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Soul Oasis presents DJ Aakmael "Darker Moments EP" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

Now this is what we call serious deepness!! DJ Aakmael's "Darker Moments EP" (the follow up to his "Deeper Moments EP") takes you on a journey into deep house as it is not heard often these days, with "Afrosohl" being a wonderful vocal production featuring outstanding vocals by Rob Clark alongside jazzy keys and lush synths over a deep yet smoothly rumblin' groove. The dub drops the vocal to let the keys and synths create a captivating deep house vibe. Both "I dunno" and "13th mood" are heavily influenced by the unmistakable and legendary Detroit house sound, with the deep resistless grooves coupled with mesmerizing keys and synths creating a hypnotic feeling.

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Tsuki LaLa "Stop me" (Left Foot Records CD Promo)

Left Foot Records is a brand new label by DJ Ralphski which kicks off strong with "Stop me" by Tsuki Lala featuring sultry vocals by Kristie Glab. The original version a beautiful down tempo soul production, while Rachel Claudio & Nicolas Vautier's interpretation is twisting things around for a chilled out vibe built around a dub-ish groove. DJ Ralphski turns the track into a smooth house affair with lovely melodies on the vocal version, while the dub is slightly more intense and features great chords and keys.

Exclusive Preview: Terisa Griffin "Wonderful" (Manousos Remix)(CD-R)

Manoli Manousakis aka Manousos take on the beautiful "Wonderful" by Terisa Griffin and reworks the track into a smooth affair based around a deep mellow bassline groove that is enriched with a gorgeous piano that together with the outstanding vocals creates a laidback feeling.

Exclusive Preview: Arnaud D. featuring Donald Sheffey "Show me some love" (Ciappy DJ & Cedric Mango Remix)(SoulShine Records CD-R)

To be released later this year through SoulShine Records, "Show me some love" will include various version including the ones by Ciappy DJ & Cedric Mango available to us for an exclusive preview. They take the track to deep laidback, grounds, using a mellow percussion enriched groove as playground for the incredible vocals of Donald Sheffey and lush chords and keys. The dub is a stripped down affair, spreading a deeper more hypnotic feeling.

Raf'n'Soul featuring Tony Marino "Man on the prowl" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

"Man on the prowl" by Raf DJ features a passionate vocal performance by Tony Marino over a fiercely stompin' backdrop that is enriched with wicked synths in the '$NYT$ Main Mix'. D3 (Davor Devcic) gives the track a powerful, old school flavored sounding, while Mr. Fuzz (Fred Faupin) relaxes the vibe on his 70's soul-funk tinged interpretation. DJ Rico goes all funky on his take, while Arnaud D. goes as deep as it gets with the phat chords creating a mesmerizing vibe. Spiritual Blessings turn the track into a deep yet funky groover featuring great keys and organ rides, while lastly Jesus Gonsev delivers a deep, minimal soul-tech remix.

Deepswing featuring Lolo Earth "Ready for love" (Generate Music Records CD Promo)

"Ready for love" by Deepswing is one of those productions with a hook that won't get out of your head for a long time, its a sure shot peak time winner. Featuring uplifting vocals by Lolo Earth over a fiercely stormin', funk drenched backing, and with Disco-ish strings and funky guitar riffs sitting on top, this one is guaranteed to create a frenzy on the dance floor. The 'Simple Stomper Mix' is on a more relaxed tip, putting the emphasis on the funktified groove and captivating keys.

H&H Soulsurvivors featuring Diana Waite & The Heavenly Choir "I can't wait" (Beat Monkey Records CD Promo)

With "I can't wait", Beat Monkey Records presents the second release in their artist collaboration series. It sees the H&H Soulsurvivors team up with songstress Diana Waite (not to forget to mention the full background choir) to deliver "I can't wait", a feel good house anthem featuring gospel tinged vocals over a relentlessly groovin', funk drenched backing groove. The 'Main Room Mix' is exactly what its name says: a catchy affair featuring wicked synths and chords guaranteed to rock the bigger rooms and dance floors.

BSC featuring Andre "Eu soul" (Brazilian Remixes)(Grooveland Music Records CD Promo)

Following up on the highly successful first part is this package hat features brand new remixes of "Eu soul" done exclusively by Brazilian artists. RyB start things off with their deep and soulful, yet fierce reworking built around a rumblin' bassline, with the jazzy keys and phat synths creating a captivating feel, followed by Jarrier Modrow who turns the track into a summery groover featuring a sweet piano over a driving, funk drenched groove. Eddie Valdez presents a feel-good version featuring uplifting piano and synths over a discofied groove. Lastly there is Dansoul with his jackin' dub that uses a wicked saxophone to full effect over a funk soaked backing.

Clemens Rumpf and Angie Brown "Burning up" (Barcoda Records CD Promo)

On "Burning up", vocal diva Angie Brown and German producer Clemens Rumpf team up to present a funkily stompin' production featuring sultry vocals alongside lovely keys and a great sax. Davidson Ospina gives the track a deeper feel, with the moody keys creating a mesmerizing vibe, while Roed Svensk's dub is on a laidback tip, featuring a lovely piano over a groovy backdrop. Central Avenue deliver a deep dub featuring hypnotic synths, while Angel Pina is responsible for the main room mix featuring wicked synths over a bumpin' groove (a Central Avenue re-edit of this remix is included to).

Kimara Lovelace "Far away" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Kimara Lovelace returns with "Far away" which got remixed by Jon Cutler and Hideo Kobayshi. First up is Jon Cutler who delivers an irresistible interpretation featuring lush piano chords and catchy synth hooks that together with Kimara Lovelace's passionate vocals and the funked-up groove create a mesmerizing vibe. Next is Hideo Kobayshi who serves a tougher, techy reworking featuring warped synths over a deeply stormin' groove. Dub versions of both remixes are included in the package as well.

Dennis Ferrer featuring K.T. Brooks "Run free" KingStreet Records CD Promo)

"Run free", one of the standout tracks form Dennis Ferrer's "The World as I see it" album which features a heartfelt vocal by K.T. Brooks (r.i.p.), gets a new life in form of these brand new slammin' remixes. Sean McCabe reworks the track into a resistless funked-up dance floor stomper featuring great keys and chords, with his 'Late Night Dub' being an even more infectious affair thanks to the spaced-out synths and deeply stormin' groove used. The Tomo Experience remixes give the track a punchy outfit, with the bouncing bassline leading the way for the vocals and phat synth chords.

Groove Cocktail featuring Nathalia "One love" (Pierogi Records CD Promo)

Groove Cocktail, Poland's premier house crew, present a slammin' release titled "One love" which features sexy vocals by Nathalia Muszynska over a deeply thumpin groove that is enriched with lovely chords and keys. The 'Deeper & Deeper Dub' goes deeper, using lush synths to create a captivating feel. Seb Skalski uses a funked-up groove and catchy synths to turn the track into a peak time favorite, while Ralf GUM contributes an irresistible reworking featuring mesmerizing melodies and a deeply stormin' groove to the package. Finally there are remixes by M. Gorny and T. Hazell which are orientated toward the bigger, commercial rooms.

Michael Canitrot & Hardsoul "Feel the spirit" (Hardsoul Pressings Records CD Promo)

One of our Miami favorites is finally available in its full glory!! Michael Canitrot teams up with Hardsoul who take the original version to another level by pumping the vibe up and adding additional keys. It's all about the relentlessly stormin' groove, mesmerizing keys and uplifting vocals that guarantee destruction on the dance floor. Tucillo takes the track to deeper grounds, smoothing down the vibe a bit - perfect for late night/early morning play. Samir Maslo takes the track to the bigger rooms with his slightly tougher, somewhat techy remixes that are absolutely resistless.

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