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BSC featuring Jessi Colasante "What you do to me" (NY Soul Records CD Promo)

"What you do to me" is a true musical gem, a truly unique fusion of jazz and latin with house music as only the Brazilian Soul Crew (Claudio Mansur, Alexandre Zee & Edground) can do. "What you do to me" features sultry vocals by Jessi Colasante and sublime rhodes and chords over smooth percussive rhythms guaranteed to make you yearn for more. Boddhi Satva takes the song to the next level on his delectable remix laced with illustrious chords, while Rob Lamont's interpretation is a brilliant laidback down tempo groover.

Bobby Trenton featuring Beverly "Here it comes again" (Solid Ground Records CD Promo)

Bobby Trenton's "Here it comes again" has been a favorite with DJ's and lovers of soulful house music alike since being featured on the "Solid Ground Summer Sampler 2011", now this wicked track which features heartfelt vocals, cool organ and luscious keys over a deeply thumpin' backing gets a proper release, complete with slamming remixes by Souldynamic, Booker T and Steven Stone, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor.

Barbara Tucker "You want me back" (Steve Paradise Remixes)(Bacci Bros Records CD Promo)

"You want me back" by legendary house music diva Barbara Tucker dates back to 2005 when initially released through Fusion/Paradise Records in France, now the track returns in fresh mixes by Steve Paradise whose 'Club Mix' is a deeply groovin' affair combining Barbara Tucker's unmistakable deeply felt vocal performance with dulcet keys and a smooth backdrop, while his 'Deep Mix' is slightly deeper and features a beautiful jazzy piano.

Alton Miller "Something 4 U" (The Pirahnahead Remixes)(Whasdat Music CD Promo)

Pirahnahead revisits and finally releases this lost gem of a track from the Detroit legend Alton Miller titled "Something 4 U" which was originally featured in 2003 on Alton Miller's "Stories in Bohemia" album (released through Peacefrog Records). Whether it is Pirahnahead's original remix which has been in the vault since 2003 or his re-touched 2012 version, this is sheer musical bliss - in layman terms this is house music at its best, a timeless classic not to be missed.

Monocles & Slezz featuring Mxolisi Ndongeni & Maestro De Casa "So fine" (Peng Africa Records CD Promo)

Peng Africa continue their winning streak with their latest offering by Monocles & Slezz who team up with Mxolisi Ndongeni and Maestro De Casa on "So fine", an incredible production featuring heartfelt vocals and luxurious keys over deep yet smooth mesmerizing rhythms. The remixes by Kojo Akusa, PM Project, Deep Illusion and Dario Martino add different flavors to the track, making this a truly versatile package that is highly recommended.

Pirahnahead featuring Diviniti "Believe in me" (Women on Wax Records CD Promo)

"Believe in me" has been a favorite with Spirit of House ever since we got the promo at the Winter Music Conference back in 2010, now the wait is over and this wonderful song gets released. Pirahnahead and Diviniti join forces to bless us with this marvelous soul oozing production featuring outstanding vocals and a glorious instrumentation including jazzy keys, lush chords and acoustic guitars in its original version. The remixes are courtesy of Ian Friday who adds his distinctive touch to the song, letting you choose between two exciting alterations. Last but least there is a brand new laidback version by Pirahnahead included. Highly recommended.

Djeff featuring Sandy Spady "One night" (Remixes)(Tribe Records CD Promo)

Tribe Records continue to grace us with the best in house music with this superb production by Djeff from Angola. "One night" is a thrilling deep house track with a slight dark edge which features sultry vocals by Sandy Spady alongside dramatic synth melodies and classy jazzy piano over a fierce backdrop. Add slamming remixes by the likes of Black Motion, Arnaud D, N’Dinga and Filipe Narciso each adding his distinctive deep touch to the track and you've got a paramount release by no means to be missed.

Sunlightsquare featuring Tasita D'Mour "Heaven only knows" (Sunlightsquare Records CD Promo)

Sunlightsquare return with the grandiose "Heaven only knows", a collaboration with legendary DJ/producer Hippie Torrales and the one and only Tasita D'Mour. Their original is a slice of soulful dance floor heaven featuring Tasita D'Mour's amazing vocals and delicious melodies. Jose Burgos & George Mena rework the track into a deep hypnotic affair, while Dave Doyle serves an uplifting jazz-funk inspired version. Not to forget to mention Mustafa's laidback broken beat styled rendition oozing with a timeless old school flavored feel.

RYB featuring Angelita Jiminez "Brazilian breeze" (2012 Remixes)(Mutated Music CD Promo)

In 2007, we were all over the magic "Brazilian breeze" by RYB (Rafael Yapudjian & Marcos Bispo) and singer Angelita Jiminez, and the same thing happened the day this remix package landed in our mailbox. Rafael Yapudjian went back to the studio and uses a live sax, exquisite keys and smooth yet captivating percussive rhythms on his remix to give the song a lively feel, while Samson Lewis delivers a truly melodious bumpin' deep house rework. Last but least there is the sublime masterly orchestrated Brazilian Soul Crew remix exclusively reviewed here on Spirit of House back in late 2007.

Groove Junkies & Stuttering Munx featuring Indeya "Addicted to the rise" (The Remixes)(MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

MoreHouse Records kick off 2012 strong with "Addicted to the rise", an energetic production by Groove Junkies and Stuttering Munx featuring the one and only Indeya on vocals. Each of the uber cool mixes by Piers Kirwan, Groove Junkies & Stuttering Munx or Tim Nice is guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor thanks to Indeya's incomparable vocals, relentless rhythms and gorgeous melodies.

Distant People featuring Nicole Mitchell "Gimme heat" (Universe Media CD Promo)

Joey Silver aka Distant People teams with UK songstress Nicole Mitchell for "Gimme heat", a soulful production featuring the unmistakable vocals of Nicole Mitchell and delectable keys over a deep fiercely stormin' backdrop. The remixes are courtesy of JD73, Steven Stone, Sole Essential and Echofusion all adding their distinctive touch to the song, with each of their versions being a sure fire floor filler.

Stephanie Cooke "Beautiful Sampler EP" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

This sampler will make you yearn for more, more precisely it will make you yearn for Stephanie Cooke's upcoming long player "Beautiful". What you get here are four dub versions and a full remix by the likes of Groove Assassin, URH and Hoshiko Oki. The Groove Assassin (Nick Moss) contributes two funked-up latin flavored dubs of "Excuses", while URH serve two laidback jazzed-up dubs of "If I have to change". Finally, Hoshiko Oki graces us with his latin-jazz tinged interpretation of "Thinking I'm so beautiful".

Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro "Lovery" (Yoruba Soul Mixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

After some wait the full  selection of remixes of Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro's "Lovery" is here (the original version saw the light of the day on the "Long Hot Summer" compilation back in August of last year), with the highlight being the celestial renditions by Osunlade who is pulling out all the stops on his signature organic 'Yoruba Soul' mixes featuring glorious keys and a killer jazzy saxophone over thrilling percussive rhythms,

Davidson Ospina featuring David Walker "The more I get - the more I want" (Ospina Digital CD Promo)

Teddy Pendergrass' timeless "The more I get - the more I want" (originally featured on his self titled debut album released in 1977) has been given a makeover by DJ/producer Davidson Ospina and singer David Walker who deliver a truly uplifting and soulful yet spell binding interpretation featuring grand keys and strings alongside phenomenally performed vocals by David Walker. Don't miss to check out the dub for a deeper experience.

Steven Stone & Nicole Mitchell "Show me love" (Soul Deluxe Records CD Promo)

In mid October of last year, Soul Deluxe blessed us with the "Swiss Soul EP" (which features three equally great productions) by Steven Stone and songstress Nicole Mitchell. In December remixes of "No lies" dropped, now its time for "Show me love" to get a full release. Richard Earnshaw adds his beloved bumpin' funk drenched touch, Yogi & Husky serve a deeply thumpin' rework fueled with illustrious keys and last but not least there is a beautifully orchestrated funk soaked version by Carlos Vargas.

Hanna Hais "Il me parle en anglais" (Atal Music CD Promo)

It has been a while since we could enjoy the fantastic results of Hanna Hais and Matthias Heilbronn working together, but thankfully they united once again to bring us "Il me parle en anglais", a paramount production built around a smooth yet contaminous percussive groove topped with Hanna Hais inimitable sexy vocals and distinguished keys, taking you on a blissful journey through soulful house music you wish would never end.

Myles Bigelow & Dawn Pemberton "You got me spinning" (Deep Culture Music CD Promo)

With "You got me spinning" by Myles Bigelow & Dawn Pemberton, Deep Culture Music have a beauty in their hands that smoothly combines soulful with deep and techy elements - the results speaks for itself: incredibly soulful yet infectious and deep with a slight touch of tech to shine through, this is a sure fire favorite with the soulful heads. The three mixes included give you plenty of prospects to cause a stir on the floor.

Nightrhymes featuring Michael Clifford "Music & harmony" (Purple Music CD Promo)

Nightrhymes' "Music & harmony" is a feel good production influenced by the timeless Disco/Funk sound, featuring uplifting vocals by Michael Clifford, warm melodious keys and classic strings over a stormin' funked-up backing. Danny Clark & Jay Benham take the track to deeper grounds on their remix somewhat reminiscent of the unforgotten early nineties house sound, while DJ Lukas Wolf & Michael Clifford go even deeper on their mesmeric 'DeepTechTheory Mix' perfect for prime time play.

Dom Navarra featuring Cairo "Like rain" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Domenico Navarra returns with "Like rain", a beautiful production which features deeply felt vocals by Cairo alongside grand jazzy keys over a laidback funk drenched backdrop. Continuing their tradition, Gotta Keep Faith include a classy selection of remixes in the package - as usual the chosen ones Alex Senna, DJ Umbi, Marco Finotello and DJ Fuzz don't disapoint and give you plenty of options o send the crowd into a frenzy.

Miz-Dee Penelope featuring Bob James "Daughter of the Earth Wind EP" (Nu Deep Music CD Promo)

Nu Deep Records introduce us to Miz-Dee aka Penelope Dineo Dhlamini from South Africa whose "Daughter of the Earth Wind EP" is already creating a buzz in her home territory which is no surprise as the deeper than deep rhythms together with the wicked vocals by Bob James and splendorous melodies of "Sound of explain", "Funky music" and "Take me away" spread a hypnotizing feel on the floor you can't resist to dance too. The blazin' hot remixes by BlackJean and DJ Cupid of "Sound of explain" nicely round off the package.

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