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"What is this series all about?" you might ask. The idea of this series is to bring to you exclusive and unreleased joints that deserve to be heard. The reason they are exclusive and unreleased are various - sometimes the labels reject or simply don't release a production or remix they ordered, sometimes the producers did it for fun, sometimes the release is planned far away in the future, sometimes...

Picks of the Week

Lost Grooves 2005: Tania Maria "Come with me" (Louie Vega & MAW Remixes)(Concord Records CD-R)

"Come with me" is the title track from jazz/funk singer Tania Maria's 1983 longplayer that gave her worldwide recognition as this song became a big hit. Masters at Work give it a reworking perfect for clubs, preserving the uplifting jazzy vibes from the timeless original, subtly enriching this great song with additional instrumentation. In contrast, the 'Louie Vega Remix' turns it into a dreamy affair, adding an organic chill-out vibe to it. Simply a wonderful reworking.

Lost Grooves 2005: Kenny Bobien "Through the rain" (Bassclef Records CD-R)

Jose Burgos & Duce Martinez aka Soul Creation produced this beautiful song that is running for a full twelve minutes and features the legendary Kenny Bobien who delivers an outstanding vocal performance over a fierce groove that is driven by an irresistible piano line and wicked guitar riff, with percussion elements enhancing the irresistible vibe. Garage music as soulful as it gets.

More Reviews

Lost Grooves 2005: Roberta Flack "Love and let love" (Cubanix Remix)(CD-R)

Originally reviewed back on February 27, 2005: This song was released on Roberta Flacks's "I'm the one" longplayer back in 1982 and is a melodic, laidback groover in its original version. Cubanix take care of the song and deliver a subtle rework that keeps the structure and vibe of the original alive by taking it straight to the dancefloor with phat beats and smooth percussion, giving it underground credibility.

Lost Grooves 2005: Beyonce "Naughty girl" (Phil Remy Remix)(CD-R)

Beyonce's "Naugthy girl" getting a soulful re-rub by Phil Remy who combines the distinctive vocals with a sharp, smoothly thumpin' groove that is topped with warm melodic keys and a lovely flute, creating a laidback vibe. Simply a great uplifting reworking of this r&b smash hit.

Lost Grooves 2005: John Legend "Ordinary People" (Jihad Muhammad Remix)(CD-R)

This is one of many mixes around of John Legend's "Ordinary people", courtesy of New Jersey's own Jihad Muhammad (other mixes doing the rounds are by Original Drum Productions, 83 West, Jaycee, Karizma, Maurice Joshua) who combines John Legend's marvellous voice and the unmistakable piano line of the r&b original with a smoothly bumpin' groove and wicked spaced-out keys.

Lost Grooves 2005: NYC Peech Boys "Don't make me wait" (DFA Remix)(CD-R)

"Don't make me wait" by the (NYC) Peech Boys is one of those records that helped define club music back in the early 80's, produced by the one and only Larry Levan & Michael de Benedictus. 23 years later, DFA bring this song back to the dancefloor with their reworking that is based on a deeply stomping groove and laminar keys, serving as playground for the incomparable vocals.

Lost Grooves 2005: Luther Vandross "Apologize" (Quentin Harris Remix)(CD-R)

"Apologize" is lifted from Luther Vandross' 2003 longplayer "Dance with my father". A lovely ballad in its original form, it gets transformed into a mellow groover for the dancefloor by Quentin Harris who for once smoothes down his trademark sound to create one of the most soulful dance tunes of the year.

Lost Grooves 2005: Panyard "September" (Sueno Soul Remix)(Soul Delicious CD-R)

"September" is lifted from the still unreleased "Drive time" longplayer by Panyard on Soul Delicious Records and features the wonderful voice of Rashaan Houston. The album version is a smooth and soulful affair that is spreading a laidback feeling through its harmonies, here getting a re-rub by Sueno Soul who add a bouncey groove and warm melodic keys to it, creating an uplifting vibe.

Lost Grooves 2005: Deborah Bond "This is me" (Julius Papp AM Mix)(Asahra Music CD-R)

This remix should have been released on Asahra Music as part of the Deborah Bond project titled "The Remixes". However, there is no release scheduled as of yet. "This is me" has been released on NeoDisco Records back in january of this year, but here Julius Papp delievers a brand new remix, giving it a much more laidback feeling, perfect for early morning play.

Lost Grooves 2005: Brent Laurence featuring Emily McIntosh "Let the music" (Big Moses Vox Remix)(Tony Records CD-R)

Originally reviewed back on April 3, 2005: Finally it looks like Tony Records (the new label from Tony Humphries, after the closing of YellOrange) will kick off soon. This Brent Laurence production is currently available in mixes by Big Moses who comes up with a nice slice of New Jersey garage on the vocal version with a laidback groove and warm melodic keys accompanying the voice of Emily McIntosh. In contrast, the dub version uses a more Chicago orientated, driving groove with a deep rumblin' bassline, by stripping of most of the vocals.

Lost Grooves 2005: Kimara Lovelace "Just a dream" (CD-R)

Originally reviewed back on March 20, 2005: I'm not sure if this one is gonna get promoted in Miami or not, but this production by Fanatix definitely needs to be heard. Kimara Lovelace is in everybodys mind with her current smash "Here I am" produced by BackRoom Productions (out on SoulGroove Records), and "Just a dream" will follow this success by all means. The phat drums and sharp beats of the track will kill any dancefloors, and those wicked, spaced-out keys intensify the irresistible feeeling of the song, not to forget to mention the powerful yet soulful vocal performance by Kimara Lovelace that make this a winner.

Lost Grooves 2005: Mario "Let me love you" (Darren Campbell Remix)(CD-R)

Mario's massive smash "Let me love you" gets remixed by UK based DJ and producer Darren Campbell who gives it a slammin' reworking using smoothly stompin' beats together with a deeply rumblin' bassline and both laminar and spacey keys, creating an uplifting interpretation you cannot resist to dance to it.

Various "Motown Disco" (Motown Records 2xCD)

 Image Sub titled "Soulful Grooves from the 70s & 80s", this compilation features some of Motown Records finest moments in dance music. Included are some of the well known classics such as "Love hangover" and "The boss" by Diana Ross, "Down to love town" by The Originals, "Behind the groove" by Teena Marie, "I was born this way" by Carl Bean or "In and out" by Willie Hutch. In addition, this album also features tracks that had that distinctive dance music groove before the era of disco even was born - for example "Law of the land" by The Temptations or "Keep on trucking" by Eddie Kendricks. A good collection for those not already having these in their collection, and for those that want to find out how dancable music sounded before the "Disco" was invented.

Classic Reviews

Peech Boys "Don't make me wait" (WestEnd Records 12", 1982)

"Don't make me wait" by the (NYC) Peech Boys is one of those records that helped define club music back in the early 80's, produced by the one and only Larry Levan & Michael de Benedictus. A special promo 12" includes the acapella of this classic.

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