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Groove Junkies featuring Wendy Brune' "Shut up n' dance" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

Image Right in time for Miami, the Groove Junkies (Evan Landes and Parrish Wintersmith) drop a bomb that is guaranteed to rock the dance floors for months if not years to come. "Shut up n' dance" is the second single from their upcoming album "In the zone" and features marvelous vocals by Wendy Brune'. The original is absolutely irresistible, with a funk drenched groove leading the way for mesmerizing chords and Wendy Brune's sexy powerful vocals. The 'Old Skool Rub' slightly relaxes the groove, with the wicked keys adding a late 80s/early 90s feel to the track, while the 'NYC Deep Dub' goes as deep as it gets, making it an after hours essential. Richard Earnshaw contributes a slammin' remix, reworking the track into a relentless, punchy affair. With instrumentals and an acapella tool included, this is a must have for your collection.


Ralf GUM featuring Daniel Thomas "Higher high" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

Image With "Higher high", Ralf GUM presents a stellar Disco influenced dance floor stomper based around a funk drenched backdrop, featuring outstanding vocals by UK singer Daniel Thomas which together with the old school tinged keys, classic strings and lovely guitars create an intense feeling you can't resist to dance to. Ralf GUM's 'Deeper Deep' mixes are the choice for all the deep house headz loving it deep'n'soulful yet resistless, while The Realm rework the track into a fiercely groovin' affair that oozes with soulful vibes from the beginning to the end. This slice of uplifting dance music is a must have for your collection.


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Random Soul & Silky "Searchin'" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

Random Soul team up with Silky to present "Searchin'", a relentless four-to-the-floor stomper featuring lush synths and sultry vocals that altogether create an infectious vibe. Yogi & Husky use phat keys and give the track a wicked dirty funked-up touch, while Seminal Groove deliver a mainroom favorite. Vandermeer & Nitin go deep with a techy edge, while Uncle Milty relaxes the vibe for a funk soaked affair with a lovely piano leading the way. Finally DJ Romain is powering things up on his pumpin' rework.

Lewis Ferrier featuring Mavis Acquah "Love is on its way" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

"Love is on its way" by Lewis Ferrier is a soulful yet captivating affair featuring outstanding vocals by Mavis Acquah alongside jazzy keys and lovely synth chords over a pounding backdrop. Morten Trust injects the track with old skool flavored funky vibes to intensify the vibe while keeping the overall feel soulful, followed by Dutchican Soul who takes the track to deeper slightly dark grounds.

Distant People featuring Chappell "Simple things" (SofiTone Records CD Promo)

The Patrick Chappell & Mark Brenson written "Simple things" is produced by Joey Silvero and features heartfelt vocals by Patrick Chappell, with the song spreading an uplifting feeling through the funktified groove, jazzy keys and sweet melodies. Kuningas deepen the vibe and use luscious keys to create a wonderful late night feel, while label head Patrick Green contributes a mellow yet deep interpretation featuring beautiful synth chords.

Steal Vybe featuring Francis Mbappe "Feel alright" (Steal Vybe Records CD Promo)

Steal Vybe (Chris Forman and Damon Bennett) follow up the wonderful "Selene" with a resistless feel good production titled "Feel alright" which features outstanding vocals by Francis Mbappe (from Fm Groove) over an infectious yet smooth, funktified afro tribal groove that is enriched with sweet percussion and superb keys and chords.

DJ Rico aka Deep Y'all "Keep dancing" (Cabana Records CD Promo)

DJ Rico under this Deep Y'all moniker presents "Keep dancing" which features a wicked male spoken word alongside atmospheric melodies over a smooth, deeply thumpin' funk soaked groove. Spiritual Blessings fire things up on their percussion driven rework loaded with great keys and synth chords, while the hypnotic slightly dub tinged David Crops remix gives the track a deeper feel. Lastly 6RIL delivers a deep late night interpretation built around a mellow tribal-ish groove.

Mauritzio "Kind of Kondo" (Cabana Records CD Promo)

Mauritzio Baiocchi's full on percussion production "Kind of Kondo" comes in three tasty flavors. The 'Love Mix' keeps the pace down, with a marvelous guitar and beautiful keys creating a loungey feel. The 'Tropical Mix' takes the track to house territory, with the gorgeous keys and fierce yet smooth groove creating a captivating vibe. The 'Sub Tropical Mix' further intensifies the vibe by adding hypnotic spaced-out synths.

Sumo featuring Sammy Kasule "Mystic drums" (Lovemonk Records CD Promo)

Alf Tumble & Combo (under their Sumo alias) unleash a gem they recorded back in 2001 that comes your way complete with brand new remixes. The original is a marvelous afro beat production featuring an outstanding vocal by Sammy Kasule alongside a wonderful orchestration, with the 'Live Demo Mix' being a sweeter interpretation. The remixes are by Bangana (another alias used by Alf Tumble & Combo), turning the track into a relentless deep house bomb that is spreading a hypnotic feel through the phat synths and infectious groove.

Back 2 Fundamentals by Dimitri from Paris presents Elektra 80 "Rock this town" (SSOH Records CD Promo)

Dimitri from Paris is latest illustrious French DJ expressing his vision of early house music, presenting an exceptional blend of the late organic Disco grooves with the early eclectic new wave sound, with the result being absolutely resistless and fresh sounding yet truly reminiscent of the before mentioned classic musical genres. The 'Lifelike Mix' is the choice for the bigger rooms with its more energetic vibe, while DJ Meme's rework gives the track a funked-up old school house touch complete with great keys and synths.

Deepswing featuring Louis Hale "Throw ya hands" (Generate Music Records CD Promo)

The feel good "Throw ya hands" is full of energy yet never letting down the soulful flavas, with a heavily stompin' funk soaked groove leading the way for captivating spoken words by Louis Hale, jazzy trumpet and def synths - hands in the air guaranteed. The 'Rhodes Mix' smoothes things down for a jazzy laidback vibe, featuring beautiful rhodes courtesy of Davis Vasquez, while Andrew Deloza takes the track to deeper hypnotic grounds.

Gregory Del Piero featuring Paris Brightledge "Each other" (Chris Lum Remixes)(DEL Records CD Promo)

Gregory Del Piero's marvelous "Each other" gets remixed by Chris Lum who combines the passionate vocals courtesy of Paris Brightledge with a deep mesmerizing groove, gorgeous synth melodies, contaminous keys and a lovely guitar, letting the track build and build up to the point of ecstasy. This one will cause a stir both at peak time and in your late night / early morning sets.

Bart van Wissen "The Bee's Knees EP" (Deepology Digital Records CD Promo)

Dutch Bart van Wissen will take you on a journey into hypnotic deep house with his latest two track release. The irresistible title track "The bee's knees" is deep as hell, with a fiercely stormin' backdrop leading the way for lush synth chords, while "Make no mistake" is more of an atmospheric proggy affair perfect for the bigger rooms.

Latenta Project & Chris Girard "Liquid Light EP" (Deepology Digital Records CD Promo)

With the "Liquid Light EP", the Latenta Project and Chris Girard present an excellent deep house release. The original version of "Liquid light" is deeply thumpin', with the wicked atmospheric synth chords creating a captivating feel you can't resist to dance to. Seva K keeps the vibe deep while giving the track a techy edge, followed by Chris Girard whose remix is an energetic affair. The second track "Altitude" is deep and groovy and features cool vocal samples and a jazzy sax. Elastic Sound deliver a dub which gives the track a deeper more electronic sounding.

Matt Flores "Waveform EP" (Shack Music Records CD Promo)

Germany's Matt Flores makes his debut on Shack Music with the "Waveform EP" featuring three tracks. The title track "Waveform" starts off as a deeply thumpin' affair featuring great synth melodies, before an earth shaking bassline and additional keys come into play. "Transient & moonshine" stays on the deeper side of things will being on a proggy tip, followed by "Went 2 the future", a deeply stormin' tech house track.

Lucy & Rone "Great heron" (ProgCity Deep Trax Records CD Promo)

Lucy & Rone present "Great heron" and "Kamilla dee", two great deep house tracks on the techy side of things, both of them featuring warm melodic synths over deep hypnotic grooves which are guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor. Peter Grummich takes on "Great heron" and gives the track a deeper roughened edge for a more intense feel.

Diva LaBel "Make me wanna stay" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

The latest release titled "Make me wanna stay" on Mantree Records is courtesy of Diva LaBel, with Rasmir Mantree on production duty. Three mixes are included in the package, all of them featuring an inspirational yet sexy vocal by Diva LaBel over a resistless backdrop driven' by deeply thumpin' beats. The funktified 'Real Woman Mix' has got a lovely ruff feel to it, while the other two mixes smooth down the vibe slightly: the 'Candy Lite Mix' gives the track more of an organic edge, while the 'Ballroom Mix' keeps the funky elements up.

Mindtravel presents "Funk Weapons Vol. 1" (Mindtravel Records CD Promo)

"Funk Weapons Vol. 1" is the latest release for Mindtravel Records, and with this 4 track sampler they will again please all lovers of the timeless Disco-Funk sound. Featuring resistless tracks from Digital Villains, Lovebirds, D-t3ch and label head Fabio Bacchini, this release will bring back memories of this legendary sound in modern fashion perfect for the 21st century.

Stinkface Music featuring Petula Ceaser "Sex shoes" (CyberJamz Records CD  Promo)

CyberJamz presents something a little different as the Mo-Rece produced "Sex shoes" features a hotter than hot spoken word by Petula Ceaser (yes folks this one got explicit lyrics as sexy as it gets) over a relentlessly stompin' four-to-the-floor groove, with the phat synth chords and vocals creating a hypnotic feel. The funk oozing 'Sensei Unreleased Version' relaxes the vibe for a laidback jazzy joyride.

T-Man "I don't wanna" (T-Man's H2O Remix)(Sheer Music Records CD Promo)

Deep and simple yet absolutely infectious best describe this phat track by T-Man coming your way through South African label Sheer Music. "I don't wanna" features sultry female vocals alongside lush atmospheric synths over a fierce percussion enriched tech-soul groove, altogether spreading a hypnotic feel on the dance floor.

Mikita "Egoizm" (Groove Cocktail Daydream Mix)(Levitate Records CD-R)

Most of the mixes of this release by Polish DJ and producer Mikita are on the proggy side of things, however Groove Cocktail serve a beautiful version built around a deep'n'smooth groove that gets topped with nice uplifting synth pattern and a lovely jazzy piano that give the track a summery feeling.

DJ Dayzee "Circles" (CD-R)

DJ Dayzee is back with yet another slammin' old-skool tinged deep house track on a rather minimal tip, with hypnotic drums and sweet percussion elements serving as playground for spacy synth melodies, altogether creating a compelling vibe you can't resist to dance to.

Logic Fusion Orkestra "Afrodisiak" (Next Dimension Music Records CD Promo)

"Afrodisiak" by Logic Fusion Orkestra is an exquisite deep house production on a laidback tip featuring beautiful warm synth chords over a fiercely thumpin' groove. Various remixes are included, with Yohan Esprada smoothing the vibe further down for a chilled journey, while Andre Chibale, Agent Matteo and Maji & Seraj keep the spirit of the original while adding their own distinctive touch. Finally Audio Noir twist things around for a deeper tribal affair.

Enrico Mantini featuring Lucy Clarke "Love is real" (Sweetleaf Records CD Promo)

With "Love is real", Enrico Mantini presents lovely production featuring sweet vocals by Lucy Clarke over a deeply thumpin' groove that is enriched with old school tinged percussion, while the melodic synths emphasize the laidback deep feeling. The dub is on a tougher electronic tip, perfect for bigger rooms.

Mr. Mama "Winter EP" (616 Records CD Promo)

Italy's Mr. Mama delivers a versatile three track EP on a truly deep tip, with the deeply stompin' "Drinkin' beer" kicking things off, featuring lush synths and keys alongside sweet percussion elements. "Ensemble" features adorable jazzy keys over a smoothly groovin' backdrop, while lastly "White sand" is all about a lovely acoustic guitar, sweet percussion and a laidback groove.

Amana Melome "Space age mama jama" (Submantra Remix)(IRMA Records CD Promo)

Submantra (aka Filippo Mistretta) takes on "Space age mama jama" by Amana Melome and turns the track into a mesmerizing yet soulful deep house track featuring enchanting melodies created by warm synth chords alongside jazzy keys, with the deeper than deep groove intensifying the vibe to the max.

House Bros "Let the music" (Distar Records CD Promo)

"Let the music" is the follow to the massive "Love what you feel", again bringing you an uplifting Disco inspired stomper set to rock the dance floors. The 'House Mix' is a feel good affair featuring wicked classic strings alongside cool synths and a catchy vocal riff over a fierce groove, with the 'Back to Funk Mix' giving the track a funkier feel. The 'Pagany Club Mix' is the pick for the main room with its electrofied synths, while the 'Pagany Jazzed Mix' smoothes the vibe down for a mellow jazz drenched vibe.

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