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White Caviare featuring Sandra Lima "Divine Love" (Barcoda Records CD Promo)

Barcoda present an uplifting tune perfect for those warm summer nights with "Divine love" by White Caviare, with a passionate vocal supplied by Sandra Lima. The main version is a classy affair featuring a lovely flute alongside melodic keys over an old-school flavored groove. The 'Live Dub' is an organic affair built around stompin' beats that serve as base for the keys and vocals, while the 'November Remix' is a funked-up affair spiced with disco flavors. The 'Deep Headz' mixes take things to deeper grounds with stormin' beats and a wicked organ leading the way for the vocals and flute. Remixes come courtey of MoD who fire things up on their funktified reworking that features great keys and spreads an uplifting feeling, while Central Avenue's interpretation relaxes things with melodic keys and classic strings over a laidback backing groove.

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Cool Sunshine "My love from recife" (Bargrooves Records CD Promo)

With "My love from recife", Cool Sunshine presents a wonderful laidback production perfect for chilling. Waves and lusth keys kick things off, with latinesque guitars, sweet perucssion, jazzy saxophone and a funky bassline groove coming in later, altogether creating a sun-drenched balearic groover for the warm summer nights. Graham Sahara's reworking is the choice for late night play with its tougher groove, while the summery vibes are nicely preserved.

Joe Rizla "Hustle EP" (Black Keys Music Records CD Promo)

The "Hustle EP" marks the fifth release on Joe Rizla's own Black Keys Music label. As its predecessors, the three tracks on this EP take you on a journey into spiritual deep house grooves. First up is "Getting jacked", a deeply thumpin percussion enriched track topped with spaced-out keys. Next is "Rising sun", a great DJ tool that is all about the percussion and drums with some keys thrown in. Lastly there is "In mo-shun", a deeply rumblin' track with beats and percussion somewhat familiar to "Jingo", enriched with lovely keys and a jazzy piano.

Various  "50° Dubai Heat Sampler" (Raisani Records CD Promo)

Raisani Records get ready for the summer and drop a hot four track sampler. Aston Martinez kicks things off with "My lost soul", a deeply thumpin' track topped with wicked synths and spaced out keys. Raisani & Guidera present "French orgasm", a heavily pumping track with catchy synths that will take the bigger rooms by storm. "Shake the black star" by Grantorino is a funkily groovin' house track enriched with cool rap vocals. Lastly, DJ Pap presents "It's the music" that features a sensual vocal by Cei Bei over a deep yet mellow groove that is enriched with warm melodic keys.

Soul Oasis featuring Princess Tam Tam "The deep dance" (Cyberjamz Records CD Promo)

Cyberjamz Radio launch their own label, with their debut release being courtesy of Soul Oasis aka Sammy Rock who teams up with Princess Tam Tam who delivers a sexy spoken word poem. The original is a deeply thumpin' affair driven by a tribalish groove that is enriched with wickey keys. John Crockett smoothes things down on his take, giving it a more laidback feeling with warm melodic keys nicely accompanying the spoken words, while Sensai's interpretation adds some seriously deep flavors to the track, giving it a classic Chicago house sounding.

Libby Jones "Healing train" (D#Sharp Records CD Promo)

Libby Jones and Joe Flame follow up their successful collaboroation of "I'm so grateful" with the uplifting deep house production "Healing train". The 'Original Mix' uses a deeply rumblin' funk flavored groove as base for melodic chords and inspirational vocals by Libby Jones. For late night action, there is the slightly smoother '2AM Mix' which features a jazzy piano and spheric keys over a deepened groove.

Roberto De Carlo & Steven Stone featuring Seyla "Believe" (Soultonic Records CD Promo)

On "Believe", producers and DJ's Roberto DeCarlo and Steven Stone collide to create a soulful house track that has a classic vibe to it. The track is based on a groovy beat that is enriched with warm keys, classic strings and a lovely guitar alongside the sweet vocals by Seyla that alltogether create a laidback feeling. Danny Clark reworks it into a beautiful funked-up affair that keeps the soulful feeling alive, while UPZ give it a tougher yet still soulful edge with moody keys that is perfect for peak time play.

Earnshaw & Giles "Round & round" (Duffnote Records CD Promo)

Richard Earnshaw teams up with Darren Giles for the feel good "Round & round" that is guaranteed to spread an uplifting feeling on the dancefloor through the soulful vocals, jazzy horns and great keys all nicely arranged over a smoothly stormin' disco-flavored backing groove. The dub takes things slightly deeper with wicked synth lines creating an irresistible feeling. With an acpaella tool and instrumental versions included, this one invites you to play around in the club.

The Layabouts "Real love" (Healthy Records CD Promo)

For the latest release on Healthy Records, label owners The Layabouts use a cut-up female vocal over two different yet equally relentless house grooves. The 'Klubbed Up Mix' uses a chunky house beat alongside wicked chords and the cut-up vocals to create an irresistible feeling, while the 'Krunked Up Mix' is on a US west cost tip with great synth lines over crisp beats that create a resistless vibe.

Peyton & The Rhythm Republic "Never give up" (Peppermint Jam Records CD Promo)

With "Never give up", The Rhythm Repbulic aka the Soul Avengerz present a feel good production featuring a passionate vocal performance by Peyton. The 'Classic Mixes' are an uplifting affair featuring a wicked piano and lovely guitar over a deeply stormin' funktified backing groove, while the fiercely stormin 'Dirty Mixes' are the choice for the bigger rooms with their catchy piano and hands-in-the-air guaranteeing breakdowns and build-ups.

Sergio D'Angelo & Cucky vs Sharon May Linn "Don't keep me hangin on" (Equal Records CD Promo)

"Don't keep me" is produced by the Itialian duo of Sergio D'Angelo & Cucky and features a soulful vocal performance by Sharon May Linn. It is a beautifully instrumentend track that is spreading an uplifting feeling through the vocals and melodic instrumentation in the main version, while the 'Soulful Piano Mix' is a beautiful jazz take that has got a live feel to it. Alex Dimitri under his South Soul disguise presents a deeply rumblin' reworking that features wicked electrofied keys that harmonisce nicely with the soulful vocals.

Various "We Play House EP" (White Lotus Club Records CD Promo)

The "We Play House EP" features productions from four different producers all using the same vocal sample "We play house". First up is the duo of Roed Svensk & DJ Circle who present a smoothly thumpin' track featuring great rhodes and lovely saxophone that creates a laidback vibe. Next up is Deep 'K' who delivers a track from the deepest underground that is spreading a truly atmospheric feeling. Stony Hill follow up with a cool afro-funk flavored track that features great keys. Lastly there is Clemens Rumpf delivering an electro house track that is guaranteed to rock the bigger floors.

Fabio Bacchini & Mario Fabriani  "Rigatoni al Pesto EP" (Fetish Records CD Promo)

The "Rigatoni al Pesto EP" offers four tracks, with Fabio Bacchini and Mario Fabriani offering two each. Whether it is the stompin' "Amore", the groovy (Sharon Redd sampling) "Good god almighty", the latin flavored "Carribean soul" or the jazz-funky "Moonshine", this is an EP for all lovers of funky disco house grooves and those who like to dance to uplifting dance music.

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