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Pulse "The lover that you are" (Marlon D. & George Mena Remixes)(Jellybean Soul Records CD Promo)

Pulse' 1996 club anthem "The lover that you are" gets a fresh set of remixes by the team of Marlon D. and George Mena that have everything what it takes to become a timeless classic. Featuring songstress Antoinette Roberson, these new mixes simply will blow you away with the mesmerizing drums and bass, passionate uplifting vocals, marvelous keys and lush strings and synths that come together to create a hands in the air anthem, perfectly served over six mixes (two vocal, dub, instrumental, percapella and beats) that are fierce yet soulful while oozing with deep and sexy vibes.

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Exclusive Preview: The Maxx "Savin' myself" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

Rasmir presents some serious deepness here with "Savin' myself" courtesy of The Maxx. The 'Deep Mix' is as deep as it gets and has a raw and funky underground feel to it, with stompin' beats and melodic keys leading the way for the sexy vocals and spaced-out synths. The 'Dub Mix' is great alteration with some extra funky elements and crazed-out keys. The 'Percussive Mix' puts the percussion elements and drums center stage to give the track a resistless tribalised feel. This very mix is taken to the next level on the 'UK Mix' which adds some hot funky flavors to it.

Beppe Gioia "Untitled fantasy" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

Beppe Gioia returns to CyberJamz Records with the resistless "Untitled fantasy" coming in three different flavors. The 'Main Mix' is a deep affair featuring a sexy catchy piano line, classic strings and sexy male vocals over thumpin' beats that altogether create a mesmerizing vibe on the dance floor. The 'Deep Dub Mix' goes deeper and gives the track a more minimalistic feel, with reduced piano parts while some wicked accordion riffs are added. Lastly the 'Lounge Mix' is beautiful down tempo with a jazzy touch.

Exclusive Preview: Eddie Nicholas "I know a man" (CD-R)

Our man Eddie Nicholas returns to Spirit of House with yet another slammin' track. "I know a man" uses a deep'n'funky backing groove that is enriched with sweet percussion elements as playground for Eddie Nicholas' incomparable vocals, wicked synths and a phat organ ride. The result is a soulful yet absolutely irresistible track that is guaranteed to rock the dance floors.

Vinyl Alert: Gene King presents Sacha "Changes" (Shelter Records 12")

We tend to forget about vinyl-only releases in the digital age we are living. This is exactly what happened to this beauty produced by Gene King that we completely overlooked when released in December of last year. "Changes" features a sensitive vocal by Sacha over a deep yet smooth groove that is enriched with sweet percussion and warm melodic keys.  The 'Shelter Genetix Dub' takes things deeper, giving the track a resistless, slightly electrofied underground feeling. The 'R&B Mix' relaxes the vibe to give the track a more laidback feel, while the 'Reprise' adds some extra keys and funky flavors.

Ciappy DJ & Pablo featuring Savio "I do love" (DAE Deep Records CD Promo)

The first release on the brand new DAE Deep imprint is courtesy of Ciappy DJ and Pablo who team up with singer Savio Vurchio for "I do love", a wonderful production with a beautiful live orchestration full of lovely keys, jazzy sax and passionate vocals. The 'C&D Original R&B' version is a marvelous down tempo take perfect for those romantic moments. The ' Soul Live Elements Main Mix' takes the track to the soulful dance floors while keeping the vibe laidback and organic. Lastly the 'Ciappy DJ & Davide Murri Classfull Remix' is firing things up for some serious funk spiced peak time action.

Exclusive Preview: Keyshia Cole "Work it out" (Martin Faltin's Worked Out Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: India Arie "Beautiful" (Martin Faltin's Give Me Some Energy Remix)(CD-R)

Martin Faltin is blessing us again with two classy reworkings. First up is Keyshia Cole's beautiful "Work it out" (from her 2007 album "Just like you") that is given a groovy makeover on funky tip that has a slightly dirty edge to it. Next is the acoustic "Beautiful" by India Arie (from her 2001 album "Acoustic Soul") that is built around a stormin' beat that harmonizes perfectly with the acoustic guitar and lovely vocals.

No Age Combo vs Fabio Tosti featuring Big Mama "Colors of love" (Music Plan Tracks Records CD Promo)

With "Colors of love" by No Age Combo vs Fabio Tosti, Music Plan Tracks present a relentless track featuring sexy spoken words and vocals by Big Mama over a fiercely stompin' beat that is enriched with lush chords and synths. The 'MP Killa Dub' has an electronic edge to it, while the 'Colors Mix' replaces most of the vocals with strings and lovely keys. The 'Dubbin Clubbin' version is all about a catchy piano line over an irresistibly kickin' groove. Finally the 'Twinbeat Foggy Night Remix' is a deep and hypnotic affair that gets into electronic territory towards the end.

Slim & Swift "For You EP" (TriCircle Deep Records CD Promo)

This slammin' EP by Slim & Swift on TriCircle Deep Records lets you choose between four differently flavored deep house tracks. First up is "Beat the street", a deeply stompin' track featuring phat electronic snyths and jazzy piano riffs that together create a hypnotizing vibe. "Dirty disco" is on an old-school flavored disco-funk tip with some great breakdowns included, while "Pretty sucker" is a laidback deep house track with electronic synths perfect for late night / early morning play. Lastly there is "Keep it coming" that is intensifying the vibe with deeply rumblin' groove and catchy keys.

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