The Winter Music Conference in Miami is over and the soulful music just keeps coming our way... Smile

Hubert Street "Castle of broken dreams" (Hubert Street Music CD Promo)

The enticing "Castle of broken dreams" is the latest in a series of fruitful collaborations by Hubert Street (Doug 'Drrty' Gomez) and singer Bradley White-Dale, taking you on a journey to deepest grounds with its mesmerizing somewhat dirty underground-esque rhythms, moody melodies and Bradley White-Dale's sultry vocals. Beside the main vocal and dub versions, Hubert Street also gives us a delicious dub laced with warm melodic keys over a groovey backdrop. Jeremias 'FTL' Santiago contributes a wicked remix taking the song to new heights with infectious rhythms and glorious keys.

Jonny Montana featuring Dawn Williams "New me" (Solid Ground Records CD Promo)

Just one week has passed since the last promo from Solid Ground Records, and believe us this one as equally as massive. "New me" sees Jonny Montana and songstress Dawn Williams join forces for an uplifting production oozing with Jonny Montana's unmistakable jazz flavored organic sound and Dawn Williams incomparable vocals - a match made in heaven, with the result being a soulful masterpiece. On remix duty we have Frankie Feliciano and the Dolls Combers both adding their beloved landmark touch, taking the song to the next level. Soulful house at its best.

DJN Project "Raindrops" (Do It Now Records CD Promo)

With "Raindrops", DJN Project (Ruben 'Swift' Vidal & Rick 'Galactik' Wilkinson) show us their deeper side, using deeply thumpin' rhythms as playground for melodious keys, classy piano solo and Rick 'Galactik' Wilkinson's signature vocals. The remixes are courtesy of M60, V-Underground and Zulu's at Work all adding their distinctive deep yet soulful touch to the song, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor. An incredible release not to be missed.

Wil Milton & Rodney Carter "Life" (Blak Ink Music CD Promo)

In Summer of 2009, Wil Milton and Rodney Carter presented "Life", a contaminous yet soulful deep house gem featuring heartfelt vocals by Rodney Carter, classy strings, lush chords and phat keys, all perfectly arranged over a relentlessly thumpin' funk oozing backing. Now this beauty which combines raw emotions with powerful lyrics and unmistakable melodies is back in fresh interpretations giving the track a more laidback yet truly thrilling feel, putting Rodney Carter's heartfelt vocals and the delightful melodies to full effect.

Dajae "Don't you want my love" (Kenny Dope Remix)(Groove Odyssey Records CD Promo)

About a year ago, the original versions of the Bobby & Steve and Michael Hughes produced "Don't you want my love" performed in splendiferous style by Dajae took dance floors by storm, now these hotter than hot old school flavored remixes by Kenny Dope are about to do the same thanks to fiery piano riffs and phat acid house synths which together with Dajae's incomparable vocals and stormin' rhythms create a remorseless vibe you can't resist to dance to.

410 Paradox Underground presents "Chris Burns" (410 Paradox Underground Records)

Ultra Nate is launching her brand new label 410 Paradox Underground focused on quality underground house with the ingenious debut, self-titled release by Chris Burns. Each of the included track reflects a different sound and underground history that sustain his love affair with house music, keeping the vibe deep and infectious from beginning to the end, oozing with a unique deep house feel that is fresh and captivating, featuring guest artists such as Denise Henderson, Michelle Webb, Ra.Free and Mick Coogan. Both the label and artist are to be looked out for in the future...

KlevaKeys featuring Julie Iwheta "Moving on" (House Keys Records CD Promo)

With "Moving on" by KlevaKeys (Adam Agnilleri), House Keys Records present an uplifting soulful production featuring the vocal talents of Julie Iwheta who impresses with her deeply felt rendition of the vocals. KlevaKeys provides two equally great variations, both built around a fierce yet smooth funk drenched backing and melodious keys harmonizing perfectly with the vocals. The remix is courtesy of Distant People who somewhat smoothes the vibe down and uses an organic backdrop and celestial keys to give the track a more laidback feel.

Grooveboy featuring Antoinette "That love (can't get enough)" (Ospina Digital CD Promo)

Dublin based production trio Karl Lambert, Tony Pugh and Antoinette Dunleavy who record under the name of Grooveboy bless us with the beautiful "That love (can't get enough)", a sleek deep house production featuring sultry vocals by Antoinette, grand jazzy piano riffs and lush synths over irresistibly thumpin' funked-up rhythms. Davidson Ospina further deepens the vibe on his delectable remixes laced with distinguished keys and chords.

Ricci Melillo "Could it be" (New Generation Records CD Promo)

Remember "Could it be I'm falling in love" by The Spinners from 1972? Now this timeless classic gets reworked by Ricci Melillo for today's dance floors, with a remorselessly thumpin' underground-esque four-to-the-floor backing and mesmerizing synth hooks leading the way for the original orchestration and the unforgettable vocals. Underground Disco-House at its best.

Exclusive Preview: Winston Warrior "Bad 4 U" (Dave Doyle Remix)(Vintage R&B Records CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Venue Connection "Hide & seek" (Dave Doyle Remix)(Keepin' The Groove CD-R)

There ain't not stopping for Dave Doyle as only a few weeks after this splendid remix for Cool Million & Kenny Thomas he presents the more soulful gems. Both "Bad 4 U" by Winston Warrior and "Hide & seek" by Venue Connection are wonderful songs taken to the next level as he reworks them into fierce yet soulful four-to-the-floor anthems, using spell binding funk drenched rhythms as playground for classic strings, grand keys and the unmistakable vocals. Jam packed floors guaranteed.

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