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Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell "Un.Chained Rhythums Part 1" (Sacred Rhythm Music Records 12" Promo)
Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell "Un.Chained Rhythums Part 2" (Sacred Rhythm Music Records 12" Promo)

Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell returns in a big way with this two limited 12" on his new label Sacred Rhythm Music, availably only as expensive Japan import but it is worth the money you've got to pay for it. It's all about spiritual vibes here, featuring all live instrumentation, ranging from melodic chill out tracks over hypnotic drum grooves to the two standout tracks "Mafungo" and "Maringa". "Mafungo" is an incredible percussion driven track featuring an outstanding saxophone with male chants, while "Maringa" features a wonderful jazzy piano line over a deeply stormin', smooth percussive groove. There will be a US release of "Mafungo" coming soon with more releases to follow.


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Calm presents K.F. "Shining of life" (Calm Flutemental Remix)(LifeLine Records 12")

LifeLine Records present a spiritual jazz house piece by Japan's late nite guru Calm in form of "Shining of life" that combines shuffling beats, a groovy bassline together with a fantastic piano line and harmonic keys for a deep house journey. The 'New Mix' features an uplifting vocal while the ' Flutemental Remix' brings in a lovely flute, taking the song even deeper.

Jihad Muhammad "The dawn" (Camio Records CD Promo)

New Jersey based producer Jihad Muhammad is responsible for the first release on the brand new Camio label. "The dawn" is a percussive instrumental featuring jazzy keys by Vincent Jeffries that give it a laidback feeling. NJ Project give it a slightly tougher edge with an extra jazzy flute added, while rising star Kenny Carvajal who gives it a sublime reworking that is keeping the jazzy vibe alive. Kenny also provides an alternate version that replacs the piano with a saxophone (this version will exlusively be available at Traxsource as online download).

Dwayne Morgan "Everything" (Camio Records CD Promo)

Camio Records second release will be "Everything" by Canadian poet and musician Dwayne Morgan who provides a spoken word performance that is added with additional vocals by Lorraine Reid and Peter Miller. Kenny Carvajal is responsible for the sublime mixes that give the song an emotional feeling true the depth created by the wonderful vocals that are layed over a smooth groove that is added with a lovely guitar, harmonic keys and wicked organ solo.

Fuzion featuring Chris Herbert "I'm so glad" (Big Moses Remix)(Fuzion Records CD Promo)

The uplifting "I'm so glad" that features former Blaze member Chris Herbert on vocals has been given the remix treatment by Moise 'Big Moses' Laporten who gives the song a classic garage feeling full of soulful keys over a mellow bumpin' groove. These mixes this will exlusively be available at Traxsource as online download.

Dennis Ferrer featuring Kenny Bobien "Grateful" (Sfere Records 12")

Dennis Ferrer teams up with the legendary Kenny Bobien for an uplifting production that features a gospel-ish vocal performance, melodic keys and and an organ over a thumpin' backing groove that features a deeply rumblin' bassline. Soul drenched house at its best.

Kenshyro "Sky city" (MapDance Records CD Promo)

Kenshyro made his presence to the dance music community last year with "Remember the summer" which he follows up now iwth "Sky city", a soulful and fierce funky stomper in its original form featuring soaring female vocals. Marquito, a talent to watch closely in the future, takes the song into classic territory with warm melodic keys and strings placed over a storming backing track. MoD deliver a dub version perfect for the dancefloor with its irresistible groove that is topped with wicked keys.

Monkey Nuts "Melodic tree" (Abicah Soul Records CD Promo)

Abicah Soul Records have another beauty in their hands in form of "Melodic tree" by the Monkey Nuts. Their original version is a mellow, percussion driven affair featuring a jazzy piano, lovely flute and spaced out keys that create a laidback feeling. Justin Michael gives it a deeper late nite feeeling, based on deeply stormin' beats and moody keys, featuring Ian Fisher who adds a great guitar to it.

Feet "Feet Your Soul Vol. 1" (Feet Records CD Promo)

While last years "Night life" has been picked up by Farplane Records for a release soon including a new Rasmus Faber remix,  Feet return on their own label with the hot three tracker "Feet Your Soul Vol. 1". "I'll think of you" is full of funky flavors, bringing the sound of the 70's disco-funk back to the dancefloors, featuring soulful vocals by Sophie Delila. She is also the featured vocalist on "Something going on", an uplifting track with a lively jazz-funky edge, while "Excesso" has a latinesque vibe to it by keeping it funky at the same time, featuring sexy vocals by Yaité.

Classic Reviews

LZ Love "See the light" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12", 1996)

Booker T & BB Stone with a slammin' garage production where the dub is killing it.

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