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Gwen & Bertrand Dupart "Space odyssey" (Space Breaks Records CD Promo)

Gwen & Bertrand Dupart  -Space odyssey HTML clipboard With "Space odyssey", Gwen & Betrand Dupart present a truly resistless track built on a massive bassline, with the amazing vox and exquisite keys and chords giving the track a definite modern Disco-House feel on an underground-ish tip that can't deny being inspired by French Disco band Space and the one and only Giorgio Moroder. Listen to it, dance to it and then get lost in space...

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Exclusive Preview: Vick Lavender featuring Peter Jericho "Better baby" (Unreleased Anthony Nicholson Dirty Soul Remixes)(Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of his own and DJ Man-X mixes of "Better baby", Vick Lavender presents the unreleased 'Dirty Soul' remixes by Anthony Nicholson which give this marvelous song a timeless feel, fusing Peter Jericho's outstanding vocals with luscious keys and spaced-out chords, perfectly arranged over a groovy and soulful yet relentless backdrop. The dub version strips parts of the vocals to put the emphasis on the musical elements.

Exclusive Preview: Alex Finkin & Reverend P "House classic" (Animal House Records CD Promo)

After dropping two soulful vocal house gems with "These days are gone" and "Gone away", Alex Finkin and Reverend P present something a little different. "House classic" is an old school flavored, absolutely irresistible production featuring killer synth hooks and an off the chain piano solo alongside the the timeless "I have a dream" speech by Martin Luther King over a deep and groovy backing. The 'Dub Mix' strips the vocals to let the synths and keys do the talking.

Exclusive Preview: Baaba Maal "International" (Mauritzio Remix)(Palm Pictures Records CD-R)

World music scene legend Baaba Maal released his new album "Television" this summer, and to celebrate the release a remix contest was launched for the album track "International" (the contest closed just a few days ago on October 22). Last week we introduced you to Serge Negri's remix, this week we have Mauritzio's remix for you, a deeply stormin' rework built around a remorseless percussion enriched groove that serves as playground for the African vocals and chants, cool guitars and lush keys.

Exclusive Preview: N'Dambi "L.I.E." (Estranjeros Ghetto Touch)(CD-R)

The wonderful funky and soulful yet organic "L.I.E." is taken from N'Dambi's recently released "Pink elephant" long player which is considered by many one of the best soul/r&b albums of the year. Estranjeros' interpretation takes the song to the soulful orientated dance floors with a percussively thumpin', smooth yet captivating four-to-the-floor backing, always staying true to the dateless vibe of the original.

Exclusive Preview: BSC featuring Allegra "Jump" (Grooveland Music Records CD Promo)

The Brazilian Soul Crew unleashes their next bomb titled "Jump", featuring passionate vocals by Allegra Bryn. A total of 15 mixes is available, with the original percussion driven versions being fierce and groovy. Dave Lynam's vocal version intensifies the groovy feel, while his dub is a bumpin' old skool affair. Next Eddie Valdez drops the tempo for a gorgeous discofied interpretation, followed by IOSupastar (aka Miguel Serra) who deepens the vibe and adds a slight dark touch to the track. Lastly Douglas Marques contributes a delightful version featuring warm melodies and jazzy keys over stompin' beats.

DJ Radford featuring Thomas Jules Stock "Got to live your life" (Daddy Funk Records CD Promo)

The soulful "Got to live your life" by DJ Radford is an ultra cool production oozing with smooth Afro vibes and deeply felt vocals by the highly talented Thomas Jules Stock in the original version. Fresh delivers two remixes, with his 'Go Deep Mix' being a wicked electro-soul rework loaded with sweet synth melodies, while his funk oozing 'Guitar Mix' is a laidback latinesque interpretation featuring a lovely guitar. The Groove Technicians serve an uplifting peak time stomper full of catchy riffs over a funk soaked groove that is guaranteed to spread a feel good vibe.

Jay Dabhi "Circle people" (Soltrenz Records CD Promo)

"Circle people" by Jay Dabhi is a simple yet extremely effective somewhat funky edged instrumental track based on a ruthless tribal flavored, percussion fueled groove, laced with an incessant African Marimba hook that creates a mesmerizing feel. Drop this on the dance floor and it will send the crowd into a frenzy.

Wayne Gardiner featuring Ras Anthony "In the mood" (SoulFuric Deep Records)

Wayne Gardiner's melodious "In the mood" was released earlier this year through CIMA Records, now SoulFuric Deep have picked up this organ led gem featuring uplifting vocals by Ras Anthony and release a package filled with fresh remixes. Christian Hornbostel takes the track to deeper grounds to give it a sweet tech-soul re-rub, while Brian Tappert serves one of his beloved powered-up re-edits. Tony V goes for an atmospheric underground vibe, while Ryan Mishkin creates a peak time favorite using dramatic synths and a fierce groove. Also included is the 'Sunday Gospel Mix' from the original CIMA release.

DJ Dealer & Cyon Flare "Fire" (Look At You Records CD Promo)

DJ Dealer and Cyon Flare collaborate on "Fire", an old school tinged, funk soaked four-to-the-floor stomper featuring contagious vocals by Cyon Flare alongside catchy synths and chords over a remorseless backdrop. The release includes six mixes nicely varying things and giving you plenty of options, with the 'Underground' mixes being the most intense out of the package with their stripped down feel. But don't get us wrong, all of these mixes are guaranteed to set the dance floor on fire.

Heather Johnson "Destination" (Remixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

The DJ Kawasaki produced "Destination" is taken from Heather Johnson's just released "Happiness" long player and is an uplifting affair melting Heather Johnson's angelic vocals with warm melodic keys and a punchy groove. Sean McCabe fortifies the feel of the track with a powerful yet smooth groove and delicious keys and lush chords, while Form P60 adds a deep, minimal flavor on his mesmeric dubby remix.

DJ Roland Clark presents Urban Soul "We alive (South Africa)" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

With his latest adventure "We live (South Africa)", Roland Clark presents an homage to those who've lost the struggle in the politically unstable countries in Africa. His original version is on a smooth yet contaminous Afro-House tip, putting the meaningful lyrics center stage. Frenchman Franck Roger contributes the remixes, deepening the vibe on his chunky yet hypnotic variations.

The Outfit featuring Natasha Watts "Do you want me baby" (Groove Odyssey Records CD Promo)

In 1993, Victor Simonelli dropped "Do you want me baby" under the Cloud 9 alias on the now legendary Sub-Urban label, now 16 years later he unites with Bobby & Steve to revive this timeless anthem. Featured vocalist Natasha Watts belts out the infectious "Do you want me baby" vocal hook as if there would be no tomorrow, making this something special. The 'Afro Mix' is a modern interpretation of the classic original, with the 'House Outfit Mix' pumping things up for prime time action. The Dolly Rockers rework the track for the main rooms, using hands in the air piano riffs over a fierce backing.

Exclusive Preview: Mr. Mama "New York City" / "Puzzle" (CD-R)

Italy's Mr. Mama is back with two slammin' unreleased tracks we bring you as an exclusive preview. First we have "New York City" which is deep and mellow yet mesmerizing, featuring lush chords and a beautiful jazzy piano over a deeply thumpin' groove. Next is "Puzzle", one of those tracks full of ruthless deepness as only he can do, with the phat synth hooks and stormin' groove creating a hypnotic feel.

Greg Dorban & Andy Bunney featuring Chappell "All around" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

The uplifting "All around" is produced by Greg Dorban and Andy Bunney and features heartfelt vocals by Chappell alongside mesmeric melodies over a deeply groovin' backdrop. Park Street relax the vibe and serve a classic rework with a lovely funky twist, while Deep Inc. go deeper and darken the vibe to turn the track into an  underground favorite. A great selection of mixes that offers something for every moment of the night.

Frankie Knuckles & The Shapeshifters "The ones you love" (Nocturnal Groove Records CD Promo)

"The ones you love" is the first production for the Godfather of House Frankie Knuckles for quite some time as focused on doing remixes for various artists and producers meanwhile. On "The ones you love" he teams up with the Shapeshifters and singer Jenna Gibbons to deliver an uplifting slice of house music based on a energetic yet soulful backing, with additional keys supplied by long time partner Eric Kupper.

The Believers "Who dares to believe in me?" (2009 Remixes)(Strictly Rhythm Records CD Promo)

The 20 year anniversary celebration of Strictly Rhythm continues with fresh remixes of the Roy Davis Jr. produced classic "Who dares to believe in me?" that is best remembered for the classic Chicago style piano, the killer saxophone and the spoken words. Martijn ten Velden's remix combines the original elements with tougher angular beats and drums that strengthen the hypnotic feel to the max, while Karizma turns the track into a swingin' affair built around a funky groove.

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