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Tortured Soul "In my fantasy" (Tortured Soul Records CD Promo)

Tortured Soul - In my fantasy "In my fantasy" is the latest single release lifted from Tortured Soul's highly acclaimed long player "Did you miss" me, coming your way as a tasty package full of excellent interpretations. DJ Spinna pulls out all the stops and blesses us with an eclectic remix as only he can do, taking his signature sound to the next level. Jask serves a dreamy rework that is all about beautiful atmospheric sounds, while Tom Moulton turns back the clock of time with his classic remix. Ezel goes deep and laidback on his take, followed by Tortured Soul's own JKriv and Ethan White who round the package off with their distinctive styles. Not to be missed.

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Dutchican Soul featuring Andrea Love "Back in the day" (Panevino Music Records CD Promo)

Dutch duo Dutchican Soul (aka Niels Schröder and Jasper 'Drexmeister' Drexhage) team up with songstress Andrea Love for "Back in the day", an uplifting production featuring passionate vocals and melodious keys over a funk soaked, fierce yet smooth groove. Various remixes are included, with Ralf GUM contributing a fantastic interpretation flavored with lovely Asian elements, with his deepened dub further intensifying the feel. Panevino deliver a thrilling deep remix loaded with phat synths and chords, while King DK takes the track to the main room.

Exclusive Preview: Beppe Gioia "Danielle" (Original Mix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Beppe Gioia feat Michael Watford "The doctor" (Beppe Gioia Unreleased Mix)(Unified Records CD-R)

Enjoy some unreleased gems by the versatile Beppe Gioia here, with the first one "Danielle" sure to be picked up by a label soon. This track is soulful and groovy, featuring scattered vocals, jazzy keys and delicious chords over a percussion enriched, sweet yet captivating groove. "The doctor" was originally released through Unified Records, featuring vocals from the one and only Michael Watford. This unreleased mix is one of the coolest things we've heard in a long time, with the wicked synth hooks, latin flavored piano and classy horns together with the contaminous backdrop creating an uplifting feel.

Exclusive Preview: Wayna "Moonlight rendezvous" (Serge Negri Remix)(Quiet Power Productions CD-R)

Here we've got an exclusive Serge Negri remix of the wonderful "Moonlight rendezvous" by Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Wayna. He stays respectful to the original, keeping the feel truly soulful and jazzy all over, with Wayna's unmistakable, impressive vocals standing out while the deep smooth backing creates a laidback yet compelling vibe.

Exclusive Preview: Jay 'Sinister' Sealee & Louie Vega starring Julie McKnight vs. Reelsoul & Alix Alvarez "Bittersweet bom" (Evan Landes Mash-Up)(CD-R)

There are tons of mash-up's out there, and to be fully honest with you most of them should have never seen the light. But among all this digital waste, there are some jewels that are worth hunting down. Take this mash-up created by Evan Landes as a prime example: two of the most in demand club smash hits in recent months - "Bittersweet love affair" by Jay 'Sinister' Sealee & Louie Vega starring Julie McKnight and "Bom" by Reelsoul & Alix Alvarez - are combined into one in a brilliant way, with lots subtle edits and tweaks to be discovered.

Ben Moss "No Problem EP" (LOSS Audio Records CD  Promo)

LOSS Audio is a brand new label founded by German DJ and producer Benny Pecoraio who also is responsible for the first release he presents under his Ben Moss moniker. The moody title track "No problem" is deep and intoxicating, featuring seductive synths and chords over a resistless groove. Ralf GUM's 'Unproblematic Dub' takes the track to the next level, turning it into a mesmeric spacey affair. "For the moment" keeps the vibe deep and contagious while being on a more shiny tip.

Exclusive Preview: Kinky Movement "Raided House EP" (MindTravel Records CD Promo)

The "Raided House EP" by Kinky Movement includes three slammin' tracks, with "Free party" being a cool funk soaked affair spiced with a pinch of Disco and lots of soul, with the result being an uplifting funky house stomper. Fabio Bacchini's remix intensifies the Disco flavors and injects extra power to guarantee it causes a stir on the dance floor. Both "Is it" and "Listen up" are funked-up house tracks on a more jackin' tip and feature sample from some famous Disco classics.

Mauritzio "Tswalu EP" (Cabana Records CD Promo)

Mauritzio Baiocchi returns with an EP fueled with remorseless afro house vibes. The title track "Tswalu" is smooth yet relentless, built around a tribal-ish percussion driven backing which gets topped with captivating African chants and exquisite keys and chords. The 'Drumdub Mix' is on a hypnotic stripped down tip, while Justin Imperiale turns the heat up on his remix with boosted percussion and added bass guitar and sax. "Kalahari" relaxes the vibe for a journey into deep jazz drenched afro house.

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