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Exclusive Preview: Dario D'Attis feat Kaysee "He loves me" (Unreleased CD-R)

Swiss DJ and producer Dario D'Attis presents the captivating "He loves me" featuring a passionate vocal performance by Kaysee over a deeply rumblin' backing groove that gives the track a resistless feeling, with the wicked chords and catchy keys intensifying the vibe to the climax. The two dub mixes (one with, one without vocals) take the track to deeper grounds, letting the thumpin' beats, keys and chords create a relentless vibe.

Groove Junkies "MoHo WMC 08 Album Sampler" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

Its about time that the ever solid Groove Junkies release their debut artist album titled "In the Zone", and this sampler will give you a first glimpse at what to expect. Kicking off is the current Groove Junkies single "Work it out" (that has taken over dance floors and chards all over the world), followed by DJ Meme's classy Philly Disco flavored remix of the 2006 smash "Dr. Feelgood" that is all about the uplifting vibe and passionate vocals. Next is "In the zone" which showcases a new side of the Groove Junkies as they go for a darker, tech flavored sound on a broken beat tip, spiced with hypnotic vocals, dramatic strings and wicked keys - this one is absolutely relentless and captivating, sure to take dance floors by storm. Lastly there is "Pulled me through" featuring Solara, a signature Groove Junkies production featuring sexy vocals over an irresistibly stormin' funktified groove.

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ReelSoul featuring Damon "What am I supposed to do" (Original Vocal)(DeepHaven Music Records CD-R)

ReelSoul's "What am I supposed to do" is one of those tunes that has been rocking selected dance floors for roughly the last two years, now finally this beauty has been picked and will be released. ReelSoul present a marvelous laidback production built around a smoothly thumpin' groove that is enriched with warm melodic keys and a soulful vocal performance by Damon, with that distinctive ReelSoul sound shining through all over.

Panevino "Freeze the frame" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

The Swiss production team of Renato Abate and Sandro Endrighetti, better known as Panevino, have recently joined forces with Purple Music. "Freeze the frame", the first release under this new collaboration, is a soulful affair with a funky edge, spiced with tasty disco flavors such as a hot guitar riff and classic strings that together with the sultry female vocals and lovely keys create an uplifting feeling. The dub is a great alteration, while the 'PVs Freezing The Frame Re-Touch' version turns up the heat with catchy chords that replace the disco-funk flavors to give the track more of an underground vibe.

JazzLoungerz featuring Maxyne Ryan "Joy" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

ReelGroove continue to bless us with great releases, with their latest offering "Joy" by the JazzLoungerz being a soulful yet uplifting affair featuring an inspiring vocal performance by Maxyne Ryan. The 'Main Mix' is all about the funktified, fiercely stormin' groove that is enriched with irresistible keys, while the 'Original Mix' is a more laidback offering with warm chords over a smoothened groove. Richard Earnshaw contributes an absolutely massive remix built around a relentlessly bumpin' groove that is topped with wicked keys, while The Liquid Breeze Project relax on their deep and soulful interpretation. Lastly there is Filin Brake remix, a funk soaking affair on a slight dirty edge.

Exclusive Preview: Gabriel Horizon featuring Shanika "Beautiful love...." (Bounce Muzik Records CD Promo)

Every year around Winter Music Conference time, Bounce Muzik bless us with a wonderful release - and this year is no exception. "Beautiful love" features sultry vocals courtesy of Shanika over a funkily stormin' backing groove that is enriched with beautiful keys and great horns, altogether creating an uplifting feeling that is guaranteed to get you dancing.

Logicalgroove featuring Savio Vurchio "You are the one" (Re-Worked)(Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Here we've got the remix package of the beautiful "You are the one" by Logicalgroove featuring soulful vocals by Savio Vurchio. The Dolls Combers kick things off with their deep and laidback interpretation, followed by Spiritual Blessings who go way deeper on their classy dub. Steve Paradise gives the track an authentic old-school funky reworking, while Alex Dimitri's dub is a lovely jazz-funky take on a deep'n'laidback tip. Lastly DJ Rico presents his raw and funky interpretation on a tribal tip that is truly unique.

Leisure Groove "Leisure Groove EP" (DoubleShock Records CD Promo)

This EP by Leisure Groove is all about soulful house grooves. First up is "If you want it" featuring former Soul II Soul singer Melissa Bell who provides a passionate vocal over a groovy backdrop that is enriched with a wonderful jazzy piano and orchestral strings, altogether creating a timeless classic vibe. The dub puts the piano center stage and adds extra synths to intensify the vibe. Next is "Orbit" which was part of the labels "WMC 2007 Sampler" and now finally will get a release. It features the sweet voice of Kymberly Stoker over a smooth funktified backing groove, with classy jazzy keys accompanying the vocals.

Fanatix featuring Dionne Mitchell & Sterling Ensemble "Open your eyes" (Spen & MuthaFunkaz Remix)(BBE Records CD Promo)

The absolutely massive "Open your eyes" got the remix treatment from none other than DJ Spen & The MuthaFunkaz who take the track to the next level by turning out a set of not to be missed mixes. Their 'Dirty Disco Mix' adds some old school disco-funk flavors to the track and combines them with a relentlessly bubblin' groove, while the 'Remix' is trademark Spen/Muthafunkaz style with irresistible keys. Their dub is rough and raw, a true piece of underground house music.

Kimara Lovelace "These times" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Kimara Lovelace returns to KingStreet with the Todd Gardner produced "These times", a soulful song built a around a deep'n'smooth yet fierce backing groove that is topped with warm melodic keys and Kimara Lovelace's unmistakable voice, altogether creating an feel good vibe. The dub is firing things up with stompin' beats, spaced-out keys and a catchy old school styled synth hook to create a hypnotic vibe.

JoMar "Jungle" (Deep'N'Sound Records CD Promo)

JoMar is the team of Joe Rizla and Marcelo Cruz who present "Jungle", an afro flavored deep house track that is all about the percussion elements and deeply thumpin' beat, with some effective male vocal chants and warm chords being used to create a hypnotic vibe that gets intensified over time, guaranteed to bring devastation to the dance floor. The package includes main, instrumental and beat versions.

Acos CoolKAs featuring Metropoliz "Miracle" (2008 Remix)(Deepology Records CD Promo)

"Miracle" was originally released in July of last year by Deepology Records, now this beautiful deep house cut returns with brand new remixes. Gladly the original version is included in this remix package, being on a laidback and smooth, slightly electronic tip, featuring vocals courtesy of Metropoliz alongside great synths and chords. The 'Dima Promo & Elastic Sound Remix' gives the track a groovier and more melodic sounding, while the 'Heartbeats Remix' takes the tracks straight to the lounge with its lovely chill vibes.

Exclusive Preview: Ronnie Ron "Road to Damascus" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

Ronnie Ron is the latest artist to be added to the Consortium Muzik artist rooster. His debut for the label titled "Road to Damascus" includes a deeply thumpin' remix of "Strength of a Man" by DJ Jalal (featuring Carolyn Victorian and Ovina Gregory) that gives the track a hypnotic touch thanks to the catchy hook and piano line used. Then there are "Mondavu" and "Syrus", two great deep house tracks on a true underground tip, featuring sweet percussion alongside wicked synths and keys that create beautiful melodic vibes.

Atjazz featuring Robert Owens "Love someone" (Remixes)(Matnis Records Digital Download)

The original mix package of "Love someone" has been massive on the dancefloors already, but now with new mixes just released, there should be even bigger success for this wicked track that featues an outstanding vocal by the legendary Robert Owens. Atjazz himself provides a deeper than deep remix with a hotter than hot hook and catchy synths that will catch you with the first listen, while his vcoal dub is a deeply groovin' affair. Also included are techy mixes best described as 'Moroder meets Carl Craig' by Mario Basanov & Vidis Redo. Digital Download available at Dancetracks Digital.

Various "Mix The Vibe: Quentin Harris Vinyl Collection 1" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

KingStreet once more bless us with some unreleased treat. This time it is an unreleased Quentin Harris remix of Joi Cardwell's "What it feels like" that takes the track as deep as you can imagine, while giving it a slight dark and techy sounding - simply brilliant. Also included on this sampler that features selected cuts from the upcoming, Quentin Harris mixed "Mix the Vibe" album are "Shine the light" by Cevin Fisher, "Hallelujah" by Kerri Chandler and a slammin' dub of the Mood II Swing classic "Closer" which features vocals courtesy of Carol Sylvan.

Mindflight "Release" (Esho Records Digital Download)

Behind Mindflight is Dave Warrin who is renowned for his lovely deep house productions and remixes. With "Release", he presents a captivating deep house track built around a deeply stompin' beat that is enriched with sweet percussion, wonderful keys and sexy female vocals that altogether create an intense vibe. The dub has a much warmer feeling and is spreading an uplifting feeling thanks the lovely melodic keys used. Digital Download available at Dancetracks Digital.

Scott Wozniak featuring Dirty Turk "Give me a sign" (Celebrity Records CD Promo)

Scott Wozniak is putting out one massive track after another at the moment, and with this new release he will stay on the road of success for sure. "Give me a sign" features an incredibly hot spoken word courtesy of Dirty Turk over a fiercely thumpin' groove that is enriched with resistless chords that give the track a hypnotic vibe. Groove Assassin relaxes things on his groovy, uplifting dub that features catchy keys, while Bryan Gerrard contributes an alternate vocal that takes the track to a more funky direction. David Drone's dub is an energetic affair perfect for the bigger rooms, having a retro touch to it. Lastly Gary Young & John Hobbs add a deep dub to the package that is perfect for late night / early morning play.

Exclusive Preview: Eddie Nicholas vs InDeep "Last night a DJ saved my groovin'" (Anderson Soares Mash-Up)(CD-R)

Brazil's Anderson Soares comes up with a beautiful mash-up of Eddie Nicholas "Groovin'" ("Eddies Groove" from that release to be precise) with the vocals from the all-time classic "Last night a DJ saved my life" by InDeep, with extra percussion elements added to create an irresistible track that is full of positive, uplifting energy.

Jazzaffair Collective "Funkaffair" (Seed Records CD Promo)

Seed Records picked up one of the tracks that first saw the light of the day at last years Winter Music Conference. "Funkaffair" by the Jazzaffair Collective and front man Fabio Genito is a laidback afro-funk track built around a smooth tribal beat that is enriched with sweet percussion, a lovely guitar, African chants and marvelous jazzy keys. The dub gets down to serious business with an intensified tribal groove and tougher keys, while the 'Live Congas Mix' is stripped down to the beats and percussion elements.

Factor 60 "Pleasure superstar" (Feelin' Music Records CD Promo)

Factor 60 return to Feelin' Music Records with the funky gem "Pleasure superstar". The track is based on a fiercely stompin' beat that is enriched with a cool guitar riff, deep'n'funky bassline and wicked keys and chords that together with the sensual vocals by Emma Fincht-Turner create an uplifting feeling. The 'D Beat Mix' flips the beats around while dropping the vocal to turn the track into a jazz-funky broken beat affair, while the dub version smoothes the groove to give it a more relaxed feeling. An instrumental is included as well.

Hot Hands presents Karyna" Quiero tus caricias" (Remixes)(Pino Music Records CD Promo)

Pino Music present brand new remixes of "Quiero tus caricias" which is produced by the team of Ambient P, Alejandro Martinez and Hot Hands, with Karyna providing the passionate vocals. The 'Late Night Remix' takes the track to late night territory with fiercely thumpin' beats leading the way for the jazz-funky elements and latinesque vocals, while Dr. Drummer contributes a laidback interpretation that keeps things on a jazz-funky edge while smoothing the overall vibe.

Audio Affinity featuring Gemma Roe "My love (SoulHeat Records CD Promo)

"My love" by Audio Affinity features a sexy vocal courtesy by Gemma Roe, with the original version being a rather commercial feel good affair including a latinesque piano and lovely guitar. The 'Raise the Soul Mix' courtesy of JedSet is a soulful house reworking featuring melodic chords, while the dub is the choice for late night play with its deeply thumpin' beat and warm melodies. Also included is the bonus track "Summer Breeze", a down tempo track perfect for lounging or chilling.

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