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Raw Artistic Soul featuring Wummi "Oya O" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

Image "Oya O" is taken from the forthcoming longplayer "You got rhythm too" (to be released in spring 2007) and stays in the tradition of outstanding musicianship from mastermind Phil Kullmann and his Raw Artistic Soul ensemble, making you want for more of their beautiful music. Phil's main mix is a wonderful smooth yet resistless afro house track featuring an incredible yoruban vocal performance by Wummi, with a brilliant saxophone solo (there is also a digital download only 'Alternative Main Mix' that replaces the saxopohone with a marvellous flute). His reprise is a mellow affair perfect for chilling, while the digital download only 'Afro Dub' gives it a deeper, more laidback afro house feeling. The remixes are courtesy of Alix Alvarez who spices things up on his rework using phat beats and an added ultra-deep bassline. For all the heads, there is is a fierce 'Bonus Beats' version as well as a digital download only instrumental of Alix Alvarez' remix availabale.

Lucillia "The sun goes down" (Barcoda Records CD Promo)

Barcoda (the label run by Central Avenue aka Andy Lee) have licensed the beautiful "The sun goes down" by London based artist Lucillia, a track written by Fernandes & Jalil. "The sun goes down" features a sexy vocal performance by Lucillia and comes in a great variety of mixes. The 'Central Avenue Main Mix' is a powerful yet soulful affair with a melodic instrumentation that is spreading an uplifting feeling, with the accompanying 'Central Avenue Dub' firing things up to turn it into a peaktime favorite. The 'Seven Hills Soul Mix' is smoothing it down, with a beautiful jazzy piano leading the way, while the 'Soulbasics Mix' is on a deeper vibe and is based around sweet percussion that give it a mellow vibe. Lastly there is the '4Luv Mix', a great smooth and soulful mix with a warm instrumentation.

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Phil Hooton "Epichoregeo (are you getting it every day)" (Rapture Trax Records CD Promo)

Phil Hooton continues to bless us with his spiritual productions, with his latest "Epichoregeo" being an epic encounter that features Mark Gamble working his magic on keys and synths that are accompanied by an alto sax and underlined with fierce drums and a deeply rumblin' bassline. The vibe of the track is simply hypnotic, taking you on a journey into spiritual house music.

Joe Flame "Fingers and toes" (CD-R)

New Jersey has to offer so many talented producers, DJs and artists - one of them is Joe Flame who had a few releases in the past (most notably "Never be the same" on SoulShine Records). One of his latest productions is "Fingers and toes", a beautiful track featuring a great instrumentation including wonderful keys, deep funky bassline, sweet percussion and lovely vocal chants that altogether create a mellow laidback feeling. Digital download of this track is available at Soulful Downloads.

Heather Headley "Me time" (FallOut Records 12")

Heather Headley is the 'victim' once more as one of her beautiful songs has been griven a makeover for the dancefloor by the ever consistent DFA aka Darryl James & Fred McFarlane. They turn the original into a bumpin' four-to-the-floor affair with warm melodic keys that harmonise beautifully with Heather Headley's soulful voice.

Stevie Wonder & Be Be Winans "Jesus children" (UnRestricted Access Records 12")

Timmy Regisford and Quentin Harris take on the Stevie Wonder classic "Jesus, children of America" that features additional vocals by Be Be Winans. You might remember the house mixes of this tune that have been released in 2001 - in comparison these new mixes are more powerful, featuring Quentin Harris' monstrous groove production and wicked keys.

Darryl D'Bonneau & Groove Assassin "So free" (Remixes)(Home Records CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of the original mixes come remixes by JoVonn and Louis Bendetti who both deliver stunning new interpretations, taking Darryl D'Bonneau's inspiritational vocal performance to the next level. JoVonn's 'SoulMoov Mix' is a soulful and deep affair driven by a thumpin' groove that is enriched with smooth electrofied keys and lovely background chants, while Louis Benedetti gives it an old-school acid feeling on his take with stompin' beats and classic acid drops, with melodic synth lines coming in later.

DJ BeatRex presents Headoneast "Sacrifice" (DJ BeatRex VS. Headoneast ZaGreb Mix)(Diaz Music Records CD-R)

With "Sacrifice"by Headoneast (a croation band founded just a year ago), DJ BeatRex (famous latin house DJ from the Balkans) presents a heavily thumpin' production that features sweet percussion and a deep funky bassline alongside great strings (that are reminiscent of Anita Ward's classic "Ring my bell") and a great funky guitar riff, not to forget to mention the passionate male vocal that gives the track a special note.

Mix2Inside & Zahra "Show me a sign (Part 2)" (Mix2Inside Records 12" Promo)

This track has been previously released on the Chicago based Bumpin' City in 2004 and 2005 - and it was the debut release on Mix2Iniside Records a couple of years ago. Now part two sees the light of the day, offering four versatile mixes by Mix2Inside, Soul Distractions, Ciko DJ and Blind Sensation that breath fresh air into this great track that features an uplifting and passionate vocal performance by Zahra

DJ MFR "Burnin'" (Souvent Records 12")

San Francisco's DJ MFR delivers a stunning late night track with "Burnin" that features a throbbing bassline and subtly stabbing synths. From the bouncy original over the funky and electrofied 'Deep Mix' to a funky dub and the 'New Mondo Mix' by DJ MFR & Vincent Kwok that is the choice for peaktime play and the bigger rooms.

Smokin Beats presents Camelle Hinds "Lady" (Smokin Beats Records 12")

With "Lady", Smokin' Beats present a fierce production that features a catchy souful vocal by Camelle Hinds, coming your way in various offerings. First is the 'Disco Club', an uplifting and discofied affair with great keys and lovely harmonies. The 'Deep Club' and 'Deep Instrumental are on a more underground tip, featuring moody electrofied keys over an old-school minimal groove. Lastly there is the 'Funkdust Remix', a tough electro reworking.

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Aretha Franklin "Jump to it" (CJ Mackintosh Remix)(Arista Records 12" Promo, 1994)

Massive CJ Mackintosh remix, with his dub only available on the US 12" promo release.

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