty house groove. The african/brazilian chants overlay the whirring and clicking rhyhtm that is on a spacey vibe.

Dennis Ferrer "Dem people go" / Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero "Mongobonix" (Remixes)(NiteGrooves Records 12")

Here we have more new mixes from tracks of the KingStreet/NiteGrooves back catalogue. Mahoota from House Afrika Records takes on Dennis Ferrer's "Dem people go" and gives it a stompin' reworking with a true afro-house feeling. On the reverse are remixes by Jesse Garcia and Milk & Sugar of "Mongobonix" by Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero.

Africanism "Imbalaye" (Yellow Records 12")

The latest in the Africanism series is produced by Bjorn Lundt who comes up with an irresistible afro-house stomper featuring heavy beats and steel drums with a great guitar lick and wicked afro chants on top that keep on building until the break comes in.

Exclusive Review: C&M featuring Marcel "Music 4 the people" (SSP 4 the People Remix)(Step Ahead Records CD-R)

Unfortunately, Step Ahead Records have dissapeared so chances for this remix to be released are small. The remix is done by Sueno Soul who give it a nice reworking with a thumpin' beats, funky bassline and warm, melodic keys as base for Marcel's spoken message.

Gregory Del Piero featuring LZ Love "Anytime" (Swing City Records 12" Test Pressing)

San Francisco based producer and DJ Gregory Del Piero presents his first release titled "Anytime" for Swing City, a soulful production featuring LZ Love on vocals. The 'Main Mix' comes with a bubbling groove added with warm keys and funky guitar while the dub replaces the guitar with spheric keys. Grant Nelson provides the remix which comes with a pumped up groove and extra jazzy keys, keeping the vibe from the 'Main Mix' alive.

DJ Romain featuring Darryl D'Bonneau "Spirit" (NuFaze Records 12" Test Pressing)

For his latest production, DJ Romain has choosen Darryl D'Bonneau as featured vocalist. His own version makes use of a fierce stompin' groove that is topped with a cool guitar and clever keys that together with Darryl's vocal performance create an uplifiting feeling. 83 West provide a slammin' remix taking the song to a much deeper vibe, with a truly deeply stormin' groove, wicked organ and keys that give it kind of a moody touch. Finally Romain's 'Spirit Dub' has a funkier vibe to it.

Exclusive Review / Runner-Up: Solsonik featuring Sabrynaah Pope "In love again" (Remixes)(CD-R)

Here we've got phat remixes of this great Solsonik production courtesy of Richard Earnsshaw and Southern Divide. First off is Richard Earnshaw who delivers a driving remix based on a stompin' groove that serves as base for the funky guitar and the keys that give it a warm feeling. In contrast, Southern Divide are giving it a slightly smoother touch with sharp beats and a funky bassline as playground for Sabrynaah Pope's uplifting vocal performance, the jazzy keys and a wicked organ solo.

Bobby & Steve featuring Barbara Tucker & Bryan Chambers "Deeper in love" (ZooGroove Records 12")

The UK's legendary DJ team Bobby & Steve come up with this lovely release on their own label, co-produced by James Ratcliff. Featuring vocal performances by Barbara Tucker and Bryan Chambers, this is a soulful house music at its best with a funky touch thanks to the bassline while the trumpet and fugal horns add a classic vibe.

Exclusive Review: Matteo Esse & Sant "You and me (in Miami)" (Remixes)(CD-R)

Originally out in 2003 on Cosmonote Blue Records, here are brand new mixes of this tune that rocked the Winter Music Conference back then. The '2004 Re-Styling' comes with a cool guitar riff and totally spaced out keys giving the track a bit of a darker feeling compared to the original. The 'Roc & Soul Dubstramental' gives it a lovely twist into a moving and uplifting jazz-funky stomper featuring various jazzy and funky elements over a grooving beat.

Pleasure Bar "Feel the need" (Milk & Sugar Records CD Promo)

Behind Pleasure Bar are Andreas Thiessen and Erick Decks, presenting "Feel the need" featuring a female vocalist. Three mixes are featured on this release, including the 'Soulful Vibe Mix' by Andreas Thiessen that cleverly combines a powerful and driving groove with the sexy vocals and melodic keys. The 'Get Down Mix' by Erick Decks comes with a funky guitar riff and electro-ish keys giving it a more commercial touch while the 'Deekay Groove Rebel Mix' is based on broken beat driven groove and comes with a heavy rock guitar.

Damien J. Carter & Ali Escobar "Viva tua vida" (Milk & Sugar Records 12")

Damien J. Carter teams up with Ali Escobar for this melancholic track that features portuguese vocals over the tribal-ish afro-latin beats, enahanced with spheric keys and a funky guitar. On the dub mix, it is all about that guitar giving this mix an irresistible vibe. Stefano Gamma gives it a more progressive reworking that is based on a stompin' tribal groove.

D'Stephanie "If we" (RealBasic Tracks Records CD Promo)

RealBasic close the year down with this production from Belgium's D'Stephanie on their RealBasic Tracks imprint. In its original form, "If we" is a funky grooving monster with smooth percusion giving the track a laidback vibe. Raw Deal adds some extra instumentation giving the track a more melodic vibe while Shik Stylko add their trademark sounds to it, based on a tribal groove.


December 19, 2004

Runner Up: Staci "Games" (Slaag Records 12")

LeFunken aka Duron 'Dipp' Tarik & Tyrone Payton are unstoppable at the movement with one outstanding production after another coming to our ears. "Games" features sonstress Staci who delivers a soulful vocal performance that is laid over a fierce groove consisting of shuffling beats, stellar strings, jazzy organ and piano lines together with a snaking bassline. The percussion added gives the song a smooth tribal vibe, underlaying the driving and uplifting feeling the song is spreading.

Various "Blacque Houze Sampler" (NextMoov Records 12")

NextMoov Records showcase two tracks from the forthcoming "Blacque House" longplayer. MegaMen present "Inner music" which features Solymar on vocals. This is a gorgeous deep vocal cut with a broken beat drum pattern. On the flip, JoVonn teams up with Old Man for the thumping "Old man groan" which features a scat male voocal over stompin' drums added with a phat keyboard pattern.

Kimara Lovelace "Only you" (Alain Vinet and Satoshi Tomiie Remixes)(KingStreet Records 12")

More remixes of this 1996 classic. Alain Vinet comes up with a deeply stormin' groove and moody keys, creating an ambient-ish background vibe vor Kimara's sweet and powerful vocal performance. Satoshi Tomiie in contrast goes for a mixture of progressive sounds and classic DEF-mix style piano driven house.

Exclusive Review: Cheryl Lynn "Sweet kind of life" (Audiowhores Edit)(CD-R)

"Sweet kind of life" is originally from the "Shark Tales" movie soundtrack and has been given a lovely re-edit by Audiowhores. Some additional instrumentation and a couple of effects are all it takes to take this uplifting song straight to the dancefloor.

Exclusive Review: The Groove Victim "Just hold" (Rough Cut Mix)(CD-R)

"Just hold" by The Groove Victim is here in its rough and raw form, bringing some tracky vibes to your ears. Sharp beats wich catchy keys and cool filtered vocal snippets create an irresistible feeling that will keep your feet dancing.

Holland Tunnel Project featuring SuSu Bobien "U gotta believe" (XtraLarge Records 12")

The fantastic voice of SuSu Bobien is back on this splendid production featuring fantastic remixes by Kings of Soul aka Booker T. "U gotta believe" is pure soulful bliss with an incredible vocal performance that together with the sweet and soulful musical vibes is spreading an uplifiting feeling.

Exclusive Review: Reel Soul "In the dark" (CD-R)

A laidback groove with warm melodic keys and marvellous r&b styled male vocals on top best describe "In the dark" which is an absolute beauty with its sweet and mellow feeling. Reel Soul are from Los Angeles/California. Unfortunately I don't have any more info on it.


December 12, 2004

Copyright featuring Tasita D'mour "Release yourself" (Copyright Records 12")

Second part of mixes of this recent gem by Copyright where they join forces with Reel Soul on the 'Pressure Edit' for a serious blend of the two styles. This edit is on a deeper vibe than the original, with a funky bassline, shuffling beats and melodic keys. The flip features the beats from this re-edit and a reprise of the original Copyright mix.

Jill Scott "Golden" (Quentin Harris Remix)(Restricted Access Records 12" Booty)

The flood of "Golden" remixes continues with Quentin Harris pitching Jill Scott up with the sound of New York that features a thumpin four-to-the-floor beat together with a lovely string section, matching the soulful feeling of the original.

Exclusive Preview: Stacey Mallory "Never be another love" (43rd Street Mix)(CD-R)

This is the third and final mix of this beautiful song, produced and arranged by Stacey Mallory himself. Here, the marvellous vocals get accompanied by a wonderful jazzy trumpet solo that is layed over a smooth and mellow, percussion loaded groove. This is a perfect addition to the two mixes already available, and hopefully it will be released soon.

Franky Boissy featuring Roland Clark "Black Music" (Part 1)(Chez Records 12")

Already creating a buzz out there, this is a collaboration by veteran vocalist Roland Clark and San Francisco's Franky Boissy. Franky delivers a solid set of sultry San Francisco deep house with a soulful edge. David Harness provides a hot remix that is the standout cut of this first part, set to rock the dancefloors all over with its bottom heavy beats and wicked keys. More mixes by Marlon D and Miguel Migs will follow on part two.

Mix2Inside featuring Karin Mensah "Haven must be missing an angel" (Mix2Inside Records 12")

Mix2Inside aka Bordin Stefano & Dario Igor present this lovely cover version of the timeless Tavares classic featuring singer Karin Mensah who provides her own, soulful interpretation. On the 'Classic World Tunes Mix' they stay close to the original and give it a funky feeling while on the 'Soulful Wax Mix2Inside' Karen brings us her own interpretation over a smoothly stompin groove with warm keys. The 'Soul & Spoken Dub Mix' is the one for peakhour play with its pumpin' beat and spheric keys. Also included is the bonus track "Ohh baby (Bord's in Paris Version)".

Exclusive Preview: U.P.R "Rise above your troubles" / "Talking about soul" (Soul Steel Records CD Promo)

After their successfull first outing, Steel Soul are back with a phat two tracker from U.P.R. Both "Rise above your troubles" and "Talking about soul" are on an uplifting vibe with a pumpin' groove with a funky edge, and they both feature male spoken words.


December 5, 2004

Eddie Matos "A better day" / "All in the groove" (Ultrasound Records 12")

Eddie Matos with a two tracker here, with both tracks also being featured in a remixed version. "A better day" is a laidback groover with a bumpy beat and jazzy keys. The Rurals rework it into one of their mellow and smooth groove and add female vocals to it. "All in the groove" comes with thumpin' beats and jazzy keys on top. Bryan Gerrard's delivers a nice re-interpretation of it that keeps the jazzy vibe alive.

2nd Shift featuring Heather "Are you ready for the future" (Seasons Records 12")

The original version features Heather's smokey vocal on top of shuffling beats that are added with funky guiar riffs while the 'Future Rework' version is a punchier edit with a bit of a techy feeling. Halo & Jamie Thinnes provide a revisited dub on a trackier more minimal vibe.

Patti Labelle "More than material" (Restricted Access Records 12" Booty)

After the successfull club mixes of Pattie Labelle's "New day" put out by her label DefSoul Records, we get the reworking of the Timmy Regisford produced "More than material" on bootleg with mixes courtesy of Darryl James & Fred McFarlane aka DFA. Their take is based on a bumpin' beat and comes with jazzy keys, the production being on an uplifting tip.

The Sunburst Band "Thin air" / "Everyday" / "U amke me so hot" (Z Records 12" Promo)

In addition to the official releases on Z Records, Joey Negro also puts out these limited promo editions with exclusive mixes. "Thin air" is an instrumental disco house track with all the trimmings you could ask for. "Everyday" is included here in a remix by Fanatix that promotes the garage heart of that song. Finally there is "U make me so hot" which is lifted from the deleted first album "Here comes The Sunburst Band".

Mango Company "Open your mind" (Refunkt Records CD Promo)

"Open your mind" is produced by DJ Tremendo (one of Switzerlands brightest new house talents) along with his partner Joe Calabro. Their original production is a driving affair that is spreading an uplifting vibe through the stompin' groove, the funky guitar riff and the sexy female vocals. Swiss DJ and producer Pino Arduini gives it a more laidback feeling by keeping the funky vibe alive, with warm beats and old-school keys that give this remix a retro touch.

Blaze featuring Barbara Tucker "Most precious love" (KingStreet Records 12")

Lifted from the "Keep hope alive" longplayer, "Most precious love" gets overhauled by Dennis Ferrer into a stompin' affair with chunky beats and a wicked string section with additional spheric keys, giving these remixes the final floor-filling touch. With diva Barbara Tucker providing a powerful yet soulful vocal performance, this is guaranteed to move your feet.

Exclusive Preview: Stephanie Cooke "A new day" (83 West Mix)(Home Records CD-R)

Home Records is a brand new label based in Toronto/Canada with "A new day" being their first release coming soon, produced by 83 West. Stephanie Cooke provides her sweet and sexy voice to this soulful production based on a warm groove that is added with melodic keys. The retail release will be completed by remixes courtesy of Quentin Harris and Karizma.

Bebel Gilberto "Aganju" / "River song" (Giant Step Records 12")

Giant Step combine two UK 12" release on a single disc, also including an exclusive US remix. "Aganju" got remixed by Spiritual South who add a broken samba vibe to the song, while Latin Project keep it on the downtempo tip with a smooth latin vibe. "River song" has been given the remix treatment by Grant Nelson who comes up with a soulful latin-house version with an extra jazzy edge.

Sugar Bomb "Ai no corrida" (Refunkt Trax Records CD Promo)

Refunkt Trax makes its debut with a phat reworking of the Quincy Jones classic "Ai no corrida" courtesy of Sugar Bomb aka Soularis. The trademark sounds from the original can be found here, layed over a percussively bumpin' groove and enhanced with filtering effects. For a more tribalistic beat, check out the dub.

The Funk Ensemble "Skunk" (Purple Music Tracks Recorsds 12" Test Pressing)

Swiss DJ and producer Dario Dattis presents this funky track which features one of the most favourite acapellas from recent years: "Spensane" by Soulpower (which was released on Basement Boys Records). It's a simple, almost minimalistic track based on a funky beat and funky bassline, that is driven by this timeless acapella. Included is a reworked version by Jamie Lewis that is twisting around the beats anf funky elements.


November 28, 2004

Stengun featuring Christina T "Big fun" (Ceremony Records CD Promo)

Sten 'Gun' Saluveer aka Stengun has been involved in many estonian underground dance projects either as producer, keyboarder or engineer. On "Big fun" he teams up with singer Christina T for a strong production that has a nice intro and features warm keys and a lovely guitar over a smooth groove, with Christina providing a sweet and sexy vocal performance. Dave Storm stays close to the original but gives it a more driving feeling and adds some effects on his version, turning out a great dub tool. Finish duo Minimen deliver a soulful mix with jazzy keys and sax solo while Morten 'Soulmagic' Trust provides a dub version with bumpin' beats and spheric keys.

Alison Crockett "Crossroads" (Wah Wah 45 Records 12")

"Crossroads" is one of the hightligts from Alison Crockett's acclaimed "On becoming a woman" album. DJ Spinna delivers an incredible deep and soulful ouse re-rub that is on an uplifting tip, bringing Alison's wonderful voice to full effect over the smooth bumpin' groove that is added with sweet melodies. The flip features the original version as well as the exclusive track "Embrace me".

Kemdi "Still a dancer" (Coco Soul Records 12")

French group Handracfted Sol produced "Still a dancer" on which Kemdi shows her talent for writing lyrics coming deep out of her heart and soul. Her soulful and sweet vocal performance is layed over a percussive, smoothly stompin' groove that is added with sparkling chords that create a melodic vibe.

D.T.M.A. "Tomorrow" (Crash Records CD Promo)
Markus Enochson featuring Aaron Phir "You blessed me" (Crash Records CD Promo)

After the success of their recent releases, Crash Records are back with two phat productions to be out soon. "Tomorrow" is produced by Dino & Terry and comes your way on a classic vibe with sharp beats, old-school keys and a spoken word message by Kingdom on the vocal version while the dub replaces the vocal with a lovely flute. "You blessed me" features singer Aaron Phir and is produced by Markus Enochson whos original version is on a broken beat tip. Dino & Terry take care of the remix that is based on a percussion drivin' house groove and features warm keys, spreading an uplifting and warm feeling. Watch out for the upcoming Crash Records online shop where you'll be able to buy new releases, the back catalogue and previously unreleased music in digital format.

Mr. Ali featuring Carla Prather "Cast your spell" (WestEnd Records 12")

The legendary label strikes once more with a slamming release. "Cast your spell" is steadily groovin' with a funky guitar riff, deep bassline and jazzy keys leading the way for Carla Prather's sexy voice. This song is spreading an uplifting feeling all over. The 'Laidback Lounge Mix' on the flipside is stripping down the beats for those relaxing moments.

Alix Alvarez "The Critical Point EP" (Sole Channel Music Records 12")

Alix Alvarez, one of the many hot New York based producers, delivers this hot three-tracker for his own Sole Channel Music imprint. "Searching (excursions pt. 2)" is a deep journey through lush keys and hypnotic synth melodies, layed over stripped-down percussion. On the flip are "What is dub", a track combining dub and house and the bouncey "The sunset", a laidback groover with jazzy piano and mellow keys.

Jeremias Santiago "Keyzzz" (Jellybean Soul Records 12")

Jellybean Records are becoming one of the hottest contenders in the house music market with one phat release after another. The latest is this release from Jeremias Santiago featuring different house flavors. "Keyzzz" has a latin feel to it with jazzed out keys over a deeply stormin' groove. The flip features "San juan soul" that is on a laidback Nu-Bossa vibe and the tribal-ish "Latin woman".

Dennis Ferrer "Hit it off" / "Jero" (Defected Records 12")

"Hit it off" was supposed to get released on the "Steps 2" album on Sfere Records back in 2002, but it never saw the dayight until now as it has been picked up by Defected Records. It features philly-styled vocals by Anthony Flanagan over the drum driven groove that also features a wicked sax solo and funky guitar riff, creating an irresistible funked-up vibe. "Jero" is an afro house track with percussions provided by House of Rhumba that features a guitar and wicked organ solo, together with a hypnotic chant.

12:03 AM (Dub) Project "EP" (Paradax Records 12" Test Pressing)

Paradax Records introduce us to "a deeper sound of L.A." courtesy of Jesse "Outlaw" and Jerry Flores with this four track EP. This is pure underground dance music, starting off with "Set yourself free", a simple track with a catchy hook and vocal sample. "I want it" is a deeply rumblin' drum driven track with a vocal sample. "Conversation" features male spoken words over a percussive stomin' beat. "Do you really feel it" features a lovely flute and wicked keys over a smoothly thumpin' groove.


November 21, 2004

Studio Apartment featuring Monique Bingham "Flight" (KingStreet Records 12")

Studio Apartment are a japanese production crew that team up with vocalist Monique Bingham for "Flight", a piano driven bossa latin-jazz workout that was originally only released in Japan and has now been picked by KingStreet who commissioned new mixes by Frankie Feliciano who prunes down some of the latin growth for a more club friendly, garagier version.

Runner-Up: Various "Deep Ending EP" (D'lectable Music Records 12")

D'lectable is a fresh Chicago based label presenting this truly lovely EP featuring a hot Glenn Underground production that features Charles Matlock on vocals over a smoothly bumpin' groove that is added with jazzy ingredients. With a silky smooth voice, Charles is reminiscing about a time (from the past) when thigs were different - meaning more colorful, or simply said: better. ""What am I doin' to me" by DJ V is an instrumental track on a jazz-funky vibe spreading a laidback vibe, while "Boom boom" by DJ Alena is an underground track with a minimalistic groove, acidic tones and vocal adlibs.

Kaskade "Sweet love" (OM Records 12")

"Sweet love" is one of the standout tracks from Kaskade's recent longplayer. Kaskade himself drops a gorgeous extended version with a tasty female vocal performance by Joslin and his signature production. New mixes are provided by Marques Wyatt who keeps things smooth and lucious while Fred Everything gives it a bumpin' jackin' feeling.

Seawind Project featuring Emily McEwan "Free" (Knee Deep USA Records 12" Test Pressing)

This project is a collaboration of Knee Deep and Rasmus Faber taking on a late 70's latin jazz-funk masterpiece. Knee Deep came up with the idea, and Rasmus Faber got the musicians and singer Emily McEwan to do the original version that is a mellow latin vibe interpretation with lovely brass and percussion instrumentation. Knee Deep's vocal version fierce things a bit up, keeping it close to the original, while their dub is the pick for peaktime play.

Andy Holder presents Rhythm & Soul "Nothing like jazz" (deVICE Records 12" Test Pressing)

deVICE Records are coming up with a nice combination of deep house and jazz producecd by Andy Holder. The 'Original Mix' represents the fusion of the two genres nicely with a smoothly stompin' groove, jazzy piano and sublime vocals. The 'Rhythmic Soul Mix' is a groovier affair with a sweeter vibe. As a bonus, the 'Jazzapella' is included as a DJ tool.

Francois K "Enlightenment" (Wave Records 12")

"Enlightment" by Francois K is a track that needs to be heard on a loud system to be experienced. It is driven by a melodic synth line that is underlayed with a sweet guitar, layered drums and spreads a jazzy feeling. 16B provides the remix, a techy version with an almost progressive feel to it.

Ware "Next Step EP" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

Ware makes his debut on NiteGrooves with a combination of techy grooves an latin rhythms. "East side influence" features a percussion loaded groove with moody keys and a melodic chord workout while "Answer jam question" is based on heavy freestyle drums. The flip features "Dub side question", a remix by MKL of the first track giving it an athmospheric, spacey feeling.

Sebastian Wunder "Heaven" (Almost Heaven Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Heaven" is a lovely deep house track produced by Sebastian Wunder with warm keys and a deep but smoothly stompin' groove that is spreading a melodic feeling. Frank Wichmann delivers a remix on a tribalish tip filled with electronic elements. The flipside features the 'Barfüsser Remix' by Gary Lanziere & Gene Douglas that takes the song even deeper with a smooth tribal groove and athmospehric keys, creating an almost abmient vibe.

Kings of Tomorrow "So alive" (Purple Music Tracks Records 12" Test Pressing)

"So alive" is produced by Sandy Rivera whos original mix is on a laidback tirbal tip featuring a spoken female message over the moody groove. Jamie Lewis provides the remix and adds a heavier groove to it, giving the track a more minimalistic and darker feeling.


November 14, 2004

Mayhem & Bones "Feels good" (S.P Whites Records CD Promo)

S.P. Whites is the brand new Soul Purpose sister label whos first release is produced by Mayhem & Bones. "Feels good" comes with an uplifting disco hook on the 'Club Mix' while the 'Ms Re-Played Mix' features a soulful rhodes and lovely guitar solo.

Louis Benedetti "7 minutes of drums" (Soulful Sessions Records 12" Test Pressing)

"7 minutes of drums" is the latest offering from Louis Benedetti and it will serve as a great tool for DJ's who are looking for a drum track with percussion, phat bassline and moody keyboard stabs. On the flip is a drums-only version.

Reel People featuring Angeloa Johnson "Can't stop" (Kenny Dope Remixes)(Papa Records 12")

Last years massive "Can't stop" is back with new mixes by Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales who re-ignites the track for the dancefloors with a phat analogue bassline, sweet percussion and jazzy keys.

Scott Wozniak featuring Christina Aguilera "Beautiful" (Bootlegg 12")

Did you ever think of Christina Aguilera getting a proper house remix? Here it is, done by Scott Wozniak with all original music including stompin' beats, jazzy piano, percussion and melodic keys. This boottleg is causing lots of discussion between DJs, producers and music fans- see here for yourself.

Chez Damier featuring Leroy Burgess "Your love (lifted me)" (TrackMode Records 12")

TrackMode server a special package featuring a 12" with new mixes of Chez Damier's "Your love" and a limited 7" with bonus tracks. On the a-side of the 12" are a lush pair of late groovers from Italian deep house dons Harley & Muscle with deep chords and syncopated grooves together with shuffling beats and the sublime vocal. Chez Damier himsel provides the '2 or More Raw Dub' which comes with an extra touch of latinesque vibes and percussions. DJ Ali throws in a superbly played jazzy sax alongside a beefed up bassline and funky elements. The bonus 7" features "The end", a late nite gem in a classic Prescription style, while "Somebody else" is on a techy-edge.

Bob Sinclar "World of love" / "Sexy dancer" (Yellow Records 12")

French maestro Bob Sinclar continues rockin' the floors with his latest offering "World of love" featuring the sweet voice of Ron Carroll over a smoothly stompin' backing track with a lovely flute and warm keys. The flip features "Sexy dancer" in a stompin' and funkin' remix by Harlem Hustlers.

CeCe Rogers "Come on and dance" (Swing City Records 12" Test Pressing)

Legendary CeCe Rogers drops his debut single for Swing City Records which is set to be a huge hit. With driving beats, soul-soaked melodies, jazzy xylophone and CeCe Rogers unmistakable soulful voice, this is uplifting and powerful dance music.

Leah McCrae "All this love I'm giving" (Groovefinder US Records 12" Test Pressing)

"All this love I'm giving" is a timeless classic soul track by Gwen McCrae, a track that has now been covered by her daughter Leah. Her voice is not dissimilar to her mothers, and with production being taken care of by Richard Earnshaw and Groovefinder, this one should find many friens. Richard Earnshaw comes up with a cool groove with sublime keys while Groovefinder keeps a lot of the original killer hooks and takes it straight to the soulful dancefloors.

Exclusive Review: Jill Scott "Golden" (Yuki Shimotakahara Remix)(CD-R)

This is the second remix that Yuki Shimotakahara sent me on CD-R. Her version of Jill Scott's "Golden" uses a smoothly stompin' beat with deep bassline, melodic keys, funky guitar riff and sweet harmonies to create a laidback remix perfect for after hours play.


November 7, 2004

Various "Retrospective Vol. 1" (Rekawa Sound Records 12")

I'm not sure how many copies of this 12" are floating around as it looks like being a limited release with all the info being stamped on one side. Rekawa Sound present two so far unreleased mixes of previous releases from the label. "Sonic monsoon" by Mindset is featured here with a spaced-out mix featuring a laidback guitar and smooth percussion while Frankie Valentine's "Midnite sun" is driven by a jazzed-up piano line over a smoothly stompin', percussion loaded groove.

Ananda Project "Big boat" / "Cascades of colour" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

"Big boat" is remixed by Chris Brann himself and comes with addes smoothness to the gentle latin vibes. The vocal version kesps the original vocal alive while the 'Acoustic Dub' adds extra percussion elements and a guitar lick. On the reverise are remixes of "Cascades of colour" by Wally Lopez who gives the track a more progressive, tribal-fuled reworking.

Runner-Up: Eddie Matos "My Puerto Rican Roots" (Large Records 12")

Large Records have have a winner in their hands here with Eddie Matos unleashing an assault of latin rhythms for the dancefloor.The two tracks on the a-side "Latinism" and "Oye la musica" include heavy influences of salsa, meringue and cuban jazzt tones with the later featuring a splendid piano linie. The b-side features "Relax your mind" coming with chunky beats, warm basslines, lush rhodes and repeated vocals.

Mary J Blige "Ultimate relationshoip" (Tyquen-Do Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

TyQuen-Do aka Tyrone Francis & Quentin Harris strike again with their reworking of Mary J Blige's "Ultimate relationship". They add their magic flavor to it, giving the song a melodic feeling based on the jazzy keys and deep  bassline, coupled with a fantastic organ solo.

Verna Francis "Look" (Chilli Funk Records 12")

Chilli Funk Records strike once more with a beautiful vocal production with rich live instrumentation and an excellent selection of mixes by Notenshun and man of the moment from France, Franck Roger.

Exclusive Review: Brandy featuring KW "Talk about our love" (Yuki Shimotakahara Remix)(CD-R)

I received this CD in the mail a couple of days ago. Yuki Shimotakahara sent me her own remixes of two popular songs, of which I've choosen Brandy's "Talk about our love" for a review. Yuki uses a bumpin' groove with smooth percussion and deep bassline as backing for the rework which also features a jazzy saxophone and lovely guitar. Brandy's soulful vocals together with the male rap harmonice nicely with the music, creating an uplifting vibe.

SummerHeadz vs Michael Jackson "Get on the floor" (Headz Records 12")

Sir Piers comes up with an extended and funked up remix of this classic Quincy Jones production that features an entire star cast including Nathan Haines on tenor sax and flute and Mark de Clive-Love on rhodes. These mixes have a huge potential for both a high chart ranking as well as club play with its combination of underground vibes and crossover appeal.

Dave Storm featuring Hedvig Hanson "Good love" (Refunkt Records CD Promo)

Dave Storm is back on Refunkt Records with a new production, this time employing the vocal talents of Hedvig Hanson and guitar play from Romet Pott. The '2002 Snowful Mix' is an uplifting affair with a bumpin' beat, cool guitar riff, jazzy piano and melodic keys. The 'Vocal Mix' comes with straigher beats and keys on a moodier tip, giving the sond a different feeling. Finally, the dub goes tougher with stompin' beats, repeated ad-libs and some extra funkiness.

Hardsoul "Committed" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12" Test Pressing)

After a couple of hot remixes, Hardsoul are back with a production on their own. "Committed" is a soulful latin houser with deep chords, chunky drums  and perky rhodes riffs. The 'Original Mix' focuses on the rhodes riff with a smoothly thumpin' groove. The dub comes with chunkier beats and shortended riff. Germany's Syke'N'Sugarstarr provide the remix with extra percussion and lovely flute.


October 31, 2004

Omar S "Day" / "Night" (12" White Label)

Alex 'Omar S' Smith is back with another hot and limited white label pressing. On the a-side is "Day", a deep track with a catchy vocal hook and laidback drums that continues where Omar S left us with his previous releases. The b-side fatures "Night" that takes you on a moody ride with a techy edge and soft chords.

Louie Vega featuring House of Rhumba "Steel congo" (Vega Records 12" Promo)

For the 10th installment on his very own label, Louie Vega teams up with three piece latin percussion ensemble House of Rhumba. "Steel conga" is a fusion of street rhumba with house that speaks through the conga, with compliments of carribean soul that is unfolded through the steel drum.

Runner-Up: Alix Alvarez / Mr. V "The SOLE Channel EP" (Sole Channel Music Records 12")

Alix Alvarez and Mr. V provide two tracks each for the first release on their brand new label Sole Channel Music. These tracks are perfect for a late nite play and will take you on ride with the laidback sounds consisting of deep grooves, jazzy keys and warm melodies that create a dreamy atmosphere.

John Crockett "The Goings EP" (TwirlSpace Records 12")

John Crockett, one half of Working Underneath, is kicking off TwirlSpace Records with a three tracker. "Goings (shaken)" is a laidback groover with warm chords and sweet percussion. "Newark into detroit" sees John on a techy trip with acidic tones and electronic keys while "Transom dusklight" comes with a moody groove with both melodic and spheric keys, spreading an underground vibe.

Suges & Martino presents Eminence featuring Syreeta Neal "Slave to the poison" (SoulStar Records 12" Test Pressing)

Suges & Martino from Toronto/Canada team up with singer Syreeta Neal for "Slave to the poison". Their own vocal version is based around a ruff beat with melodic keys and a deep bassline that serve as the playground for Syreeta's sweet and sexy vocal performance. Markus Enochson uses sharper beats on his remix together with jazzy keys and funky bassline while Harley & Muscle turn it into a mellow deep house cut with melodic sounds. Island Groove use a lovely jazzy flute together with a smoothly stompin' groove to create an afterhours vibe.

A Hundred Birds featuring Regi "Too close" (KingStreet Records 12")

Japan's A Hundred Birds follow up their amazing cover of "Knights of the jaguar" with this classy deep house production. "Too close" features the soulful voice of Regi over jazzy rhodes, moody synth lines and a sweet percussion loaded groove. The dub on the flip side is a on a techy edged progressive tip.

Runner-Up: Shaheer Williams featuring Stephanie Cooke "Show me" (SoulGroove Records 12")

With "Show me", SoulGroove Records continue their road of recent sucess. In fact, "Show me" is their strongest release to date with Stephanie Cooke providing a fantastic vocal performance showcasing her talents over a sexy and soulful slice of house music featuring a smoothly bumpin' groove with jazzy keys. Definitely a mood setter for a night of seduction.

Jasmina "Can't find you" (Slaag Records 12")

Lefunken aka Duron Tarik & Tyrone Payton are busy these days as they present yet another hot production. "Can't find you" blends stellar percussion elements with warm chords, groovy beats and a jazzy keys as backing for Jasmina's wonderful vocal performance coming deep from her soul. A great piece of gargae music, perfect for late night play.

Berr Eduard Productions "Running away" (Soulful Sessions Records 12" Test Pressing)

The original version is a beautiful mid-tempo r&b producition with sweet and sexy vocals over a groovy beat with melodic keys. Louis Benedetti reworks it into a smoothly bumpin' house version that keeps the flavor of the original r&b vocals alive. Louis also provides dubs of both the r&b and house versions.

Smurf & Perry featuring Concha Buika "Lovin' 2004" (Flamingo Discos Records 12")

Titled "Lovin' you" when it was originally released back in 2001, the new mixes are provided by Georg Levin and Ralf Gum & CrisP. First we have Georg Levin whos mixes are built around the spaced-out keys and sharp beats. Ralf Gum & CrisP deliver a driving reworking with phat beats, sweet percussion and warm melodies.

The D&M Project "Doin' it good" (Catch 22 Records 12")

"Doin' it good" was originally released about a year ago with pumpin' mixes destined for the big floors. For this re-issue, 83 West provide a much smoother reworking  with the congas and percussion leading the way for the melodic keys and vocal snippets. On the flip is a hypnotic tribal remix by DJ Disciple with cheesy keys which should work on the big floors.

SUMO "Santiago boys" (Seasons Records 12")

Here are some great new mixes by SUMO of their own "Santiago boys" which is lifted from their "SUMO workout" album released back in 2002. The 'Main Bounce' blends a sweet vocal with percolating synths, stabbing chords and a groovy bassline that together with the latin percussion make it perfect for peaktime. The 'Boys Bounce' adds a new latin vocal to create a whole new interpretation. Also included is a remix by Halo & Jamie Thinnes on a deep house take with sublime strings, straight beats and jazzy piano.

Africanism "Steel storm" (Yellow Records 12")

Bob Sinclar presents the stompin' afro-house track "Steel storm", a tribalish affair with steel drums and congas, featuring Ladymsith Black Mambazo on vocals. The dub strips the track down to the tribalish groove and the chants.

Erykah Badu "I want you" (Redsoul Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

This is on the same bootlegg as the Redsoul remix of "Golden" by Jill Scott, reviewed here some time ago. The funky vibe of the original version is kept alive as is the power of the vocal performance by Erykah Badu, with a fierce groove added to make sure it rocks on the dancefloor.

Runner-Up: Eric Wikman presents Donna Washington "I'm a believer" (Generate Music Records 12" Promo)

Listen to "I'm a believer", and you'll find out why Donna Washington is a powerhouse vocal talent and has been choosen by Eric Wikman who is responsible for the production of this song offered in to flavors. First we have the 'Original Mix' being on a live studio session vibe with kinky disco guitars, rhodes solo, sax and flute riffs that are arranged around the stompin' beat and bassline. This mix is spreading an uplifting feeling, both through the music and vocals. The 'Airex Groove Mix' is build around a driving groove with smooth filtering effects and slammin' drums, creating an irresistible vibe.

Candy Apple featuring Joy Malcolm "Under your spell" (MoreHouse Records 12" Test Pressing)

Candy Apple aka Justin Canton & Martin Lodge hail from London/UK. They team up with vocalist Joy Malcolm who worked with Incognito in the past. Their collaboration "Under your spell" is an infectious soulful and jazz influenced excursion with a classic vocal performance and fabulous hook over a fierce groove. There's a slammin dub included for peak-time play.


October 24, 2004

Markus Enochson featuring Demetreus "You'll shine" (Especial Records 12")

Markus Enochson with a splendid production that is out on japanese label Especial Records which makes it pretty hard tracking it down. "You'll shine" features Demetreus Price who delivers a sweet and soulful vocal performance. The 'Full Shine Mix' is an uplifting and jazz-tinged affair with a broken-beat styled 4/4 beat. The 'Audiobuff Dub' is on a slightly more electronic tip with a bubbling bassline while the 'Original Mix' is for the nu-jazz heads with its broken beat.

Various "Southport Weekender 2" (SuSu Records 2x12" Test Pressing)

This is the limited vinyl sampler for the double-CD mix compilation that features some exlcusive prodctions among previously released material. The first 12", the 'Blaze Vinyl', features the Blaze produced "Big mistake" by Alexander Hope, a bumpin' garage production featuring smooth keys and the sweet voice of Alexander Hope. "Renewal" by Ian Friday is a percussive driven, laidbaack groover featuring a lovely guitar. The other side of this disc has "My words" by Kenny Carvajal featuring Jon Pierce. The second 12", the 'Joe Claussell Vinyl', features "Tumba rhythm" by Bolla, a beats-only track. And then ther is the much talked "Obatala" by Mental Remedy, an unfinished Joe Claussell production he was forced to put out after the track leaked. It's all about the outstanding organ over a deep and smooth bumpin' percussion track. On the other side of the disc you'll find "Journey to the centre" by Chris Brann.

Mood II Swing featuring Lea-Lorien "I got love" (Bingo Soul Records 12")

New label Bingo Soul have choosen Mood II Swing to open up for them. "I got love" is in the tradition of their older productions with a great vocal performance by Lea-Lorien and lovely instrumentation with a bumpy groove, wicked keys and lovely guitar. 83 West provide the remixes which are on a more laidback tip with melodic keys and a deeper groove.

Franck Roger & M'Selem featuring Chris Wonder "You can be the one" Real Tone Records 12")

Franck Roger together with his production partner Olivier Emsellem turns out another beauty featuring the marvellous voice of Chris Wonder. "You can be the one" is a sterling house song full of jazziness and soulful feelings with a great instrumentation including jazzy piano and lovely guitar. What a start for Franck Roger's brand new label!

Trüby Trio featuring Marcia Montez "Alegre 2004" (Compost Records 12")

Louie Vega together with the musicians from Los Amigs Invisibles reworks "Alegre 2003". The new mixes are on a latin-jazz vibe and feature lots of extra instrumentation that harmonize beautifully with Marcia Montez's vocals. Watch out for a remix album from Trüby Trio coming soon.

Steal Vybe featuring Chris Dockins "Strong" (WestEnd Records 12")

Beside the "Morning comes project" (which is out now on their own label), Steal Vybe have this garage tune out on WestEnd Records. "Strong" features the powerful yet soulful voice of Chris Dockins over a late night groove that comes with jazzy piano, melodic keys, grooving beats and a phat bassline. The instrumental on the flip replaces the vocal with soaring synths while the 'Rhythm Mix' lets the beats do the work.

David Banks Poject featuring Wardell Piper "Good lovin'" (Catch 22 Records 12")

"Good lovin'" was originally released back in early 2000 and is back here with brand new mixes by Martino. His vocal version is an uplifting affair that is spreading a feel good vibe with its bumpin' beat, jazzy keys and the soulful vocals. The dub is on a more laidback tip, giving the jazzy and percussive elements more space to grow.

Runner-Up: Blaze featuring Sybil "When I fall in love" (Quentin Harris Remix)(Jellybean Records 12")

The original release for this Blaze production dates back to 1992 when it was out on Slip'N'Slide/Kickin' Records featuring a massive remix by Knee Deep. For this release, Jellybean Records commissioned brand new mixes by man of the moment Quentin Harris who pulls out all the stops and delivers an anthemic reworking that builds and buils throughout the song. Quentin uses slammin' beats, a deep rumblin' bassline and stellar keys that serve as the playground for Sybil's soulful vocal performance.

Savapie featurinng Jeanine Lopardo "Tropical hurricane" (Bootlegg 12")

This track was planned to get a full 12" on InnerVibe Music after it appeared on the labels "Winter Music Sampler 2003". Unfortunately the label has been shut down so these mixes by Scott Wozniak disappeared until now that they are available on bootlegg 12" (where the artist is named Sava Bien). They feature a stompin' beat together with a deep rumblin bassline, melodic keys and wicked organ solo.

Shik Stylko "Musica" (RealBasic Tracks Records CD Promo)

RealBasic are closing down a hot summer with this release on their RealBasic Tracks imprint. Shik Stylko presents "Musica", a latin jam for the dancefloor with melodic keys, lovely guitar and featuring brazlilian singer Adriana Mack who adds her unique and sexy voice in the 'Club Mix'. The 'Dub Mix' has a more tribalesque groove and features extra keys. Sebastian Krieg provides his 'Morning Groove' that gives the track a more laidback, afterhours feeling with sweeter percussion and warm keys.


October 17, 2004

Fertile Ground "Live in the light" (Giant Step Records 12")

After the UK release on Elephunk Records, there is now this US release on Giant Step with brand new mixes by DJ Spinna. The original, a jazzy soulful groover with superb horns and a laidback bassline (also featured on this 12") is taken to the dancefloor by DJ Spinna with a thicker bassline, giving it a deeper house feeling with warm chords and the sweet vocals by Navasha Daya. The Basement Boys mix has already been featured on the UK release and is on a  broken-beat tip with shuffling beats and additional horns.

Tamia "Still" (Atlantic/Elektra Records 2x12")

Atlantic Records and its affiliated labels often release double-packs with a phletora of remixers involved to make the release appeal to people with different tastes. No difference here with seven remixers choosen. For the soulful heads, most interesting will be the DJ Spinna remix giving the song a relaxed vibe with warm melodic keys over a smoothly bumpin' groove. DFA come up with one of their trademark mixes with a thumpin' beat, melodic keys and sweet flute solo. JohNick/FTL add a fierce, deeply groovin' bassline that is topped with wicked keys. Kelly G. gives it a more tribal-ish feel with sampled vocals. The rest of the mixes by E-Smoove, Lenny B. and Mr. Mig are on the progressive side of things.

Runner-Up: ATL "Make it up with love" (Sir Piers Remix)(Sony Records 12" Promo)

One of the sweeetest r&b slow jams around at the moment gets the reworking from Sir Piers. He keeps the soul and sweetness of the vocals alive and underlays them with a powerful yet smooth backing music that is driven by a wicked piano line and an incredibly funky bassline.

Runner-Up: Louie Vega "Thousand fingered man" (Vega Records 12" Promo)

The Candido calssic gets reworked by none other than 'Little' Louie Vega who stays true to the original and its unmistakable sound collage. Louie together with the Elements of Life band take the essence of the original and combines it with their unique EOL sound. An upfront bassline and percussion are the driving force for the jazzy trumpet and vocal chorus, creating a marvellous cover version that keeps the vibe of the original alive.

Kiko Navarro featuring Concha Buika "Mama calling" (Simon Grey Remix)(Curious Records 12" Test Pressing)

The irresistible original version by Kiko himself still is a favorite of mine, and now here we have brand new mixes by Simon Grey who gives the song a new and different outfit with a soulful and funky groove with a lovely instrumentation that harmonizes perfectly with Concha Buika's vocal performance and the spoken words by Marcel from KhaiMar.

Runner-Up: Naked Soul featuring Consuela Ivy "Brighter day" (Muzik Vision Records 12")

Naked Soul return with a beauty featuring Consuela Ivy delivering a superb vocal performance. DJ Fritz opens the package up with his 'Soul Provider Mix', a percussion loaded version with deeply thumpin' beats and jazzy instrumentation including both xylophone and piano solos. The 'Naked Soul' mix by DJ Pap is on a laidbck tip with a smooth groove and jazzy keys, spreading a mellow vibe. Black Mamba deliver a 'Deep Interpretation' that is based on a sweet percussion driven broken-beat and addded with jazzy keys. Finally there is a dub by the Gamma Kidz based on a smoothly stompin' groove and added with spheric keys that create an irresistible feeling.

Dimitri from Paris featuring Victor Davies "This is your life" (Discograph Records 12")

"This is your life" features Compost/Afro Gigolo Records artist Victor Davies and gets remixed here by DJ Afro, part of the venezuelan band Los Amigos Invisibles, who gives it a smooth tribal-ish edge with a lovely guitar solo. The flip features the long version of the Masters at Work remix of "Live jazz", previously only available as limited promo pressing.

Café Negro "In your eyes" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

NiteGroove surprise us with a full vocal release. "In your eyes" is a grooving late nite gem that blends a soulful vocal with a deep funky bassline, shuffling beats, superb guitar play and melodic keys. If you're into the real deep stuff, go for the instrumental version that lets the music speak. On the flip, Automagic give the track a tougher but still pretty deep edge with reworked beats and stuttered keys.

Copyright featuring Tasita D'mour "Release yourself" (Copyright Records 12" Test Pressing)

With "Release yourself", Copyright return to their soulful roots with newcomer Tasita D'mour. "Release yourself" is an elegant and stylish production with warm melodic keys over a smoothly bumpin' groove that is enhanced with a lovely guitar and the soulful vocal performance by Tasita. Their dub mix is the one for peaktime play with a pumped-up vibe. Reel People take the track in a different direction with broken beats and spheric keys courtesy of Mike Patto. Watch out for part two with more mixes coming soon.

Roomsa featuring Lady Sarah "The Sunrise EP" (Salted Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

The third release on Salted Music is constructed by Roomsa, hailing from Minneapolis. "Sunrise" features female singer Lady Sarah delivering a smooth and sexy performance. The original is based on crisp beats, a deep rumblin' funk-techy bassline and warm chords. JT Donaldson uses thick and jazzy bassline with dirty beats as base for the sultry vocal and gives his mix a rough edge. The flipside features the chopped up swingin' "November jazz", a stompin' track with jackin' beats that is on a jazzy tip. Finally there is "Ether" that uses swingin' chords and chunky and phat bassline to create a jazz vibe.

Exclusive Review: DJ AJ Summers featuring Marsha Livingston "Stop the silence" (CD-R)

New Jersey's DJ AJ Summers just sent us his latest production for an exclusive review here on Spirit of House. "Stop the silence" has a message that needs to be heard, delivered by vocalist Marsha Livingston through her sweet and soulful voice. The music on the 'SJ Vibe Mix' is on a timeless classic garage vibe based on a smoothly stompin' groove, added with a jazzy piano as well as mellow percussion and a lovely flute solo. The 'Deep Mix' comes with deeply thumpin' beats, melodic keys and a funky bassline that give the track a deeper vibe.

Passionardor "Everlasting love" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

Behind Passionardor is UK producer and songwriter Mark Moore who teams up with vocalist Laura Vane. "Everlasting love" is a lush track with sultry vocals that is on deep vibe. On the a-side, Jon Cutler serves the 'Distant Music Mix' that comes with a really deep rumblin' and fierce bassline, topped with a jazzy saxophone and sweet keys. The b-side features Mark Moore's original mixes that are on a more pumped up vibe with a funky guitar riff, stompin' beats and melodic keys.

Bongoloverz featuring An-tonic "Power of music" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Power of music" is a combination of male spoken words and a jazzy house groove, produced by Germany's Bongoloverz featuring An-tonic. The 'Original Mix' is based on a smoothly thumpin' bassline and driving percussion that together with the jazzy chords, flute, guitar riff and spoken words create a soulful vibe. The 'Bongoloverz Dub' replaces the chords and flute with catchy keys and extra breakdowns to create a more powerful feelng. Also included are a drum tool and an acapella.

Michelle Weeks "Gotta keep tryin'" (Basement Boys Records 12" Test Presisng)

Originally out in 2000, the Basement Boys give it a facelift featuring a wicked organ ride over funky groove that might sound very familiar to you if you're into classic disco as it is based on Stargards' "Wear it out" from 1979.

Born to Funk "Di bamba" (Knee Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

Behind Born to Funk are netherland based producers Ferdinand Lijnkamp & Mattijs Muller who deliver an amazing track that is working every floor where it is played with its punching beat, funky guitar, afro vocal hooks and great breakdown. The jazzy keys and percussion add a latinesque vibe to it. The 'Poolside Mix' on the flip is more on a funky tip with a more percussion driven beat and giving the jazzy keys more room to grow.


October 10, 2004

RSL "The mast (love will be strong)" (Giant Step Records 12")

After last years sucess with "Wesley music", RSL are back on Giant Step with a strong follow up. The osmooth original gets nicely reworked by King Britt into an offbeat remake while Dave Hernandez gives the song a 4/4 groove with an instrumentation and arrangement spreading an Incognito vibe.

Tortured Soul "Enjoy it now" (LifeLine Records 12")

"Enjoy it now" is lifted from their longplayer "Introducing" (out now on Purpose Records). The original is a midtempo house cut featuring a rich bassline, warm chords, lovely guitar and shuffling beats that are topped with a soulful male vocal. The '123 Extended Vocal Mix' is orientated towards the dancefloor, being speeded up a little and bringing the percussion and guitar riff more to the front. The '123 Extended Keyboard Dub' is all about the keys and the underlaying groove.

Alicia Keys "Diary" (DFA Remix)(Fallout Records 12")

Alicia Keys must be one of the most 'illegaly' remixed artists as this take by Darryl James & Fred McFarlane on her "Diary" is just the latest you can get your hands on. Darryl & Fred turn the song into a luscious house track with a bumpy beat and those loved DFA trademark melodic keys that suite her elegant soulful vocal nicely.

Karizma "Strings Emotional EP" (Ricanstruction Records 12")

Karizma is best known for his work with the Basement Boys. Here he presents a hot EP of house instrumentals kicking of with "S.I.L.U.", a track that is based around a kicking broken-beat that is topped with spheric keys and absolutely wicked strings. "Mornin'" is the second track featured on this EP, available in three flava including a "Nulife Edit" by Patrick Wilson. This track comes with cool breakdowns and spheric keys over a slammin' four-to-the-floor groove.

Syleena "The voice"  / Maxwell "At the party" (Jay-J Remixes)(Bootlegg 12")

These two remixes are believed to be done by Jay-J. First he takes on the intro of Syleena Johnson's current album "Chapter 2: the voice" by adding sharp beats and jazzy keys that together with the sweet voice by Syleena create an uplifting feeling. Second he takes on  Maxwell's "At the party" where he adds a stompin' house beat that together with the funky elements and the unmistakable neo-soul voice of Maxwell create an irresistible dance groove.

Shawn Christopher "Don't loose the magic"  / Shadeaux Men "Spanish storme" (ITH Records 12" Promo)

This is a promotional sampler for the current "DJ Gregory in the House" mixed-CD compilation out on ITH Records. On the a-side there is the Bobby Blanco remix of Shawn Christopher's classic "Don't loose the magic" that features a fierce River Ocean style beat before the keys from the original David Morales mix come in. The b-side features "Spanish storm" by The Shadeaux Men in its original form and a remix by DJ Oji who adds a jazzily stompin' flava to it.

Harry Romero featuring Robert Owens "I go back" (Kenny Dope Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

This bootlegg features two unreleased mixes by Kenny Dope of last years mega-smash "I go back", featuring many samples of classic tracks, effects and extra keys.

The Sunburst Band "Just do it" (Z Records 12")

Two of the most popular tracks from the bands current album "Until the end of time" get a full 12" release. On the a-side is t"Just do it", a smoothly stompin' funktified and disco-ish track while on the flip are extended and radio versions of the midtempo boogie track "Everyday".


October 3, 2004

DJ Genesis "It's you" / "Don't say a word" (White Label 12")

DJ Genesis is presenting another hot white label release. On the a-side is "It's you" featuring female vocals over a deeply bumpin' groove that is added with warm melodic keys and sweet percussion. The b-side features "Don't say a word", a downtempo groover on a jazz-funk tip with superb soulful vocals.

Sir Isaac "He watches" (BigMoe Records 12")

For the third release on his label, Moise 'Big Moses' Laporte teams up with writer and singer Isaac Brown for a quality New Jersey garage production with a tight bassline, smooth tweaky keys and the sweet and soulful vocal performance by Sir Isaac that is spreading a warm and uplifting vibe.

Kimara Lovelace "Only you" (KingStreet Records 12")

"Only you" was originally released back in 1996 and gets a new life with brand new mixes. Dirty Harry opens up the package with a soulful take featuring a funky bassline, jazzy horn, lovely guitar and crisp beats letting Kimara's soulful voice take you on a ride. On his instrumental take, the jazzy keys take over the part of the vocal. On the flip, you can find the original Danny Tenaglia mixes. His vocal mix is dominated by a piano line and features his usual dark twists created by moody synths. The dub takes is a step further into the dark territory with an almost progressive workout.

Kings of Tomorrow "Trouble - Ltd Edition Album Sampler 1" (Defected Records 12")
Kings of Tomorrow "Trouble - Ltd Edition Album Sampler 2" (Defected Records 12")

These two sampler feature selected cuts from the forthcoming, Sandy Rivera produced Kings of Tomorrow longplayer "Trouble", scheduled for release in november. The first part features the deeply thumpin' and melodic "Another day" with co-writer Leedia Urtega providing the sexy vocals. Turn it over for "So alive", a stompin' percussion loaded track with a fierce beat and rumblin' bassline together with spoken vocals by Leedia Urtega. The second disc features a rockin' Junior Jack remix of "Thru" and "6pm" which comes with an irresistible guitar solo and funky bassline together with sexy vocals by Nina Lares.

Martin Solveig "Destiny" (Reworked Mix)(Mixture 12" Promo)

French house maestro Martin Solveig is back with a great reworked version of "Destiny" on this one-sided 12" featuring vocals by Lt. Brown whos lush vocals are layed over a crisp electro-styled percussion groove with phat beats that is added with jazzy melodies and a rocking guitar solo.

Marvin Gaye "Music" (Bootlegg 12")

Two of house music biggest producers and DJ's take on this Marvin Gaye classic and stamp it with their trademark sounds. We're speaking about Kerri Chandler and DJ Karizma giving "Music" an updated outfit to make it rock the dancefloors.

Aya "Sean" (Naked Music Records 12")

Aya's latest "Sean" is produced by Jay Denes. His original verison is on a mellow tip and gets treated into three different versions. Jay himself keeps the laidback feel and adds low-key funk touches. Eric Stamile comes up with a deep dub version with ambient-ish keys, having a techy edge while Miguel Migs uses  his trademark beats and couples them with melodic keys and acidic tones.


September 26, 2004

Full Blown Moon featuring Julia Navin "Time & space" (Coco Soul Records 12")

"Time & space" is produced by Arahm Lee who brings us a sweet and mellow house production with a brazilian edge, featuring a sweet and soulful vocal performance by Julia Navin. The dub comes with a tougher backbeat, moody keys and dreamy elements.

Roy Davis Jr. with Terry Dexter "Wonderin'" (Large Records 12")

Chicago mastermind Roy Davis Jr. joins up with talented r&b songstress Terry Dexter for this great vocal production. The main vocal version is a disco influenced slice of deep house featuring a wicked guitar, with Terry adding a true neo-soul touch to it. On the flip, there is a dub that has a slight tribal influence as well as a downtempo r&b mix.

Groove Junkies featuring Alexander Sky "I've got it bad" (MoreHouse Records 12" Test Pressing)

Featured vocalist Alexander Sky is a veteran performer since the age of seven years old. He co-wrote "I've got it bad" which is his debut for MoreHouse. It is an uplifting production based on a soulfully stompin' groove and added with classic disco-ish elements, classy strings and a wicked jazzy trumpet solo. Alexander Sky is pulling out a marvellous vocal performance coming deep from his heart, showcasing his vocal talent.

Julius Papp featuring Morrisson "Fall for you" / Charles Spencer "Loveslap interlude" (NeoDisco Records 12" Test Pressing)

Julius Papp turns out another beauty here with Morrission being the featured singer who lends his smooth vocals for "Fall for you" which comes with a thick bassline, melodic guitar licks and sweet rhodes. "Loveslap interlude" by Charles Spencer is a percussion jam kicking off just with the drums, with the full flavours bursting out after around four minutes.

Syke'n'Sugarstarr featuring Bonny Ferrer "Toda minha vida" (Do the Hip Productions CD Promo)

Behind Syke'n'Sugarstarr are Serhat Sakin & Matthias Weber who present the first releae for the brand new label Do the Hip Procutions. "Toda minha vida" is a latin infused burner with a percussion loaded groove that is topped with sweet chords, jazzy piano, smooth steel drums and the beautiful and sexy vocals by Bonny Ferrer. The dub gives the deep and funky bassline more place to grow while the 'Banoffee Remix' fierces things up with a tougher beat and great build-ups that gives the song a deeply stormin' feeling.

Musaphia & Mayhem "Fusion" / "Fantastico" (Refunkt Records 12")

Joey Musaphia and Martin 'Mayhem' Ikin team up once more for two fierce tracks that are set to burn the dancefloors. "Fusion" has kind of a George Duke vibe to it featuring female spoken words and jazzy keys, while "Fantastico" has a latinesque vibe to it with catchy piano keys and featuring female spoken words included.

MOD "Aquadreams" / "Give your love" (White Label 12")

Swiss DJ and producer Juan Sunshine presenting a very limited (only 500 copies) white label release featuring two discofied tracks that will rock the dancefloors for sure. "Aquadreams" is bringing back the memories of jazz-funk influenced dance music, here nicely transformed into a stormin' house track. "Give your love" is a heavily stompin' house track featuring many elements from the past days of disco, perfectly adopted for todays dancefloors.

DJ Technics "Gabryelle" (Code Red Records 12")

The original version by DJ Technics is a minimalistic track based on a simple drum track with some percussion that is topped with catchey keys and strings creating an irresistible vibe. The MuthaFunkaz rework it by adding a full four-to-the-floor house groove and extra keys.


September 19, 2004

Louie Vega featuring Ursula Rucker "Journey's prelude" (Vega Records 12" Promo)

Originally just a spoken word intro by Ursula Rucker on Louie Vega's "Elements of life" longplayer, Frankie Feliciano gives it a Ricanstruction reworking that is based on phat percussions and drums, topped with a wicked saxophone solo and surrounded by moody keys. This remix creates sort of a hypnotic feeling, with a great selection of mixes (vocal, beats, acapella, instrumental) to play around with it.

Claude Monnet presents Monica Nogueira "Eu vou levar" (SSOH Records 12")

Claude Monnet and Jerome Degey team up with vocalist Monica Nogueira for a feel-good, late summer latin house groover with warm melodic sounds and a sweet chorus. DJ Gregory provides the remixes that are coming on a deeper, a bit tech-edged vibe.

Stephanie Cooke "Holding on to your love" (KingStreet Records 12")

Lifted from Stephanie's album "Everything", this song was originally produced by Moise 'Big Moses' Laporte and released back in 1996. It is back now with brand new mixes courtesy of Frankie Feliciano who turns out r&b styled reworking which is on a soulful edge, having a retro touch. Also included are the classic Mood II Swing dub and Grant Nelson vocal version.

JoVonn featuring Carole Sylvan "Something 'bout dis love" (WestEnd Tracks Records 12")
JohNick meets FTL "A breath of freash air" (WestEnd Tracks Records 12")

WestEnd Records unleash a phat two tracker on their Tracks imprint. JoVonn turns out one of his unmistakable deep productions with shuffling beats, deep bassline, jazzy keys and the sultry vocal performance by Carole Sylvan. JohNick (Johnny 'D' DeMairo & Nicholas Palermo Jr.) team up with FTL (Jeremias Santiago) for a smooth late nite ride that is based on a bumpin' bassline and melodic chords, and a sublime flute solo giving the track that little extra.

John Lucas "Familyworks 002" (Deep Inside Music Records 12")

This is the second sampler from the forthcoming album by John Lucas. It kicks off with "House music", a track featuring the vocals by Miriam Duncombe over stompin' beats that are added wih spheric keys. Next up is "The place" featuring the same vocalist, this time singing over a broken beat that is added with ambient-ish keys. The flip side kicks off with "Can you tell me" featuring Tylene Thompkins on vocals, a smoothly bumpin' track with funky bassline and jazzy keys. On the last track "I wanna get away" you can hear Miriam Duncombe again showcasing her vocal talents over a stmoothly thumpin' groove that is added with a funky guitar and melodic keys.

Runner up: Inaya Day & Jackii Gilford "Freedom" (Purple Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Freedom" is produced by two upcoming producers from Switzerland: Roberto de Carlo and Dario Dattis. They've choosen Inaya Day & Jackii Gilford for their production as vocalists. Roberto de Carlo kicks things off with his vocal version which is on a smooth and soulful tip featuring jazzy keys, having a funky edge to it. Dario Dattis follows with his vocal take that has a true old-school flava to it, by keeping it jazzy and funky at the same time. His dub is more powerful with straighter beats and features an extra saxophone solo. This is the mix to choose for peaktime play with its tougher attitude, bringing the funky groove to full effect.

Runner up: Solu Music featuring Kai Martin "This time" (Solu Music Records 12")

"This time" is the second single taken from the forthcoming album project of Solu Music with vocalist Kai Martin. The original version by Caspe & Nathanson has that unmistakable Solu sound with Kai Martin's passionate voice soaring throughout the guitar groovin', organ topped anthem-alike produtction. Jask provides the remixes with the beats taken to a new direction and featuring an extra saxophone, letting Kai Martin's voice play hypnotically throughout the song on the vocal take. The dub strips the vocal and lets the bass and guitar do the work.

U.P.R "Steel waiting" / "God is in da house" (Soul Steel Records CD Promo)

Soul Steel is a brand new label out of the UK firing off a phat premier release by U.P.R. "God is in da house" is based on a stompin' groove topped with a male spoken message, towarded to the chunkier dancefloors with its peaktime sounds. "Steel waiting" is a soulful uptempo number with an irresistible vibe created by the fierce beats and funky elements together with the sexy vocals, spreading an uplifting feel-good feeling.

Arnold Jarvis "Always be right there" (MediaServicesNYC Records 12")

It has taken ages for this record to be released. It is all about the Rulers of the Deep remix which has been rotating in my cd-player for over a year now. This mix takes you on a ride into the deeper grounds of house music with a deeply stormin' groove with a rumblin' bassline, hypnotic keys and Arnold Jarvis' magnificent vocal performance that is backed with a sweet background chorus.

Brandy "Talk about our love" (RotGut Records 12")

DJ Spen is unleashing another one of his hot reworkings of a r&b smash. This time he went for the current single from Brandy and creates a funkily bouncin' groove topped with warm melodic keys and jazzy piano.


September 12, 2004

Kenny Dixon Jr. "Private Collection" (Black Label 12" Limited Edition)

Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodyman with another limited release. Two sweet tracks are featured here with the a-side "Should have known" being on a laidback tip with melodic keys and melancholic male vocals over a deeply thumpin' groove. The b-side cut features a spoken male message and female chants over a mellow jazz-funk groove.

Eddie Nicholas "Groovin'" (Slaag Records 12")

New York based Slaag Records bring us a lovely release perfect for this season of the year. "Groovin'" comes with tight drums and warm melodic sounds that together with the vocal performance by both Eddie Nicholas and Kim Beacham create an uplifting feeling. Both 'Eddies Groove' and 'Mixtape Sessions Mix' feature a great live guitar solo with the first being a stripped down version while the second is spreading a groovy vibe with through the live guitar and funky throbbin' bassline.

Runner up: Nikos "The Nu Spirituals Vol. 2" (Under My Skin Records 12" Promo)

DJ and producer Nikos presents "The Nu Spirituals Vol. 2" which features two fantastic tracks. First off is the inspirational "Never give up" featuring Hymn, a gospel quartet out of Los Angeles. The song comes with a positive spirit spread through the marvellous vocal performace that is placed over stormin' beats that are added with melodic keys, creating an uplifting and energetic vibe. Flip it over for "My secret place", a hypnotic track that with a tribalish beat that is based on smooth percussion and features a lovely flute solo by Donald Hayes and Babaled who is speaking in tongues.

Marlon D presents "The UC anthem" (Remix)(Ricanstruction Records 12")

Marlon D's memorable club track is back with these slammin' remixes by Alix Alvarez & Mr. V who turn out a set of deeply stompin', bass-heavy mixes. The 'UC Sax Remix' that takes you on a ride with its wicked saxophone and the chant parts from the orignals vocals. On the flip you'll find the Sole Channel mixes which are featured here in both full vocal and instrumental versions.

Manoo "EP" (Deeply Rooted House Records 12")

Deeply Rooted House is the new label from legendary french DJ Deep that is focussing on releasing stuff from new artists. After the successful first release by Franck Roger, this second releases features four tracks from Manoo who keeps things groovy and deep with moody keys and introspective melodies that swirl over tracky beats. This records recalls memories to classics produced by the likes of Kerri Chandler, Charles Webster two name just two of them.

Mateo & Matos "See the sky" (Undo Records 12" Promo)

John Mateo & Eddie Matos deliver a great vocal production with a splendid vocal performance by Chevonne Hooper who is chowcasing her talents here. Their original version is on a classic vibe with a moody edge to it. Scott Wozniak delivers a phat remix that features great keyboard work. Turn the disco over to head for the JoVonn mixes that come with his trademark sounds including a brilliant organ ride and deeply stormin' underground groove.

Lefunken featuring Mina "All that I am" (DeepaGrooves Records 12" Test Pressing)

DeepaGrooves is new label out of New York that is kicking off strong with "All that I am" produced by Lefunken and featuring the sweet and sexy vocals of Mina. While the 'Eclectic Original Mix' comes with lovely keys over a classic New Jersey style groove, the 'Lefunken Mix' features tougher beats together with a wicked guitar, having a true funky edge to it.

Lisa Lore "A fe mi family" (Space Kat Records 12")

"A fe mi family" is produced by Shukie who is known for his work for Rekawa Sounds and Element Records, and he was also responsible for the remix of  Tyrone Francis & Quentin Harris' "Sincere" earlier this year. Lisa Lore provides both spoken and sung vocals over the stompin' beat that is added with a live bassline, wicked guitar riff and melodic keys. The guitar and bassline create a nice and raw funky edge that harmonizes perfectly with the vocal.


September 5, 2004

Runner up: Cunnie Williams "Superstar" (Universal Records 12")

"Superstar" is presented here in a slamming set of remixes by Bibi who gives the track a fantastic retro feeling on his reworking. The 'Superdisco Mix' brings back the memories of the legendary disco area with the instrumentation including trumpet, saxophone, trombone, percussions and funky guitar that create those marvellous disco-ish melodies. And the female chorus is ooh so sweet... On the 'Better Days Mix', he perfectly transforms the song into a modern disco interpretation.

SerJay featuring DragonFly "Mahal kita" (Abicah Soul Remixes)(White Label 12")

Abicah Soul come up with two sweet remixes of SerJay's "Mahal kita". The sultry latin vocals are coupled here with gentle chords, strings and percussions elements. Remix #1 features stabbing keys and tight beats while remix #2 smoothes it down with the warm chords taking the lead as the piano stabs are dropped, resulting in a mellow deep house version.

Sam & Gigi "On the edge" (Ovum Records 12")

Sam & Gigi hail from Finland and present "On the edge" that consists of lush grooves and a sensoul vocal performance by Gigi, the result being a gorgeous deep house track. Mark Bell aka Blakkat reworks the track and gives it a dark and moody edge, turning out a great underground-style version for peaktime play.

Jennifer Holliday "Think it over" (Darryl James Remix)(JellyBean Soul Records 12")

Jennifer Holliday does a great job here covering this Cissy Houston classic by delivering a powerful yet soulful vocal interpretation. Darryl James provides the remixes with a grooving bassline, funky keys and superb organ play, creating an irresistible dancefloor shaker.

Jay 'Sinister' Sealee presents Victory Brooks "I just wanna be" (ATAL Records 12" Test Pressing)

"I just wanna be" might sound famililar to you as it uses the music from the massive DJ Spen remix of Beyonce's "Me myself & I" in its original version Produced by Jay 'Sinister' Sealee (best remembered for the classics "Finally" and "Diamond life"), it features a stunning vocal performance by Victory Brooks over the fierce beat that is added with melodic keys and funky bassline. The alternate version included comes with an additional dose of funky flava and electro keys.

Shik Stylko featuring Tyree Cooper "My people" (RealBasic Records CD Promo)

For their 10th release, RealBasic have choosen this production by their own duo Shik Stylko that features Tyree Cooper on vocals. The 'Original Mix' is a funky groove monster thanks to the bassline and guitar and has a soulful edge created by Tyree Cooper's vocal performance and the melodic keys. The 'Club Mix' is perfect for peak hours as it is a bit more  uptempo and comes with a more energetic bassline. For all the DJs, there are two DJ tools included.

Ziv Shalit "Ganja" (Kiss that Ass Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Ganja" by Ziv Shalit is a stormin' afro house track with a drivin' tribal beat and great breakdowns in the 'Ziv Afro Blitz Mix', with the saxophone solo creating an irrestistible feeling. The 'Zigi Drumzz Mix'  comes on a more minimalistic tip, focussing on the drums and percussions.


August 29, 2004

Runner Up: Arnold Jarvis "Beautiful love" (Diaspora Records 12" Test Pressing)

Diaspora Records are best known for their catalogue of quality released which gets another great addition with this release. "Beautiful love" is produced by George Mena and Franke Estevez. Their original version is on a soulful tip with jazzy piano and melodic keys over a bubbling groove with funky bass. Lars Behrenroth comes up with a rumblin' dub version on a moody tip that has an old-school edge to it. Sweet Abraham gives the song a deepr ride on his take with stormin' beats and mellow keys.

Man Friday "Love honey, love heartache" (2004 Remixes)(VinylMania Records 2x12")

VinylMania are celebrating the 25th anniverary of this timeless classic by Man Friday with a double pack of new mixes. DJ Mike Sarkus & Paul Simpson transform the track into a smooth deep house groove with jazzy keys. Both Tom Moulton and Paradise Garage DJ Victor Rosado pay tribute to the original on their reworkings with extra added keys by Quentin Harris. As a special bonus, the original Larry Levan demo version is included in its full rawness.

Exclusive Preview: Stacey Mallory "Positive vibes" (CD-R)

New Jersey based DJ and producer Stacey Mallory is on a roll at the moment. "Positive vibes" is his latest production that is currently available for licensing. It starts off with thumpin' beats and percussion before the funky bassline and melodic keys come in to create a warm vibe. The tracks gets is full glory when the steel drums give the track a laidback, jazzy feeling.

Exclusive Preview: Escondido "Enamorada" (CD-R)

"Enamorada" is produced by Pagany from Italy. It is a powerful production with a fierce grooved topped with percussion, spanish guitar and sexy female vocals. The 'Latin Flavour Mix' is spreading an uplifting, latinesque feeling through its percussive vibe. The 'C Go Forte Mix' comes with stompin' beats and is a more energetic interpretation. There is a nice variation with an extra saxophone solo in form of the 'C Go Saxxy Dub'.

Exclusive Preview: Faz featuring Lucy "So high" (On Board Recordings CD-R)

On Board Recordings is a new label presenting their first release "So high" by Faz featuring vocalist Lucy. The 'Faz House Mix' comes with an irresistible groove added with classic, Philly-style strings and keys and the sweet vocals by Lucy. The 'Faz Dub' has a bit of a darker, more underground edge. Pagany replaces the Philly-elements with a true dose of funkiness on the 'Pagany 2 Da Funk Mix' while on the 'Pagany 2 Da Dub', he comes up with an almost hypnotic version with nice twists and turns.

DJ N'Joy & DJ Frankie Frank Project "Shake it Up" (Glamour Records 12" Limited Edition)

Swiss producers DJ N'Joy & DJ Frankie Frank come up with a track perfect for the dancefloor. "Shake it up" is a combination of old school house, '80s disco and pushing beats, coupled with lots of samples from classic tracks (can you name them?). A record for peaktime play to entertain the crowd and keep them movin'.


August 22, 2004

Runner up: SK Radicals "Someday I will" (Swing City Records 12" Test Pressing)

Swing City is presenting Sean Khan together with his collective of musicians with "Someday I will", an amazing disco funk monster. The 'Supernova Thrust Mix' is the choice for the ones looking for an old-school funked-up groove with an extra jazzy touch while the 'Nova Fronteira Mix' combines the funkiness with a stompin' house groove.

Various "Drumz Collection Vol. 2" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

If you're into percussion loaded drums and bonus beats, this one is for you. The six included tracks range from garage and afro house to latin beats, featuring productions from Kerri Chandler, Blaze, Mateo & Matos and Frankie Feliciano.

Yves La Rock "Zookey" (Map Dance Records 12" Promo)

This is just a limited promo run with a full release scheduled in a couple of weeks with additional mixes. "Zookey" is driven by a tribalish beat that is topped with spacey keys and the irresistible steel drums which give this track a real caribbean feeling.

John Lucas "Familyworks 001" (Deep Inside Music Records 12")

After the successful release on Purple Music, John Lucas is back with this lovely EP featuring three tracks. First off is "Revenge" featuring Tylene Thompkins on vocals, a melodic production with a warm groove, funky bassline and wicked keys, and Tylene provides a classy vocal performance. "O6.05 AM" is a chill-out downtempo track with a deep rumblin' bassline, kicking off with a jazzy piano before the laidback guitar comes in. "The right one" features Janet Dawkins on vocals over a funky midtempo groove that is added with spheric keys and acidic tones.

Audiowhores "Work it out" (Peppermint Jam Records 12" Limited Edition)

For the first time, Audiowhores have a release on german label Peppermint Jam. "Work it out" features the powerful and soulful voice of Rashaan Houston over a stormin' beat that is added with warm chords and funky bass. Both vocal and dub versions included, together with a remix by Ty Holden that is on a darker edge.

TJM "Small circle of friends" (Philly Groove Records 12" Promo)

Philly Groove are back with a follow up to the highly successfull Joey Negro remixes of "I don't need no music". Another one of her late 70's disco classics gets the makeover, this time from DJ Prom. On the 'DJ Prom Stompin Peak Time Mix' he goes for a powerful floor-mover that starts off with an incredible piano line and handclaps before the beats kick in and the gospelish vocals create an energizing feeling. The ' DJ Prom Mix (Full)' comes with the full vocal and keeps the vibe of classic jazz-funk disco alive. Also included is the 'DJ Prom Stompin Peak Time Acappella' to play around with.

Delvino & Ken N "Ritmo carimbo" (deVice Records 12" Test Pressing)

deVice Records are back for the summer with a Delvino & Ken N production that brings hot brazilians drums to the dancefloor. There is a fierce horn section and hot latin style piano that together create an uplifting vibe, perfect to dance to. The dub comes on a more laidback tip and gives the keys a more dominant role. For the serious DJ, there is also a bonus beats version included.

Exclusive Preview: Stacey Mallory "Stacey's scat track" (CD-R)

Here we go with an exlusive review of the latest production by Stacey Mallory. It features scat vocals and melodic chords over a percussion driven, bumpy house groove. The jazzy elements added give the track a a laidback vibe.


August 15, 2004

Runner up: MKL vs SOY SOS "Her song" (Matthias Heilbronn Remix)(Peppermint Jam Records 12")

Originally out back in early 2000 on Dance Tracks Records, this ragga-ish vocals featuring track is back for more action on the dancefloor with brand new Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn remixes giving it the Soulflower treatment with a percussively bumpin' groove and spaced-out keys, spreading a laidback vibe.

Angelique Kidjo "Conga habanera" (Columbia Records 12" Promo)

The original album version is very much influenced by cuban sounds. Jez Colin takes the song to the dancefloor by stripping most parts of the vocal, and the cuban sounds are pushed to the back with the freshly added beats leading the track.

Dubtribe Sound System "Nothing is impossible" (Defected Records 12")

San Francisco's Dubtribe Sound System are back through Defected with one of their strongest releases to date in form of these hot remixes by Dennis Ferrer who recreates the whole groove with live percussion, rousing guitar, horn section and an absolutely wicked saxophone, bringing the afro chants to full effect. Also included are the original and a dub version by Drez.

Feet "Night life" (Feet Prod Records 12" Promo)

Feet Prod is a label out of France presenting their upcoming release. "Night life" is an uplifting house production with a fierce groove, both jazzy keys and strings and lush sexy female vocals. The song is spreading a feel-good vibe through its funky and disco-ish feeling on the main mix. The 'Latin Mix' is showcasing the piano line and features extra flute and percussion, creatint a latinesque vibe.

The Worlds Most Beautiful featuring EMan "I'm a lot like you" (Jellybean Soul Records 12")

Like "Slangin'" which got released a couple of weeks ago, "I'm a lot like you" features the sweet and sexy voice of EMan who also coproduced the song. First to be heard as part of the "Bang the Party Volume 1" compilation, this 12" features new mixes by Marques Wyatt who gives it a laidback feeling with jazzy keys and warm melodies over a deeply stormin groove while Kaskade adds the west coast flava by using his trademark sounds.

Soulmagic "Yah yah" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

Morten Trust is back under his Soulgmaic moniker right for the last weeks of the summer with "Yah yah" which combines a wah-wah guitar, jazzy keys, funky bassline, percussive elements and female afro chants over a bumpin' beat with tight beats, spreading a afro-latin vibe with a funky edge.

Copyright "Afro EP" (Copyright Records 12" Test Pressing)

For the second release on their own label, Copyright decided to bring us an EP featuring two afro influenced tracks that are perfect for this time of the year. "Zamaleya" comes with a killer sax and jazzed-up keys over the fierce groove. "Mato grooso" features the sultry voice of Imaani over a fresh and sunny groove added with a cool guitar and melodic keys that create an irresistible vibe.

Manbana "Felicidad" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12" Test Pressing)

Axwell presents the highly anticipated follow up to "Libre", featuring a stunning vocal performance by Isabel Fructuoso. "Felicidad" is a powerful latin inspired house tune with energizing keys and sexy latin vocals over the stompin' and stormin' beat that gets a rawer vibe on the dub version.

Jasper Street Co. "Got me going" (Scotty K Remix)(Basement Boys Records 12" Test Pressing)

The gospel house stomper "Got me going" is back with new mixes by Scotty K who stretches the song to over eleven minutes and works the gospelish vocals out to the maximum, helped by the irresistible piano line and a stompin' groove. Absolutely massive remix spreading an irresistible vibe.

Runner up: Beyonce "Naughty girl" (12" Bootlegg)

Simply titled "Naughty boy", this is an absolutely massive production by Marlon D featuring and oustanding keys and rhodes section and Beyonce's sexy vocal performance from her r&b smash hit "Naugthy girl" over a deeply rumblin' groove that is driven by sharp beats. This one is simply irresistible.

Dwele "Money don't mean a thing" (12" Bootlegg)

With Dave Hernandez we do have a newcomer - at least for me - when it comes to do house reworkings of r&b songs. Here he takes on "Money don't mean a thing" by Dwele and delivers a nice and laidback house version with a smooth guitar and spheric keys.

Colonel Abrams "I'm not gonna let" (12" Bootlegg)

The Colonel Abrams classic "I'm not gonna let" reworked by Jon Cutler for todays dancefloors, featuring deeply stompin' beats and classy keys together with the incomparable voice of Colonel Abrams.

Alicia Keys "If I ain't got you" (12" Bootlegg)

Can't remember of any other artist at the moment that is getting so many times bootlegged with house versions. This release here features both new DFA mixes and the already reviewed Pound Boys mix of "If I ain't got you". DFA come up with a mellow and bumpy reworking featuring warm keys and the lovely piano from the original, coupled with new keys.

Al B. Sure "Ooh love" (12" Bootlegg)

Karizma is taking on Al B Sure and the outfit he has choosen here is all about the slammin' beats that serve as playground for Al B Sure's vocal performance and the melodic keys.

Sting "Send your love" (12" Bootlegg)

Refreshing and different what you can hear on this release as EPOD take on a Sting production that features lots of orientalic influences which are combined nicely with the percussively bumpin' four-to-the-floor beat and spheric keys.

WOZ featuring T.T.D. "As yet untitled" (12" Bootlegg)

T.T.D. is undoubtly Terence Trent D'Arby whos "As yet untitled" gets a makeover by WOZ (who I believe is Scott Wozniak)". The keys on this release are sampled from another song (the names escape me at the moment) and are layed, together with the lovely guitar riff, over a smoothly thumpin' beat.

Paul Johnson "Follow this beat" (Trax Records 12")
Joe Smooth "Alternative 3" (Trax Records 12")
Jere McAllister featuring Reggie Hall "Perfect love" / "Let the music use you" (Trax Records 12")

Trax Records are in business for 20 years, and they just released about ten new 12" singles together with a couple of CDs (to be reviewed in the Album Review section over the coming weeks). These three are the standouts for me. First off we have Paul Johnson with "Follow this beat" which heavily samples the Melba Moore classic "You stepped into my life" to create a catchy dancefloor sampler. Next up is Joe Smooth with "Alternative 3", an instrumental track with just a few spoken words and spacey keys over a deeply stormin' beat. Finally we see Jerry McAllister featuring vocalist Reggie Hall with a double-sider featuring two vocal productions. "Perfect love" is based around a bumpin' house beat with a funky edge and melodic keys while "Let the music use you" is a sweet and sexy cover version of the Nightwriters classic.


August 8, 2004

Arvid featuring Ernesto "Try" (Naked Music Records 12")

Naked Music are back with this classy deep house release with a nice selection of mixes. Fenomenon kick things off with their laidback and orchestral broken beat excusion. Next up is the original which is on a moody vibe with filtered keys. Both Andy Caldwell and Lance Desardi deliver two pumpin' dub mixes with Andy using some acidic keys while Lance is opting for a more electronic, techy approach.

Lisa Shaw "Let it ride" (Naked Music Records 12")

And yet another quality release from Naked Music with the four mixes covering various flavors. Speakeasy open up with a chunky, synthy driven vocal dub that is based on sharp beats. Jimpster deliver deep rumblin' full vocal version while Swag's dub is on an electro-acid tweaked tip. Herbert does another one of his famour abstract reworking.

Soul Creation presents Geebah Swaray "Coboaman" (Soul Groove Records 12" Promo)

This is the second new release from Soul Groove this week by Geebah Swaray who hails from Liberia/Africa and teams up with New Jersey producers Soul Creation aka Jose Burgos & Deuce Martinez. On "Coboaman", they fuse authentic african instrumentation and melodies with todays urban dance rhythms, the result being a hypnotic afro-houser that is spreading an irresistible feeling.

Fernando Soares presents Outra Nota featuring Raylema Rosas "Quero amar" (Ricanstruction Records 12")

The original is a delightful latino garage house track that is 'ricanstructed' by Frankie Feliciano. His mixes are full of warm and melodic vibes with smootly thumpin' beats and mellow percussion as base for the stunning vocal performance from Raylema Rosas.

The Wisemen featuring Michelle Harris "Ruffneck" (MiCasa Records 12" Promo)

Canadian based Wisemen are back with their third release featuring vocalist Michelle Harris who showcases her extraordinary vocal abilities here. "Ruffneck" comes with authentic beats and bass lines, and having a funky flavour, this song is spreading a powerful and uplifting vibe through its message. Their dub is on an underground tip with deeply stompin' beats and darker keys. 83 West provide a dub version on a more different tip with smooth beats and melodic keys, creating a laidback vibe.

Audiowhores featuring Susana Montero "Orillas del mar" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

The Audiowhores return to SoulFuric Deep with "Orillas del mar", the follow up the previous smash hit "Neekoosa". Featuring Susana Montero on vocal, "Orillas del mar" takes you on a deep and laidback latin tipo that soothes the soul of the listener with its warm and melodic sounds.

The MuthaFunkaz "The best I can" / "Brutal" (Code Red Records 12")

This is the first release for DJ Spen since establishing his independent production company. He teams up with The MuthaFunkaz for "The best I can", a track that features a marvellous harmonica solo together with soulful male lead vocals and a male chorus. The result is an inspired gospel house track. Also included is the dub-strumental version of "Brutal", a forthcoming project that is based on the legendary Nitro Deluxe classic.

Brian Tappert & Grant Nelson present The Soul City Experience featuring Vula "The only way" (Swing City Records 12")

Finally the long awaited follow-up to thr 1997 collaboration from Brian Tappert & Grant Nelson is here. With the help from soulstress Vula, "The only way" is a fierce song with a driving feel that is set to smash up the dancefloors with its ass-shakin' bassline, jassy keys, live guitars, stormin' beats and sweet and sexy vocal performance.

Erro "Change for me" (Remixes Part 1)(Z Records 12")
Erro "Change for me" (Remixes Part 2)(Z Records 12")

Spread over two separate vinyls, Osunlade's garage classic gets revamped by none other than Martin Solveig who comes up with a slamming remix that is driven by the incomparable guitar and phat beats. Then there are two unreleased dub mixes by Joey Negro and a much tougher Mark Knight remix that is for the harder edged dancefloors.


August 1, 2004

Jerome Sydenham & Kerri Chandler "Candela" (Ibadan Records 12" Promo)

Jerome & Kerri team up for another uplifting and live sounding production with lots of percussion and live instrumentation. The 'Main Mix' is driven by jazz keys and a deep rumblin bass while on the 'Demo Flute' there is an additional flute that is leading the way. Also included is a beats version.

Antonio Ocasio "Echu aye" (Tribal Winds Records 12")

I have to give a big 'thank you' to Antonio Ocasio for sending me a copy of this beauty that I've been chasing for a couple of months already. It is one of my fave releases from Antonio that is creating an irresistible feeling with the wicked keys and marvellous jazzy flute play, underpinned by a fierce percussion driven groove.

The Latin Project "Musica de amor" (Electric Monkey Records 12")

After the very successful release of "Lei lo la" thanks to the Masters at Work remixes, the follow up single again got touched by 'Little' Louie Vega & Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales who add their NuYorican charm to the offbeat latino original to turn it into a dancefloor shaker.

S.U.M.O. "Seducao" (Bubble Soul Records 12" Promo)

Swedisch production duo S.U.M.O. unleash another bomb right for the summer here. "Seducao" is an uplifting production with lovely spanish guitar and ssexy female vocals over a smoothly bumpin' groove on the 'Original Bounce' while on the 'Stripped Vocal Bounce' the guitar is replaced by jazzy keys. The 'IKL Nueva Seduccion Mix' is on a deeper vibe with an almost hypnotic moody groove and extra keys.

Danny Marquez & Ferry B. "Afrocatalans" (Bubble Soul Records 12" Promo)

"Afrocatalans" is based on a tribalish groove that serves as playground for the african instrumentation and chants. Hardsoul give it a more tropical feeling with latinesque keys over a driving groove.

Louie Vega "Mozalounge" (Vega Records 12" Promo)

Brian Tappert and Marc Pomeroy deliver a fierce remix package under their Jazz'N'Groove moniker of 'Little' Louie Vega's "Mozalounge". These new mixes take this great song with it's beautiful jazzy piano line straight to the dancefloor with a deeply stormin' bassline. Beside the vocal and dub version, there is a wonderful 'Musicapella' included.

EMan "Slangin'" (Jellybean Soul Records 12")

"Slangin' could be first heard on "Bang the Party Volume 1" which was released as unmixed album and continues mix-CD by EMan himself. Originally produced by Jon Cutler & EMan, it gets a well deserved full 12" release with new versions. Marlon D teams up with Scott Wozniak for an absolutely wicked organ driven rework that is added with a cool guitar riff, with the vocals stripped out on most parts. Tedd Patterson goes for a minimalistic tribalish mix, perfect for the darker moments of the night. Also included is the acapella.

Jasper Street Co. "JSC Collection - Unreleased Mixes" (Basement Boys Records 2x12" Promo)

Taken from the forthcoming "JSC Collection" double-CD, this package included four unreleased mixes spread over two vinyls. "Till I found you" kicks off in its 'Full 12" Mix' that starts with a wonderful instrumental part. "Music" is next and comes here in form of a fierce Teddy Douglas re-edit, perfect for the dancefloor. "Praisin' his name" features the incredible voice of Ann Nesby and is featured here in a stompin' Spen & Karizma remix with a drivin' piano hook. Junior Vasquez takes on "God helps those" and adds a dark and progressively stompin' groove underneath the gospel vocals.

Runner up: DeepSwing featuring Kristi Lomax "Love is..." (Generate Music Records 12" Promo)

"Love is..." is the first solo project produced by Eric Wikman, one half of DeepSwing. It features Kristi Lomax doing the spoken words love message over a stompin' groove that is spreading a bouncey feeling on the 'Disco Transit Mix' that is on a jazzy vibe with a soulful touch thanks to the lovely flute, rhodes and funky guitar. Donna Washington delivers soaring ad-libs to it. The 'Airex Groove Mix' has powerful drums, a hypnotic groove together with a cool saxophone and Kristi Lomax' spoken message, creating a powerful track for peaktime play. Also included is a acapella tool.

Carla Pranha "One day (don't you remember me)" (Odyssey Records 12" Promo)

Lenny Fontana is back with new releases on his own imprint Odyssey Records. First off is "One day (don't you remember me)" by Carla Pranha who was discovered by none other than Byron Stingily. It is an uplifting production on a classic tip that is spreading a feel-good vibe through its soulfully bumpin' groove that is filled with a great organ ride, rock-ish guitar and a strong vocal performance.

Zhana "Are you ready "(Odyssey Records 12" Promo)

This is the second new production from Lenny Fontana, here presenting dancer, songwriter and singer Zhana. "Are you ready" is based around a deeply stompin' beat that is topped with wicked keyboard stabbs and a spanish guitar that along with Zhana's powerful vocal performance create an anthem perfect for the hot summer nights.

Divnity "Find a way" (KingStreet Records 12")

KingStreet have acted fast in securing the rights of this beautiful voal production that got overlooked by many as it was relased on the small Women on Wax imprint. "Find a way" is produced by Detroit newcomer Pirahnahead and features the sweet and sexy vocals of Divinity over an understated production that keeps it soulful. Beside the original version, this release features re-edits by Danny Krivit who extends the song.

Exclusive Preview: Soul Spray "Ipanema breeze" (CD-R)

Greece is looking forwared to the Olympic Games which will start in a few weeks, and they do have great producers too as "Ipanema breeze" proves. Kicking off with a wicked funky guitar riff over a smoothly stompin' beat, before an organ comes in and the break takes you to the beach thanks to the waves you can hear (and hopefully imagine too). Now melodic keys together with extra percussion are added to the track, creating a warm and laidback feeling. The right music for this season of the year.

Various "Nite  Shift EP" (NextMoov Traxx Records 12")

JoVonn unleashes another slammin' EP on his NextMoov Traxx imprint. "Seven wonders of house" is all about the jazzy keys over a deep and laidback groove. "JoVonn madness" sees him going for a broken beat groove that keeps the so loved JoVonn deepness, coupled with wicked keys. On the flip, Jeremias Santiago delivers the gorgeous jazzy composition "F.T.L. for the love" that comes complete with a pumpin' bassline. The final cut is "Foot stomp" by JoVonn, a stripped down and groovy DJ tool.

John Kumahara & Martino "Esperenza" / "Corners" (Iwanai Music Records CD Promo)

Canadian based Iwanai Music are preparing a two track release that is perfect for the summer, produced by John Kumahara and Martino. First off is "Esperenza", coming with a smoothly thumpin' beat that is topped with both melodic and jazzy keys, enhanced with sweet percussions. The track is spreading a laidback vibe through it's jazzy flava, perfect for a lush warm summer night. The second track is titled "Corners" and is ideal for afterhours play with its chilled-out, ambient-ish feeling, driven by a deeply stormin' groove and warm melodic keys.

Audiowhores "For real" (White Label 12")

Graham Lord and Adam Unsworth aka Audiowhores present a great production here with a sweet and soulful female vocal performance over a warm and melodic backing music with an infectious hook, funky bass and lovely guitar solo. The flip includes a remix by Groove Assassin.

Chez Damier & The Cru present "The Gathering Vol. 2" (Atal Records 10" Promo)

Here we have the second 10" of the "The Gathering" series presented by Checz Dmier & The Cru. "Rock praise" by The Urban Crew is a jazz-funky track based around a groovy midtempo beat, featuring a marvellous flute solo, funky bass and melodic keys. This is the perfect music for a barbeque on a hot summer night. The other track included is "Salvation man" by 2 or More in a dub version by Chez Damier. "Salvation man" is driven by a funky, deeply rumbling bassline and comes with vocal ad-libs and warm melodic keys.


July 25, 2004

Exclusive Preview: Soulfood presents Mira "Sabor al sal" (CD Promo)

"Sabor a sal" is a brand new italaian production featuring singer Mira, exclusively available to Spirit of House. The 'Original Mix' is on an uplifting and fierce tip with stompin' beats and melodic keys. The 'Liquid Stress Dub' gives a tougher edge to the track with a couple of extra breaks. The 'Blue Deep Rmx' has a jazzy instrumentation over the stompin' beats while the 'Eastern Town Mix' adds additional middle eastern as well as jazzy elements. Also incluced is 'Bonus Beach', a reprise version where both on the intro and outro you can hear the waves on the beach.

Exclusive Preview: Urban Dance Institution featuring Lucy May "Play for love" (CD Promo)

This is the second new production from production project Urban Dance Institution that we can exclusively bring to you. "Play for love" comes with funky wah-wah guitar, funky saxophone and driving bassline that serve as the playground for singer Lucy May who unleashes another great vocal performance.

Runner up: FM Groove featuring Danielle present "The Soul Prophecy EP" Primal Groove Records CD Promo)

Primal Groove Records, run by DJ Anthony Zals & Franke da DJ, present the second release by FM Groove, this time a two track EP titled "The Soul Prophecy EP" that features extra keys by George Mena.  "Deep cover" is an instrumental track with wicked keys and great organ solo over a percussion driven groove on the 'FM Groove Mix' while the 'Deep Mix' takes it to a different level with both spheric and jazzy keys that are layed over the backing music. "I know you love me" is an uplifting production featuring vocalist Danielle over a floating groove that is added with percussion and a great keys section. Both vocal and instrumental versions are available.

Anthony Nicholson featuring Ugochi "Don't stop (U can make it)" (Circular Motion Records 12")

Circular Motion is the new label from Anthony Nicholson that kicks off with "Don't stop (U can make it)" which features vocals written and performed by Ugochi. Like on his past productions, Anthony is going for a deep and spiritiual production with mighty key chords and classic deep house feel to it.

Simon Grey featruring Abbey Joyce "Prophecy" (Smokin' Beats Records CD Promo)

Smokin' Beats have licensed this supremely soulful song from Switzerland's Purple Music label and will release two 12" full of new mixes in early august. The 'Club Mix' and 'Vocal Dub Mix' keep the soulful vibe from the original and feature a tougher but still smoth backing music while the 'Ricanstruction Mix' comes with a sweet broken beat. The 'Funk Club Mix' is a speeded up, energetic version on a dark and funky tip. Neil Rumney delivers both a vocal and dub on an electro tip, with reminisces to Daft Punk.

Usher "Say" (TyQuen-Do Productions Remix)(Bootlegg 12")
India Arie "Good man" / "Little things" (TyQuen-Do Productions Remix)(Bootlegg 12")
Alicia Keys "Me and you" (TyQuen-Do Productions Remix)(Bootlegg 12")
Alicia Keys "Diary" (TyQuen-Do Productions Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

These four 12" got released a couple of weeks ago and are sold as limited pressings "for radio use only". All four are done by TyQuen-Do aka Tyrone (Francis?) & Quentin Harris. All four 12" features New York styled, soulful house reworkings of outstanding r&b originals that keeep the vibe of the original alive. I've only seen these at Vinyl Junkies. They still have some so you better hurry if you want to buy them.


July 18, 2004

Ananda Project "Kiss kiss kiss" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

One of the premier songs of their longplayer "Morning light" gets remixed by Eric Kupper and Sir Piers. The props go to Sir Piers for his wonderful laidback and mellow rework with warm bass, lovely guitar and great arrangement. Also included is a re-edit by Hideki Nishino. FYI: KingStreet are selling the unreleased 'Sir Piers Main Vocal Mix' in their online MP3 store.

Physics featuring Teresa "This feeling" (SoulStar Records 12")

Swedish outfit Physics, best known for their releases on Deeplay Records, present "This feeling" which is a hazy deephouse song with a great vocal performance by Theresa and a memorable hook. The original is on a smooth vibe with west coast style beats while the 'Electro Mix' turns it into a chilled out mood with analogue bassline. Harley & Muscle take it to a deeper leve with thick organ pattern. Finally there is a nice variation by Ballyhoo.

Various "Africaribbean Connections Vol. 1" (WestSide Records 12" Test Pressing)

Victor Simonelli does it again - two years after "Living on the frontline" he presents a hot cominbation of caribbean sounds with house grooves. First off is Keith Thompson with "Dance in our time" which boots ragga style vocal over a stormin' beat. Next up is "My name is afro blue" by Afro Blue is a laidback calypso influenced groover. Colin Lucas presents "Dolloar wine", a combination of carribean sounds with ragga vocals. Also included are a dub ov "Dance in our time" and "Fete riddim", a beats version of "Dollar wine".

Africanism All Stars "Kalimbo" (Yellow Records 12")

"Chanter l'eternel" on the flip of this 12" is a stompin' afro house track with carribean elements and spoken vocals. The music from this track serves as backing track for the reworking of the 1976 afro-disco classic "Kalimbo" by the group Malingo Five.

Scott Wozniak "Can I hear the drum" (83 West Records 12")

Scott Wozniak coming up with something a little bit different. "Can I hear the drum" is full of - as the title suggests - drums, coupled with a phunky as hell bassline and swinging grooves. Tyrone Solomon & Martino Lozej smooth it on their reconstruction where they also add timbalas, congas and jazzy keys.

Runner up: Antonio Ocasio "Blessed" (Tribal Winds Records 12")

While I'm still trying to get hold of a vinyl ocpy of "Echu aye", Antonio Ocasio unleashes another beauty here with "Blessed". "Blessed" is a great production with a marvellous jazzy piano, orchestral elements, live percussion and uplifting chants.

Quentin Harris "The Episodes EP" (Shelter Records 12")

Quentin Harris got himself a name as remixer for r&b tunes. Here he presents a four track EP featuring variations of the deep house theme ranging from a deeply laidback groove over funky bassline grooves to techy house, all featuring sultry synth lines and laidback percussion.

Sylenna Johnson "I believe in love" (FallOut Records 12")

The DFA crew has found another victim: Syleena Johnson who's honey-dripped vocals on "I believe in love" make the perfect transition into a four-to the-floor soulful garage production which features the trademark DFA sound.

Hideo Kobayashi "The rising sun EP" (Transport Records 12")

Japanese producer Hideo Kobayashi comes up with this hot two tracker featuring japanese vocals on San Francisco's Transport label. "You are mine" is driven by west coast style bumpin' beats with warm and melodic sounds. "Rainy friday" is on a moody tip with melancholic vocals, deep rumbling bassline and warm keys. Remixes by Nathan G of "You are mine" conclude the package.

Janet Jackson "Nice and slow" /Alicia Keys "If I ain't got you" (Craig Dealer/Pound Boys Mixes)(Bootlegg 12")

Craig, one half of the Pound Boys, reworks Janet Jackson's "Nice and slow" for the dancefloor into a smoothly stompin' affair with melodic keys. On the other side of this 12" is a reworking of Alicia Keys "If I ain't got you" that he did together with partner Greg. It is a nice variation to the other mixes available of this tune with warm and jazzy sounds over a mellow bumping groove.


July 11, 2004

Various "DJ Tools Vol. 4"(Ibadan Records 12" Promo)

Ibadan continue the "DJ Tools" series with this three tracker. Slam Mode present the spacey "Nebula" where they continue their cosmic vibe featuring textured synth and minimal beats. The other two tracks "Rising the sun" and "36 degrees" are produced by Jerome Sydenham & Kerri Chandler. The duo delivers two deep late night house tracks as only they can do.

Cassioware & The O.G.'s "I wanna see you freak (like dis)" (Black House/Funky Soul Records 12")

"I wanna see you freak (like dis)" kicked off part three of this years WMC mixes. It is produced by Cassio Ware and The O.G.'s and features amples from the leghendary Chip E classic "Like this". The result is an old school sound underground track. Also included is "Rock with me" which features additional vocals by Miss Etta.

Trouble Men "Raw" / "Wonderful day" / "More than physical" (KIF Records 12")

French producers Fudge & Bruno Banner aka Trouble Men deliver a fine EP. "More than physical" is driven by a rock-ish guitar solo by Enzo Cicala that is layed over a percussive groove while "Raw" features a vocal sample by Big Ali and comes with stompin' beats and spacey keys. The third track "Wonderful day" features male vocalist Gary Mudbone Cooper over a warm and melodic groove that is added with a nice guitar riff.

Franck Roger "Feeling with you" / "U-tropic" / "Harmonic vibe" (Deeply Rooted House Records 12")

After releasing some of this years best vocal productions, Franck Roger returns with an almost instrumental release. "Feeling with you" features a deeply stormin' bassline with female voal parts and a wicked piano section while "U-tropic" features warm and melodic keys over bumpin' beats. "Harmonic vibe" is the deepest of the tracks, creating a laidback vibe with its jazzy sounds.

Big Moses featuring Sir Isaac "Rain clouds" (BigMoe Records 12")

Big Moses is on the roll at the moment with his own label BigMoe Records as he unleashes another strong garage production titled "Rain clouds" which he co-wrote with Isaac Brown who also is the featured vocalist providing a strong and very gospel-ish performance. His original mix is on an uplifting and classic New Jersey garage tip while Bobby & Steve together with James Ratcliff turn the song into a smoothly bumpin' groover with extra guitar and keys.

Solar House "Funk Machine EP" (Large Records 12")

Calum Walker aka Solar House continues is back with another scorching release for Large Records. "Everything changes" is a chunky house cut with sublime chords, plenty of loops, sultry sax and a deeply groovin' bassline. "Walk tall" kicks off with a hot guitar riff before the tight beats, bassline and spoken word sample come in. "Funk machine" is full of funky flava with old school stabs, percussion, spacey effects and a broken beat, being not to far away from James Brown.

Master Tribe featuring Kika "La nuit" (Animus Records 12")

Italian based Animus Records present this nice little number produced by Master Tribes and featuring the sweet and sexy vocals by Kika. "La nuit" comes in three different flavas to choose from, ranging from midtempo jazz tinged grooves with wicked keys, followed by a smooth downtempo version. Flip it over for an uptempo, latinesque version that is perfect for the dancefloor with its extra percussion elements.

Jask "Dirty lowdown" / "The pleasure" (White Label 12")

Jask is taking on two classics and delivers his own interpretations for todays dancefloors. "Dirty lowdown" features one of Jask's stompin' grooves as base for "Lowdown" by Boz Scaggs. "The pleasure" uses the massive guitar lick  from the Esther Williams classic "I'll be your pleasure" to full effect over a stormin' and fierce groove.

Ferrer & Sydenham "Sandcastles" (Pete Heller Re-Edit)(Ibadan Records 12")

Last years massive "Sandcastles" (the original 10" is already deleted) by Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham gets a well deserved second release with the original version accompanied by a re-edit by Peter Heller who takes the trancey groover with its throbbing kickdrum, explosive string section and stellar synth play to another level with added delays and filtering effects.


July 4, 2004

Exclusive Preview: Urban Dance Institution featuring Lucy May "I oculd change it" (CD Promo)

Slovenian production project Urban Dance Institution are back with two new songs exclusively available to Spirit of House of which we bring the first one to your attention this week. "I could change it" features slovenian jazz musicians who give the song a true jazz-funk feeling featuring a deep and groovy bass, jazzy guitar, cool jazzy piano and not to forget to mention Lucy May's outstanding vocal performance.

Runner up: Kerri Chandler "The Other Thing for Linda" (Downtown 161 Records 12")

Downtown 161 present this hot EP by Kerri 'Kaoz 6:23' Chandler who brings four fantastic tracks, all full of Kerri's unmistakable underground flava, remembering the timeless Trionesphere series. An EP that is set to rock the dancefloors.

Kiko Navarro featuring Isis 'Apache' Montero "Shining" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

"Shining" is perfect for the summer season with its uplifting and jazzy touch, spreading a latinesque feeling thanks to the wonderful instrumentation including guitar, percussion, trumpet and keys. The dub version and beats on the flip give the song a more tribalistic feeling.

DJ Oji & Carolyn Victorian "He's my DJ" (KingStreet Records 12")

Baltimore's DJ Oji teams up with vocalist Carolyn Victroian for "He's my DJ" which also features a saxophone played by Kim Jenkins over the deeply rumbling groove that is added with acidic tones and aggressive beats. The 'Red High' mixes smooth it down a bit and only use the refrain of the vocals.

Glenn Underground "Trust" (Large Records 10")

"Trust", the spiritual broken word masterpiece by Glenn Underground, gets released in new versions on this limited 10". The 'Calypso Mix' gives the track a bouncy latin flavor while the 'Moog Mix' is an extended keyboard journey, spreading a deep vibe.

Miguel Migs "City Sounds 3" (NRK Records 12")

On "City Sounds 3", Miguel Migs presents two different tracks. "Secrets" is a sunkissed slice of house music, perfect for the summer with a breathy vocal floating over the shuffling beats and melodic keys. This song has been inspired by Quincy Jones' "Secret garden". "Remember" comes in two different versions: the 'Afropusher Mix' uses a classic Chicago house bassline and jazz funk stabs while the 'Bump The Tech Mix' features jump-up beats and spacey keys.

Oliver Cheatam & Jocelyn Brown "Mindbuster" (Solsonik Remix)(Street Lab Records 12")
Luca Cassani vs Simpson Tune "Bring It Down" (Solsonik Remix)(Rise Records 12")

Sant & Matteo Esse aka Solsonik present two hot remixes which have just been released in Italy. First they take on Oliver Cheatam & Jocelyn Brown's "Mindbuster" and turn it into a driving affair with a stompin' groove, wicked guitar riff and melodic keys that together and the strong vocals from the original. Secondly they take on "Bring it down" by Luca Cassani vs Simpson Tune, a track that has been remixed many times already, but sounds absolutely fresh in this new version that is absolutely irresistible, spreading an uplifting vibe.

Indigo "There's only you" (Swing City Records 12" Test Pressing)

Producer Martin 'Mayhem' Ikin is back with his third outing for Swing City, featuring Elizabeth Troy who provides an uplifting vocal performance over the storming backing track that is added with warm melodic keys.


June 27, 2004

Willie Bobo "La descarga del bobo" (Verve Records 12" Promo)

Lifted from the ablum "Masters at Work present Latin Verve Sounds", this 12" features both the 1967 original version as well as a reconstructed version by the Masters at Work featuring slamming beats and wicked keys of this latin classic.

Quentin Harris prsents Cordell McClary "Traveling" (SpaceKat Records 12")

Remix maestro Quentin Harris is coming up with this quality production featuring the soulful voice of Cordell McClary. "Traveling" comes on a groovin' tip with warm melodic keys and shuffling beats, creating a laidback feeling.

Nathan Haines featuring Guida de Palma "O misterio" (ChilliFunk Records 12")

On "O misterio", Nathan Haines hooks up with singer Guida de Palma for a brazilian flavored latin houser with lush strings, jazzy keys and sweet vocals. Yam Who slow it down and deliver funky mid-tempo mixes with a touch of disco.

Jiva "Stars" (Louie Vega Remix) / "I realized" (Giant Step Records 12")

Giant Step re-release "Jiva" with brand new mixes by 'Little' Louie Vega (it was orignially released in 2000) who reconstructs the beats and adds latin percussion elements to the original instrumentation. The original version that is included here as well is on a laidback latin downtempo tip. "I realized" is on a soulful house tip with a funky bassline, warm chords and sexy female vocals. The 'Twilight Bossa Mix' turns the song into a lougney late nite bossa track.

Paul Johnson "She got me on" (Yellow Records 12")

Chicago legend Paul Johnson presents the bangin' "She got me on" that has the potential to become a summer smash with looped chords and plump beats, topped by rather unusual vocals.

Dara Band with Michael Procter "The way love goes" (Shack Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

The first ever release from GoGo Music Records gets a welcome re-release on Soy Mustafa's new formed Shack Music imprint. All new mixes to be found here including the so far unreleased Benny Pecaraio remix that is on an uplifting vibe with melodic keys and fierce beats. The Boogie Boys give it a more funky edge on their vocal mix with catchy keys and stompin' beats while on the dub they go for a deeper ride with a jazzy saxophone.

Tortured Soul "Fall in love" (Eric Kupper Mixes)(Central Park Records 12" Promo)

Over the recent years, Tortured Soul have been responsible for many memorable deep house moments. "Fall in love" has been released with DJ Spinna mixes in 2002 and is now back with new interpretations by Eric Kupper who is showcasing his skills as a keyboard player, delivering a tasty funktified remix.

Bobby & Steve "Brotherly love" (ZooGroove Stereo Records 12")

The third release for ZooGrooves Stereo is an instrumental house cut produced by Bobby & Steve and James Ratcliff on a jazz-funky tip with a top noch saxophone solo courtexy of Andy Hamilton.

Identity featuring Inaya Day "Gave me love" (Remix)(Identity Records 12" Promo)

The Soul Avengerz add an additional dose of power to "Gave me love" in form of a storming groove and catchy keys, that together with the stunning vocal create an irresistible track for the dancefloor.

Various "New York Anthem EP" (NextMoov Tracks Records 12")

Three underground New York dance tracks can be found here. William Rosario presents the latinesque, broken beat style "Soul culture" while Marlon D teams up with Quentin Harris for the organ infused instrumental stomper "Nasty man". JoVonn drops a DJ tool in form of "Sub beats".


June 20, 2004

Stephanie Cooke "Alright" (Sir Piers Mixes)(KingStreet Records 12")

Taken from Stephanie Cooke's debut album, this Moise 'Big Moses' Laporte production gets remixed by Sir Piers who gives the song a soulful and organic feeling with a smoothly bumpin' groove, brass and jazzy horns riding along Stephanie's sweet vocals.

Beady Belle "Hindsight" (Ricantruction Records 12")

The norwegian Beady Belle is remixed by Frankie Feliciano who licensed "Hindsight" for his Ricanstruction label. Originally a jazz song, Frankie turns out a glorious smooth New York style garage reworking with a neat scandinavian twist thanks to the lovely vocals.

The Free Radikalz "Open up" (WonderWax Records 12")

DJ Spinna presents a slick jazzy and soulful production on his WonderWax impring. The main vocal features overlapping and scatty improvised verses, seperated by dizzy choruses, all placed over a deep rumbling groove added with melodic keys. On the dub, keyboarder James Hurt adds some extra, wilder keys, while the beats are on a smooth broken tip.

Almost missed gem: Lady Alma "Chances" (WonderWax Records 12")

This gem has been released in late 2003, and got almost overlooked by yours truly. "Chances" is a classic deep house production by DJ Spinna featuring the womderful distinctive voice of philly songstress Lady Alma.

Sterling Ensemble featuring Juliet Moesha "The world" (MAW Records 12")

MAW Records present this stellar house production by Sterling Ensemble. Mixed by none other than 'Little' Louie Vega, "The world" combines a bumpin' bassline, swirling chords and riffing guitar hook with a great flute and tight beats, while Juliet Moesha provides a sultry vocal performance.

Cirque du Soleil "Emballa" (Louie Vega featuring Jaffa Mixes)(Cirque du Soleil Records 12")

This is already the fourth release in a series of music from Cirque du Soleil that gets remixed. In fall this year, there will be a complete remix album released. "Emballa" has been given the remix treatment by 'Little' Louie Vega & Jaffa who add sexy percussion and latin rhythms to the magnificent vocals.

Eddie Hernandez featuring Real Element MC's "Mungavine" (One51 Records 12" Test Pressing)

One51 is the sister label from Duffnote Records, presenting their debut release. "Mungavine" is a simple yet effective vocal groover, with Eddie Hernandez' original mix emplyoing the trusty montuno piano and horns. Richard Earnshaw provides a floor-filler on his dub take while the 'One51 Remix' is on a deeper and funkier vibe with african percussion.

Martin Solveig "I'm a good man" (Remixes Part 1)(Mixture Records 12" Test Pressing)
Martin Solveig "I'm a good man" (Remixes Part 2)(Mixture Records 12" Test Pressing)

Parisian Martin Solveig delivers the massive funk cut "I'm a good man" remixed over two twelves. The first 12" features a reworking of the original version and and the 'Break Beat Mix' by Mousse T that combines the James Brown styled vocal with a classic funky break beat. The second 12" features the 'E Funk' mixes (both vocal and dub) by Mousse T coming on a extremly funky tip with storming house beats.

Knee Deep featuring Brooke Russel "I won't let you down" (Knee Deep USA Records 12" Test Pressing)

Knee Deep kick off their US offshot with this great vocal production featuring singer Brooke Russel. The 'Club Mix' features driving rhythm guitars and classy chord progessions together with a slammin' bassline over a pumpin' groove, spreading a jazz-funky feeling. The 'Birds JFunk Dub' kicks off with a guitar-filtered intro and features nice synth-brass pads, keeping the jazz-funky vibeness alive. Finally there is a lovely reprise version included.


June 13, 2004

Runner up: Groove Junkies presents Solara "Sunshine (sol brillante)" (MoreHouse Records 12" Test Pressing)

After her smash "Deeper", Solara is back on MoreHouse with "Sunshine (sol brillante)", a song that will inspire and uplift with the wonderful vocal performance by Solara that works perfectly on the soulful Groove Junkies mixes that consist of lush keys, sax stabs, trumpet and flute solos and percussions courtesy of Meia Noite.

John Lucas featuring Tylene "Join me" (Purple Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

Swiss label Purple Music is introducing producer John Lucas who presents "Join me" featuring canadian singer Tylene. "Join me" is an uplifting production with warm sounds and a deep rumbling bassline, topped with melodic keys and Tylene's sexy vocal performance. Jamie Lewis is responsible for the dub version which is perfect for prime time play on the dancefloor.

DJ Oji & Una "Nobody" (WestEnd Records 12")

WestEnd present Baltimore's DJ Oji who is dropping "Nobody", a storming track featuring vocalist Una that is built around a deeply stompin' groove with afro styled percussion and wicked keys. Beside the vocal and isntrumental, there is the 'Original Demo Mix' which takes the percussion to the front and features a horn solo.

Elliot Venegas "Praise EP" (WestEnd Tracks Records 12")

Newcomer Elliot Venegas presents this lovely four track EP that fuses various influences from africa, latin america and the New York underground. With the help of JoVonn (who co-wrote and co-producecd "No whatter what"), Elliot is presenting all soulful tracsk here which are on a melodic and spiritual tip with a jazzy edge.

Terry Hunter featuring Charlotte Small "Follow U" (T's Box Records 12")

This is the first release for Terry Hunter's own label T's Box which he produced himself. "Follow U" is an uplifting garage production featuring Charlotte Small on vocal that is spreading positive vibes. Kenny Dope provides the remixes which feature chunkier beats.

Dirt Diggers "Your love" (Curious Records 12" Test Pressing)

Sir Piers teams up with Ed Funk for a gospel tinged groove with a latin twist, spreading lots of positive energy in form of the infectious bassline, catchy piano line and crisp vocal message.

Kaskade "Safe" (Salted Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

The second release for Salted Music is courtesy of Kaskade who presents this stylish production featuring a smooth and soulful male vocal performance over warm synths, subbed out bassline and crisp drums on the vocal version, while the dub is a more stripped down affair. Miguel Migs provides the remixes, with his vocal version being on his trademark Petalpusher tip, the dub taking it to an electronic vibe.

UJ Project featuring Lucie Cunningham "You are my everything" (DuffNote Records 12" Test Pressing)

For the fourth release on his DuffNote imprint, Richard Earnshaw is going for a powerful but yet soulful production featuring bubbling basslines and warm synth lines that are topped with Lucie Cunningham's sweet and sexy vcoal performance, not to forget to mention the catchy chorus hook.

Scientific Soul "Naturally Born Colors EP" (Swing City Records 12" Promo)

Austrian DJ andproducer Sergio Flores (former half of 7th District Inc) presents his debut for Swing City. "Pimenta malagueta" is different from the usual house sounds as it features an accordion over a deep latin styled track. "Teus olhus" features lush spoken female vocals over a latin workout. A 'Chatapella' of it is included on the 12" as well. "Karibu dance" completes the package, featuring a catchy sax hook and grooving bass.


June 6, 2004

Soulchestra "Emotional expression" (Moods&Grooves Records 12")

Moods&Grooves Records come up with some sultry late night house jams on this lovely release courtesy of Pirahna Head. "Poem 4 a last one" is based around a spoken female message, with shuffling beats, gentle harmonies and groovy bassline. The instrumental has more of a jazzy vibe to it, being on a more laidbak tip. The flip features "Sunday morning's brand new kiss" is an excursion into late night house, on a true laidback tip featuring jazzy sax, athomspheric keys and sublime guitar, with the beats coming in late in the track.

Gigolo Supreme "Invitation (reminded me)" (Ricanstruction Records 12")

Frankie Feliciano teams up with the Supreme Beings for this straight forward tracky number that is on a deep tip with a dubby groove, chugging breaks and female vocals. Features the same version on both sides. "Invitation" was originally released by Norman Connors.

Kem-Istry "Love calls" (DFA Remix)(Fall Out Records 12")

Kemistry's soulful smash "Love calls" gets the reworking by DFA who turn out another very musical  workout that is spreading an uplifting vibe with Kemistry's sweet and sexy vocals residing over a smoothly bumpin' house groove that is added with a jazzy instrumentation.

Runner up: Verna Francis "Sunshine" (ChilliFunk Records 12")

ChilliFunk continue to drop quality productions with this great release from Verna Francis. "Sunshine" sounds very live instrumented, with a true jazzy feel to it thanks to the featured wurlitzer and fluegelhorn that harmonise perfectly with Verna Francis' sultry voice. On the flip, Restless Soul deliver a dancefloor friendly remix with an added touch of funkiness.

Huddersfield Soul Project "Addicted to your love" (Soulful Sessions Records 12" Test Pressing)

Louis Benedetti has picked up another beauty for his SoulShine offshot Soulful Sessions in form of "Addicted to your love", produced by Marty Henderson & DJ Sosa. The track features a funky bass together with guitar, jazzy saxophone and keys over a deeply rumbling groove, all topped with a sexy vocal performance.

Agora Rhythm "New hope" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

Japanese duo DJ Shingo and Tetsu Shibuya present their debut "New hope" for NiteGrooves. It is a lush track with a funky bassline, atmoshperic keys, percussion and shuffling beats, creating an almost chilled out vibe that is perfect for late nite play.

Alicia Keys "If I ain't got you" (Sir Piers Mixes)(Headz Records 12" Promo)

Famous r&b singer and piano player Alicia Keys gets the makeover from Sir Piers who creates a groove that sticks to the original time structure, featuring a jazzy instrumentation with a funky edge, keeping it soulful all the way through.

MAW Electronic "MAW electronic danz" / "Time travellers" (MAW Records 12")

'Little' Louie Vega & Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales riding on the electro bandwagon with this two tracker. "MAW electronic danz" features poppin' electro beats, a robotic voice and both electronic and analog synths, in some parts reminiscent of Kraftwerk. "Time travellers" continues the electro ride with a more aggressive bassline and warm chords, being on a more Detroit-ish vibe.


May 30, 2004

Solu Music featuring Kai Martin "Can't help myself" (Remixes)(Solu Music Records 12")

Released at the beginning of this year in its original form, this song is the first single from the upcoming debut album from Solu Music expected to be released later this year. Crazy Penis deliver remxies in their usual sexy phonky atmospheric vibe while on the flip, Solu Music deliver a crispy and exciting jazzy reworking with a light broken beat.

The Rurals "Sparkle" / "I am" (Peng Records 12")

This is the first release for the Rurals for nearly a year now. "I am" is a deliciously sub throbbing groove featuring Tweeks tripped out vocals, being a pure Rurals style deep house cut. "Sparkle" is a more chilled out affair featuring Charlie Hearnshaw jamming with his jazzy saxophone play over warm pads and homemade beats.

Lady Alma "Living in the city" (KingStreet Records 12")

Lady Alma who can be found on various releases at the moment presents "Living in the city" for KingStreet. It features a strong and soulful vocal performance from Lady Alma, backed by solid beats, melodic keys and a bumpin' bassline groove. The mixes are courtesy of Soul Dhamma and Smitty.

Diviniti "Find a way" (Women on Wax Records 12")

Produced by Pirahna Head, this is a sublte Detroit garage record presented by DJ Minx's Women on Wax label. It is a superb song with a brilliant understated production, keeping it soulful.

Alicia Keys "Feelin' me, feelin' U" (Alix Alvarez Remix)(Sole Channel Records 12" Promo)

Alix Alvarez is fast becoming a master player in the game of soulful deep garage house cuts, among people like Quentin Harris and DFA. Here he takes the jazzy soul tune "Feelin' me, feelin' U" by Alicia Keys and turns it into a deft house rhythm with deep beats and warm melodic keys.

Runner up: Lynnette Smith & DJ Pope "Everything must change" (Slaag Records 12" Test Pressing)

Hot on the heels of TQC's "That's loves" comes this superb production from DJ Pope featuring Lynnette Smith on vocals. "Everything must change" is a deep and soulful house cut with Lynnette Smith providing a superb vocal performance coming deeply from her heart over a percussion loaded groove that is added with a deep rumbling bassline and splendid set of keys.

BLVD East featuring K.T. Brooks "It's your life" (Louis Benedetti Remix)(SoulShine Records 12")

Label owner Louis Bendetti is giving this track a whole new vibe by adding some afro and latin elements, featuring extra percussion, drum patterns and the originals piano line. K.T. Brooks soulful vocal performance is kept intact on the vocal version while the dub version takes it just a little deeper with reworked keys and stripped out vocals.

Nick Santillan featuring Cynless Soul "Keep your head up high" (Late Night Essentials/Deep Cuts Records 12")

Deep Cuts is a new offshot from Late Night Essentials Records. Chez Damier is the a&r man for the first release "Keep your head up high" by Nick Santillan that features the warm and sweet voice of Cynless Soul. It is a soulful garage son that will keep the dancefloor simmering, with the dub featuring even more garage soul.

Arif Vega "I wanna be" (Smokin' Beats Records 12" Test Pressing)

Arif Vega is a young new star born and raised in New York. Both his parents studied and performed in the opera, with his mother to become one of the leading members of the now classic disco band Chic. Arif is currently in the studio working with Luther Vandross and Chaka Khan, and his debut longplayer is in the works as well. "I wanna be" is the first single for Smokin' Beats who take  his track and turn it into a smooth, sophisticated slice of house. There are both soulful and funked-up versions to choose from, with extra beats an repriseapella for the serious DJ.

Soul Fuzion featuring Vee "I got rhythm" (House Remixes)(DopeWax Records 12")

Here we've got some great new house mixes of this lovely song. Kenny Dope reworks his own track, taking it deeper than the original with nice chords and a warm bassline. Louie Vega provides a great edit that is more a DJ tool than a full track with a great breakdown. Terry Hunter serves up two mixes, the first one on a similar vein to Kenny Dope's mix, adding some extra keys and more uptempo beats and a subtle flute. His reprise version is another tool for the serious DJ to play around.

S.U.M.O. "Supra sumo" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12" Test Pressing)

Swedens S.U.M.O. come up with another tune that will take you through the summer in form of the stylish "Supra sumo". "Supra sumo" sizzles with a sexy spoken vocal topped off with a funky guitar and horn line. Among the versions, you'll find the 'Supra Bounce' which is perfect for prime time action while the 'Live Bounce' deppens the groove slightly, having a more laidback feel to it. With the "bah bah dahhh" vocal hook, this record is pure party fun...

Morten Trust featuring Ida Corr "I put my faith in you" (MoreHouse Records 12" Test Pressing)

Danish producer an DJ Morten Trust is back after his highly acclaimed cover of the Donald Byrd classic "Love has come around". "I put my faith in you" features the sweet vocals of Ida Corr over a soulful and funky production that comes complete with an undeniable hook will keep you groovin' all the time, spreading an uplifting vibe.


May 23, 2004

MAW featuring India "I can't get no sleep" (Copyright Re-Edit) / The Latin Project "Lei lo lai" (Brian Tappert Re-Edit)(ITH Records 12")

Defected launch their new sublabel with the fantastic Copyright rework with new beats and keys of the Masters at Work classic "I can't get no sleep" that features the incomparable India on vocals. The flip features a Brian Tappert re-edit of the Masters at Work mix of The Latin Project's "Lei lo lai".

Claude Monnet presents Monica Nogueira "Infancia magica" (SSOH Records 12")

"Infancia magica" is a funky house track with a light brazilian vibe and wonderful vocal performance by Monica Nogueira & Ricardo Nogueira. Martin Solveig provides a dub remix with a more powerful groove below the brazilian vibe.

T. Kolai "Brasilia carnaval" (Sahara Records 12")

Taha 'T' Elroubi and Nicolas 'Kolai' Laget together with vocalist Jean-Francis Varre take on the 1975 classic by Chocolat and turn it into a soulful latin ryhthm track with an ethnic touch on the main version while on the 'Percussive Mix' they go for a more tribalish rhythm.

Hardsoul featuring Ron Carroll "Back together" (Remixes)(ITH Records 12"  Promo)

Last years summer smash gets a welcome second life with Copyright providing a set of nice re-edits while Reel People turn out some soulful broken-beat styled reworkings.

Right on Brothers featuring Charles Gore "Circulo dos chifres" (Elan Rouge Records 12")

The latest release from Elan sees the return of the Right on Brothers with "Circulo dos chifres" which is on a laidback vibe with a hooky horn section and brazil flava in its original version. Ian Carey provides a tougher mix with afro style beats, a filtered loop and funky bassline. Also included is the percussive bonus track "Black magic woman".

Treena Rose "Tell me all about it" (Jellybean Soul Records 12")

Last november there was this great bootlegg version that took the Natalie Cole classic to the dancefloors (it was sold as "Alan Smithee in Blue Blackness"). Now George Mena & Frankie Estevez do a lovely cover version featuring the sweet and sexy vocals of Treena Rose that comes on a similar mellow tip with warm melodic sounds.

Todd Gardner featuring Gynisse "You're my DJ" (Certified Organik Records 12")

"You're my DJ" sees Todd Garnder delivering a gorgeous deep cut featuring the sweet  and soulful voice by Gynisse over a deeply rumbling groove with jazzy flute and saxophone solos alltogether with a lovely guitar.

DJ Kemit & Roland Clark "Song in may" (KingStreet Records 12")

DJ Kemit of Kemeticjust teams up with vocalist Roland Clark for "Song in may", a lovely deep house cut that comes with a funky bassline, warm chords and crisp beats. The mixes on the flip feature rearranged drum patterns and and a great guitar hook.

Salome de Bahia "Taj mahal" (Yellow Records 12")

Bob Sinclar together with Salome de Bahia come up with a splendid re-interpretation of the 1973 Jorge Ben classic that is all about the uplifting power of samba and brazilian vibes.

Julius Papp "Beat the state" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

"Beat the state" is a four track EP including a cover version of the 808 State classic "Pacific state" where Julius Papp comes up with a much more organic and warm sound than the original has, featuring a brand new set of keys and beats. "Beat the state" is a track just of the beats used for "Pacific state". "Porto alegre" is a deep and delicious percussion driven house cut with a sultry guitar line while "Can you hear me" is on an afrocentric tip.

Bob Sinclar "My only love" / "Life" (Remixes)(Yellow Records 12")
Bob Sinclar "I feel for you" / "Freedom" (Remixes)(Yellow Records 12")

These two 12" features new mixes of four tracks from Bob Sinclar's longplayer "Champs Elysées" by the likes of Bob Sinclar himself, José Nunez, Erick Morillo and Harry Romero.

Soulsearcher vs Michelle Weeks "The light" (Grant Nelson Edit)(White Label 12")

This 12" is titled as G's "Feelin' the light", but what you actually get is Grant Nelson taking the massive "Feelin' love" from Soulsearcher and combining it with the vocals from Michelle Weeks' anthem "The light". This is a great piece of pumpin' disco house as these two tracks sound absolutely perfect together.

Norma Jean Wright "You lift me up" (Parts 1 + 2)(Look-At-You Records 2x12")

Brought to you back in february as an exclusive preview, it is out now over two separate 12" singles. "Lift me up" is a funky disco throwback packed with uplifting vibes on the Pound Boys vocal mix that together with their bonus beats and the Brett Johnson dub and beats can be found on the first 12". The second 12" features the Pound Boys dub and the vocal version from Brett Johnson that comes with jacked up drums and the typcial Johnson funky edge.

Exclusive Preview: Mikael Nordgren "Missing U" (CD-R)

You could listen to this song as part of my Winter Music Conference update. Now Mikael Nordgren has finished the production and is currently in the process of signing it to a well known label. "Missing U" is a catchy production with sweet and soulful female vocals over a melodic groove that is added with warm keys.

Usher "Yeah" (i-Soul Remix)(CD-R)

I got this remix by i-Soul sent in the mail last week (it arrived just a day after I received a broken vinyl with other i-Soul stuff). i-Soul rework Usher's current smash hit "Yeah" and turn it into a fierde house track for the dancefloor that comes with a stompin' beat.

jE'zus bAk'flip "Sushi Roll" (Undo Records CD-R)

"Sushi Roll" by jE'zus bAk'flip is a quirky little piece of techy but soulful house with male spoken words on top. The 'Working Underneath Mix' kicks off with a bouncing groove before the vocals and keys come in. The 'Tsunami Mix' is based around a more minimalistic percussion driven beat that is added with spheric keys. The retail 12" will also include a funky sax mix by Native New Yorkers.


May 16, 2004

Kenny Bobien "You belong to me" (BigMoe Records 12")

Quentin Harris takes on the Big Moses production and ads his trademark elements to it, creating a smoothly groovin' New Jersey garage vibe with warm melodic sounds that srpead a laidback vibe.

Joe "More & more" (DFA Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

The DFA crew takes on another r&b song and turns out an ultra tasty house version with a beautiful instrumentation where the mellow bumpin' groove together wit the guitar solo will take you on a journey into soulful dance music.

Peter & Tyrone present Lady Alma "Gimme that music" (83 West Records 12")

Peter Primiani & Tyrone Solomon team up with vocalist Lady Alma for a late night teaser with funky keys, a great guitar riff and the sultry voice of Lady Alma that gives it a soulful touch. Alix Alvarez provides the remixes with extra chords and both reworked bassline and beats, creating a late nite feeling where the vocals float perfectly on top.

Working Underneath featuring Shay Brayant "Someone you know" (Space Kat Records 12")

John Crockett & Charles Gatling aka Working Underneath present their lastest production which features singer Shay Bryant over a genthe New Jersey groove which focuses on the sweet harmonies and vocal solo. Tyrone Payton & Duron Tarik aka Lefunken provide mellow remixes which use a subtle bassline and melodic keys to create a shuffling vibe.

Africanism "Amour kefe" (Yellow Records 12")

Bob Sinclar is responsible for the latest offering in the Africanism series, with "Amour kefe" being a more exotic journey into african sounds with both great vocal and horn sections.

Unrelased Project "Kiss" / "Latina's dream" (MAW Records 12")

The Masters at Work once again bring us some of their unreleased stuff. "Latina's dream" combines a superb horn line with a rich bassline, shuffling beats and spheric keys while "Kiss" is build around a pumping bassline with great percussion elements and strong beats that create a darker vibe. If you think you  heard something similar before: you're right, these are variations of their remix of Julio Iglesias "Oye como va".

Lucy Pearl vs Soulizm "Don't mess with my man" (Solid Soul Records 12")

Soulizm aka Pete Doyle & Darren Giles release their rework of the Lucy Pearl smash "Don't mess with my man" on their own Solid Soul imprint. Like the classic Mood II Swing mixes, these new mixes use that wicked guitar from the original r&b version together with a stormin' groove and catchy keys.

The Sunburst Band "Fly away" (Z Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is the first single from the upcoming longplayer "Until the end of time", a disco-tastic slice of of uplifting dance heaven featuring vocalist Pete Simpson's outstanding vocals over a funky groove with classy brass stabs, funky guitar riffs and warm rhodes.

Inner Visions "I'm in love" / "Excursion" (Rotax Records 12" Test Pressing)

French based Rotax Records bring us the collaboration of Pascal Rioux & Olivier 'Livo' Gaudin. "I'm in love" features an infectious male vocal sample over a funky groove together with crazy keys and a dirty hammond. "Excursions" is jazz-funk house production filled with vintage keyboards and a great horn section.

Frankie Knuckles "Bac N da day" (Definity Records 12")

This is the first 12" lifted from Frankie Knuckles new album "A new reality" and features Jamie Principle on vocals. "Bac N da day" features a superb funk bassline groove with shuffling beats and a killer horn hook and of course Jamie Principle's unique vocals on the Cleptomaniacs mixes while David Morales adds some lush textures via new synth lines.


May 9, 2004

Exclusive Review: Paco Fernandez "Mani" (Joan Ribas & Stevie Fernandoz Rmx)(CD-R)

Joan Ribas has been working as DJ in Ibiza for the past twenty years. This is his new production with Paco Fernandez, a famous spanish guitar player and his son Stevie Fernandez. It is a house track with a fierce bumpin' groove that features both spanish and arabic influences, spreading a fresh oriental vibe.

Kenny Bobien "You belong to me" (Big Moses Original Mix)(BigMoe Records Online-Download)

Only available as a MP3 purchase from the label website (it won't be released on the 12"), this is the original version produced by Moise 'Big Moes' Laporte. It is a smooth and mellow garage production with a warm instrumentation, spreading a positive vibe. The 12" that will be in the store soon will feature mixes by Quentin Harris.

Chez Damier "Spiritual Warfare V.1" (TrackMode Records 12")

Chez Damier returns to the scene with this great EP that is kicked off with "Your love" that features Leroy Burgess on vocals over a funky house groove that is added with disco-ish elements. "Rain fall" is a spacey laidback cut on a downtempo tip. The flip features the classic "Keep on" in its 'MK Dub' and "Warfare" which is a co-production by Chez Damier & Ron Trent that comes with bumping beats, a grooving bassline and stabbing synths.

Eddie Matos "Funkee Riddims EP" (Siesta Music Records 12")

Eddie Matos presents this EP that features four track of different flavas including the broken beat styled "Funkee riddims" and "Silence" which features a slamming guitar solo and a male spoken vocal.

Mike Delgado "EP" (Henry Street Records 12")

After a lenghty hiatus, Mike Delgado returns with this three track EP of retro delights. "What would you do" takes the hook from the early 90's DSK record, while on "Fall down" he samples the Tramaine classic of the same name. Also included is a remix of his essential production "Byrdman's revenge".

Solidarity featuring Hayley and Latrice "Find a way" (OM Records 12")

Tim Phin presents Solidartiy featuring lead vocals by Hayley Thomas and background vocals by Latrice Barnett. His mix takes the song into the moody depths with a chugging beat and subtle melodies. Jay-J gives it a sunny feeling with warm melodic vibes while Craig Harris & Tim Richards opt for a warm groove with a pulsing bassline and echoing keys.

Halo & Jay-J "Like jazz EP" (Large Records 12")

Halo & Jay-J team up to bring us a classy three track EP. "Like jazz" flips the sample of the 95 North classic "Jazz ascension" and comes with swinging drums, vocal samples and jazzy horns. The flip features "The large tribute", an early morning deep house bliss. Also included is a drum version of "Like jazz".


May 2, 2004

Joi "Rapture EP" (WestEnd Records 12")

Japanese singer Joi releases this EP that features the jazzy house groover "Rapture (no one like you)" that features a superb guitar and fender rhodes together with smooth percussion and laidback beats. "Orange bird" is on a more deep house tip with a sublime piano line, sweet keys and chunky beats. Also included is the acoustic track "Two leaves".

Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn featuring Monique Bingham "Go getter" (Papa Records 12")
Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn featuring Monique Bingham "Go getter" (Remixes)(Papa Records 12" Test Pressing)

Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn teams up with vocalist Monique Bingham for an upbeat cut that features a bumpin' bassline, great keys by Albert 'Sterlin' Menendez and Monique's subtle vocal performance. Various mixes to choose from over two discs, ranging from broken beat over a sweet and soulful house mix to the funkily grooving 'Matty II Deep' mixes.

Glenn Underground featuring Swaylo "Follow me" (Shelter Records 12")

Shelter Records present the latest offering from Glenn Underground that features sweet female vocals by Swaylo. "Follow me" is a sultry late nite house track with a deep bassline, warm keys and lovely organ lines, not to forget to mention the sublime vocal performance by Swaylo. The 'Enigma Roots Mix' smoothes it down and gives the track a more laidback feel with extra keys included.

Ultra Naté "Feel love" (ChilliFunk Records 12")

Ultra Naté is back with a brilliant song that comes in various versions. Blaze give it their soulful touch that is rhodes infused and features their trademark keys. Liquid People dish up a peaktime four-to-the-floor mix while Notenshun add their unique blend of raw drums and jazz tinded musicanship to it.

Runner up: One51 "Si weka" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

Summer is definitely here with this production by Richard Earnshaw & Danny Jones titled "Si weka". It is a sexy summer party jam featuring flamenco styled hand claps and latin influenced beats and keys together with an african voice and superb flute solo on the 'Original Mix' while on the 'Club Mix' you'll get a more upfront kick. Acapella and beats are also included.

United Soul featuring D.Empress "Paradise" (Duffnote Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Paradise" is produced by Richard Earnshaw & Ed Clery and features D.Empress on vocals. It is an uplifting production with a feel-good vibe and features a solid bass, melodic keys and classy string line in a classic disco-ish way. The dub tears along with a smile inducing moog line while the reprise is the perfect tool for the breakdown moments.

First Choice "Armed & extremly dangerous" (Ian Carey Remix)(Philly Groove Records 12" Promo)

One of First Choice best cuts, "Armed & extremly dangerous", is back on the dancefloors in form of these rockin' Ian Carey remixes. Ian has brought this classic up to date with a stompin' groove that sits below the original instrumentation. The original long version is included to bring you some serious 70's flava.

Deepswing featuring Jay Gee "Get ready" (Generate Music Records 12" Promo)

Deepswing team up with Jay Gee (aka John Gibson) who is best known for his work as backing vocalist for Stevie Wonder. The 'Original Mix' comes with slamming percussion and pumps into a catchy groove added with melodic sax lines. The 'Deepswing Rhodes Mix' goes back to the roots with a classic rhodes feel and sax laden hooks. The 'Mochico Mix' sees Eddie Amador adding his 'Mochico' personality and beats all over it.

Beyonce "Me, myself & I" (DJ Spen Remix)(RotGut Records 12" Bootlegg)

Titled "Rotgut Records presents The MuthaFunkaz", it is actually the DJ Spen remix of Beyonce's "Me, myself & I". He turns the r&b original into a stompin' house track with deep rumbling bassline, melodic keys and a wicked flute solo, the feeling it creates is absolutely irresistible.

M.O.D "Notion EP" (DeVice Records 12" Test Pressing)

M.O.D (the Masters of Disaster) are Juan Suanshine & Staf from Switzerland. They present this lovely EP featuring "Dance avec moi" that features very sexy spoken french words over a deeply stomping beat that is added with catchy keys and saxophone. "Just a groove" features a classy saxy hook over a driving groove that will make your dancefloor move.

Steve Housestone "You can fly" (Muschitunes Records 12" Test Pressing)

"You can fly" is a fine vocal-house production from this young swiss house producers whose 'Extended Mix' is on a feel good-vibe with strong keys over a driving groove. 2Sons (they are from Switzerland as well) provide a pumped-up dub version with extra saxophone. Andreas 'Pleasurebar' Thiessen givesit a  smoother feeling with sweet percussion and warm keys included.


April 25, 2004

Runner up: Lono Brazil presents Mary J. Blige "Ooh! Love is..." (Cottage Groove Records 12")

"Ohh! Love is..." blends Mary J. Blige's "Ooh!" with the groove from the MFSB classic "Love is the message" and adds an amazing bassline and great organ solo together with gospel spoken word parts in-between Mary's vocals. Two versions to choose from, a full vocal and a more club-friendly one stripping out the vocals. One of the two is an edit by Danny Krivit, but I'm not sure which one it is.

BT Express "Peace pipe" (Remix)(Plaza Records 12")

The mid seventies disco-minded funk classic gets the remix treatment from Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales who combines the funky flava of the original with his trademark arrangement and beats.

Fertile Ground "Live in the light" (Elephunk Records 12" Test Pressing)

The Basement Boys offshot label scores strong with this release by Fertile Ground that is lifted from the "This is Elefunk" compilation. "Live in the light" is a harmonic and melodic production on a fresh and sunny latin tip, right for the summer.

Champion Soul featuring Rough Stars "Conneting to the signs" (LifeLine Records 12")

DJ Spinna with a lovely remix full of warm and melodic sounds over a smoothly bumpin groove that together with the sexy and soulful vocals create a laidback vibe, with even the acidic keys adding a soulful touch.

Louie Balo & Tommy Bones featuring Aki Ackee "Into the light" / "You are there" (Wave Records 12")

Louie Balo & Tommy Bones team up for some luscious late night grooves that feature vocals from Aki Ackee. "Into the light" blends great chords with jazzy keys and percussion over an abstract broken-beat styled beat. "You are there" takes it even further to the broken beat grounds with straight beats that are topped with gentle keys and laidback percussion.

Goapele "Closer" (Remixes)(LoveSlap Records 12")

LoveSlap unleash a hot remix package of this stellar tune from Goapaele. DJ Spinna turns it into a deep and groovy gem with shuffling beats, warm melodic keys that work perfectly with the sultry vocal performance from Goapele. Miguel Migs speeds it up on this sptripped down version with a dubbed bassline and delayed rhodes chords.

Fantastic Plastic Machine "Reaching for the stars" (MAW Remix)(Kitsune Records 12")

Masters at Work with a NuYorican style remix of this tune that features Incognito on vocals. These remixes feature a fresh live instrumentation with a jazzy edge that perfectly complement the vocals and the heavenly chorus.

Willy Washington presents Jazmina "It ain't easy" (Defected Records 12")

Already featured as part of the "Miami '04 Sampler" packages, this is the retail 12" featuring the Rasmus Faber and Shades of Black mixes as well as the 'Mentor Club Mix' by Mark Mendoza & Hippie Torrales that takes the song to a whole new level with the marvellous sax and jazzy piano solos, having a smooth and laidback vibe to it.

Various "Soul Sounds 3" (12" White Label)

Both "Generate power" and "Let yopur love follow me" are driving reworkings by an unknown producer that featue catchy keys that create an irresistible vibe on the dancefloors.

Pino Arduini featuring Dawn Tallmann "Jumpin'" (Swing City Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Jumpin'" was first featured here back in july 2002 in its original Deep Bros version as a very limited ReWax Records test pressing. It has now been picked up by Swing City and will get a full release shortly. Beside the original mix and acapella, there is a brand new Grant Nelson remix included that takes the energy of the original and transforms it into a stompin' floorfiller with great keys and bumpin' bass.

Lionel Richie "Just for you" (Island Records 2x12")

As usual when a major company releases a double-pack of dance mixes, they cover different areas of styles. The choice here are the Pound Boys mixes that combine Lionel Richie's sweet vocals with a stompin' groove and catchy keys that create an almost irresistible vibe. The other mixes included are done by Todd Terry, Metro and Elektric Kompany.

Jay-J & Halo Varga with Latrice Barnett "Make my heart" (Moulton Studio Records 12")

Two of the most successfull west coast producers team up for a scintillating production that features Latrice Barnett on vocals. "Make my heart" comes complete with funky guitars, phat bass and melodic keys, creating a powerful but soulful vibe.

Colonel Abrams vs Groove Junkies "Music is the answer 2004" (... Records 12")

After last years limited 12" release with nicely done re-edits of the classic original version, there are now fresh mixes by the Groove Junkies that will take over the dancefloors in a storm. The Groove Junkies add a powerful backing music to the unmistakable vocals featuring a deep rumbling bass, extra keys and lovely guitar.

Chris Haze "44 Ocean Drive" (Coiner's Den Records 12" Test Pressing)

Austrian based producer and DJ Chris Haze presents this deep house track that is based around chunky beats that are topped with evocative chords and seductive female vocals.

Miguel Migs "Come on" (OM Records 12")

"Come on" is different from Miguel Migs' recent outings as it comes on a more progressive tip that lets the beats do the action, featuring strong keys, a smoking bassline and female ad-libs. The four versions included take the track from bouncy house over a broken beat attack to a more techy edge.

2 DJs at Work "Free at last" (Remixes)(Glamour Records 12")

2 DJs at Work come up with new mixes of last years "Free at last". First is the 'Pump it Dub to the Disco Mix', a combination between sampled '80 disco classics and modern house sounds. Next up is the 'DJ N-Joy & DJ Frankie Franke 2004 Hard Dub reMix' that is on a pumpin' vibe, followed by the 'Get down to the Bonus Beats Mix' that combines a great ryhthzm and scratchin' effects.

Syke'N'Sugarstarr "Release your mind" (Swing City Records 12" Test Pressing)

German production duo Syke'N'Sugarstarr with their UK release on Swing City of their storming production that comes complete with a seriously catchy hook. Phonicfood provide a deeper, moodier version.


April 18, 2004

WMC Aftermath: Black Moss "You can tell..." (Upskirt Records CD-R)

This is the second track from the Black Moss sampler CD we bring to your attention. "You can tell..." is driven by a deeply stomping groove and features a sweet female vocal and warm lush keys that create a melodic feeling that will make your feet move.

Dimitri from Paris "Live jazz" (Discograph Records 12" Promo)

This is a one-sided promo featuring the Masters at Work remix of "Live jazz" that is taken from the Japan only album release "Crusing attitude". It's a lovely combination of jazz sounds with a bass driven house groove.

Janet Jackson "Just a little while" (Virgin Records 2x12")

This is the first single release from Janet's brand new album "Damita jo" that comes with mixes by Peter Rauhofer who serves the commercial US danceflloors and Maurice Joshua who comes up with a bumpy house groover with warm keys and lush melodies. This double promo also features the dub mixes which are not on the commercial release.

Rose Max "Mistura de prazer" (Deep Touch Black Records 12")

DJ Chus & David Penn come up with a very rhythmic remix with a four-on-the-floor bossa groove and warm keys that together create a melodic foundation for the sweet and sexy vocals.

Prana "The dream" (2004 Remix)(Deep Dish Records 2x12")

This is a re-issue of the 1994 deep house classic originally released on Tribal Records. It's georgous and melodic sounds still sound fresh and do damage on the dancefloors. The original Deep Dish mixes are features together with new mixes.

Mike Delgado "Phunk carnival" / "Antonio's groove" (KenLou Records 12")

The man behind the legendary Henry Street releases is back with a release on Masters at Work's KenLou label. Two tracks are featured on this release. "Phunk carnival" comes on a funky tip with a classic, stylish beats and melodic sounds. "Antonio's groove" features a tight bassline and punchy dums.

Various "WMC Sampler 2004" (Milk & Sugar Records 2x12" Promo)

Milk & Sugar with their annual 2x12" WMC sampler that is limited to 300 copies. It features their upcoming releaeses. The highligts are the Milk & Sugar remix of the 1997 classic "Mongobonix" by Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero (originally released on NiteGrooves Records), a tribal-ish affair with a hypnotic trumpet. "Higher" by Ragga Funk Style is a new project of Richard Grey that combines ragga vocls with an afro-house beat. It is featureed here in a re-edit version by Milk & Sugar.


April 11, 2004

WMC Aftermath: Black Moss "Tired at that" (Upskirt Records CD-R)

Upskirt Records being represented strong in this weeks update with Hugo Madrid being the 'Pick of the Week' and Craig Nelson aka Black Moss being featured with a track from his showcase CD sampler. The track is based around a storming beat that is added with real jazz elements and features nice breaks and build-ups.

Musiq "Fourthenight" (Sir Piers Remix)(Headz Records 12" Promo)

There ain't no stoppin' for those beautiful house remixes of r&b songs. This time it is Sir Piers taking on Musiq's "Fourthenight" and turning out a wonderful remix featuring a marvellous harmonica solo over a smoothly bumpin' groove.

Randolph "About last night" (Mahogani Music Records 12")

Paul Randolph with his taster single for the upcoming album "This is what it is". "About last night" is a sultr late night gem with rich chords and tight beats combined with a sublime bassline, and Paul is topping it with his sweet and soulful vocal performance.

Duron Tarik featuring Children Speak "Not over" (Nikos Remix)(SpaceKat Records 12")

Nikos from Under My Skin Records delivering hot new mixes of this organic and deep male vocal production that features a really deep bubbling groove as base for the spheric keys and gospelish vocals.

b-sOuL "The movement" / "My way" (Remixes)(POJI Records 12")

Taken from DJ Pope's longplayer "My way", both tracks come in new slamming versions. "The movement" is here in an extended version that gives the jazzy piano line and the spoken words by Teresa much place to grow over the stormin', percussion loaded groove. "My way" gets remixed by DJ Pope and Luis Radio, both keeping it on a groovy vibe with Luis Radio adding a jazzy touch to it.

Alicia Keys "You don't know my name" (Richard Earnshaw Remix)(Bootlegg 12")

Simply titled "You Know Who Vol. 2", this bootlegg features Richard Earnshaw remixes of Alicia Keys' "You don't know my name". Richard adds a stompin' beat, kickin' piano line and melodic keys to Alicia's vocal to create a stormin club remix.

Memi P. presents House Divas "Life" (Nitelite Records 12")

"Life" by the House Divas is produced by Memi P. and features the well known singers Barbara Tucker, Michelle Weeks, SuSu Bobien, Sabrynaah Pope and Dawn Tallmann over a powerful and uplifting backing track that features a wicked guitar riff, both jazzy saxophone and trumpet together with a funky bassline.

Identity featuring Inaya Day "Gave me love" (Identity Records 12" Test Pressing)

Idendity Records are having a beauty in their hands in form of this fierce and uplifting production that features Inaya Day's sexy vocal performance over a driving groove that is added with an extra dose of funk flava.

Knee Deep vs Stevie Wonder "Pastime paradise" (Bootlegg 12")

Knee Deep take on the Stevie Wonder classic "Pastime paradise" and sample it over a stompin' house groove that has a latin vibe to it that includes a catchy piano line.

WMC Aftermath: Scott Grooves "Should have been you" / "Over you" / "Parie" (CD-R)

The CD that Scott Grooves handed me at the Winter Music Conference features nine phat tracks. "Should have been you" is a cover version of the 1982 Gwen Guthrie classic that keeps the funky flava of the original and updates it for todays dancefloors. "Over you" features female vocals over a bumpy house groove that is added with warm melodic keys. "Parie" is on a moody tip featuring melodic and laminar keys over phat beats.

WMC Aftermath: First Choice "Let no man put asunder" (DJ Nicole Otero Remix)(CD-R)

To be featured on an upcoming Salsoul remix project, this is a great reworked version of "Let no man put asunder" by Nicole Otero that features a fierce, irresistible tribal-ish groove together with the original percussion and vocals.

WMC Aftermath: Glenn Underground "From the Archives" (Eargasmic Records 12")

Glenn Underground with a four track EP of qualikty deephouse tracks featuring excellent instrumentation and a touch of jazz.

WMC Aftermath: The CS Strategy "EP" (Eargasmic Records 12")

Unique deep house music with abstract hints of jazz.

WMC Aftermath: Omar S "Various Tracks" / DJ Genesis "Tonight" (12" White Label)

Omar S handed out some white labels at this years Winter Music Conference, some of them not really new but hard to find. Beside being exclusive, they include dope stuff on a deep underground Detroit tip. One of the white labels features DJ Genesis' remake of tge Betty Wright classic "Tonight".


April 4, 2004

WMC Aftermath: The Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble "Shakewell" (CD-R)

K.C. Santana and Jack Monforte are currently working on The Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble debut album. "Shakewell" is a brilliant jazztrumental track that will be featured on that album. It's a wonderful jazzy track with a deep rumbling bassline, jazzy piano and great guitar solo, creating an irressistible vibe you need to dance to.

WMC Aftermath: Scott Grooves featuring Inner City "Your smile" (CD-R)

"Your smile" is from a CD that Scott Grooves handed me at this years Winter Music Conference. "Your smile" features Inner City and is an uplifting production based on a bumpy house groove that is added with wonderful keyboard work. What makes it different from the many productions out there are the twists that can be found throughout the song. Watch out for upcoming reviews from other tracks from that CD.

Candy Apple featuring Anjou "Close to me" (NY Soul Records CD Promo)

"Close to you" is a song that warms the soul and moves the feet, featuring the sweet and sultry vocal from upcoming songstress Anjou over a lush and sophisticated backing track featuring a smooth groove with warm melodic keys and a jazzy piano line. The remixes are courtesy of Kings of Soul (aka Booker T), who add a heavy bassline and stabbing synths to create a pumpier version, perfect for peaktime play.

Ananda Project "ICU" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

The standout cut from the current Ananda Project longplayer gets the deep house remix treatment from DJ Spinna that comes complete with a sublime new vocal that goes along with warm chords, sweet rhodes play and a grooving bassline. The beats give it a late night feeling.

DJ Pierre featuring Champagne "Sometimes I feel" (KingStreet Records 12")

DJ  Pierre teams up with singer Ikiesha Wilson aka Champagne for this peaktime pleaster that features solid percussion and filtered backdrops of melodic synth chords that are combined with the thumpin' bass, with Champagne providing a strong vocal performance.

Rasmus Faber featuring Melo "Never felt so fly" (Remix)(FarPlane Records 12" Promo)

Originally out in 2002 on Black Vinyl Records, this soulful gem is back with brand new mixes. The original featured marvellous soulful keys which can be refound on these new mixes that simply perfect the original and take it to a new level.

Soldiers of Twilight "City life" (Serial Limited Records 12")

"City life" is a soulful production by Rob-In, Demon Ritchie & DJ Rork featuring beautiful kys, deep basslines, lush harmonies coupled with a crunchy beat, all of which are topped with a wonderful vocal performance by Ladybird.

Soul Providers featuring Robin Rush "No pressure" (Elan Rouge Records 12" Promo)

The Soul Providers present "No pressure", a silky soulful journey featuring sunny chords ans a soothing bassline, together with Robin Rush who provides a strong vocal performance. On the flip, Stonebridge provide a powerful reworked version.

Fred Everything featuring Roy Davis Jr. "Next to me" (Bombay Records 12")

Canada's Fred Everything teams up with Chicago's Roy Davis Jr. on this deep house production that mixes Roy's cool spoken word vocal with Fred's signature slamming beats, warm bass and hypnotic keys.

Miguel Migs featuring Li'sha "Do it for you" (Salted Music Records 12" Promo)

Miguel Migs launches his brand new imprint Salted Music with a soulful production on his own that keeps it funky and unique. It features the soothing vocal of Lisa Shaw. The 'Petalpusher Vocal' comes with chunky drums, gritty bassline and warm uplifting and a sexy vocal performance, while the 'Dubpusher Rubdown' to a more minimal and funky level. The 'Original Vocal' has a more moody and melodic sensual touch while the 'Bump the Tech Dub' features a dirty broken beat and is on a techy edge.

D'Jaimin & The Oule Oule Family "Children of afrika" (Slip'N'Slide Recorrds 12" Test Pressing)

Swiss producer and DJ D'Jaimin teams up with Nigerian five piece band The Oule Oule Family to produce a modern dancefloor afrobeat track. Dennis Ferrer provides the remix with extra live guitar and sax.


March 28, 2004

WMC Aftermath: Morning Dew Orchestra "Glory" (Delan Records CD-R)

Raphael Delan presents the Morning Dew Orchestra with "Glory". First off is the 'Delan Disco Mix' which puts the gospel vocals over a house groove that is added with classic disco-elements. Next up is the 'Mirco & Delan Shagadelic Remix' which is based around a bumpy house groove, jazzy piano and a clever guitar riff. Finally there is the 'Mark Joyce Deep Glory Mix' which takes the song to a more laidback level with a deeply grooving beat added with warm keys, funky bass and guitar.

WMC Aftermath: Soul Oasis "Ancestor/Jibaro" (Deeplay Music Records CD-R)

Soul Oasis aka Sammy Rock present "Ancestor/Jibaro", a spoken message track which comes in different flava. The 'Original Mix' is on laidback tip, featuring a deep funky bassline and smooth percussion and warm orchestral keys. The 'Club Mix' is more powerful with extra organ and guitar. The 'Mellow Mix' is a midtempo groover on a smooth and mellow tip with spacey keys.

WMC Aftermath: Uncommon featuring Nature Love "High on love" (CD-R)

Uncommon are back featuring Nature Love who sang on their past release "Krazy" which got them worldwide reputation. "High on love" comes with a smoothly stompin' groove added with a warm funky bassline, lovely guitar and jazzy keys along the soulful and sexy vocals by Nature Love.

Jesse Powell "Something in the past" (FallOut Records 12")

Quentin Harris gives us another beautiful housed-up rework of a r&b original featuring a lovely instrumentation that is on a powerful yet sweet and warm vibe.

Harley & Muscle "Respected Everywhere EP" (Little Angel Records 12")

This EP schowcases three tracks that will be featured on the forthcoming "Respected Everywher" longplayer. "You are so beautiful" features Billy Preston on vocals over a smoothly bumpin' groove added with warm keys and lovely guitar. "Seven" is a laidback groover driven by a jazzy saxophone. "First days" is on a mellow tip with smooth percussion and melodic keys.

Kenny Bobien "Now I can see" (Under My Skin Records 12" Promo)

Producer Nikos teams up with the legendary Kenny Bobien for a collaboration that sees Kenny departing from his signature falsetto style, singing "Now I can see" with his natural voice. Nikos creates a solid house groove with pumpin' bass and great percussion that has a minimalistic touch. On his 'Deep Prayer Mix', he gives the song a smooth late night vibe with melodic keys. Roy Davis Jr. provides a remix on quirky tip.

Ceybil Jeffries "Thank U 4 blessing" (Backed By God Records 12")

After a long absence, Ceybil Jeffries is back (remember "Love is so special"?) with this Master Rob written and Joe Flame produced track that has got an underground feeling to it with a deep rumbling groove and laminar keys, together with a jazzy saxophone.

DJ MFR & Luis Radio featuring D'Layna "Rhythm of my soul" (Siesta Music Records 12")

DJ MFR & Luis Radio team up on this production with singer D'Layna. DJ MFR is responsible for the mixes on the a-side. His 'Original Mix' is build around a bumpy groove and both spacey and warm keys with D'Layna showcasing her wonderful voice. On the dub, he gives it a tougher edge. On the b-side, Luis Radio offers two mixes: the first one has s funky flava thanks to the guitar used with jazzy keys on top of the bumpy groove while the second mix features a stompin' groove together with a jazzy wurlitzer and funky guitar.

Screamin' Rachael "Build U a house" (Screamin' Records 12")

The sticker explains that 'Blüse' is the combination of blues and house. And this is what the 'Blüse Mix' is all about, a combination of blues elements with house grooves with even a rap included. The dub stripps it down to a deep and moody house groove while the 'La Maison Tribal Jazz Mix' features a jazzy instrumentation including a lovely xylophone solo over a smoothly thumpin', tribal-ish groove.

The Wisemen featuring Lester McLean "Sax man" (MiCasa Records 12")

"Sax man" features saxophone talent Lester McLean. The 'Club Mix' is a full on sax assault with deep tribal drums, having a dark and rough edge. The 'Darkman Mix' is the one for peak hour play with a driving feeling and extra keys. Robin Eccelston gives it a lighter jazzy approach.

Kevin James presents "Mid Summers Eye" (M-Break Records 12")

The "Mid Summers Eye" EP features three nice tracks. First off is "Summer in paradise", a mellow and laidback track featuring female vocals over a smooth groove with a jazzy saxophone and melodic keys. "African underground" is a deep percussive track on a moody vibe with spheric keys while "Latin dreams" features a saxophone solo over a smoothly bumpin' groove.

Nicky Lawrence "Dreamer" (Diaspora Records 12")

Nicky Lawrence gives her debut on Diaspora with "Dreamer", a marvellous piece of music full of soul with plenty of live instrumentation. Frankie Valentine delivers a nice 'Classic Extended Mix' that showcases both the vocal and instrumentation. On his 'Club Vocal', he adds a club friendly beat to it. Sweet Abraham gives it a more laidback vibe with deeply bumpin' beats and mellow keys.

Earth Wind & Fire "Brazilian hhyme" / "Runnin'" (Sony Japan Records 12" Promo)

Danny Krivit comes up with wonderful edits of "Brazilian rhyme" and "Runnin'", taken from the forthcoming "Soul Source EW&F Undergroove Collection".

Runner Up: Donnie "Do you know" (Giant Step/Motown Records 12" Promo)

One of the strongest tracks from Donnie's acclaimed album gets the DFA remix treatment who turn out a wonderful reworking with warm and melodic keys that pay justice to the original. Also included is a Danny Krivit edit of the original.

GU aka CVO featuirng Jessica "Fly away" (SancSoul Records 12")

Chicago's deep house visionary is back with this lush and deep excursion that features Jessica Davis who provides a sensous vocal performance over stripped down beats that are topped with moody melodic keys. The dub takes it to a deeper, more laidback vibe with jazzy keys and broken beat styled percussion.

Siji "Sanctuary" (BBE Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Sanctuary" is amooth and sensual soul cut from Siji's "God given" longplayer with funky keys and bass. DJ Deep turns it into a lush house track with jazzy keys and smooth beats while Fujisoul supply the downtempo latin jazz flavour.

Louie Vega "Mozalounge" (Vega Records 12")

"Mozalounge" is another future latin-house classic with background vocals by Raul Midon & Anane, incredible piano improvisation accompanied by accoustic guitar, wicked organ and live percussion.

Antonio Ocasio "Forward" (Wave Records 12")

For once, Antonio Ocasio comes up with a tribal track full of pounding percussion with sparse vocal cries, funky bassline and soaring synths. The 'Tribal Winds Roots Mix' is a sparser take one a more percussive base. Francois K. comes up with a remix with more energy and power, giving it a more percussive edge, with an extra piano in the middle taking you from Africa to Cuba and back.

Soul Connection featuring Lorenzo Tyler "It's real" (Nu Faze Records 12")

DJ Romain is presenting "It's real", an uplifiting production featuring the soulful voice of Lorenzo Tyler. "It's real" is based around a fierce groove added with melodic keys and plenty of pianos. The dub features some cool filtered loops and an extra harmonica. Also included is the acapella.

Kim Beachum "Looking up 2004" (SoulShine Records 12")

This classic Jersey Maestros production gets a welcome rerelease with new mixes by Louis Benedetti who adds a great guitar lick and reworks the drum patterns on the vocal mix with a stellar rhodes play. On the dub, the vocals are stripped and the rhodes take the center stage.

Jihad Muhammad "Movement blues" / Jerome Pinder "Breathe" (WestEnd Tracks Records 12")

Jihad Muhammad presents "Movement blues", a laidback groover with laminar keys and a wonderful jazzy piano. "Breahte" by Jerome Pinder is on a techy edge with spacey keys over a

George Mena & Frankie Estevez "The journey" / Orpheos "Dread the house" (WestEnd Tracks Records 12")

"The journey" by George Mena & Frankie Estevez is a soulful and deep production with soft pads jazzy keyboard work while "Dread the house" by Orpheos is a dubbed-out and moody journey to the underground.


March 21, 2004

Runner up: Patti LaBelle "New day" (House Remix)(CD-R)

This remix by Geoffrey C is already getting lots of attention and is played by some of the big DJs including Tony Humphries (who played it at the Magic Sessions at the WMC). It's an absolutely fierce remix with wicked keys and deep rumbling groove.

David Moore & Leondra "It's time to think about it" (Liquidbrain Records 12" Promo/CD Promo)

If you've got some of the previous releases on Liquidbrain, you know that they love to put out reworkings of all kind of music. "It's time to think about it" is a new production by David Moore that features Leondra on vocals. The mix of choice is done by Geoffrey C and comes with spheric keys over a smoothly bumpin groove. He also delivers a tribal dub. Alladin delivers a groovier mix on a laidbck, jazzy vibe. The CD also features the original that is on an old-school midtempo tip as well as a hard mix by Derek Coan.

Frankie C presents Soulaja "Love is better" (Deep Secret Records 12" Test Pressing)

Deep Secret Records come up with this hot one-sided test press. "Love is better" is an uplifting production featuring male vocals. It is based around a storming groove that is added with a lovely guitar and warm melodic keys.

Runner up: Various "SoulFuric WMC 2004 Sampler" (SoulFuric Records 12" Test Pressing)

SoulFuric have picked up the classic Galaxy People production "A mystical journey" (originally out in 1998 out Clear Music Records and then later with more mixes on LifeLine Records). UBP give it a soulful re-rub on their take with a powerful groove and bassline very reminiscent to the Lonnie Listen Smith classic "Expansions". The flip features the sweet "Spirit" by Gabrielle René which comes with a smoothly thumpin' groove added with a warm and jazzy instrumentation.

Duron Tarik & Intense "I am" (Louis Benedetti Remixes)(83 West Records 12" Promo)

83 West unleash a hot remix package by Louis Benedetti here. The mixes are on a very musical tip featuring lots of instruments including organ, piano, percussion, keyboards including wurly, eclectric and bass guitar, trumpet and a fantastic harmonica solo. Louis combines all these into a harmonic and soulful vibe with his trademark sound stamped over it.

Copyright featuring Imaani "Running away" (Copyright Records 12" Test Pressing)

The Copyright boys open up their freshly opened label with a strong prodution that features Imaani on vocals. "Running away" has an uplifting and driving feeling with a catchy groove that will make your feet move. It's a classic Copyright production with a powerful groove and melodic keys leading the way.

Diva 2 Diva "Didn't I bring you love" (MoreHouse Records 12" Test Pressing)

MoreHouse go from one strong release to another. "Didn't I bring you love" is truly one of the strongest yet with a splendid Richard Earnshaw mix that combines a powerful storming groove with soulful elements like the sweet vocals and a jazzy xylophone. The Groove Junkies deliver a pumped-up dub version.

Julius Papp featuring D'Layna "Dame mas" (NeoDisco Records 12" Test Pressing)

Julius Papp latest productions, "Dame mas", is a percussion driven track with D'Layna supplying a spoken word message. The spheric keys create an almost hynpotic vibe. Harley & Muscle give it a warmer feeling with a laidback groove and melodic keys.

Deep Swing featuring Steve Marsh "Capital groove" (Soulful Sessions Records 12" Promo)

Not much needs to be said here. "Capital groove" by Deep Swing is simply one of those tracks that keeps the dancefloors packed with its fierce funky groove and the wicked saxophone solo by Steve Marsh. The main version comes with a heavily stomping groove while the dub is on a smoother vibe.

Dino & Terry featuring Alana "Think of you" (Crash Records 12" Test Pressing)

Dino & Terry Demopoulos are back with this Alana Bridgewater written and performed beauty. Larry Heard lays his magic hand over it and comes up with a sweet and sexy remix that smoothly bumps in a laidback fashion with a warm instrumentation. Dino & Terry's original mixes are on a soulful and mellow broken beat tip.

Runner up: Ron Trent & Arahm Lee featuring Justin Matthew "Fantasy" (SancSoul Records 12" Test Pressing)

This record is more than just a fantasy as the titles suggets. This is real house music with Ron Trent providing the deepness as he goes for one of his legendary laidback and deeply rumbling, percussion loaded grooves with a jazzy edge.

Eminence "Sunlight" (Enuma Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Sunlight" is written by Slam Mode's Angel Rodriguez and features Karina on vocals, with deep house legend Wayne Gardiner (remember his classics on Nervous and Strictly Rhythm?) on production. Full of subtle rhythms with a great guitar solo, this is a deep house track with an almost ambient vibe.

Markus Enochson featuring E-Man "Sweet love" (Flamingo Discos Records 12" Test Pressing)

The original version by Markus Enochson is on a sweet and mellow vibe with a laidback groove with jazzy keys and E-Man providing the sexy vocals. Alex Phountzi (from Bugz in the Attic) goes for a broken beat approach with drum'n'bass styled beats while Santiago goes for a housed up version with some acidic keys in it.

Runner up: Hanna Hais "Parfum chic" (ATAL Records 12" Promo)

ATAL continue their recent success of the Jay Sinister remix of Earth Wind & Fire and the Ron Trent release with this beautiful Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn production of french singer Hanna Hais who previously recorded for Distance. Matty goes for a bouncing vibe with wicked keys, jazzy piano and smooth percussion that create a laidback vibe. Watch out for her next release which will feature an outstanding remix by austrian producer Sergio Flores.

East Los Soul "Luv'n feeln" (Bounce Muzik Records 12" Test Pressing)

East Los Soul is the collaboration of Gabriel Horizon and Aaron Arce. This, their first release as team, features the soulful voice of Malaysa. Two mixes are provided on this 12" to choose from. The 'East Los Soul Mix' is based on a smooth and mellow groove with warm keys, creating a laidback feeling. The 'Funky Vibe Mix' uses phatter beats and has a funky vibe to it.

Louis Benedetti "Imamu" (Main Mix)(Soulful Session Records 12" Promo)

Louis Benedetti is showing us his versatility here with this laidback groover that has a distinct african vibe to it, featuring a lazy trumpet and bright flute alltogether with subtle keys and bumping bassline.

Various "Gotsoul M3 2004 Promo" (GotSoul Records 12" Promo)

GotSoul did not only have one of the best partys at this years WMC, they also did hand out this lovely sampler showcasing two of the upcoming releases. Fred Everything takes on the Dennis Ferrer classic "Orixas" and gives it a nice rework which keeps the jazzy vibe of the original but transforms the song into a steadily grooving track with smooth percussion and a deeply thumpin' beats. "Self satisfaction" by Jesse Outlaw is featured here in its form as 'Therapy Rerub'. A spoken female vocal rides on top of the tribal-esque stompin' beats that are added with spheric keys.

Various "Miami 2004 Sampler EP" (MAW Records 2x12" Promo)

MAW Records give us a preview to their upcoming releases in form of this 2x12" sampler with edited versions (although I got to admit that last years 7" Box-Set was much nicer from a collectors point of view). First off is the new Louie Vega featuring Blaze "Love is on the way". As the alrady classic "Elements of life", this is pure soulful heaven with George Benson like guitar and ad-libs. Next up is the house remix of "I got rhythm" by Soul Fuzion featuring Vee. Neil Pierce & Aaron Ross present Fanatix featuring Lady Alma "Higher", a strong production with a great vocal arrangement and fierce groove. "The world" by Sterling Ensemble featuring Juliet Moesha is a production by Albert 'Sterling' Menendez that features wicked keys and sweet vocals over a laidback groove. "No more believe" by Franck Roger & M'Selem featuring Chris Wonder closes the first disk. The second disk features "Time travelers" and MAW Electronic Danz", both to be featured on the forthcoming MAW Electronic project.

Glenn Underground & Matt Hughes featuring Swaylo "Slowly" (KenLou Records 12" Promo)

Glenn Underground and Matt Hughes team up for this production that feaures Swaylo on vocal over a deeply grooving track featuring both moody and jazzy keys on the main version while the dub features extra keys which give the track a different edge with a slightly more aggressive touch.

Various "Defected Miami '04 Sampler Part 1" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)
Various "Defected Miami '04 Sampler Part 2" (Defected Records 2x12" Promo)

Defected Records put out maybe the heaviest package at the conference showcasing their upcoming releases over four vinyls. The highlights of the two double-packs are the Joey Negro re-edits of the already massive "Rocking music" by Martin Solveig, the upcoming Jazmina release "It ain't easy" featured in the Shades of Black and Rasms Faber remixes, "Love will be our guide" by Jersey Street (a Mark Picchiotti production that had already been released back in 2002 on Mark's own Blue2 Records), "3am" by Bobby Blanco & Miko Moto, Bibi presents Tequila "Slam", Karizma "Ride" and "Bakiri ban" by Havana Fun.

Joyce Sims "Come into my life" (2004 Remixes)(Funk La Planet Recors 12" Test Pressing)

Remember the original from the late 80's, produced by the legendary Mantronik? Joyce Sims herself makes a remake of it on New York based Funk La Planet Records. Benjamin Deffe & Andy Funk team up for the house mixes. Their 'Club Mix' is a bouncy and uplifting affair with a funky edge thanks to the guitar riff used, while their 'Deep Mix' takes it to deeper grounds. Serge Sanz gives it an electro treatment while Supaflyas deliver a grinding dancehall version.

Big Moses & Soul Mecca featuring Thi-Lai "Love dance" (SancSoul Records 12")

"Love dance" is a beautiful garage production with an uplifting vibe spreading all over. Thi-Lai provides the sweet and soulful vocals over a smoothly bumpin' house groove that is added with warm elodic keys and a deep bassline.

Runner up: TQC "That's love" (Slaag Records 12" Test Pressing)

TQC is the collaboration of Tyrone Francis, Quentin Harris and Camacho, with Cassio Ware providing some background vocals. All of these four DJ/singer/producers have a legendary status in the New York/New Jersey area. They unleash a true underground gem based around a deep and moody musical track that is added with a vocal that is expounding on all kinds of situations of love. The flipside features the instrumental version.

JoVonn "Shipp doo" (NextMoov Tracks Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Shipp doo" sees JoVonn delivering one of his signature funky tracks, where he keeps it real to the underground, with the rawness to be found all over it. The repetitive vocal ad-libs and the wicked organ make this a killer track for the moodier moents of the night. Various mixes to choose from including the instrumental 'Jovi Humpmoov Mix', give you many mixing possabilities. FYI :we will feature a JoVonn guest mix soon that will bring the real underground of New York to your home.

Chuck Love "Close enough" / "Take me" (Vino Records 12" Test Pressing)

Chuck Love is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, vocalist, producer and even a DJ. He provides the original mixes to both "Close enough" and "Take me", both riding through deep jazzy keys and amazing live instrumentation. "Close enough" gets the remix treatment from Jask who bumps it up for the dancefloor with a tougher beatm and extra saxophone. Monte Hilleman reworks "Take me" and gives it tighter drums and a lil' latin touch.

The 12:02 AM Project "The Paradax Sampler" (Paradax Records 12" Promo)

Hot on the heels of the success of "The 12:01 AM Project" comes this EP. "Sweet freedom" by Aaron Arce is a soulful track with a bouncy groove and melodic keys. "Soulsation" by Miguel Plasencia & Frankie Ho is a funky track with some orchestral-ish strings and philly-ish percussions. "Generation" by Aaron Arce is driven by a bumpy house groove and comes with warm keys. "Generation (Remix)" is on a progressive tip with a rock guitar included.

DJ Shaheer Williams presents "The Lost Tracks EP Vol. 1" (Soul Groove Records 12" Promo)

A four track EP featuring some lost tracks from the past, therefore all the tracks have an old-school vibe. Backroom Productions are featured with three tracks: "Is this the way" is a jazzy track with high-pitched vocals that sound a bit strange. "The groove" is a simple track with jazzy keys on top. "Classic vibe" is a bumpy house track. The last track "Besides myself" is courtesy of the Formost Poets and features lots of percussion and a catchy hook.

Deep Rules "Wait" (Royal Plastic Records 12" Test Pressing)

The mixes to go for are the ones by John 'Julius' Knight aka JJK. He delivers stunning mixes perfect for peak time play with a driving beat topped. Christian Hornbostel comes up with a smooth tribal groove with a jazzy edge. 7th District give it a more commercial edge.

The HixMix featuring H.B.A.P.T.P. "He keeps doing great things to me" (CD-R)

Kevin Hicks from The Hix Mix preents a gospel house production with an uplifting vibe to it, bringin the magic of a gospel choir from a church directly into your home.

Cassio Ware & The O.G.'s "I wanna see you freak" (Black House Funky Soul Records Promo CD)

Mr. Cassio Ware teams up with The O.G.'s and Chip 'Like th is' E, creating a track reminiscent of the early Chicago house releases with Cassio Ware's unmistakables vocals on top. All the mixes have a true underground feel with a dirty edge.

Leee John "Mighty power of love" (2004 Remixes)(Delicious Garden Records CD Promo)

The 1995 classic gets a welcome rerelease with brand new mixes. Syke'N'Sugarstarr's remix is a stylished affair on a soulful tip featuring a funky bassline, warm keys and bumpy beats. Lars 'LB' Behrenroth goes for a deep interpretation with a moody bassline and both spheric and acidic keys. Phonicfood create a more funky affair with a rolling bassline and rock guitar included.

Rawsoul Orchestra "Can't you see" (MapDance Records CD Promo)

Swiss label MAP Dance presenting the latest production from Rawsoul Orchestra. Their original version comes on an old-school tip with a funky edge. Marquito gives it a tougher, more progressive edge while Hott22 opt for a more commercial touch featuring a storming groove and cheesy keys.

Carolyn Victorian "Little black samba" (POJI Records CD Promo)

POJI Records are surprising once more with a lovely release courtesy of Carolyn Victorian. DJ Oji goes for an uplifting, carnival inspired version while DJ Pope under the b-sOuL moniker takes the carnival touch away and replaces it with a jazz-funky vibe.

Sole Channel "Deep" (from the "WMC Sampler 2004" on Ricanstruction CD Promo)

"Deep" is one of the many goodies coming from Ricanstruction over the coming months, taken from the forthcoming "Sole Channel EP". It is a deep bubbling track with spare female spoken words and warm melodic keys.

Desansis "Slow Feed EP (fCD-R)

Four tracks can be found on this EP. "Everyday" is the standout track, being on an afterhours vibe with very melodic laminar keys over a deep bubbling groove, with Georgia Cee being the featured vocalist. "Fringo" is a groovy track with beats in a broken beat vein, full of percussion and with a lovely flute on top. "Stylus" comes with a stompin' groove and has a jazz-funky touch. "Crispy run"  features a jazzy trumpet and jazzy keys over a percussively bumpin' beat.

Uppypark featuring Georgia Cee "Tracks!" (Equal Records CD Promo)

"Tracks!" is a five track promo CD. "Saturday night" is an uplifting production with a bouncy groove and with warm keys. "Show me love" is driven by a jazzy piano and melodic keys in the background, layed over a bumpy house groove. "Joy" is a stompin' affair with funky bass and jazzy piano riding on top. "Say yes" is on a smoothly bumpin' tip with jazzy sax and spheric keys while "Deeply" is on a more laidback tip with nice accordeon sounds and melodic keys over a smoothly jumpin' groove.

Mario Pagliari &  Mr. Mama "Love EP 2004" (CD-R)

Some of the older people amongst us might remember the Pat Metheny Group classic "This is not america". "Love EP 2004" by italian producers Mario Pagliari & Mr. Mama features those reminiscent keys from that classic that have a wonderful warm and laminar vibe. The track is based around a smoothly bumpin' groove with sweet and sexy female vocals.

La Cantina Studios "Take it back" (CD-R)

La Cantina Studios is presented by the GarageFamily crew out of Italy. It is a bumpy house track driven by a catchy piano hook, added with melodic laminiar keys.

PJR & BW vs Mike Post "Law & Order Theme" (Remix)(CD-R)

PJR & BW take on the Mike Post produced "Law & Order Theme" ("Law & Order" is a famou tv series) and rework it into a house track with a kicking bassdrum, having a techy edge to it.

Mikael Nordgren "Missing U" (CD-R)

Mikael Nordgren is out of Stockholm/Sweden and presents this catchy production featuring soulful female vocals over a melodic groove that is added with warm keys amd ssmooth percussion.

7th District Inc. "Love breeze" (Royal Plastic Records 12" Test Pressing)

Already exclusively reviewed on this page back in august last year, the full promotion has now being done at the WMC with a release scheduled soon. "Love breeze" is a wonderful record for the summer that is full of warm melodies. It features the sweet voice of Izabel Napolitano who originates from Brazil. Together with a lovely guitar and smooth percussion, her sweet voice creates a laidback vibe perfect for a night at the beach.

BTO Spider "Let love arise" (Jeremiah Remix)(Coiner's Den Records 12" Test Pressing)

Jeremiah is one of Austria's most successful and respected house producers. He takes on BTO Spider's "Let love arise" and delivers a fine remix with ambient-ish keys used over a deep rumbling groove.

!Dela Dap "Amaro shavo" (Ecco Chamber Records 12" Test Pressing)

Again Jeremiah is the one on remix duty here. He takes the original and turns it into a house track with most of the original elements still featured. Different and interesting - check out for yourself.


March 4, 2004

WMC Preview: Various "Miami WMC Sampler" (DeeJay Mix CD Promo)

A three track CD sampler that will be given out on vinyl at the WMC, of which we bring you two tracks a preview. "Men from Kbear" features an outstanding jazzy trumpet solo by Davide Ghidoni over a deep rumbling, hypnotic groove with echoing synth. The track has a funky feel and is on a deep tip. "Come with me" is the collaboration of Gianluca Pighi and Massimo Braghieri with Black Shampu on vocals. The song kicks off with a lovely sax solo, then Black Shampu comes in with his powerful but soulful voice. The song creates an uplifting feeling with its electric guitar, deep funky bass and saxophone among the groovy beats.

WMC Preview: Solsonik featuring Sabrynaah Pope "In Love Again" (CD-R)

This Solsonik production has already been picked up by a famous UK label that we cannot reveal at the moment. Here we have the 'Sant & Matteo Esse Main Mix' that is on an energetic vibe with a funky guitar and an irresistible piano line, that together with the melodic keys create an uplifting tune your feet will dance to.

WMC Preview: Phil Hooton presents Testament "King of kings" (SuSu Records 12" Test Pressing)

SuSu Records have a tune in their hand here that will rock every dancefloor. Featuring Ron Carroll on vocals who sings about the one and only king in the world, this is pure gospel heaven spreading a feel good vibe everywhere this one will be played. A deeply stomping groove with a wicked piano line are the foundation for Ron Carroll's preaching. The dub version is the one to go for with the extra saxophone included.

WMC Preview: Nu Rhythmix "Babylon" (Swing City Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Babylon" is one of those magic tracks for the dancefloors that catch your attention in an instant. It is based on a backing track consisting of pianos, deep strings, acidic pads and attacking drums. On top of it is a feel good preaching. Both vocal and instrumental versions included as well as a broken beat attack and two voice-appelas.

Ruffneck featuring Yavahn "E street beat" / "Music to my ears" (Soul Groove Records 12"/CD)

Ruffneck are back with a real soulful treat featuring singer Yavahn, produced by Backroom Productions. "E street beat" is based around a grooving bassline that is accompanied by smooth percussion and a great flute line running alongside the soulful vocal provided by Yavahn. Included with the 12" is a bonus CD that features "E street beat" (vocal, instrumental and cd-only beats version) as well as "Music for my ears", also produced by Backroom Productions. The original comes with a strongly bumpin groove, and has a very old-school touch. The other mixes (with Louie Vega & Kenny Dope as executive producers) are on a smoother vibe with warm, melodic keys and mellow bumpin' groove.

Ron Trent presents Ital Foods "Space is the place" (Atal Records 12")
Ron Trent presents Ital Foods "Space is the place" (Atal Recods 10")

"Space is the place" is sort of a futuristic house production by Ron Trent, being a combination of deep jouse and dub reggae flavoured beats with jazzy elements including rhodes and a lovely sax courtesy of Paul Knight. The 12" features the demo and extended versions while on the limited 10" (mine is #38 of 500) the dub and ambient versions are included.

Alicia Keys "You don't know my name" (Rotgut Records 12")

Simply titled "Rotgut Records presents MuthaFunkin' Keys", this is with no doubt a housed up version of Alicia Keys "You don't know my name" that features a funkily bumpin' groove added with spheric keys, jazzy piano line, funky guitar riff and Alicia's unmistakable voice. The mixes are done by DJ Spen (who works under the 'MothaFunk Productions' guise).

DJ Gregory "The joburg theme" (Faya Combo Records 12" Test Pressing)

There is no stopping fro DJ Gregory and his Faya Combo imprint as "The joburg theme" comes with a hypnotic groove that is helped by an irresistible guitar riff and the unmistakable keyboard works of  DJ Gregory. The version on the flip has a more dramatic edge, sounding very much like a movie soundtrack.

Notenshun featuring Sandy Mill "Soul music" (Chilli Funk Records 12")

Chilli Funk once more have a great soulful release in their hands in form of this lovely deep houser, featuring singer Sandy Mill. Danism serve a lovely four-to-the-floor version with a bumpy beat. The 'Back in the Day Mix' is on a smoother tip featuring extra percussions, stripping down the beats. The 'Listen now Deepness' has a late night feeling and is the deepest version offered here. Finally there is a pianopella tool included.

RSL "Wesley Music" (Giant Step Records 12")

"Wesley music" is a fresh mix of latin jazz with offbeats featuring live organ, trumpet and percussion that got lots of attention last year when it first got released on UK label Players Studio. Now it gets a US release on Giant Step with the master of edeits himself, Danny Krivit, blowing new life into it.

Onda "Waiting for love" (Wave Records 12")

New York City based Onda make their debut on Wave with "Waiting for love", a deep vocal cut with sweet melodies, subtle percussion, syth chords and a jazzy guitar. Francois K delivers the dub version which is on a moodier vibe, with spacy keys and a perucssion driven groove. Finally there is an acoustic version which stripps the arrangement down to the song.


February 29, 2004

Said "To motherland" (Wave Records 12")

Said originates from Lagos/Nigeria, the same place the legendary afro-beat artisk Fela Kuti came from. "To motherland" is a unique blend of afro beats with a wailing saxophone, funky guitar, keys, african chants and Said's own deep and patient spoken words, creating an organic and natural vibe on a soulful tip.

Miguel Migs & Jay-J featuring Jo Jo Hailey "Frined of the blues" (Remix)(Black Vinyl Records 12")

Originally out in late 2001, this classic collaboration from two of San Francisco leading producers - Miguel Migs and Jay-J - gets remixed by another San Francisco resident, Gregory Del Piero. He comes up with a deliciously soulful reworking featuring a live guitar, delightful saxophone and percussion and Jo Jo Hailey's soulful vocal performance.

Jagged Edge "Walkded out of heaven" (Fall Out Records 12")

Quentin Harris taking on another r&b beauty, this time using tougher beats to create a bit of a rougher edge, but the melodic keys keep it warm and soulful.

Got Soul DJs vs Roberta Flack "Don't make me wait to long" (2004 Remix)(Got Soul Records 12" White Label)

"Don't make me wait to long" was originally released on the classic "Roberta Flack featuring Donny Hathaway" album back in 1979 which also included the timeless classic "Back together again". Here it comes back featuring a stompin' four-on-the-floor groove laid under the classic original, done by the Got Soul DJs.

Jasper Street Co. "He's alright" (God's House Records 12" Test Pressing)

Gospel in-the-house alert!!! "He's alright" comes in a stompin' and uplifting extended version as well as a handclap version that will both make your feet move as well as make you feel good, with the gospel origin shining all the way through. "Got me going" is given a real workover by DJ Spen turning out a fierce and deeply grooving house version with the gospelish vocals spreading an uplifting vibe.

Generous Flavour "Waiting" (Swing City Records 12" Test Pressing)

Morten 'Soul Magic' Trust, hailing from Denmark, presents his first release for Swing City under the Generous Flavour guise. "Waiting" is a powerful vocal excursion driven by a stomping beat that is added with warm keys and sweet female vocals. Also included are a slick dub and an acapella to play around with.

Deep Influence "Cuero na ma" (DeVice Records 12" Test Pressing)

DeVice are taking us onto a tribalistic ride with "Cuero na ma" produced by Deep Influence. With slamming tribal beats, latin chants and dark chords, this one is creating an irresistible, almost hypnotic feeling. The flip features the extra percussive 'Hit Them Drums Mix' and both acapella and latin chant.


February 22, 2004

Aya "Uptown" (Naked Music Records 12")

Aya is best known as the soulful voice behind "Sweeter love", she's having her full length debut on Naked Music in the works. "Uptown" is a little taster, produced by Jay Denes. His original version is on a laidback and mellow tip with the traditional Naked blend of soul and house. Trentemoller and Eastwick & Holloway provide the remixes.

Jazmina "I won't complain" (Ace Beat Records 12")

The legendary Ace Beat Records bringing us the wonderful voice of Jazmina on a Leslie Oliver & Tyron Payton production that is on an uplifting and soulful New Jersey garage tip, featuring a fiercely bumpin' groove and Jazmina's powerful vocal performance. On the flip are the classic Blaze productions "I'm happy" and "Mr Perkins".

Aaron Ross presents Rain People featuring Marcus Begg "Trippin on love" (Osiris Music Records 12")

This is the first part of the UK remixes of this popular record. Included are the Louis Benedetti remixes that already got released stateside on SoulShine Records as well as a re-edit by Frankie Feliciano of the original version.

Boyd Jarvis "Nabudoo" (Compressed Efffects Reecords 12" Test Pressing)

"Nabudoo" is driven by a pulsating rhythm with a tribalesque feel. The track has an afro vibe to it with african chants on the main 'Africa Mix' that creates a hypnotic vibe with its deeply bubbling keys. The 'Organ Mix' replaces the african chants with a jazzy organ ride that is turning the track into a late night, early morning contender that keeps the hypnotic vibe alive.

Gary Michael Wade "I wanna dance" / "Strong as you" (Cabaret Records 12")

Pal Joey teams up with vocalist Michael Wade for a serious slab of deep house. "I wanna dance" features the backing from the Earth People classic "Dance" on its original version while Boyd Jarvis turns the beats into a jumpin' and jackin' affair and strips it down a bit. "Strong as you" sees Gary going back to his early productions as it is very reminiscent of his 1990 classic "Dreams".

Natalie Cole "Livin 4 love" (Bootlegg 12")

An unknown remixer takes on Natalie Cole's "Livin 4 love" and delivers a west coast styled house version with bumpin' beats and spheric keys.

Ms. Kesha G. "Sun will shine" (New Generation Records 12")

Mike LaBirt is back with a hot production for Kesha Gialardi. "Sun will shine" is on a deep garage tip featuring percussion, shaker congas, timbals and a wicked organ ride, that combined with the wicked vocal performance create an almost hypnotic feeling.

Audiowhores & Grove Assassin "Pragmatic Soul EP" (Look-At-You Records 12")

Audiowhores & Groove Assassin team up on this three track EP. "If you want my love" is a disco-tingued house track with old school keys, crisp beats and stabbing vocals. "Sono unica" is a latin groove with jazzy sax and great guitar riff and sexy vocals. "Lifts me up" is a peak hour cut with an infectious vocal hook, killer horns and solid kickdrum.

DJ MFR & Vincent Kwok "Come to me" (Bluem Records 12")

DJ MFR and Vincent Kwok team up with vocalist Indra Jones for a smoothed-out west coast vibe on their original mixes (both vocal and dub). Charles Webster stamps his trademark deep and groovy sounds to it including warm chords, stripped-down vocal arrangement and chunky drums.

Runner up: Sterling Ensemble featuring Rita Quitero "Todo de ti" (Ricanstruction Records 12")

This, the second offering on Frankie Feliciano's label, is produced by Albert 'Sterling' Menendez & Rico Suarez and features Rita Quintero on vocals. It features a flugelhorn and warm melodic keys over a smoothly bumpin' groove that is topped with Rita's sweet and sexy vocals. The flip features a broken beat mix by Frankie Feliciano.


February 15, 2004

Variouis "Abstract Afro Journey EP Part 2" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

Part two gives another journey into the afro vibes of dance music. It is kicked off by Joe Claussell's blissed-out excursion on TPO's "Hiroshi's dub". Then there is the instrumental version of "Let's be free" by Romatt Project and the Blaze production "Seasons of love". Finally there is a so far unreleased edit of Ron Trent's "Welcome sire" that features a wicked break.

Big Moses "Deep inside" (Big Moe Records 12")

Moise 'Big Moses' LaPorte is coming up with an outstanding garage production that stands in the tradition of the classic New Jersey garage productions. Brilliant keyobard work coupled with the relaxed guitar and soulful vocals keep the song spreading an uplifting feeling all over.

Tryone Francis & Quentin Harris featuring Jannae Jordan "Sincere" (Wonderland Mixes)(Space Kat Records 12")

The first release on Space Kat makes a big return in form of these brand new mixes by Shukran 'Shukie' Noorgat & Philippe Lussan aka Wonderland. They are on a soulful tip featuring a warm and organic vocal ride over a smoothly bumpin' groove added with a lovely guitar, fender rhodes and live bass.

Marvin Gaye "I want you" (Wonderland Mix)(White Label 12")

"I want you" is an all-time classic and one of my Marvin Gaye favorites. It has been reworked by Wonderland in a way that pays tribute to the timeless original. Wonderland subtly added a funked-up, bumpin' house groove underneath the original that keeps the magic of the original alive.

Reel People featuring Dyanna Fearon "Butterflies" (Papa Records 12")

Somehow I managed to overlook this when it got released last october, but good music doesn't have an expiration date. Phil Asher of the Restless Soul family comes up with a quality remix featuring a cool live instrumentation and slamming beats.

Sandy B "Make the world go round" (2004 Remixes)(Champion Records 12" Promo)

One of Sandy B's most remembered classics (it was one of the most successfull productions for Deep Dish) gets the rework from Italian's Solsonik aka Sant & Matteo Esse. They give the song a completely different flavor compared to the original and twist it into a funked-up houser with a wicked guitar and harmonic keys over a deeply stompin' groove. The flip features a progressive remix that can be skipped over.

New York's Finest "Do you feel me" (Southern Divide Remixes)(Mountain Records 12")

This is a classic production from Victor Simonelli that was released back in 1993 on his own label BassLine Records. Mountain Records picked it up and commissioned new mixes by Southern Divide who keep it on a classic tip with an added trumpet solo and updated groove while Deli G punches it up and gives it a more commercial appeal.

Mister O featuring Sierra "Let's say" (Undo Records 12")

The original mix by Mister O aka Olivier Loubieres is on a soulful and laidback tip featuring electric guitar, bass and rhodes. Sara 'Sierra' Smith provides her sexy vocals to the song. The Jask remixes are firing form the beginning to the end with storming beats, wicked keys and a magnifique sax solo by Michael McArthur. Check the dub version for the sax to drive you wild or the reprise to take you on a sweet and mellow journey.

Mister O "Anything & everything" (Look-At-You Records 12")

Mister O is present the second time this week with "Anything & everything" that is a very catchy vocoded male vocal with quirky synths and a bumping baslsine. The dub has a pumpier touch to it. On the flip, Simon Grey comes up with a deeper interpretation of it with extra keys, giving it a much more soulful vibe.

Exclusive Review: Martin Solveig "Madan" (Face2Face Remix)(CD-R)

Face2Face is a swiss production duo that is behind this new version of Martin Solveig's "Madan" that is currently only available on CD-R. Think of the irresistible guitar riff from the original, underlayed with a set of sharp and straight beats. And then there are the broken-beats styled breaks that will drive the crowd crazy. One to kill the dancefloors...

Ron Carroll "Come together" (Bumpin' City Records 12" Test Pressing)

Bumpin' City have another winner in their hand in form of this Ron Carroll production. Ron Carroll gives us another great vocal performance coming deep out of his heart that is put over a stomping groove that is added with spheric keys and a deep funky bassline. The second version provided adds a darker flava to the song.


February 8, 2004

Soul Dhamma featuring Donni "If we could fly" (KingStreet Records 12")

Philadelphia's Soul Dhamma drop a soulful house tune that comes complete with a philly soul feeling featuring gorgeous female vocals, chunky drums and warm keys. The original mixes have a classic disco flavor while Dennis Ferrer gives it a NYC touch with live horns and guitar work.

Audiowhores "Nekoosa" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

Audiowhores return on SoulFuric with an eclectic blend of percussion and live music. The original is an afro-styled affair with warm and melodic keys while John 'Julius' Knight adds extra power to it with a fierce and driving groove, turning it into a peak time anthem on his take. The 'Solar Club Mix' has a more laidback, deeper vibe to it.

Julius Papp "Feel the rhythm" / "Getaway love" (NeoDisco Records 12" Test Pressing)

NeoDisco open up 2004 with a two-tracker from Julius Papp. "Feel the rhythm" features D'Layna with a crisp vocal over a tribalistic groove that is added with a seventies brass and guitar and extra disco elements. "Getaway love" features the softly presented male vocals by Morrison over a west coast style groove with funky key effects and deep bass.

Physics "Blue Flame EP" (Large Records 12" Test Pressing)

Mikael Surdi & Torbjörn Osson aka Physics return to the dancefloors with this EP two track EP. First off is "Blue flame", a smooth laidback jam with mediterranean guitar licks and west coast style beats. The dub adds a slight electro flavor to the groove. "Downtown rio" is a  percussion loaded tribute tu nu-samba on a mellow and sensual tip with lush jazzy keys, female chants and saxophono solo, creating a musical journey into soulful sounds.

Various "Nu-Breed Vol 1" (DeVice Records 12" Test Pressing)

Nu-Breeds Vol 1 features the work from two fresh producers out of the UK. Both BackRoomSounds aka Sam Gibbons & Ruben Holt and Primo aka Jim Sykes deliver  lovely instrumental tracks with a jazz flavor that come in main and dub versions.

Rasmus Faber presents Apollo vs Melo "Divided/united" (FarPlane Records 12" Test Pressing)

Rasmsu Faber putting out a sweet vocal anthem featuring House of Virginism singer Apollo and Melo (who vocalled Rasmus Faber's first production "Never felt so fly") and a full live instrument production that inlcudes breathtaking stringth and nicely flowing rhodes. The dub is on a more percussive tip while the 'Remix' focuses on the smooth fender play. And then there is the wonderful reprise with just the jazzy keys, vocals and handclaps.

Jamie Lewis & Nick Morris "Cooky's" (White Label 12")

Jamie Lewis teams up with Nick Morris for "Cooky's". It is a rather simple but very effective production that is based around a deep stomping bass and funky guitar riff that is aded with a cool breakdown and male spoken message that create an irresistible vibe the people will dance to.

Knee Deep presents "Peter North EP" (Knee Deep Records 12" Test Pressing)

Knee Deep coming up with two hot tracks to be found on this EP. "Latin deluxe" is driven by a deep rumbling groove that is added with a latin topping, a couple of effects and male spoken words. "So divine" is a discofied track with a storming groove, disco-ish keys and cool breakdowns.

Unit 2 "Keep your head up to the sky" (Joey Negro Remix)(Sole Music Records 12")

Originally out in 1994 on 430 West Records, it is now back for more action on the dancefloors thanks to Joey Negro who comes up with a set of groovy remixes on an old-school tip with a truly deep and funky bassline that is coupled with a stompin' beat.

M & M "It's house" (Refunkt Records 12" Test Pressing)

"It's house" is a catchy production with a great hook, funky guitar riff and jazzy keys over a driving beat. The included breakdowns will make the crowd scream.


February 1, 2004

Jephte Guillaume "One respe" (Tet Kale Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is an older Jephte Guillaume production that first got released on Kaleidiascope Records back in 1994. The track is driven by a tribalistic groove reminiscent of "Jingo" in some parts, featuring male vocals and female chants on top. There is a lovely jazzy flute in the background along with lots of percussion and live drums.

Julius Papp featuring Samba Ngo "Bole bantu" (Large Records 12" Test Pressing)

Julius Papp gets large again with a slick, percussion loaded afro-jam on a smooth tribalistic tip featuring lead vocals and guitar by african singer Samga Ngo.

Cesaria Evora "Besamo mucho & more" (Lusafrica Records 12")

This 12" features four revisited songs from Cesaria Evoria including the Osunlade remix of "Bondade e maldade", the RJ Rork & Demon Ritchie dub mix of "Sodade", Senor Coconut remix of "Besame mucho" and Chateau Flight remix of "Petit pays".

Osunlade featuring Maiya James "Same things" (Papa Records 12")

Papa Records are back for 2004 with a quality release courtesy of the mighty Osunlade who teams up with singer Maiya James to create a mellow and laidback grooving track with smooth percussion, lovely guitar and warm melodic keys.

Nathan G & Rudy presents Tuff & Mello "Stranger" (Transport Records 12")

The original is a straight chunky house track with warm rhodes chords and simple bassline, topped with catchy vocals by Rudy. Kiko Navarro comes up with an uplifting musical mix with live bass, guitar and percussion while DJ MFR goes for a late nite dub with tight beats and a funky acoustic guitar riff.

Roland Clark "Resist" (Remixes)(Fluential Records 12")

Roland Clark's spoken word  vocal track gets a fine reworking by Southern Divide and Sean McComb. Southern Divide come up with the standout mix featuring a wicked sax solo over a soulful groove with a funky twist. The flip features the tougher original mixes.

Lemar "Another day" (Sony Music Records 12" Promo)

Kings of Soul come up with a lovely remix of this r&b song. Their rework is based around a smoothly bumpin' house groove with warm bass and melodic keys, creating a mellow vibe.

Africanism "Tanzania" (Yellow Records 12")

Spanish tribal expert Dr. Kucho takes the Africanism series into the new year with a huge Bob Sinclar remix on the flip. A sure-shot winner to rock the dancefloors all over.

Alexander Robotnick "Dance boy dance" (ArtOfDisco/Yellow Records 12")

French's godfather of electro-disco, Alexander Robotnick (who is known worldwide for one of the 80's biggest dance classics "Problemes d'amour"), brings back his 1984 smash "Dance boy dance" with a remix on his own as well as a re-edit by Paul Raymond (which is a pseudonym for Bob Sinclar).


January 25, 2004

Exclusive Review: Joe Flame presents "Vernon T Project" (CD-R)

Currently being shopped around, this is the latest production from Joe Flame who is responsible for some of the past years standout tunes - "Never be the same" by DC Washington, "People of the world" by DJ Stacey Mallory and "My house is full" by Joe Davis (which should be out any day now). The song features a male spoken message how music will make you feel your spirit and your soul, taking you on a trip. Three different flavas are offered here: the first is on a mellow bumping, groovy tip with jazzy flute and warm keys. The second takes it to the underground with sharp beats and wicked techy keys that create an irresistible feel. Finally, there is a downtempo mix on a r&b tip with a jazzy piano line.

Nikos "City of angels" (Under My Skin Records 12")

"City of Angels" is a soul-drenched male vocal that is actually a tribute to "Los Angeles", featuring lead singer Richard Redd with additional vocals by Kurt Lykes. The music is timeless with warm and jazzy keys, chunky bass and lazy, smooth drums. Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble provide a gorgeous remix.

Infinity featuring Malik "Back 2 Chicago (Part 2)" (KingStreet Records 12")

Two new mixes of this splendid Roy Davis Jr. & Malik production can be found here. DJ Pierre coming up with one of his epic mixes on a dark and slightly progressive tip with techy keys. On the flip side, Smitty goes for a jazzy affair with rhodes and flute lines and extra spoken vocals, turning out a late night pleaser.

Variouis "Abstract Afro Journey EP Part 1" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

NiteGroove return with a smooth collection o afro rhythms and dubbed out, tribal-ish house grooves. Mahoota comes up with a nice laidback remix of Dennis Ferrer's "Dem people go", Ron Trent delivers ruff and raw beats on his "Afro journey beats", then there is "Village dance" by New African Orchestra (aka Ron Trent and Anthony Nicholson) and finally you can find "African dreamland" by Sirius Be.

Arnold Jarvis & Alix Alvarez "Rising into joy" (Jay-J Remix)(Black Vinyl Records 12")

This one is a couple of moth old, but somehow we missed it so here we go. The original production by Alix Alvarez was a super soulful jounrey, that is remixed here by San Francisco's Jay-J who keeps it on a soulful level on his bumped up mixes full of smooth percussion and scintillating keys.

Solu Music featuring Kai Martin "Can't help myself" (Solu Music Records 12")

Solu Music open 2004 with a lovely deep house production that takes them back to their warmth sounds they have become renowned for. Featuring fresh vocal talent Kai Martin, "Can't help myself" is a smoothly grooving production with a great flute line and deep rumbling bassline, added with percussion a cool guitar riffs.

Mood II Swing "Can't get away" (Full Intention / Rulers of the Deep Remix)(Defected Records 12")

Full Intention come up with a funky mainroom rework while Rulers of the Deep inject a little bit of Detroit flavour and underlay it with some classic old-school Chicago house beats.

Gene Farris "Welcome to Chigaco" (Remix)(Defected Records 12")

Jamie Lewis provides an uplifting rework of "Sanctified love" featuring a groovy beat and warm instrumentation. The flip features "Alien instruction" that is on a tribal tip with techy sounds while "Voice id" features spaced-out keys over a percussion driven beat.

Andy Caldwell & Jay J featuring Latrice "Give a little" (Naked Music Records 12")

"Give a little" is the first collaboration of Andy Caldwell & Jay-J, featuring Latrice Barnett on vocals. The 'Original Dose Mix' comes with phat beats and electrofied keys while the 'Moulton Studio Remix' features a deeply stompin' groove and warm melodic keys to create a vocal anthem. Anders Trentemoller gives it the electro treatment on his take.


January 18, 2004

Stacy Kidd "Where did it go" / "Ancient forest" (KenLou Records 12" Promo)

In contrast to the test press reviewed back in november, this promo copy features the new track "Ancient forest" on the flipside (the test press had piano tingled and bonus beat versions of "Where did it go"). "Ancient forest" features Indian Crew & Matthew Yates and is on a jazzy laidback tip featuring a mellow groove, topped with lots of percussion and warm, melodic keys.

Funky Soul Players / Stephanie Cooke "Body mind & soul" (Slaag Records 12" Test Pressing)

Slaag Records have another beauty in their hands in form of this Big Moses & Ruben Toro (from KISS FM New York) New Jersey style garage production that features Stephanie Cooke on vocals over a deeply storming groove added with warm, spheric keys that create lovely harmonies. Stephanie's sweet vocals gives the song a truly soulful edge.

Santana featuring Musiq Soulchild "Nothing at all" (Jamsteady Records 12" Bootleeg)

Jamsteady come up with a beautiful rework of the Carlos Santana produced "Nothing at all" that features Musiq Soulchild on vocals. Driven by Santana's outstanding guitar play, "Nothing at all" comes with a smoothly bumpin', very percussive groove - the result is simply fierce and irresistible.

E-Smoove presents "Da Vault Volume 1" (Bootlegg 12")

Here we have some more housed up r&b songs, this time courtesy of E-Smoove. On both "Love don't love me" by Eric Benet and "Don't talk" by Jon B, he keeps the soulful vibe of the original alive and adds a powerful and funky groove.

Terry Hunter "Madnezz coninues" (MAW Records 12" Promo)

Terry Hunter is back on MAW Records with two slamming tracks on this project "Madnezz continues", subtitled "1991-200?". First off is "Monster rhythm" which comes complete with a set of wicked keys, both melodic and spheric, over a smoothly bumpin' groove. Some beatz are included for your pleasure. Second is "Ya ya ya",  a storming track with an uplifting feel to it, featuring a driving groove, jazzy and melodic keys and simple but effective vocals on top.

Deep Rhodes Company "Bette Davis eyes" (GrooveJet Records 12" Promo)

Deep Rhodes Company are from Germany and come up with a lovely cover version of the Kim Barnes classic "Bette Davis eyes" that features male vocals. The 12" offers a couple of mixes to choose from. First off is the 'Club Mix' which uses the well known harmonies from the original and layes them over a thumpin' groove. The 'Hollow Gold Dub' uses a couple of filtering effects and takes the track to a more underground level. Invisible Man gives it a different sound with extra keys and a funkier groove. Also included are the electrofied 'Nordish Nutz Mix' and a reprise.


January 11, 2004

Marley "Master blaster" (Bootlegg 12")

Paul Simpson & Eddie Davis take on the classic Bob Marley tune and give it a fresh life in form of these groovy house mixes that feature lush and jazzy keys over a bumpy beat, altogether with some rapping.

Slam Mode "Usoni" (Ibadan Records 10" Promo)

"Usoni" is a departure from the recent Ibadan releases. Slam Mode come up with a techno-flavored house tune featuring a throbbing bassline and bright synths that has an hpynotic and athmospheric feel to it.

Mood II Swing "Can't get away" (Blaze Remix)(Defected Records 12" Promo)

This is the frist off two remix 12" of last years massive return for Mood II Swing. Blaze come up with three unspeakable good remixes featuring their deep soulful keys, warm bass and blissed out beats. More mixes to come from Rulers of the Deep and Full Intention.

Exlcusive: DJ Andrez "Muertos ride" (Spirit of House 2004 Edit)(CD-R)

An exclusive track reviewed here about a year ago that is still unsigned, re-edited by yours truly for the new year. Wicked chants over a percussion loaded beat generate an irresistible feeling.

Unknown "Bossa house" (White Label 12")

Beside the title, not details are available for this track that is apparently available on white label although I only have it on CD-R (thanks to a close friend of mine). It is a simple bossa-style track with lotsa percussion and vocal chants over it.

James Ingram & Michael McDonald "Ya mo be there" (Grant Nelson Edit)(Bootlegg 12")

Grant Nelson reworks the Ingram & Mcdonald classic "Ya mo be there" tinto a funky chunky house jam - guaranteed to get those to sing along that know it from back in the days.

Junior Jack "Da hype" (Original Mix)(Defected Records 12" Promo)

Hot on the heels of last years success of "E samba" comes Junior Jack's follow up "Da hype" which is a detonating groover that features an infectious groove and wicked keys. Lots of remixes promised including a vocal version featuring the legendary The Cure singer Robert Smith.


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