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Exclusive Preview: Carlos Vargas featuring Stephanie Cooke "This must be love" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

Carlos Vargas featuring Stephanie Cooke - This must be love

On "This must be love", Carlos Vargas teams up with the legendary Stephanie Cooke who impresses with a heartfelt vocal performance on this super soulful yet infectious production. The vocals together with the smooth percussive groove, jazzy piano and warm chords create a laidback vibe that makes you yearning for more. Beside vocal and instrumental versions, there is also the jazzed-up 'Eastside Piano Mix' and remixes by Matt Early who gives the song a gorgeous 80's tinged touch and Rob Hayes who delivers a soul-funk oozing interpretation.

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Exclusive Preview: RaShaan Houston featuring Tony Loreto "30 days" (Submantra & Speakdeep Soul Remix)(Spirit Sound Records CD-R)

We are proud to bring you this exclusive preview of the Submantra & Speakdeep remix of RaShaan Houston's "30 days" laced with heartfelt vocals by the one and only RaShaan Houston and lush keys and chords, while the deep'n'smooth backing creates a relentless feel. To be released soon together with other slammin' remixes.

Exclusive Preview: M I Sounds "Settle 4 my luv" (SregorneK Fix)(CD-R)

Patrice Rushen's ballad "Settle for my love" (from her 1979 long player "Pizzazz" which also includes the timeless "Haven't you heard") has been given an Fious four-to-the-floor makeover by M I Sounds, with a fiercely thumpin' backdrop leading the way for the instrumentation and Patrice Rushen's incomparable vocals.

Exclusive Preview: Marco Finotello featuring Maggie Smile "Sometime" (Black Sonix Remix)(Daddy Funk Records CD Promo)

Here we've got an exclusive preview of the Black Sonix Remix of the forthcoming "Sometime" by Marco Finotello which features sultry vocals courtesy of Maggie Smile and intoxicating synth melodies over a truly deep yet mesmerizing tribal-esque groove. The full package will also include the original alongside remixes by Deep Milo and Seb Skalski.

Exclusive Preview: Marco Soundee featuring Eric van Aro "I love U madly" (Fabrizio Marra Remix)(Beats 4 Life Records CD-R)

Another exclusive we've received this week is this beautiful interpretation by Fabrizio Marra of Marco Soundee's forthcoming "I love U madly" featuring lush vocals courtesy Eric Van Aro, jazzy keys and melodious chords over an organic funk drenched backing, altogether creating a laidback yet captivating feel. Watch out for the full package which should be available soon.

DJ Aakmael featuring Rob Clark "Afrosohl" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

DJ Aakmael returns to CyberJamz Records with his utterly deep remixes of "Afrosohl" combining Rob Clark's inspiring vocals with melodious keys and chords and a deeper than deep backdrop. On the 'UnExpodz Horn Instrumental' the vocals are replaced with lush horns, while the 'UnExpodz Deep Ride' further deepens the feel. Not to be missed by any lover of bona fide deep house...

Mustafa featuring Tasita D'Mour "Love" (Staff Productions CD Promo)

"Love", a delicious slice of broken beat soul by Mustafa featuring the highly talented Tasita D'Mour on vocals, has first seen the light of the day on the "WMC Sampler Miami 2010". The brand new mixes by Mustafa, Oscar P & Davidson Ospina, Steven Stone, D-Malice, Rafael Yapudyan and Rafix & Mateo take the song to the next level, letting you choose between acoustic, deep'n'soulful, peak time and main room flavored versions guaranteed to please both music aficionados and dancers.

Afribiza "The Afro Sound of Ibiza" (DJ Sampler)(New World Africa Records CD Promo)

This exclusive DJ sampler features selected tracks from the just released "Afribiza - The Afro Sound Of Ibiza Volume 1" compilation by New World Africa RecordsSuge Transitions contributes two equally great deep afrotastic remixes of "Tshikani" by Akhomi, while "Son from the south" by SK95 gets a deep hypnotic makeover by Q-Millz. "Turbulent times" by Dele Sosimi is included in the afrocentric DJ Stan-ley remix, and lastly there is the balearic flavored titled track "Afribiza" by DJ Seider remixed by Bushman.

Phunk Farmers Music featuring Dawn Williams "Live, love, laugh" (New Generation Records CD Promo)

The legendary New Generation label is back, with some of their classic releases such as the "DJs On Vinyl (Vol. 2)" or "DJs On Vinyl (Vol. 3)" EP's being available on digital format for the first time. But it doesn't end there, the label is also dropping fresh music such as the uplifting "Live, love, laugh" by Phunk Farmers Music featuring passionate vocals by Dawn Williams, jazzy piano and cool chords over an old school flavored thumpin' groove.

Third Party featuring Johan Greaves "Alright" (Mi Casa Records CD Promo)

"Alright" by Third Party is a classic production oozing with soul from the beginning to the end, featuring deeply felt vocals by Johan Greaves and luscious melodies over an intoxicating funk soaked backing in its original form. The package includes different variations, with the versatility of these versions giving you plenty of choices to work the dance floors at any time. Soon to be released is the stripped down 'Dont Worry Dub' by The Wisemen giving the track an intensified mesmerizing touch.

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