Hotter than summer is this weeks fully loaded update - enjoy !!

The Funklovers & Mus-Threee "Mediterranean dream" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Italy's The Funklovers (Fabrizio Munao & Luciano Tarantino) and Mus-Threee (Piero Napolitano, Lino Baccaro & Marco Bellavia) join forces with Spain's Marta Narvaez for "Mediterranean dream", beyond the shadow of a doubt this is an incredible masterly orchestrated production oozing with an inspiring and dulcet sun drenched Balearic vibe guaranteed to cast a spell on you through the gentle percussive rhythms, sweet guitars, lovely flute, sublime keys and Marta Narvaez seductive vocals. Sheer musical bliss...

Andy Compton's Sowetan Onesteps featuring Celestine "I belong" (Peng Records CD Promo)

In April of this year, we were graced with "Chillin' in the ghetto", the first release by Andy Compton and the Sowetan Onesteps, a project born during a recent tour of Andy Compton in South Africa. Now they are back with the another jaw-dropping soulful gem featuring Bristol soul diva Celestine on vocals. Similar to its predecessor, "I belong" is a marvelous slice of timeless soul infused dance music, fusing a gentle percussion enriched backing with sweet guitars, glamorous keys and Celestine's wonderful evocative vocals. But this is not all as the package comes complete with superb truly eclectic remixes from the like of The Rurals and South Africa's Magic Soul, Miz-dee, Jackson Brainwave and Shamrock.

JazzMattik featuring Rescue Poetix "Reality" (Seed Recordings CD Promo)

The latest offering from Seed Recordings is the splendiferous "Reality" by producer JazzMattik and writer, poet and spoken word artist Rescue Poetix. On the original version, deeply thumpin' enthralling rhythms lead the way for tantalizing synth melodies, classy jazzy keys and Rescue Poetix unrivaled soothing spoken word poetry. Next is an intriguing broken beat flavored version, followed by deeper than deep remixes by Bradford James oozing with a mesmerizing melodic afro-deep vibe guaranteed send the floor into a frenzy.

Preslava Peicheva "Midnight people" (The Remixes)(Soulful Evolution Records CD Promo)

Last year in fall, Soulful Evolution Records released the glamorous "Midnight people" by Preslava Peicheva complete with remixes by Earl TuTu & John Khan, Soulbridge, Guido P and DJ Burlak, now right in time for summer this uplifting pearl returns in fresh interpretations. Roy Hayes drops a sun drenched utterly groovey feel-good rework, Othersoul deliver a fervid workout perfect for prime time, from OskiDJ comes a delectable deepened interpretation laced with enticing melodies, and finally Alex Millet gives the track an entrancing old school inspired touch sure to cause a stir.

Adam Cruz "Diamond girls" (Pirahnahead Remix)(Mixtape Sessions CD Promo)

Beginning of the year, Adam Cruz unleashed the utterly hypnotizing "Diamond girls" (taken from his third artist album "Freedom") onto the dance floors, now Pirahnahead adds his magical touch to the song to take it to the next level. To cut a long story short, these amazing remixes by Pirahnahead are simply fabulous... The 'Vocal Mix' combines Adam Cruz unique truly spellbinding vocals with thrilling percussive rhythms, illustrious keys and luscious chords, with the 'Alternate Vocal Mix 1' and 'Alternate Vocal Mix 2' oozing with a more organic feel - in other words, each of these stellar mixes is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. Essential.

Soulbridge featuring Chynaah Doll & Kellie Turner "God's in you" (HSR Records CD Promo)

There ain't no stoppin' for HSR Records who have been impressing us week after week with nothing but the best in soulful house music. "God's in you" by Soulbridge is no exception, with the contaminous funk soaked backdrop alongside the formidable jazzed-up keys and the truly dazzling vocals by Chynaah Doll and Kellie Turner spreading an utterly uplifting feel you can't resist to dance to...

Jose Marquez featuring Tshaka Campbell "Ode to the DJ" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

Jose Marquez is back on Tribe Records with "Ode to the DJ", not much needs to be said or written other than this wicked track is an utterly hypnotizing dance floor weapon built around spell binding afro-tribal rhythms, exhilarating synth melodies, mesmerizing flutes and inspiring spoken words which pay homage to the DJ's and are performed in grand style by Tshaka Campbell. Nuff said.

Deejay 2mi featuring Dindy "Come dance with me" (Soulful Sentiments Records CD Promo)

The next release on up-and-rising Soulful Sentiments Records is a real beauty courtesy of Deejay 2mi and songstress Dindy. "Come dance with me" is smooth and tempting, with a smooth funk drenched backing leading the way for enchanting melodies and Dindy's inimitable emotive vocals. The beautiful original version is accompanied by marvelous remixes from Bakk3, Deepconsoul, DeeperPHIL & Given K, DJ Tears Plk, Kay-9ine and last but not least Soultronixx all adding their deep/soulful touch, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version...

Sbonza G featuring Stones & Bones "Unity" (FOMP CD Promo)

South Africa's Siboniso 'Sbonza G' Ndlovu together with Stones & Bones (K.G. Bones & C.J. Stone) presents "Unity", an absolutely irresistible afro-deep production using utterly deep relentless rhythms as playground for the captivating vocals, grand flute, inebriant synth melodies and wicked guitar. Besides the original version the package features an eclectic selection of remixes by C-Major SA, Random Thoughts, Joseph Hines, Andy X, Beyond Tone and Ace Shyllo, with more remixes to follow on part two.

Various "Neal Conway Classics Revisited Vol. 5" (Urban Retro Music CD Promo)

Six months have passed since the last volume in the highly regarded "Neal Conway Classics Revisited" series saw the light of the day, now the wait is over and volume five is here for our aural pleasure. This time around a total of five unforgettable songs got the ingenious rework treatment by Neal Conway: "Floetic" by Floetry, "My love" by Jill Scott, "Long time running" byThe Doobie Brothers, "Stop-look-listen" by The Stylistics and "Go bang" by Dinosaur L. As usual, these re-imaginations keep the spirit of the original alive yet they are transformed into resistless four-the-floor anthems.

Aspire Sound "Time traveler" (Tony Records CD Promo)

Earlier this year, we've introduced you to the debut single "I'll be out" by Aspire Sound aka DJ/producer Demarkus Lewis and songstress Jacqueline Jaquez. Now they are back with "Time traveler", a sexy underground-esque production oozing with the unmistakable dreamy vocals of Jacqueline Jaquez, gorgeous synth melodies and infectious rhythms. Quite simply a sure-fire dance floor weapon...

Vincent Kwok & Jasmine Clemente "Alive" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

Veteran west coast DJ/producer Vincent Kwok and New York based singer Jasmine Clemente make their debut on Double Cheese Records with "Alive", a summery truly uplifting production combining Vincent Kwok's refined west coast house sound with Jasmine Clemente's beautiful sultry vocals. On remix duty are Bosser & Wohde who contribute an old school infused deep garage version, and Serg Szysz who drops a tantalizing deep funktified workout.

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