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Exclusive Preview: GOFFunk featuring James Junior "Different kinda man" (Daddy Funk Records CD Promo)

GOFFunk featuring James Junior - Different kinda man Daddy Funk once again have a sure-fire hit in their hands with "Different kinda man" by newcomers GOFFunk, featuring deeply felt vocals by James Junior and a killer saxophone solo. Kicking off the heat is Justin Stride aka Black Sonix who contributes a set of incredible mixes guaranteed to capture you instantly with their resistless, funktified deep yet soulful sound. House Device relax the vibe on their stylish classic mixes, while Si Gordon serves a more energetic yet melodious version. Last but not least, Conan Liquid injects some serious disco-funk flavas to turn the track into a feel good affair on the vocal mix, with the 'Live Sax Mix' going slightly deeper.

Exclusive Preview: Clown Dallas presents Dunyiswa Mbande "Strange things" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

Clown Dallas presents Dunyiswa Mbande - Strange things With their latest release, Consortium Muzik introduce another highly talented South African producer to the world: Clown Dallas. With "Strange things", he presents an intriguing production featuring passionate vocals by Dunyiswa Mbande and freaky keys over a deeply groovin' truly relentless backdrop. DJ Hypnosis further deepens the vibe and uses lush synths to give the track a more laidback feel, while Rony Breaker & Hennings Project use a jazzy piano and spaced-out chords over a thumpin' groove to turn the track into a melodious affair.

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Nick Doe feat Shereen Shabana "Wishy washy guy" (Grooveland Music Records CD Promo)

Already creating a buzz in the AproDisiax mix which was released on the "Grooveland Music 2K10 Sampler" earlier this year, "Wishy washy guy" by Nick Doe at last gets a full release. Shereen Shabana is the featured vocalist and impresses with a heartfelt performance on this formidable production fueled with gorgeous synth melodies. The remixes are courtesy of AphroDisiax, Brazilian Soul Crew, Carlos Varga and Haldo who all add their unique touch to the song, always keeping the vibe soulful yet thrilling.

MAQman featuring Joseph Junior "Chains" (Paradax Records CD Promo)

Paradax Records present a wonderful soul-funk flavored production courtesy of MAQman titled "Chains" featuring sensual vocals by Joseph Junior and warm keys over a laidback groove. Soulato's 'Dub Mix' is a seriously deep underground-ish re-rub using captivating chords alongside the vocals to create a mesmerizing feel, while Willie Sanjuan delivers a soulfully stompin' 4/4 interpretation laced with glorious melodies.

Wayne Gardiner featuring Jahzara "Always in my dreams" (CIMA Records CD Promo)

On "Always in my dreams", Wayne Gardiner teams up with songstress Jahzara (Janet Hall) to present a celestial deep house production fueled with passionate vocals and visionary keys, with the truly deep and infectious backing creating a relentless feel you can't resist to dance to. The mixes included in the package give you plenty of choices to work the track on the dance floor at any occasion.

Justin Imperiale "The sound" (Cabana Records CD Promo)

Justin Imperiale's "The sound" is sheer musical bliss, impressing with an incredible scat by Dario Boente, marvelous keys and rhodes, wonderful acoustic guitar and a laidback yet infectious funk soaked broken beat tinged backdrop in the 'Jazz Mix'. The captivating 'Deep Mix' is a magnificent deep house rendition of the track that keeps the feel smooth and jazzy. A jewel not to be missed...

Groove Junkies featuring Indeya & Titus Fotso "Unified (as one)" (Part II)(MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

Since May, part one of "Unified (as one)" can be heard on dance floors and radio shows all over the world, now part two adds fresh explosive mixes to the game. Stuttering Munx deliver a set of remorseless remixes destined to set the main room on fire with funky electro tinged synth and bass - hands in the air guaranteed. Groove Junkies' soul oozing 'Alternative Vox' is a deeper more relaxed interpretation of their original 'World Cup Tribute Mix', while the 'Alternate Dub' is a hypnotic afrotastic tech-soul affair taken to the next level on the 'Alternate Dubstrumental' which strips all the vocals, replacing them with lyrics by spoken word artist Sista Mista.

Richard Earnshaw featuring Eric Dillard & Roy Ayers "In time" (Groovefinder Records CD Promo)

Welcome to the remix package of "In time", the title track from the highly praised long player by Richard Earnshaw which got released just recently. The song, which features silky smooth vocals by Eric Dillard and jazz legend Roy Ayers who delivers a wicked scat and vintage vibes, is uplifting and soulful yet exciting - jam-packed floors guaranteed. Grant Nelson turns the song into a soulful house groover, while Rasmus Faber serves the choice mix for the main room. Lastly, there is the Groovefinder's mesmerizing, deep and bouncy 'Vocal Dub'.

DJ J'Shon T featuring Marcia Boynton "Together forever" (Trower Music Group CD Promo)

With "Together forever", DJ J'Shon (Jayshon Trower) and Marcia Boynton present the successor to last years gospel house anthem "Leave it 2 me", a masterly production using a deep'n'smooth yet contaminous groove as playground for Marcia Boynton' expressive yet dulcet vocals, lovely guitar and adorable jazzy keys. In addition to the main, instrumental and acapella versions you'll get the sweet 'Soul Sexy Mix', an earth shattering late night interpretation oozing with luscious melodies.

DJ Romain & Jon Cutler featuring Jeannie Hopper "De ja vu" (LIps Remixes)(NiteGrooves Records CD Promo)

This 1995 classic was revised in 2005 when the Mr. V remixes were released, now five years later fresh remixes by South African newcomer LIps see the light of the day. Gorgeous melodies and an infectiously deep afro groove are combined with the seductive vocals by Jeannie Hopper - the result is an incredible set of remixes. Also included is a remix by Berlin-based Tokyo native Akiko Kiyama.

Various "Mix the Vibe: Mr. V Sampler EP" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

The next installment in the acclaimed "Mix the Vibe" series will be courtesy of Mr. V, and this sampler gives us a taste of what to expect. First up are the Mr. V remixes of the Urban Soul classic "My urban soul", a timeless groovy rework featuring keys by William 'ReelSoul' Rodriguez - simply the kind of medicine that will send any dance floor into a frenzy... the somewhat dirty dub takes the track to deepest territory. Next is the original rough mix of Ananda Project's "Aura protection", followed by the unreleased original mix of Ivan Iacobbuci's "Ritual". Then there is the deep eclectic 'Moodymanc Extended Mix' of Tomoki Tamura's "The rough" and finally Tomo Inoue's unreleased 'Swingin Dub' of Stephanie Cooke's "Sweetest thing".

Serge Negri featuring Abena Koomson "Surrender" (BambooSounds Records CD Promo)

Serge Negri and Abena Koomson collaborate on "Surrender", an old school flavored underground-esque production with a lovely jazzy touch created by grandiose keys and lovely saxophone, not to forget to mention the outstanding tempting vocals by Abena Koomson and the contaminous groove. Kalim Shabazz drops one of his beloved deeper-than-deep remixes loaded with killer keys that is simply irresistible.

DJ Groove presents Soulpreachers featuring Nicole Mitchell "Summer dreams" (Look At You Records CD  Promo)

Switzerland's DJ Groove presents the uplifting "Summer dreams" featuring sultry vocals by Chicago's own Nicole Mitchell and lush keys over a summery funk drenched backdrop. The remixes by Carlos Varga, Ray Paxon, BBwhite and Le Baron & Rogero Lunez cover every occasion from chillin' at the beach over late night play to rockin' the main room at peak time.

Rasmus Faber "Ever after" (2010 Remix)(Farplane Records CD Promo)

Rasmus Faber revisits "Ever after", the debut release for his own Farplane label released in September 2003 which features vocals by Emily McEwan. These new mixes give the track a more contemporary sound while not letting down the groove and vibe from the original. Also included is a remastered version of the 'Miami Re-Edit' of "Get over here" featuring vocals by Melo.

Marco Fedez and Dani Sandoval featuring Laura Estrada "Addicted 2 soul" (Backhammer Records CD Promo)

Spanish duo Marco Fedez and Dani Sandovan team up with singer Laura Estrada for "Addicted 2 soul", a jazz-funk soaked production featuring exquisite keys and sensitive vocals by Laura Estrada. Bobby de moda's 'Afro Remake' is a sun drenched interpretation on a latinesque afro tip, while Pingo's 'Soulful Remake' oozes with a laidback feel perfect for those warm summer nights.

Various "Purple Music Summer Box 2010" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

Its about time that "Get your things together" by Ebony Soul & Soulmagic sees the light of the day as the wait has been nearly endless (to be fair, about 18 months). This production has timeless written all over it, featuring outstanding vocals from the one and only Ann Nesby and jazzy keys over a classy soul-funk backdrop. But there is more to be found on this seven track sampler, for example the contemporary take on The Trammps classic "Disco inferno" by Paolo Barbato featuring Keith Thompson - aptly titled "Burn baby burn (disco Inferno)", the gospel house track "Better way" by Seb Skalski featuring Barry Solone, the party anthem "People say" by Nightrhymes featuring Danny, the afrotastic "Run run run" by Roland Clark, the Balearic "Just glow" by Black Bird and the disco-funk inspired "Talking alone" by Jonathan Meyer featuring June Grey.

Exclusive Preview: Peven Everett "I need you" (CJ Giovanni Remix)(CD-R)

"I need you" is taken from Peven Everett's album "Beyond the Universe" released earlier this year through Tribe Records (there is also the "Remix Edition" with mixes by Timmy Regisford available). Here we have CJ Giovanni turning out a super smooth and silky rework of this gorgeous song that will bring tears to your eyes...

Exclusive Preview: Mattafix "Living darfur" (Spellband Remix)(CD-R)

The original of Mattafix' "Living darfur" was released in 2007, with the video set in a refugee camp, aiming to raise awareness for Darfur and catch the attention of the United Nations. Spellband interpretation the song into a soulful four-to-the-floor thumper that stays respectful to the original. Its all about the message on this one...

Exclusive Preview: Brian McKnight "Don't take your love away" (Martin ''SuperSoul'' Faltin Re-Groove)(CD-R)

"Don't take your love away" was released on Brian McKnight's 2006 long player "Ten" and is a wonderful r&b song in its original form. Martin Faltin turns the track in a broken beat styled affair oozing with soul from beginning to the end that lets Brian McKnight's voice and the original instrumentation shine.

Exclusive Preview: Aloe Blacc "I need a dollar" (Diephuis Soul Edit)(CD-R)

The opening credits theme song for "How to Make It in America" (a series airing on HBO in America, the video to the song is a must see) was an instant hit. Now Diephuis  (represented by B-JAZZ) gives the song a soulfully stompin' house makeover that stays true to the original, keeping the 70's soul-funk alike flavors alive. Watch out for Stephanie Cooke & Diephuis featuring Han Litz "Beautiful life" (including remixes from Manoo and Jose Carretas) coming soon.

Jay-J "Into the light" (Remixes Part 2) (Shifted Music Records CD Promo)

In June, part one of this beauty by Jay-J featuring the charismatic Big Brooklyn Red was released, now we get part two with fantastic new soulful mixes courtesy of Christian Alvarez who gives the track an old school 80's funky feel, with luscious melodies accompanying the vocals. The dub mixes are slightly more energetic - perfect for peak time play.

Ruben Mancias featuring Carla Prather "The return" (Devotion Records CD Promo)

Ruben Mancias and songstress Carla Prather team up for "The return", a powerful yet soulful anthem for the dance floors featuring smooth vocals by Carla Prather alongside classy chords and killer piano over a fiercely stompin' broken beat styled backdrop. The 'House Mix' gives the track a deep and laidback yet contagious 4/4 feel reminiscent of the early days of house. Make sure you check out all the mixes...

DJ Reeplee "Belgrade" (Souvent Records CD Promo)

With this production, DJ Reeplee pays tribute to Belgrade, his favorite town after Paris. "Belgrade" features wicked vocals by Miles Sherman and melodious keys over a pumpin' funktified backing, altogether creating a mesmerizing vibe. The 'From the Block Remix' takes the track to deeper ground while keeping the overall feel funky.

Dutchican Soul featuring Andrea Love "Back in the day" (Remixes)(Panevino Music CD Promo)

"Back in the day" by Dutch duo Dutchican Soul (aka Niels Schröder and Jasper 'Drexmeister' Drexhage) was released in December 2009, now Panevino Music drop a massive remix package including previously unreleased instrumental, dub and reprise mixes as well as brand new remixes by D-Reflection (classic rework), Shane D (funky madness) and Dwight Brown & Sofunky (electrofied main room affair).

Keith Thompson & Licksamba "Still feeling you" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Gotta Keep Faith Records are on a roll at the moment, following up their recent bombs with "Still feeling you" by Keith Thompson & Licksamba. The smooth melodious 'Licksamba Vocal' puts the emphasis on Keith Thompson's incomparable voice, while the 'KDT Remix Vocal' turns the heat up for prime time, keeping the vibe soulful. Slammin' remixes by the likes of Tony Loreto, Mr. Fuzz, Dee C'Rell, Andy Roberts, Steve Paradise and Ciappy DJ complete the package.

TnT Inc. vs. Alex Dimitri "Jingo" (Salted Music Records CD  Promo)

Everyone will remember the Michael Olatunji written "Jingo" from back in the day - either the Santana version from 1972 or then Candido's take in 1979 released on the legendary Salsoul label. Right in time for summer 2010, Fabio Tosti and Francesco Tarantini aka TnT Inc. and Alex Dimitri present their uplifting, fresh and tasty yet respectful cover of this timeless classic - its the perfect tune for the hot summer nights... Best of all, a slammin' Miguel Migs remix is included too.

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