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Panevino & O-Jam "Contigo O Sin Ti" (Panevino Music Records CD Promo)

With "Contigo O Sin Ti", Panevino presents the perfect vibes for the summer, combining a hot and sexy spanish vocal courtesy of O-Jam with a smooth yet fierce groove that is enriched with wonderful jazzy keys and masterly performed vibraphone, altogether creating an uplifting feeling. The hypnotic, dub-alike 'PV Sin Ti In Space Mix' toughens things up for an electrofied feel perfect for peak time play, while Alix Alvarez contributes a laidback yet deeply rumblin' interpretation featuring wonderful synth chords and an even deeper, mesmerizing dub that puts the synth chords center stage to the package.

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Beppe Gioia "Welcome 2 the Familia EP" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

Consortium Muzik add Beppe Gioia to the list of their artists who presents the wonderful "Welcome 2 the Familia EP". The EP features three tracks, with "Do you tango" being a laidback jazz house track featuring melodic chords, a jazzy piano and a wicked organ ride over a smooth percussion enriched groove, with the steel drums adding a lovely Caribbean touch. The atmospheric "Dreams" is taking the vibe deeper, with thumpin' beats leading the way for lush synth layers. Finally there is Beppe Gioia's take of Miss Yvonne's "Confusion", a wonderfully instrumentated interpretation that keeps the feel laidback and soulful..

Brazilian Soul Crew "The Adventures of Brazilian Soul Crew" (Next Dimension Music Records CD Promo)

The trio of Edground, Claudio Mansur and Azee (better known as BSC aka Brazilian Soul Crew) are going deep with this release on Next Dimension Music. First up is "Darkness groove", a track as deep as it gets, with a funk flavored groove leading the way for phat keys and chords. Next is "Deepin" that keeps the vibe deep and relaxed while atmospheric synths over a smooth groove, followed by "Electronic vibes" which is intensifying the vibe for some serious electrofied deep house action.

Darrio D'Attis "Monita fea" (Transport Records CD Promo)

Swiss Italian producer Darrio D'Attis presents the massive "Monita fea" coming your way in a variety of tasty mixes. The original mixes are a beautiful blend of latin guitar licks with a deep, slightly dark groove and techy elements. Julius Papp reworks the track into a deeply stompin' affair that combines the latin guitars with melodic synths and sweet percussion, while New Mondo (the team of Marco Celone and Vincent Kwok) contribute both a peak time and a more relaxed latinesque version to the package. Haldo goes deep on his thumpin' take, giving the track a mellow feel, while Deep Red's version is a hypnotic affair that keeps things smooth. Lastly there is DJ MFR's lovely re-edit of the original.

Mass Destruction featuring Terisa Griffin "Stressed out" (Ill Friction Records CD Promo)

Behind "Stressed out" are masterminds Kenny Dope and Terry Hunter who team up with the legendary disco producer Patrick Adams on keyboards, while the mighty Terisa Griffin provides the vocals. "Stressed out" is a soulful yet absolutely relentless production featuring the unparalleled vocals of Terisa Griffin over an infectious musical backdrop that is built around phat innovative beats, jazzy piano and lush chords, altogether creating an anthem for the months to come.

Patrick Green featuring Nimba Burr "Qua tanka" (Remixes)(SofiTone Records CD Promo)

Here we've got a phat remix package of Patrick Green's "Que tanka" featuring a passionate vocal by Liberian diva Nimba Burr, to be released by SofiTone Records soon. Didier Vanelli's 'Jazz N Soul Mix' is a marvelously orchestrated affair that keeps on funkily groovin' from the beginning to the end, with Nimba Burr's vocals being accompanied by melodic chords and a wonderful jazzy saxophone. Beppe Gioia goes deep on his percussively stormin' remix that oozes with jazzy flavors, while his dub is all about lush chords over the infectious percussion groove. The Brazilian Soul Crew deliver a beautiful deep house interpretation on a jazzy edge, while Salvator Argrosi presents a deep soul-tech version that is perfect for late night play.

James Deron "The E.P." (Purple Music Tracks Records CD Promo)

"The E.P" is the truly hot debut release for French Swiss DJ and producer James Deron. The main track "Life" premiered on the "Miami Whomp 2008!" Sampler by Purple Music a couple of months back and is a simple yet extremely hypnotizing track featuring phat spoken words by CeeJay alongside lush chords over a deeply stompin' beat. Beside the main vocal, there is now also an instrumental and a deeper remix with added sexy female vocals. For the purists, there are two alternate versions of the new remix: spoken word only and instrumental. Next is "Puerto Rico", a fierce deep house track featuring wicked synth hooks, followed by "We love this music" which features a sexy spoken word by Dora Northbuck over a deeply thumpin' groove that is enriched with warm melodic keys (an instrumental is included too). The 'Verso Mix' is a groovier take that replaces the spoken words with sweet female vocals and adds lovely chords.

Kemal "Burning Hearts EP" (Indeependent Records CD Promo)

Each of Kemal's recent productions has been taken dance floors by storm, and this latest three track release titled "Burning Hearts EP" will be no exception. "Keep it moving" is a deeply rumblin' affair featuring sexy male spoken words alongside phat synths, while "Free yourself" is a fiercely thumpin' track with a deep'n'funky as hell bassline and hypnotizing synth hooks. Lastly there is "If you and I", a deeply groovin' track featuring lovely chords and jazzy keys that is on a more relaxed tip.

Ultra Exclusive Preview: Hardsoul featuring Ron Carroll "Back together" (Panevino's 2008 Remix)(SoulFuric Records CD-R)

Since its initial release in 2003, "Back together" has been a favorite with many DJ thanks to the uplifting vocals by Ron Carroll and the smooth yet mesmerizing musical backing by Hardsoul. Now five years later we see Panevino rework the track, turning it into an absolutely relentless affair driven by a fiercely thumpin' groove, with resistless synth chords and classy strings accompanying Ron Carroll's incomparable voice. No information is available at this time if this mix will get released or not.

Wil Milton "Sky rise" (Blak Ink Music Records CD Promo)

There ain't no stoppin' for Wil Milton as with "Sky rise" the man unleashes a new bomb that will take dance floors by storm. The 'NYC Dance Mix' of "Sky rise" is built around a relentless tribal flavored beat, and with an incredibly hot piano line and freaky synths this one is guaranteed to put the crowd into a trance. The afro-centric 'Gravity NYC Mix' strips the track of the piano and puts the emphasis on the tribal groove to create a more intense feel you can't resist to dance to.

DJ Aphreme "House is my language" (Music Plan Tracks Records CD Promo)

Martin Mamzer aka DJ Aphreme presents "House is my language", a groovy track built around a kickin' beat that is enriched with phat jazzy keys, spacey synths and cool vocal snippets to create a captivating feel. The 'Alternative Mix' is a great alteration of the main version that changes a few things here and there while preserving the captivating feel. Finally we have "Livin in chaos" that is a bit more on the laidback side of things while keeping the vibe groovy and the synth chords infectious.

Joey Kay "Blackout" (Blacklightroom Digital Records CD Promo)

Chicago's very own Joey Kay presents the heavily stompin', underground-ish "Blackout", an atmospheric track featuring wicked spheric synths alongside classy strings and acidic tones that together with catchy vocals (must have been taken from tv coverage of space missions) create an irresistible vibe on the dance floor that is guaranteed to set the crowd into a frenzy.

Various "Subterranean Episodes" (Aesthetic Audio Records CD Promo)
Rondenion "Tokyo Deep!" (Aesthetic Audio Records CD Promo)

Here we have two brilliant releases from Aesthetic Audio that take you on a journey into blissfull deep house music. Both releases are rather slow paced, but nevertheless they are absolutely devastating on the dance floor with their soulful yet energetic vibes that will catch you in an instant. On "Subterranean Episodes" you find "African flower" by Juju and Jordash, a mesmerizing, jazz tinged deep house cut as well as the deep atmospheric masterpiece "Atlantis" by Keith Worthy. The second release titled "Tokyo Deep!" is courtesy of Japanese producer Rondenion who presents this wonderful tracks. First up is the funk-jazz gem "The beautiful memory" that you is so sweet you will instantly fall in love with it. "Eye" is a simple yet very effective deep house track featuring hypnotizing synths, while "Love is like a diamond" creates beautiful melodies through the jazzy keys and warmth of the deep groove.

Exclusive Preview: Johnny Dangerous "New York City" (ToT's Ocsid Mix)(Vega Records CD-R)

After the massive "Like this peak bomb" mash-up, ToT (aka Timmy Richardson) presents a hotter than hot remix of Johnny Dangerous' "New York City" which was released earlier this year through Vega Records. ToT takes the track to the next level by firing up the groove and adding some serious old-school acid flavors, with the result being an absolutely irresistible underground dance floor anthem. Play it and see the dance floor go crazy !!

Erykah Badu "Honey (Souled Remix)(CD-R)

Here is a little something that was posted a while ago on a message board as free download (can't remember which one it was). It's a groovy mid tempo reworking of Erykah Badu's "Honey" built around bumpin' beats, with warm melodic keys accompanying Erykah Badu's incomparable vocals.

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