The WMC 2005 Picks

John Kumahara featuring Martino "Paradise in the Sahara" (Kenny Carvajal Remix)(Iwanai Records CD Promo)

This was the first release back in june 2003 for Iwanai Music that now returns with a simply fantastic reworking by Kenny Carvajal who takes the track to a higher ground, expanding the organ and keys provided by Martino to a new dimension, with the pulsating percussion underlining the late nite vibe of this production. The original version will also be included on the release.

Gene Douglas featuring David Walker "Almost heaven" (Almost Heaven Records 12" Test Pressing)

David Walker has worked as background voice for Mariah Carey, and here he teams up with Gene Douglas for a wonderful production. The original is on a classic vibe with a laidback feeling to it, featuring warm melodies over a mellow groove. Simon Grey takes it to a different territory on his mix, turning the song into a jazzy broken beat track, while Noel Pix is adding more punch to it with a sweet pumpin' groove. Frank Wichmann & Gary Lanziere take it to the underground on their tribal groove driven, electro-ish dub version. Finally Sebastian Wunder delivers a deep house groove with warm melodic sounds.

Blaze featuring Ultra Naté "Wonderful place" (Remixes)(SuSu Records CD Promo)

What a strong remix package SuSu have prepared for this great song featuring the wonderful Ultra Naté. Bobby & Steve together with James Ratcliff give it a soulful makeover with smooth percussion, lovely jazzy flute and groovy beats. Fanatix give it a deeper edge on their take, with phat beats and spaced-out keys. Their dub takes it even deeper and has an underground vibe to it. H&H come up with a bumpier affair with a funky bassline, cool guitar and disco-ish strings, adding a feel-good vibe to the song.

Kenny Carvajal featuring Swaylo "You remind me" (Phuture Sole Records CD Promo)

After giving Kenny Carvajal a five star rating for his remix on "Paradise in the Sahara", we have to admire his production skills. On "You remind me", he teams up with singer Consuela 'Swaylo' Ivy for a timeless production, with a vocal performance full of passion, coming striaght from the soul. The music is based on a smooth groove and comes complete with a marvellous jazzy piano and guitar solo that together with the melodic chords create a wonderful feeling.

Jully Black "Stay the night" (83 West Remix)(Universal Records CD  Promo)

Canadian singer Jully Black will soon be dropping her debut album. "Stay the night" is the first single lifted, coming complete with a remix by 83 West taking the song straight to the dancefloor with sharp beats, a deeply rumblin' bassline and spheric keys that get accompanied by jazzy keys, giving the song a late night vibe.


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DJ AJ Summers featuring Sifu Anderson "So glad to see you" (CD-R)

This track is taken from the "Souljerz WMC Heat Sampler" (watch out for reviews of other productions from that CD over the coming weeks). "So glad to see you" is a laidback and mellow productions with sweet percussion, jazzy keys, wicked guitar riff and a soulful vocal performance by Sifu Anderson.

Lefunken featuring Mina "Breathe" (Deepa Grooves Records 12" Test Pressing)

This is just one of the new productions Lefunken have ready for 2005 (those who enjoyed the Deepa Grooves party at the WMC heard some of them). "Breathe" features the sweet and sexy voice of Mina over a smoothly bumpin' groove that comes complete with a wonderful instrumentation giving the song a melodic vibe that has a jazzy edge to it.

Fanatix featuring Kele Le Roc "Lesson learnt" / Graceland featuring Billie "Just a little bit" (Osiris Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

This test pressing features the a-sides of two forthcoming Osiris Music releases. Beside all the remix work they've recently completed, Fanatix also produced "Lesson learnt" featuring vocalist Kele Le Roc. This song is based around a funky groove and has a very organic touch to it, coming complete with soulful keys adding an orchestral touch. "Just a little bit" by Graceland features Billie is an uplifting production coming with a warm groove, topped with both spheric and jazzy keys.

Jihad Muhammad "Melt in U" (Hustle Music Records CD Promo)

Neil Pierce has signed some goodies for his Hustle Music label with Jihad Muhammad and his "Melt in U" being choosen for the next release. This is a percussion driven track with female spoken words, jazzy keys and a wicked guitar solo creating an irresisitible vibe. Remixes by Mr. V will follow in a couple of weeks.

JoVonn featuring Carolyn Harding "He's more" (NextMoov Records 12")

Two years after "Dream a dream", Carolyn Harding returns to NextMoov for a collaboration with JoVonn. "He's more" is a soulful production featuring Carolyn Harding's incomparable vocals over a smoothly stompin' groove featuring percussive drums, brassie bassline and driving chords.

Ron Hall & The Muthafunkaz "The way U love me" (Hustle Music Records CD Promo)

The Muthafunkaz team up with singer Ron Hall for a production that has been picked up by Hustle Music for release in a couple of weeks. On this production, The Muthafunkaz get really soulful and deliver a great vocal production based on smoothly stompin beats, being topped with melodic keys creating a warm laidback feeling.

Faith Evans "Again" (Geoffrey's House Remix)(CD-R)
Mary J Blige "It's a wrap" (Geoffrey's House Remix)(CD-R)

The man who brought us the marvellous remix of "New day" by Pattie LaBelle last year, is back with two brand new nuggets just in time for the WMC. First, Geoffrey C takes on "Again" by Faith Evans and adds smoothly stormin' beats and nice melodic keys to create a deep house version of the song. Then on "I'ts a wrap" by Mary J Blige, he goes for a heavily stompin' groove topped with laminar keys and a wicked guitar solo by Wayne Cooper.

Markus Enochson "You blessed me" (Crash Records 12" Test Pressing)

Finally going to be available in a few days, after being reviewed here exclusively back in november last year. "You blessed me" features singer Aaron Phir and is produced by Markus Enochson whos original version is on a broken beat tip. Dino & Terry take care of the remix that is based on a percussion drivin' house groove and features warm keys, spreading an uplifting and warm feeling.

Ashen & Walker featuring Shaun Escoffery "Music" (GotSoul Records 12" Promo)

Rise Ashen & Trevor Walker team up with singer Shaun Escoffery for a bumpin' production based on a broken beat styled groove coming with a deep'n'funky bassline and jazzy instrumentation including a lovely saxophone on the original version, with Shaun Escoffery delivering a wonderful vocal performance. Fred Everything goes for a funked-up house groove with spacey and moody keys on top, while Miguel Graca gives it a more mellow and laidback feeling with a smoothend groove that keeps the jazzy elements alive.

Kiko Navarro featuring Concha Buika "The perfect place 2005" (Map Dance Record CD Promo)

These are the brand new mixes for 2005 of this slamming production by Kiko Navarro. The 'Nu-Vocal Mix' is a great reworking of the original vocal, keeping the vibe of it alive and adding some nice changes. The 'Flute On A Broken Dub' takes the song to a different direction by using a broken beat as base for the lovely instrumentation and vocal chorus.

Ron Trent "Dub life" (Atal Records 12" Test Pressing)

This one will make you remember of those timeless release on Clairaudience Records with its moody bassline and keys, creating an irresistible vibe that is steadily moving forward thanks to the spheric keys and percussion elements together with the spoken words.

Osunlade "El musica" (Yoruba Records 12" Test Pressing)

No detailed information available as we've got this as a white label. Four mixes are available on this latest Osunlade production coming on his own Yoruba imprint. "El musica" is based around smoothly stompin' beats and features a lovely instrumentation, topped by sweet and soulful female vocals. The second mix on the a-side takes the song to deep house territory with laminar keys over a moody groove. Side b kicks off with a nice variation of the main version, replacing some of the instrumentation, followed by another take using a smooth tribal groove as base.

Filsonik featuring Scott Wozniak "Steel dreams" (Yoruba Records CD Promo)

To be released at some time later this year on Yoruba Records (no date set yet), this is the result of a collaboration of Filsonik and Scott Wozniak. "Steel dreams" is a cool and laidback affair kicking off with a percussion and drum driven groove, before the sweet steel drums, guitar and flute come in. Together with the sounds of blowing winds, the result is a perfect track for those warm summer nights.

Rhyhtm Section "Re-Percussion" (CD-R)

"Re-Percussion" is a - as the name suggests - percussion loaded track that comes complete with stompin' beats and spaced-out keys, creating an almost ambient feeling. This track has an early-morning vibe to it, perfect for late nite play.

Scott Grooves "DBR" (CD-R)

Scott Grooves is currently working on his album to be released later this year (there will be both instrumental and vocal parts). In the meantime there is the brand new track "DBR", somewhat different from the productions we featured so far. This is a simple yet effective track based on percussion and drums for the creative DJ to play around with, and with new elements being added throughout the song, this track develops an irresistible feeling.

Geoffrey Oryema "Piri wango iya" (GotSoul Records 12" Promo)

This one won't come out in the form I've got it for review as the label decided to add some changes to it. Rise Ashen's take is on a mellow tip focussing on the african vocals, chants and instrumentation, underlaying them with a smoothly bumpin' groove. Jephte Guillaume versions are speeded up and come with a tighter instrumentation, giving you the choice of choosing between a tribal affair and a smoother take.

Various "Jamsteady Vol. 7" (12" Test Pressing)

The Jamsteady series continues with a hot three tracker. Jason Barham starts it up with his percussion driven and jazzy reworking of "Sunrise" by Norah Jones that keeps the soulfl vibe of the original alive. Trevor Walker comes up "Rofo Part Revisited", obviously a jazz track reworked for the dancefloor by adding a wicked tribal-ish groove (if you've got some information about the origjnal, please let me know). Finally Ken Terry presents "On Jones Street", a track cleverly sampling the Chicago classic "Street player" that comes added with extra vocal snippets.

Muthafunkaz "Holy ghost" (Code Red Records CD Promo)

This is the next release for Code Red Records that will follow in the steps of its predecessors to become an anthem in clubs. Based on an irresistible tribal groove, the phat beat and drums together with the simply cool vocals and outstanding keys together with an organ ride will make this a winner on the dancefloors.

Various "Miami 2005 Sampler EP" (MAW Records 12" Promo)

This year, Masters at Work decided to give away just a sampler with short edit version of some of their upcoming releases (no full promo was in the bag this time). Included are "Loud" by MAW featuring Beto Cuevas, a MAW remix "Soul makossa" by Afrika Bambaataa, "In the real world" by MAW featuring Viker Duplaix (to be released included an Osunlade remix), "The ha dance" by MAW and "Let's get jazzy" by Louie Vega featuring Mr. V.

Dawn Tallmann "Peace" (David Harness Remix)(CD-R)

As every year, David Harness had his showreel with him that features some hot productions. We've choosen "Peace" by Dawn Tallmann, a tracl coming with a steadily thumpin' groove that keeps it soulful with its warm bassline, drums and melodic keys, together with the sexy vocal performance by Dawn Tallmann.

Roberto De Carlo featuring Joshua "Soulful things" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

Swiss producer and DJ Roberto De Carlo debuts on GoGo Music with "Soulful things", a truly soulful production with a bubbling groove, funky bassline and uplifting guitar along the warm keys and sweet vocals. Benny Pecoraio delivers the dub version that intensifies the funky elements and is sure to keep the dancefloor burning. Lastly, Ralf Gum & Cris P are responsible for an alternate vocal version that features echoed vocals over a smoothed down groove, coming with warm melodic keys.

Soldiers of Twillight "Would you share" (Serial Records CD Promo)

Soldiers of Twillight is the collective of DJ Rork, Demon Ritchie and Lady Bird whos next release will be "Would you share". The original is a on a laidback tip with a smoothly thumpin' groove topped with warm melodic keys and a sweet vocal performance by Lady Bird. Demon Ritchie adds some pepper on his remix by giving it a funkier edge thanks to the extra guitar and toughened groove.

Soulato featuring Bernard Harris "It's a moody thing" (Paradax Records 12" Promo)

Californian based label Paradax Records bless us with this lovely vocal production featuring Bernard Harris on vocals over a bumpin' groove that comes complete with a funky bassline, sweet percussion and melodic keys. The instrumental is a bit on a moodier side, while Aaron Arce adds some extra funky flava on his take with an extra guitar that is layed over a pumpier groove.

Various "Bubble Soul Goodies" (Bubble Soul Music Records CD Promo)

Bubble Soul gave out this nice sampler at the Winter Music Conference featuring remixes of previous releases as well as a new track. Danny Marquez & Ferry B. take on "Seducao" by S.U.M.O. and deliver an edited version, while "M.U.S.I.C." by Kiko Navarro featuring Marcel comes in a funked-up reworking. "Visionary" by Natasha Mc Beam sees Harley & Muscle delivering an almost midtempo deep house production on a mellow tip, featuring a smooth groove and melodic keys.

Frankie C presents Soulaja featuring Caleb "Precious dreams" (Deep Secret Records 12" Test Pressing)

What a follow up for Frankie C to last years "Love is better", keeping it soulful on this driving production coming with a lovely guitar riff and wicked vocal performance by Caleb over the fierce groove that is enriched with melodic keys.

Jill Scott "Whatever" (Scott Wozniak Remix)(CD-R)
Colonel Abrams "Trapped" (Scott Wozniak Remix)(CD-R)

There is no stoppin' of Jill Scott getting 'unauthorized' house remixes, but with such great results we should be thankful like for them, as it is the case with this Scott Wozniak who takes her "Whatever" and turns out an absolutely slamming reworking that took the crowd within seconds with its oustanding keys and fierce groove when played at the Magic Sessions by Tony Humphries. Second he takes on the timeless "Trapped" by Colonel Abrams and gives it a respectful update based on a driving groove and wicked keys.

Brent Laurence featuring Emily McIntosh "Let the music" (Tony Records CD Promo)

Finally it looks like Tony Records (the new label from Tony Humphries, after the closing of YellOrange) will kick off soon. This Brent Laurence production is currently available in mixes by Big Moses who comes up with a nice slice of New Jersey garage on the vocal version with a laidback groove and warm melodic keys accompanying the voice of Emily McIntosh. In contrast, the dub version uses a more Chicago orientated, driving groove with a deep rumblin' bassline, by stripping of most of the vocals.

Haldo featuring Georgia Cee "With my body and soul" (Proceed Records CD Promo)

Picked from the "Miami 200 Unreleased Tracks" sampler CD, "With my body and soul" is an uplifting production based around a deeply stompin' groove that comes complete with a nice piano line and spaced-out keys that serve as playground for Georgia Cee's soulful and sexy voice.

Pino Arduini featuring Linda Lee Hopkins "Don't stress me out" (Map Dance Record CD Promo)

"Don't stress me out" comes your way with a driving groove, catchy keys and lovely vocal that make this production recognizable, and they also create an uplifting vibe on the dancefloors people will dance to. The dub version takes a different approach as it is on an electro tip, with sharp beats (remembering of classic freestyle productions from the late 80's, early 90's) and wickey keys, creating an irresistible feeling.

Hugo Madrid "Deep freeze" (CD-R)

Yet again Hugo Madrid unleashes a bomb on his latest showcase sampler (just remember last years "Twisted Madrid", a former "Pick of the Week"). "Deep freeze" is based around a moodily rumblin' groove that is topped with both spaced-out and laminar keys, giving the track sort of an ambient-ish feeling, making it perfect for both peaktime and after hours play.

Markus Enochson featuring Ingela Olsen "Listen for it" (Ricanstruction Records CD-R)

This one should actually be out by the time of this review, but it is such a fine tune I've had to include it on one of the WMC mixes. Featuring the soulful voice of Ingela Olsen, "Listen for it" comes with a smoothly bumpin' groove added with deep bassline and spaced-out keys, creating a laidback feeling.

Cassio Ware & Ruben Toro "Get lost in music" (Demo Mix)(CD-R)
Cassio Ware "Be your friend" (CD-R)

The legendary Cassio Ware will be releasing some great new music soon, featuring his incomparable voice. "Get lost in music" is a collaboration with Ruben Toro and is all about having a great party and getting lost in music, what will certainly happen with this track featuring an irresistible groove coupled with wicked keys, an organ solo and deep rumblin' bassline. I'm not sure about the title for the second track that is a decleration of love to a girl, coming with a smooth groove and topped with melodic keys, spreading a laidback feeling.

DJ Camacho "Black is the color of my skin" / "Heaven" (CD-R)

DJ Camacho is mostly known for his outstanding DJ sets, but one should not forget that he is also producing great music as the four track CD sampler given out at the WMC proves. "Black is the color of my skin" features a female spoken word over a deeply stompin' groove, coming with jazzy keys and spreading a fierce tribal-ish vibe. "Heaven" sees Camacho going deep with sharp beats, topped with both acidic and laminar keys together with a male vocal.

Jeremias Santiago "Keep pressing" / "Love so amazing" (CD-R)

Jeremias Santiago, better known under his FTL (stands for "For The Love") moniker, has a couple of productions available for licensing that he presented on his "WMC 2005 Sampler CD". "Keep pressing" features KT Brooks on vocals is an uplifting production featuring a great vocal performance over a percussively bumpin' groove coming with wicked keys and an organ solo. "Love so amazing" is a driving track that features female singer Chardel. It is based around a stompin' groove and comes with melodic keys and a jazzy piano line.

Melba Moore "My heart belongs to you" (Original Mix)(SoulFuric Records CD Promo)

Only available in its original form at this time, "My heart belongs to you" sees the return of the legendary Melba Moore with a great production featuring a powerful and uplifting vocal performance over a fiercely stomping backing track featuring melodic keys and a memorable hook.

Dejah "Whatever it takes" (Bounce Muzik Records 12" Promo)

Gabriel Horizon teams up with Ryan Gomez and Aaron Arce for this latest release on Bounce Muzik, a solid production on a laidback tip with a deeply stormin' groove and added with a wicked guitar giving it an acoustic feel, with Dejah providing a soulful vocal performance.

Fred Everything with 20for7 featuring Vanessa Baker "Friday" (Lazy Days Music 12" Test Pressing)

Lazy Das Music is the new label from Fred Everything that kicks off strong with this production featuring australian collective 20for7 and austraulian singer Vanessa Baker. "Friday" is a deep and organic number with tight beats, lively instruments including funky bassline and spheric keys and a catchy vocal hook. Trentemoller provides a remix that is strictly for the electro heads.

Various "Thoughts from Chicago Vol. One" (Eargasmic Records 12" Test Pressing)
Jesse Outlaw featuring Bernard Harris "Love you so" (Eargasmic Records 12" Test Pressing)
The Enigma "Puzzle Project" (Eargasmic Records 12" Test Pressing)

Eargasmic Records have a couple of releases ready to drop. First off is the "Thoughts from Chicaglo Vol. One" EP featuring "Stormy" by Gene Hunt, a deep and moody track with a smooth edge. "God energy" by The Sun God features old-school acid elements over deep rumblin beats. "Me" by K Alexi is a laidback percussive track with moody chords and eerie synth lines. Finally there is "Maintainin'" by Jared Wheeler, an electronic almost techy track keeping it soulful. Next up is "Love you so" by Jesse Outlaw featuring Bernard Harris, a smooth and deep garage production featuring sweet percussion, warm melodies and the convicting vocals of Bernard Harris. Lastly we have the "Puzzle Project" from The Enigma that features two tracks. "Man on fire" is a deeply rumblin' track with a jazzy edge thanks to the lovely xylophone, also featuring spacey keys, wile "Schmoov" takes it to a moodier level with a deeper groove and even spacier keys.

Goapele "Got it" (Charles Spencer & Captial A Remix)(CD-R)

Like many other producers, Charles Spencer gave away a showreel with some of his recent and unreleased production. Included on this sampler is this reworking of "Got it" by Goapele that he has done together with Captial A. "Got it" comes on a mellow vibe with a smoothly thumpin' groove with sweet percussion and melodic keys, keeping it soulful and letting Goapele's voice epxpress the feelings of the song.

Johann 'Yogi' Willenberg featuring Melinda Jackson "Feel'in so high" (NeoDisco Records CD Promo)

The latest release on NeoDisco is courtesy of australian producer Johann 'Yogi' Willenberg and features Melinda Jackson on vocals. The original version is on a laidback vibe with smooth keys and mellow beats. Julius Papp delivers a re-edit of the original with added percussion, sax and rhodes keys that is spicing it up while keeping the original vibe. On the 'PM Remix', Julius Papp adds a smooth tribal touch to make it more suitable for the bigger rooms. Finally the beats are on a darker tip.

D.T.M.A. "Tomorrow" (Crash Records 12" Test Pressing)

Finally going to be available in a few days, after being reviewed here exclusively back in november last year. "Tomorrow" is produced by Dino & Terry and comes your way on a classic vibe with sharp beats, old-school keys and a spoken word message by Kingdom on the vocal version while the dub replaces most parts of the vocal and comes with a lovely flute.

DJ Reeplee "Street in New York" / "What's real" (Souvent Records 12" Promo)

French DJ Reeplee has founded his own label Souvent Records in order to release his own productions as well as other peoples work. Here we see DJ Reeplee in full effect with two tracks. "Street in New York" is driving track with a stompin' groove serving as base for the jazzy saxophone that will take you on a ride on the dancefloor. On the flipside is "What's real",  a deep and moody track with thumpin' beats and both techy and spheric keys, together with a lovely guitar.

Mambana "Felicidad" (Rasmus Faber Remix)(SoulFuric Trax Records CD Promo)

Mambana's massive club smash gets a face lift courtesy of Rasmus Faber who takes it to a more soulful direction while keeping the passion of the original and keeping the vocal floating nicely, featuring all live instrumentation.

Bryan Gerrard featuring Alexia "Higher ground" (Vino Records CD Promo)

"Higher ground" is the third release for Vino Records and it keeps building the reputation for the label in releasing sensual grooves. The original version by Bryan Gerrard comes with afro styled beats giving the track a smooth tribal-ish vibe and jazzy keys. Graham Lord from Word of Mouth/Audiowhores turns it into a primetime affair with storming beats and a strong guitar, while Monte Hilleman goes for a dubbed out groove with deep chords. The final mix comes from Chuck Love who smoothes it down and gives it a nice warm and organic feeling.

Shawn Christopher "You can make it" (Audiowhores Miami Re-Edit)(SoulFuric Records CD Promo)

Those of you that had the chance to see Shawn Christopher perform "You can make it" at the Winter Music Conference know the power and positivie vibes that this song is spreading. This brand new Audiowhores edited version intensifies this feeling by adding some nice twists and turns.

Soulseacher "Feelin' love" (Ian Carey Remix)(SoulFuric Records CD Promo)

What a return for this timeless classic thanks to Ian Carey who delivers an absolutely fierce remix featuring a wicked guitar and deep rumblin' bassline groove that work perfectly with the energetic vocal. And then there is a great breakdown in the middle featuring a jazzy piano that will drive the dancefloor crazy.

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Colonel Abrams "Trapped" (MCA Records 12", 1985

A timeless classic with fierce mixes by Timmy Regisford.

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