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Stephanie Cooke "Thinkin' I'm beautiful" (Sean McCabe Remixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Stephanie Cooke - Thinkin' I'm beautiful This is the second release of the week that lets us enjoy the unique angelic vocals of Stephanie Cooke, with herself and the Soul Dhamma crew out of Philadelphia on production duty. Sean McCabe is responsible for the slammin' four-to-the-floor mixes, using a straight up backing as playground for the vocals, jazzy piano and warm synth melodies which altogether create an uplifting feel. His mesmerizing dub deepens the vibe for relentless peak time action.

DaSoul, Fabry Diglio & M.A.D. Boss featuring William Scott "Moon in Taurus" (City Deep Records CD Promo)

DaSoul, Fabry Diglio & M.A.D. Boss feat William Scott - Moon in Taurus DaSoul and Fabry Diglio follow up their club hit "Direction" with another sure-fire dance floor smash titled "Moon in Taurus", teaming up M.A.D. Boss and singer William Scott. The 'House Garage Original Mix' starts things off slightly dark and dirty before compelling Afro tinged vocals and delicious keys turn the track into a soulful affair. The 'Deep Mix' takes the track to deeper somewhat moody grounds, while the 'Afro Dub' is an exquisite laidback Afro drenched dub. Finally the 'Old School Dub' is a summery affair fueled with lush chords and jazzy piano.

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Exclusive Preview: Various "Original Drum Summer '09 Edits & Re-Splits Part 2" (CD-R)

In August, we had been diggin' part one of  Neter Supremes' "Original Drum Summer 09 Edits & Re-Splits", now we are doing the same with part two that offers more goodies to discover. And again we are having a rough time picking a favorite out of the seven included tracks, but if we have to it would be "Othandweni" by Zano and "I can see" by Jazzanova featuring Ben Westbeech - however the others are really close and deserve to be mentioned to: "Don't take me for granted" by G.L.O.,  "Oh man" by Grandmaster Flash featuring Syndee & Natacha Atlas, "If this isn't love" by Jennifer Hudson, "Lil wiser" by Natalie Williams and "He don't" by Ultimate Soul. And yes we know we repeat ourselves, but they are all wonderfully crafted, staying respectful to the original while taking them straight to the soulful dance floors.

Kerri Chandler with Harley & Muscle "You can't lie" (SoulStar Records CD Promo)

What a combination of talents to be found on this massive production !! On "You can't lie",  New York legend Kerri 'Kaoz 6:23'Chandler meets Italy's deep house masterminds Harley & Muscle for a timeless anthem, with Kerri Chandler himself providing the vocals. His own mixes have that truly classic, deep yet hypnotic 'Kaoz 6:23' vibe to them, with DJ Spinna keeping its deep and delicious on his interpretation. Harley & Muscle slow it down for a laidback, groovy mid tempo feel.

Exclusive Preview: Stephanie Cooke "Sing" (D#Sharp Records CD Promo)

Here we have the first of two brand new releases by Stephanie Cooke. "Sing" is produced by Joe Flame and features her unmistakable angelic voice over a deeper than deep yet smooth backdrop that is enriched with sweet percussion and gorgeous melodies. Beside vocal and instrumental versions there is also the wonderful 'Smooth Mix' which drops the beats and drums, while the 'D#Sharp Remix' gives the track a darker truly hypnotic feel.

Steven Stone featuring Anthony Moriah "Bundle of love" (Soul Deluxe Records CD Promo)

Steven Stone returns with the magnificent "Bundle of love" featuring a heartfelt vocal performance by Anthony Moriah who sadly passed away end of September (R.I.P.). The original version is soulful yet captivating, featuring gorgeous melodies over a smoothly stompin' groove, with the 'Classic Mix' reworking the track into a slice of old skool tinged soulful heaven. The remixes are courtesy of Gregory Del Piero who relaxes the vibe on his version, Shane D who delivers a peak time monster gem oozing with funk, Born to Funk who take the track straight to main floor with their Balearic drenched take and finally Mirco Esposito who deepens the vibe.

Torin Rea "Duplicity" / "My kind of Saturday night" (Baldeloox Records CD Promo)

Los Angeles based Torin Rea, part of the West Coast Collective (WCC), presents two lovely yet uplifting productions featuring very talented vocalists. The old school tinged "Duplicity" is built around a smoothly stompin', funk drenched groove that is enriched with sweet vocals by Erin Powers, superb guitar, beautiful flute and jazzy keys. "My kind of Saturday night" is in a similar vein, keeping the vibe old school while intensifying the funky flavors, with Sandra Lima providing sexy vocals that harmonize nicely with the wicked synths.

Exclusive Preview: Vick Lavender "Chicago Fusion EP Vol. 4" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

With the "Chicago Fusion EP Vol. 4", Vick Lavender presents more of his eclectic Jazz-Funk fueled productions. "Spirits & life" is deep and mesmerizing, with the jazzy keys by Mike Logan and the thumpin' percussion enriched groove creating an intriguing feel. The organic "The voyager" keeps the feel deep and jazzy while being on a more laidback yet warm and groovy tip. Another release from Sophisticado Records that is not to be missed.

Kerri Chandler featuring Treasa 'Diva' Fennie "Heal my heart" (Fanatix/Dazzle Drum Remixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Originally released a decade ago, Kerri Chandler's "Heal my heart" which features passionate vocals by Treasa 'Diva' Fennie has been a DJ favorite ever since. Hot on the heels of last years Quentin Harris remixes comes another killer package, this time including mixes by Fanatix (aka Aaron Ross and Neil Pierce) taking the track to peak time heaven with their ruff yet soulful interpretation, while Dazzle Drums enter deep moody grounds on their jazz drenched rework.

Artan Telqiu "My destiny" (Deep Nota Records CD Promo)

"My destiny" by Artan Telqiu is smooth and sexy, featuring sensual female vocals alongside a lovely jazzy piano and gorgeous melodies over a deep funk soaked backing, creating a soul oozing, loungey yet dreamy feel. This one builds and builds with every listen... Miss it at your own risk.

Exclusive Preview: Joe Rizla featuring Natasha Koss "Talk" (Black Keys Music Records CD Promo)

Joe Rizla and Natasha Koss continue their successful partnership with "Talk", a production that goes as deep as it gets, with Natasha Koss' sultry spoken words, jazzy keys, luscious synth atmospheres and the sweet percussion enriched groove creating an infectious feel. The instrumental version is a splendid variation that replaces the vocal with wicked chords for an intensified feel, while the unreleased bonus track "Giving it" is a spaced-out acid tinged dub version of the track.

Dutchican Soul "Get on down" (Salted Music Records CD Promo)

Dutchican Soul enter stompin' ground with the remorseless "Get on down" which is built around an energetic Disco-Funk soaked groove and features a catchy vocal hook alongside captivating synths and jazzy chords. You can choose between four equally great versions which vary the vibe of the track nicely while keeping the feel uplifting and contaminous.

Shane D featuring Kerry Wood "Silence" (Soulmagic Records CD Promo)

South African shooting star Shane D takes on the old club anthem "Silence" by Delirium to deliver his very own interpretation, featuring a wonderful vocal performance by Kerry Wood. His 'Main Mix' is driven by a chunky bassline groove, with freaky synth hooks and a grand piano accompanying the vocals. The 'InstroDub' strips the vocals, while the 'Broken Soul Dub' is a funked-up, partially broken beat styled affair. Soulmagic turn the track into a classic house stomper oozing with beautiful soul-funk flavas, while McHale & Peddie contribute a main room rework.

Doobie J featuring Ashley Stone "Black heels" (Citrus Sound Records CD Promo)

The latest production from Doobie J titled "Black heels" is an uplifting groovy affair with a true jazzy feel featuring sultry vocals by Ashley Stone together with glorious keys and chords over a funked-up groove, with the sweet guitar adding a somewhat George Benson like touch to the track.

DJ J'Shon featuring Marcia Boynton "Leave it 2 me" (Trower Music Group Records CD Promo)

DJ J'Shon aka Jayshon Trower teams up with singer/songwriter Marcia Boynton for "Leave it 2 me", an inspiring gospel house anthem built around a deep underground-ish backing that is topped with outstanding vocals by Marcia Boynton, killer jazzy piano and phat chords. Beside vocal, instrumental and acapella versions there is also the 'Home Grown Mix' which adds extra percussion elements and injects the track with funky flavors to turn up the heat.

Exclusive Preview: In the Sound "Keep me dancing" (Black Keys Music Records CD Promo)

"Keep me dancing" by In the Sound is a deep laidback production by Joe Rizla coming in different flavors, featuring sexy female vocals over a mellow percussion driven backdrop. The 'Deep Cord Vox' is all about jazzy chords, while the 'Deep Pads Mix' goes atmospheric, followed by the 'Keyspad Dub' which combines the atmospheric pads with a jazzy piano. Lastly the 'Teck It Out Mix' gives the track a tech-soul sounding.

Exclusive Preview: Leela James "Baby I'm scared of you" (Tony Loreto & Master Kev MKTL Remix)(CD-R)

Tony Loreto and Master Kev take on Leela James' "Baby I'm scared of you" (lifted from her current album "Let's do it again"), turning this marvelous song into a smooth four-to-the-floor thumper that stays respectful to the original, featuring a killer organ ride that makes this remix something special, giving the track an absolutely irresistible feel.

Whitney Houston "Million dollar bill" (Frankie Knuckles Remixes)(RCA Records CD Promo)

Frankie Knuckles did these mixes of Whitney Houston's "Million dollar bill" for himself, and once RCA heard about the buzz they create, they got interested and requested a copy - hopefully a proper release will only be a question of time. Frankie Knuckles turns the track into an old school styled dance floor stomper' with a distinct funky edge that is spreading a feel good vibe you can't resist to dance to.

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