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Dawn Souluvn Williams "A deeper love (pride)" (Souled Out Mix)(Souluvn Entertainment Promo)

Songstress Dawn Souluvn Williams and producer/musician Jerry C. King join forces to bring us a classy remake of the Clivillés & Cole 1991 club anthem "A deeper love (pride)". The vibrant 'Jerry C King Mix' that stays true the original just got released, what we have here is the glorious 'Jerry C King Souled Out Mix' an expertly crafted re-imagination that gives the song an inspiring verily soulful yet captivating feel sure to make you yearn for more...

Kelvin Sylvester & Al Copeland "I can feel it" (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)

Boston soulful house maestro Kelvin Sylvester and songstress extraordinaire Al Copeland are back together for "I can feel it", the follow up to the highly acclaimed "Come over" from 2017. Undeniably, this 90's house inspired gem laced with the unmistakable emotive vocals of Al Copeland, sumptuous keys by Yuki Kanesaka Carmichael and intriguing rhythms is not to be missed. Not to forget to mention the dazzling 'Soul Mix' a summery latin drenched interpretation that is sheer musical bliss...

Ed Ramsey "Won't he do it" (POJI Records Promo)

Gospel house music aficionados, look no further than this absolutely dope and truly infectious production by DJ Oji and Richard Payton with the lyrics performed in grand style by Ed Ramsey. Without question, the inexorably stompin' rhythms together with the luxurious keys and the incredible vocal stylings of Ed Ramsey are guaranteed to get your feet movin' and lift your spirits... The cherry on top is the utterly fierce 'DJ Oji Praise Dance Dub' adding some extra spice.

Dr Packer "Different Strokes Volume 2 Sampler #1" (Glitterbox Recordings Promo)

Australian Disco maestro Dr Packer will soon return to Glitterbox Recordings with "Different Strokes Volume 2", with this sampler featuring three brilliant cuts from the forthcoming album all graced with Dr Packer inimitable truly soulful yet compelling touch: First up is the 2017 club favorite "Love on hold" by Aeroplane featuring Tawatha Agee, next we have the 2001 club anthem "Sleep talk" by ATFC featuring Lisa Millett, and finally we have the 2001 classic "Give it up" by Eminence featuring Kathy Brown. We can't wait to get our hands on the full album...

Mona Bode "Missing you" / "My first love" / "So seduce me" (Remixes)(CyberJamz Records Promo)

Coming soon to CyberJamz Records is this undoubtedly amazing release by Mona Bode featuring the brand new track "Missing you" in the beautiful original Johnny Dangerous version which combines Mona Bode's unrivaled poetic spoken word artistry with mellifluous dreamful melodies and a smooth organic musical backing, as well as grandiose jazz/funk infused DJ Hakuei interpretations of her previously released tracks "My first love" (originally released in 2010) and "Seduced me" (originally released in 2012).

Angelo Draetta featuring Stephie Lune & Josiah Ruff  "I won't give up" / "Let it out" (Leda Music Promo)

Not one but two excellent vocal productions are featured on the latest offering by DJ/producer Angelo Draetta. First up is "I won't give up" a lively production with a stompin' backdrop leading the way for exquisite keys and the gorgeous sultry vocals of Stephie Lune. Next is "Let it out" featuring the incomparable passionate vocals of Josiah Ruff alongside splendid jazzy keys and a thrilling funked-up backdrop.

DJ Punch "Zanzibar Music EP Vol. 1" (CyberJamz Records Promo)

The one and only DJ Punch returns to CyberJamz Records with the blazin' hot "Zanzibar Music EP Vol. 1" loaded with three sure-fire dance floor weapons. "Disco Dub EFX" is all about fierce underground-esque rhythms and cleverly used vocal samples, "Don't turn your back on Teddy" is a contaminous funktified banger sampling "Don't turn your back on me" by Front Line Orchestra and Teddy Pendergrass, and last but not least there is the fervid four-to-the-floor take on "Vertigo/relight my fire" by Dan Hartman featuring Loleatta Holloway.

Deep House Pick: Vince Watson "Voodoo Disco EP" (Yoruba Records Promo)

A secret weapon here at Spirit of House since mid-April, the "Voodoo Disco EP" is the third release for Vince Watson on Yoruba Records, perfectly showcasing his distinctive deep house sound. A total of four tracks are included, with the opening track "Into the night" being perfect for late night play thanks to sweet galactical melodies and deep rhythms. "The spirit dance" features illustrious piano and celestial chords over smooth yet spell binding rhythms, while "Voodoo disco" turns the heat up with pulsating rhythms and mesmerizing synths. Lastly, "Dreamers" fueled with grand jazzy keys and heavenly chords oozes with an enchanting laid back vibe.

Izo FitzRoy "Blind faith" (Art of Tones Remix)(Jalapeno Records Promo)

We are closing this week's update with the wonderful Art of Tones remixes of "Blind faith" by Izo Fitz Roy out soon on Jalapeno Records. To cut right to the chase, Art of Tones super cool sun drenched remixes using a smooth funktastic groove as foundation for sublime brass stabs, sweeping strings and the towering haunting vocals of Izo FitzRoy are the perfect soundtrack for summer...

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