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Sybil "Troubled waters" (Deep Sugar Records CD Promo)

Sybil - Troubled waters Renowned diva Sybil (remembered for the late 80's classics "Falling in love", "Let yourself go" and "Walk on by" amongst others) returns to Ultra Nate's Deep Sugar label with "Troubled waters", produced by Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn. The original mixes are soulful house with a dance floor twist at its best, driven by relentless rhythms and laced with gorgeous melodies and Sybil's unmistakable vocals. Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper deliver a classic re-rub, while DJ Spen injects his signature style to turn out a gospel anthem. Last but not least, there is Codebreaker's synth heavy rework oozing with a tasty 80's touch.

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Dolls Combers "Summerbreeze Part II" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

In June of last year, Sophisticado released "The Summerbreeze EP" by the Dolls Combers which instantly became a favorite with lovers of soulful and jazzy house. Now part two is about to hit the online stores, bringing you four brand new jazz infused productions: the wonderful laidback "Fool's paradise" featuring sensitive vocals by Mario Inchausti together with glorious keys, the marvelous "Blues nite" featuring amazing sax by James Vargas and harp by Harmonicaslim, the uplifting "Ride on the hammond" featuring a killer organ ride and the sun drenched "Just cruisin'" featuring delicious guitar and trombone.

Inaya Day & Ralf GUM "Lose my worries" (Part 2)(GoGo Music CD Promo)

Since last summer, "Lose my worries" has been setting dance floors ablaze with slammin mixes by Ralf Gum, DJ Spen and Roberto De Carlo, now this uplifting production by Ralf GUM and songstress Inaya Day returns with ingenious mixes by co-writer Louis Benedetti and Trancemicsoul, taking Inaya Day's deeply felt vocals to a whole new level. Louis Benedetti has called legendary musicians such as Gene Perez (bass) and Albert 'Sterling'' Mendez (keys) into the studio - the result speaks for itself, with the undeniable 70's influences making these phenomenal mixes an essential slice of contemporary soulful house. South Africa's Trancemicsoul enters deepest grounds on his mesmerizing remix, adding a gorgeous atmospheric afro flavor to the song.

Paris Cesvette and DJ Caliber featuring Nica Brooke "Give me a sign" (Soul Heaven Records CD Promo)

With "Give me a sign", Soul Heaven present an exquisite production by up and coming Paris Cesvette and DJ Caliber, featuring heartfelt vocals by the one and only Nica Brooke. The original is smooth as silk and features lush melodies and summery guitars over a laidback backdrop, with DJ Caliber turning the heat up on his thrilling remix. Next we have Boddhi Satva adding his unique ancestral edge, followed by DJN Project's fiercely thumpin' deep'n'spacy workout. Finally, Mikki Afflick serves a deep workout oozing with dreamy melodies.

DJN Project featuring Arnold Jarvis & Stephanie Cooke "Get close" (Newav Music CD Promo)

What a combination of talent to be found on the first release for Newav Music !! DJN Project, Arnold Jarvis and Stephanie Cooke join forces for "Get close", an inspiring production featuring fabulous vocals by the legendary Arnold Jarvis and Stephanie Cooke alongside phat keys and chords over a groovy funk drenched backing. Seedadian Deep (aka Bradford James & Trinidadiandeep) go as deep as it gets on their remix reminiscent of the classic USG (Urban Sound Gallery) sound, Bacanito smoothes things down on his jazz-funk flavored affair, Deep Trouble delivers a deep electronic rework and finally Juan Sanchez takes the track to the main room.

Filipe Narciso & Djeff "O semba" (Bomba Records CD Promo)

"O semba" by Filipe Narciso and Djeff is a prime slice of afro-deep house featuring incredible vocals and distinguished instrumentation, coming in a classy variation of mixes courtesy of Filipe Narciso, Djeff, Gordheaven, Jaso and Fab.Yo.DJ, all of which are guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor. Another sure fire hit for Bomba Records, don't miss out on it.

Distant People featuring Diana Waite "Steppin' out" (Sniff Your Ear Records CD Promo)

With "Steppin' out", Joey Silvero (under his Distant People disguise) and singer Diana Waite drop an uplifting production laced with grand jazzy keys and deeply felt vocals over a fiery soul-funk soaked groove. On remix duty we have first Doc Link who intensifies the funk flavors and brings a wicked guitar into play, followed by Kenn Yamanaka from Luv City who takes the song to deeper grounds, keeping the vibe soulful and funky. Sheer musical bliss...

Various "Miami 2011" (Traxsource Edition)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)
Various "Miami 2011" (Beatport Edition)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

These two packages by KingStreet loaded with a plethora of new music are the unmistakable sign that the yearly Winter Music Conference in Miami is just around the corner. The 'Traxsource Edition' puts the emphasis on floor shakin' vocal house, with the sublime truly soulful Jose Carretas remix of "Beautiful life" by Stephanie Cooke & Diephuis featuring Han Litz being the highlight of the package. A totally different affair is the 'Beatport Edition' which is all brand new and unreleased tracks. Overall, these two package are somewhat tougher than we would have expected, but they will take dance floors by storm for sure.

Wil Milton & Rodney Carter "One life" (Blak Ink Music CD Promo)

The team of Wil Milton and Rodney Carter presents something a little bit different with their latest offering titled "One life". What we have here is an emotional production which features insightful vocals by Rodney Carter and glorious keys by Wil Milton over a deeply throbbing yet smooth backing, with the overall feeling being on a laidback tip. Simply wonderful music...

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