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Cassio "I love you" (Aqua Sol Records CD Promo)

Aqua Sol Records It has been a while since Cassio's last release (five years to be exact), but now he is back with the Big Logan produced "I love you" (with an album to follow around March 2010). Cassio's unmistakable vocals, relentless beats and drums, sweet percussion, infectious keys and a jazzy piano - these are the ingredients used to create an absolutely irresistible underground house anthem similar to the ones we used to dance to in the past. Trinidadian Deep relaxes the vibe to deliver one of his trademark deep epic journeys, using lush melodies to create an amorous feel. Stephen Rigmaiden's hypnotic take is all about contagious atmospheric synths over a percussively thumpin' tribal backing. Not to forget Bradford James who takes the track as deep as it gets, turning out a fantastic interpretation full of sweet melodies.

Windimoto featuring Victor St. Clair "Don't leave me alone" (Phuture Sole Records CD Promo)

Windimoto featuring Victor St. Clair - Don't leave me alone One of the most sought after tunes from this years Winter Music Conference finally hits the shelves (well for the time being the digital music stores). Phuture Sole Records bless us with an spanking release, a remix package of "Don't let me leave alone" by Windimoto, a song featuring a marvelous vocal by Victor St. Clair originally released by InterDependent Music at the beginning of 2008 (if you never heard of that label you're in good company). Ian Friday delivers a masterpiece of a remix that impresses with a soulful yet irresistible organic feeling, with the jazzy keys and synth chords being absolutely gorgeous. Abicah Soul deepens the vibe on his interpretation that uses a smooth percussion enriched groove, jazzy piano and classic strings to create a laidback feeling. His dub gets deeper, with techy keys added for a more hypnotic feel. Finally Pirahnahead gives the track a soulful yet laidback feel on his delicious funk oozing remix.

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Vick Lavender featuring Peter Jehrico "The L.O.V.E song (from Chicago to New York)" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

Well what can we say? Every time we receive new releases for review from Sophisticado we feel blessed as this label stays true to the music. "The L.O.V.E song (from Chicago to New York)" by Vick Lavender is pure soulful musical bliss, with the slick live bass, gentle jazzy keys and sweet vocals Peter Jehrico creating a captivating feel that is simply amazing.

Celeste Alexander featuring The T.S.O.C. "Good 4 tha soul" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

With "Good 4 tha soul", Celeste Alexander presents her first single, a sophisticated slice of finest old skool Disco-Funk guaranteed to keep the party going. For this project, Celeste Alexander, Vick Lavender, Rick Gehrenbeck and The T.S.O.C (The Sound of Chicago) all came together for a serious jam session, resulting in a spacy timeless Disco-Funk flavored masterpiece not to be missed.

Justin Imperiale featuring Max Paparella "Carribean ride" (Cabana Records CD Promo)

"Carribean ride" is a glorious production by Justin Imperiale featuring outstanding piano, strings and moog play courtesy of Max Paparella making this something special and truly unique. The laidback 'Original Mix' is oozing with marvelous jazz-funk flavas and smooth percussive groove, while the 'Drop the Jazz Remix' takes you straight to one of those legendary Jazz clubs in New Orleans with its masterly live jazz feel. Mauritzio toughens the vibe on his 'War Remix' to turn the track into a hypnotic spaced-out affair, while DJ Aphreme gives the track a warm groovy feeling fueled with beautiful melodies.

Circle of Funk "Fear of Time EP" (Slapped Up Soul Records CD Promo)

This two track EP by Circle of Funk is set to take dance floors by storm thanks to ruthless yet soulful grooves and wonderful melodies. A funky as hell bass guitar and sharp beats lead the way for pretty piano chords on "London groove", while "Organic house" is an old school tinged masterpiece featuring killer keys and synths alongside a classic vox sample over a deep percussion enriched groove.

Clemens Rumpf & David A. Tobin "Jazz in the House EP" (ReelGroove Records CD  Promo)

This three track release titled "Jazz in the House EP" by Clemens Rumpf and David A. Tobin is cool and groovy just the way we like it... "This old house" features a spoken homage to house music and jazzy melodies over a deeply thumpin' backing, while "Jazz in the House" (Sax Groove Mix) is all about a wicked jazzy saxophone and sparse spoken words over a smoothly kickin' backdrop. Lastly "Favourite underground" (DJ Tribute Mix) is a tribute to the hottest house music DJ's of today, again featuring spoken words alongside classic strings over a fierce jazz-funk soaked groove.

Emanuelle "Capture" (Barcoda Records CD Promo)

French artist Emanuelle presents the uplifting yet sophisticated "Capture" featuring sensual vocals nicely arranged over a classic soulful Disco-Funk drenched backing. Beside the 'Extended Mix' and 'Reprise' the package also includes remixes by Central Avenue turning the track into a slightly dark, deeply stormin' affair featuring captivating moogy synth riffs.

Chach "Luv" (Strobe Records CD Promo)

Strobe Records present the follow up to Chach's debut release "Until" entitled "Luv". Three mixes to choose from in the promo package, with Nick Holder and  Jason B teaming up for a deep mellow interpretation fueled with gorgeous melodies perfectly accompanying Chach's sensitive vocals. Both Tricky Moreira and Ron Allen add their distinct touch to the track, using lush synths and a powered up groove to intensify the vibe while keeping the overall feel soulful.

Ana Carolina "Cantinho" (Brazilian Soul Crew Remix)(CD-R)

The Brazilian Soul Crew (the talented trio of Claudio Mansur, Edground and Azee) present an excellent house interpretation of Ana Carolina's "Cantinho", turning the song into a deep yet soulful dance floor gem oozing with their unique signature groove-laced harmonies.

Exclusive Preview: BSTC featuring Keana Johnson "Get it" (MJ SOS Edit)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore "No limit" (MJ SOS Edit)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Kevin Whalum featuring Lynne Fiddmont "Why" (MJ SOS Edit)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Ladeana Michelle "Believe" (MJ SOS Edit)(CD-R)

We've received a couple of delightful edits by Mark Jordan about a week ago, and as with his previous submissions we are diggin' them as they successfully manage to keep the original vibe intact whilst giving the songs a new direction - in other words: subtle housed-up interpretations that stay respectful to the original versions. And what makes them stand out from the rest is the fact that Mark Jordan has chosen songs from artists lesser known to the masses (but surely are favorites amongst the real Soul lovers): "Believe" by Ladeana Michelle, "Why" by Kevin Whalum featuring Lynne Fiddmont, "No limit" by Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore and "Get it" by BSTC featuring Keana Johnson.

The Jinks featuring Lady Alma "Wake up running" (Jinks Inc. CD Promo)

"Wake up running" by The Jinks (Chris Gau & Dan Savidge) is a super cool house cut featuring magnificent vocals by Lady Alma and heavy chord progressions over a deep yet irresistible backdrop. The 'Dub' intensifies the vibe and gives the track a deeper slightly more aggressive touch, while the 'Jinkomides Deep Dub' is a twisted techy affair.

Aly-Us "Follow me" (2009 Remixes Part 1)(Strictly Rhythm Records CD Promo)

Strictly Rhythm continue to celebrate their 20th anniversary with wicked remixes of the uplifting, timeless house classic "Follow me" by Aly-Us. Fred Everything and Olivier Desmet team up for a deeply stormin' reworking on a dreamy tip, while Mauritzio's remix (a Spirit of House exclusive back in June of this year) is built around a remorseless, deeply thumpin' groove, with the unmistakable vocals getting accompanied by lush synths and keys.

Jonathan Meyer "U know me" / "Borderline" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

Jonathan Meyer follows up his previous club hit with a massive package (15 mixes) including the two new tracks "U know me" and "Borderline" both featuring sweet vocals by Wendy D. Lewis (background vocals by June Grey) alongside a remix of "Sunday light". "U know me" is a resistless peak time track coming complete with remixes by Panevino (synth heaven) and Victor Vespari (deep laidback). "U know me" is jazzy and mellow in its original form, remixed into a smooth broken beat affair on the 'Funk Mix', while the dub and dub instrumental are destined for the main room. The 'Psychadelic Mix' is full of phat chords, while the reprise is on a beautiful down tempo chill tip. James Deron serves a pumpin' vocal for the main room, while Greg Dorban reworks the track into a warm uplifting groover. Also included is a deep'n'groovy Victor Vespari remix of "Sunday light".

Daddy Funk 45 featuring Kaysee "Bag myself a man" (The Remixes)(Daddy Funk Records CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of the ultra massive "Strung out" by Ronnie Canada comes the next bomb from Daddy Funk Records featuring in demand singer Kaysee who contributes a passionate vocal on "Bag myself a man". Rob Hayes remixes the track into fiercely stompin' dance floor gem featuring soulful chords over a funked-up backdrop, while Groove Technicians supply both a laidback yet soulful funk drenched version as well as a tougher somewhat dirty peak time version. Lastly Bush Baby go all the way big room on their remix.

Haldo & Morrisson "When we get up" (Transport Records CD Promo)

On "When we get up", singer Morrisson and producer/DJ Haldo team up to present a feel good production filled with bright keys, snappy drums and positive vocals. New Mondo intensify the feel good vibe to the max on  their punchy remix, while Gino Woody Bianchi & Haldo relax the vibe for a soulful laidback feel. Haldo's 'Club Mix' is a funky interpretation complete with bouncy piano chords, while Ettori Rossi gets electronic on his remixes. A surefire dance floor burner.

D-t3ch "Unseen Things EP" (Mindtravel Records CD Promo)

Mindtravel Records welcome Australia's D-t3ch aka Jade Metz with his "Unseen Things EP" featuring three contaminous old school styled Disco-Funk soaked house tracks, with the title track being remixed by Sonny Fodera into a funky monster built around a smooth yet relentlessly stompin' groove. Guaranteed to send the dance floor into a frenzy.

Mr. Fuzz featuring Maurizio "Deep House Cooking" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Fredric Faupin, under his Mr. Fuzz disguise, serves the tasty "Deep house cooking", a 70's cocktail of lovely strings and sweet guitars topped with spoken words courtesy of Maurizio Bullano. Eight dishes - er mixes - are part of the menu, created by the likes of Blue Deep, Greg Stainer, Grantorino, Carl Michael and The Deepchords, letting you choose from the different flavors of deep house. Enjoy this luxurious meal.

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