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Distant People featuring Dee Major "Guidance" (Remixes)(Large Records CD Promo)

Distant People featuring Dee Major - Guidance (Remixes) The inspirational "Guidance" by Distant People which features heartfelt vocals by Dee Major returns with an outstanding collection of remixes. Kicking things off is Joey Silvero's (producer of the song) fiery 'Amnesia Remix' fueled with freaky synths and driven by a remorseless groove. Next Joey Silvero teams up with Dave Mayer for a beautiful funktified version, followed by Beaten Soul who contribute a hypnotic excursion to deepest grounds. Finally, there is Thomas De Lorenzo's deliciously deep melodious take.

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Groove Delivers featuring Kaysee "In you" (M.o.D Records CD Promo)

It has been a quite while since we last heard from M.o.D Records (one year to be exact), but now they are back with this uplifting sun drenched production by Groove Delivers, featuring the one and only Kaysee on vocals. "In you" is an exquisite slice of soulful house, featuring passionate vocals by Kaysee alongside warm melodic keys over a funk drenched backing. The fired-up remixes by MoD & Staffan Thorsell and Steven Stone are sure fire picks for prime time play, always keeping the feel soulful.

Ananda Project featuring Mia Tuttavilla "Awareness" (Kerri Chandler Remix)(NiteGrooves Records CD Promo)

At last !! These incredible Kerri Chandler remixes of Ananda Project's "Awareness" get a well deserved full single release. Kerri Chandler pulls out all the stops, using relentless dark rhythms as playground for moody melodies and the lascivious vocals by Mia Tuttavilla, turning out a funky array of mixes that are destined to send any dance floor into a frenzy. Also included are Chris Brann's more minimal dub and original mixes.

Rhythmcentric "New school fusion" (Remixes)(Look At You Records CD Promo)

"New school fusion" dates back to 2001, now almost ten years later this club/DJ favorite courtesy of DJ Sense & DJ Foxx (as Rhythmcentric) - one of the premier Look At You releases - returns in an utterly hot remix package. Dave Doyle, Milty Evans, Seb Skalski, Shane D, South of Roosevelt, Spellband, The Deepshakerz, Alfredo Azzetto and Daniel Borrero do their magic touch on the track, covering different styles and genres to give you plenty of choices to rock the floor at any given time. By no means to be missed.

Freeez "I.O.U" (Davidson Ospina Un-Released 2011 Remix)(CD-R)

It was the year 1983 when this now timeless club anthem by Freeez (produced by Arthur Baker and mixed by the trio of Arthur Baker, John 'Jellybean' Benitez & John Robie) saw the light of the day. Now in 2011 Davidson Ospina takes on what he describes as 'one of my all time favorite records' to add his distinctively deep and contaminous yet melodious touch to the track - pure quality.

Torin Rea featuring Erin Powers "Duplicity" (Ralph Session Remix)(Baldeelox Records CD Promo)

The first release for Baldeelox in 2011 is a charming remix by Ralph Session of the wonderful "Duplicity" by Torin Rea. The sweet vocals by Erin Powers are accompanied by jazzy keys and glorious synth melodies on this smoothly stompin' interpretation built around a funk drenched backing, altogether spreading an uplifting vibe. A summer anthem for sure...

Mr. Moon featuring Desy "I Wonder EP" (Duffnote Records CD Promo)

Bulgarian musician/producer Mr. Moon makes his debut on Duffnote Records with the "I Wonder EP", teaming up with singer Desy who contributes sublime vocals to both featured tracks. "I wonder" is on a lovely funk soaked tip featuring lush keys over a bumpin' backdrop, reworked by K-Bana who turn it into a deep atmospheric affair laced with a grand piano. "Gonna give you" is a truly laidback production oozing a masterly orchestration, remixed by Richard Earnshaw into a marvelous broken beat affair.

Wil Milton & Rodney Carter introducing Eric Scott "Not on my time" (Blak Ink Music CD Promo)

Wil Milton and Rodney Carter introduce us to Eric Scott who impresses with his incredible vocal talents on this gorgeous production titled "Not on my time". Eric Scott's sensitive vocals are paired with Wil Milton's signature string-orchestration sound and a smooth yet intoxicating backing. In other words, Wil Milton and Rodney Carter once more bless us with an excellent production full of emotion and energy.

Mr. Jimi, ByteSize & Sy Sez featuring Sabrina Chyld "Take me" (Soundmen on Wax Records CD Promo)

Let's get back in time with this production by Mr Jimi, ByteSize and Sy Sez. "Take me" features sultry vocals written and performed by Sabrina Chyld over an old school flavored relentlessly thumpin' backing, with phat synth hooks and seminal melodies further intensifying the vibe - simple yet so effective and guaranteed to get any floor jam packed.

Kalero "Makondo EP Remixed" (Underground Collective Records CD Promo)

The "Makondo EP" by Colombian artist Kalero was originally released about a year ago, now Underground Collective drop this fantastic package of remixes by Boddhi Satva, Abicah Soul, Anthony Nicholson, Casamena and Master Kev & Tony Loreto, each of them taking each of the tracks to the next level with infectious rhythms and thrilling melodies.

Exclusive Preview: Aaliyah "One in a million" (Rightside & Max Scatti Remix)(CD-R)

Last week we brought you Incognito's (Stephen Rigmaiden & Nacho Vega) cover version of the Aliyah (r.i.p) classic "One in a million", this week have this wicked remix by Rightside & Max Scatti taking this matchless r&b song to the soulful dance floors, with a fiercely stompin' backdrop leading the way for Aaliyah's unmistakable vocals and lush keys and chords.

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