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Dolls Combers present Venger Collective "9' clock" (SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

Venger Collective - 9 clock The uplifting "9' clock" is written by Vladislav Vengerovsky and Alexander Lygin and features sultry vocals by Alexandra Magerova alongside an exquisite live instrumentation that give the track an organic jazz-funk fueled feeling. The Dolls Combers keep the vibe of the original alive while turning the track into a soulful house groover, followed by Souldynamic whose rework is deeply rumblin' and features phat synths and chords. For a summery, laidback take look no further than the groovy Island Groove remix which has got a lovely Balearic touch to it.

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Exclusive Preview: Angela Johnson "Better" (Micky More Remixes)(Purpose Records CD Promo)

Italy's Micky Moore takes on the wonderful soul nugget "Better" by Angela Johnson and presents a marvelous interpretation that stays true and respectful to the original while transforming the song into a soulful, old school styled house gem based on a smooth yet fierce, funk drenched backing, with Angela Johnson's outstanding vocals being accompanied by jazzy keys and saxophone.

Mr A.L.I/Vick Lavender "Chicago Fusion EP Vol. 3" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

Jere McAllister and Vick Lavender present a wonderful remake of The Crusaders' classic "Feel it" (from their 1976 album "Free as the wind") which is best described as being a modern jazz-funk masterpiece thanks to the virtuoso orchestration. Two versions to choose from, with the "Mr A.L.I Chicago Fusion Jazz/Funk Extravaganza Mix" staying close to its roots, while the 'Vick Lavender Stripped Down Mix' fuses the jazz-funk elements with a smooth yet contaminous 4/4 backing.

Exclusive Preview: Melchyor A & Kristaa Williams "I believe in U" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

Going from strength to strength, Sophisticado Records present this gorgeous uplifting production courtesy of Melchyor A (Andrianirina Jean Yves) titled "I believe in U", featuring the sweet vocals of Kristaa Williams and marvelous jazzy keys and sax over a smooth, percussion driven backing that oozes with its captivating funky flavors. The 'Hmida Jazz Mix' is more infectious and puts lovely guitars, jazzy flute and warm synth melodies center stage.

Exclusive Preview: Stephanie Cooke & Groove Assassin "This time" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

On "This time", DJ and producer Groove Assassin and songstress Stephanie Cooke come together to bless us with a truly delightful production featuring the incomparable voice of Stephanie Cooke, gentle jazzy keys and sweet chords, all perfectly arranged over a smooth yet infectious backdrop. Whether you prefer the vocal or instrumental version, its simply beautiful music.

DeejayKul featuring Lenny Hamilton "Change" (Xtrasolar Records CD Promo)

DeejayKul together with singer Lenny Hamilton presents the laidback "Change" which makes use of a mellow funk drenched backing that is enriched with sweet percussion elements, classic brass sounds and warm synth melodies, not to forget to mention the sublime vocals of Lenny Hamilton. Beside the 'Original Classic House Mix', you'll get an acapella in the package as well as the bonus track "Love is all (you got)", a groovy deep house instrumental featuring lush keys and synth chords.

Exclusive Preview: G.L.O "Don't take me for granted" (Neter Supreme Re-Split)(CD-R)

About two years ago, independent label Stomp Records released the wonderful, 80's influenced contemporary r&b/soul/funk song "Don't take me for granted" by G.L.O (aka producer Meshack and vocalist Sharnell Murray). Right in time for summer, our good friend Neter Supreme present a soulfully stompin' house rework that stays respectful to the original while firing up the vibe for serious dance floor heat.

Panevino "Don't go" (Panevino Music Records CD Promo)

Initially promoted at this years Winter Music Conference, the full package of "Don't go" by Panevino (Sandro Endrighetti & Renato Abate) is finally here. The 'Main Mix' is on a deep tip, built around a driving soul-tech groove that is topped with lovely key hooks, sweet synth melodies, classy strings and heartfelt female vocals by Sharon May Linn. The dubby 'Panevino Club Anthem' version intensifies the vibe for mesmeric peak time action, while Davide Fiorese turns the track into an old-school tinged, funk oozing affair. Also included are two acapella versions.

DJ Tekin & Greg Dorban featuring Chappell "3 words" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

"3 words" sees DJ Tekin, Greg Dorban and singer Chappell team up to present a deep resistless production featuring a beautiful jazzy sax and passionate vocals over and underground-ish backing. The 'Original Sax Dub strips the vocals and deepens the vibe, while Park Street rework the track into a resistless peak time favorite fueled with captivating synths. Pete Gust contributes a smoothed down affair for the soulful heads using sweet synth melodies over warm funk drenched groove.

Distant People featuring Chappell "Dress up your life" (MetroGroove Records CD Promo)

Joey Silvero (aka Distant People) once again blesses us with a truly soulful production, this time featuring the highly talented Chappell on vocals. The original mix is a soulfully stompin' affair built around a funk soaked groove that gets topped with sultry vocals and warm keys. The slightly more intense dub is on a somewhat more raw tip, while Kid Grooves presents a set of sleek funky mixes featuring great jazzy keys. Lastly Javi Lopez fires things up for main room action.

Various "The Sound Of Reelgroove Sampler" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

This sampler features tracks taken from the from the forthcoming double album "Reelgroove Presents: The Sound of Reelgroove - The House Collection". The deep hypnotic "Black magic pearl" by Filin Brake & David Maranello features phat synth hooks and sexy vocals, while "This old house" by Clemens Rumpf & David A. Tobin is a stompin' affair featuring jazzy sax and spoken words. "Hit the morning beat" by Soul Cola is included in a funked-up dub version, and "3 words" by DJ Tekin & Greg Dorban (which features vocals by Chapell) comes in the peak time Park Street remix. As a bonus, you get the 'Spoken DJ Tool' of "Change the world" by Filin Brake, Greg Dorban, Eman.

Ronnie Canada "Going through the motions" (Daddy Funk Records CD Promo)

Daddy Funk Records have a beauty in their hands with "Going through the motions" by Ronnie Canada who provides a powerful yet heartfelt vocal performance, backed up with a deep remorseless groove and relentless keys and chords by Southern Divide's Justin Stride on the 'Blak Sonix' mixes. Switzerland's Soulful Bros relax the vibe on their classic interpretation that oozes with lovely funky flavas and jazzy keys.

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