As usual we keep it soulful yet diversified - enjoy !!

Various "Groovemental" (Grooveland Music CD Promo)

Grooveland Music open their vault and present a mind-blowing selection of six instrumental tracks that have been previously unreleased. You get the 'Anto Vitale Shabu Music Instrumental' of "Eu soul" by BSC featuring Andre (vocal released in 2008), the 'eDeep Instrumental' of "So lonely" by Domenico Navarra featuring Monique Henry (vocal released in 2007) and the 'The Amoudi Hypnosis Mix' of "Tuesday vibes" by Manousos (the main instrumental take was released earlier this year) as well the disco/jazz-funk infused "Funky stuff" by CitySounds, the summery "Sunset em cabo frio" by Douglas Marques melting jazzy sounds with classic acid sounds, and finally the ingenious latin flavored groover "Hello Luci" by Luife.

Andy Soul featuring Samantha Faison "Breaking rules" (SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

We are going to keep it sweet and short with this review as, quite honestly, not many words need to be said or written about this soulful gem by Andy Soul and songstress Samantha Faison. "Breaking rules" is super smooth and melodious yet full of uplifting energy, with gently thumpin' rhythms leading the way for charming keys and chords, not to forget to mention the beautiful enthralling vocals of Samantha Faison.

Soul Diva "Inspiration of love" (Night Scope Deep Recordings CD Promo)

Next up on Night Scope Deep Recordings is "Inspiration of love" produced by Deep Elementz and performed in grand style by Soul Diva. Quite simply, "Inspiration of love" is a glorious production oozing with the sweet spoken word poetry and spirited vocals of Soul Diva, sublime keys, dreamy chords and dulcet yet vibrant deep percussive rhythms, altogether spreading a soulful yet thrilling feel you can't resist to dance to.

Jackie Queens "Conqueror" (Remixes)(Kings of Groove Records CD Promo)

Earlier this year we introduced you to the massive Enoo Napa remix of "Conqueror" by Jackie Queens, now Kings of Groove Records present fresh remixes of this wicked track destined to prolong its success on dance floors across the globe. The 'Kings of Groove Remix' takes Jackie Queens inimitable haunting vocals to the next level with utterly infectious afrotastic rhythms and tantalizing atmospheric melodies, while the 'Ibitaly Remix' gives the track a deeper truly hypnotizing feel thanks to inebriant melodies and a compelling backdrop.

The Mantree-Curlin Project "Antiquated house" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

Rasmir Mantree and Calvin Curlin join forces to grace us with "Antiquated house", a dazzling production taking you on an exhilarating journey to underground house music territory that is masterly orchestrated and combines spell binding percussive rhythms with blissful synth melodies, wicked guitar riffs, exquisite organ ride, lovely flute and wicked male vocals.

Deep House Pick #1: Konstantin Sibold "Dome EP" (Defected Records CD Promo)

German producer/DJ Konstantin Sibold makes his debut on Defected Record with the blazin' hot "Dome EP" featuring two sure-fire dance floor weapons. The ethereal title track "Dome" features an utterly enchanting string sample alongside fizzing hats over a deep chugging backdrop, while the old school inspired "Leif" oozes with entrancing synth melodies and mercilessly pulsating rhythms.

Deep House Pick #2: Lowheads "Need Role EP" (Strictly Rhythm Records CD Promo)

Up and rising production duo Lowheads presents the amazing "Need Role EP" on seminal house music imprint Strictly Rhythm Records. First up is the unadulterated old school infused "Need role" using a straightforward utterly deep house groove as playground for wicked spoken words, a cool looped gospel vocal and enticing keys. Next is the moody "Morphrhodes", an edgy track with dubby untertones laced with freaky melodies and impulsive rhythms.

Deep House Pick #3: Greg Gauthier "You've done me wrong" (Sunclock Records CD Promo)

French DJ/producer Greg Gauthier presents "You've done me wrong", an old school flavored underground-esque production built around ruthlessly thumpin' rhythms, ravishing synths and catchy vocals. Sebb Junior is on remix duty, keeping the vibe deep and true to the underground yet giving the track a smoother and more melodious feel perfect for late night play.

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