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Various Artists "LIberate Recordings Sampler" (Liberate Records CD Promo)

Liberate Logo LIberate Records was founded by Doc Link and EMan back in 2006 and has been going from strength to strength since then. This sampler features selected tracks from current and future releases from the label. Kicking things off is the melodic Jon Cutler remix of Angel-A's "Escape" featuring sensitive vocals and warm keys over a deeply thumpin' backing. "Flipscapes" by EMan and Doc Link gets remixed by Mr. V who fuses the spoken word with cosmic keys and an insisted rhythm. MSRS (Mike Sarkus & Ralph Session) team up with EMan for the emotional "Soul liberation" featuring pianist Onaje Allan Gumbs, reworked by Demarkus Lewis into a deep yet jazzy, truly mesmerizing gem. Lastly there is "Lady from Islay" by Single Matt Syndicate, remixed by Todd Terry into a dark synth driven main room favorite.

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Exclusive Preview: Consortium Muzik presents "The Vault" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

Consortium Muzik open their vault and bless us with a wonderful selection of previously unreleased material. Tony Loreto takes on Harold Brandon's "Who loves you" to turn the track into a deeply thumpin' affair featuring dramatic synths and jazzy keys, while DJ Aphreme gets mellow and dreamy on the expressive "I'm back" by Carolyn Victorian. Beppe Gioia adds his unique deep'n'jazzy touch to Jannae Jordan's heartfelt "Not 4 sale", while Jersey Soul rework "Confusion" by Miss Yvonne into an edgy soul-tech affair. ChrisIDH's deepened take of Rainy Payne's "Your eyes" is a mesmeric tribal-ish workout fueled with sweet synth melodies, followed by a fantastic eleven minute Monte Carlo Method interpretation of "Sign away" by Yotam Avni featuring Harold Brandon which is pure musical bliss. Last but not least Stephanie Cooke's "Fly" is in included in a masterly orchestrated laidback yet groovy Johnny Montana reprise version.

Suges featuring Michael Dave Dizon "Been in love before" (Soulstream Records CD Promo)

With "Been in love before", Suges and Michael Dave Dizon follow up their recent success of "I'll be there", presenting another masterly crafted love song featuring heartfelt vocals by Michael Dave Dizon and beautiful lush melodies over a percussion enriched organic groove, with the result being deep and contaminous yet truly soulful. The dub has a more underground-ish feel and features added rhodes. Instrumental and acapella versions complete the package.

Vick Lavender featuring Carla Prather & R.J. Green "Sophisticado Unreleased Remixes"  (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

Sophisticado Records presents two previously unreleased mixes from two Chicago heavyweights. First up, Kenny Carvajal takes on "Respect our love", combining Carla Prather's outstanding vocals with gorgeous keys and a smooth yet fierce backing. Next is Abicah Soul who reworks "Afterparty for two" into a captivating percussion driven affair that stays true to the jazz-funky vibe of the original.

Sophisticado Recordings presents DeJay Cease featuring Niki Divyne "Celebration" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

The virtuoso funk drenched "Celebration" by DeJay Cease is all about the wonderful orchestration, with contaminous drums, sweet percussion and jazzy keys together with marvelous vocals courtesy of Niki Divyne creating an uplifting feel. Vick Lavender's 'V.L.E Chicago Fusion Dub Mix' intensifies the vibe to give the track a more mesmerizing feel while keeping the vibe deep and soulful, not letting down the original flavas.

Shana "Out" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

The anthemic "Out" by Shana (Black Coffee, Mnqobi Mdabe and Thandukwazi Demor Sikhosana) was initially released through South African label Katsaitis Music earlier this year, and thanks to Tribe Records this track can now be experienced by everyone around the globe. "Out" combines traditional African melodies and Zulu chants with a remorselessly bouncin' four-to-the-floor backdrop, with the result being a hypnotic afro-house stomper that will send the crowd into a frenzy.

Exclusive Preview: Matteo Malavasi featuring Ronnie Canada "Make a joyful noise" (Shane D Remix)(Daddy Funk Records CD Promo)

When the funk creates a frenzy on the dance floor... this is exactly what happens once you drop this Shane D remix of Matteo Malavasi's "Make a joyful noise", an organic, ruthless and funky as hell remix featuring incredible vocals by Ronnie Canada somewhat reminiscent of the legendary James Brown, classy horns and an off the chain organ ride. Funky house doesn't get any better...

Andy Ward featuring Angel Rose "September song" (Sounds of the Booth Records CD Promo)

Second release for Sounds of the Booth, and as its predecessor "September song" is set to take dance floors by storm thanks to intimate vocals by Angel Rose, enchanting keys and a powerful yet smooth funked-up groove in the original version. Blacksoul takes the track to deeper grounds, letting the phat synth hooks and remorseless groove create a peak time vibe. Soul de Marin serves an uplifting funk soaked interpretation, while finally Jose Gonzales goes deep and old school on his bass heavy filtered treatment.

The Funk Ensemble "Syndia" (Purple Tracks Records CD Promo)
Luca Cassani presents Amorhouse & Mr B Project "Amorhouse EP" (Part 1)(Purple Tracks Records CD Promo)
Afromento featuring Antonio el Remendao "Te dire" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)
Nightrhymes featuring M. Clifford "Heartbreaker" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

A couple of weeks ago, Purple Music gave us the tasty "Purple Music Summer Box" sampler, and now you can get the full promos of all four featured productions. The Funk Ensemble turn the heat on with "Syndia", a relentlessly stompin' track driven by captivating synths and wicked guitar licks that lets you choose between four versions by Dario D'Attis all guaranteed to rock the dance floors and a smoothed down, jazzed up remix by Roberto De Carlo. "Amorhouse" by Amorhouse & Mr. B Project is geared toward the main rooms, with the mixes by Antony Fennel, Alfred Azzetto, Luca Cassani and Nicola Amoruso all spreading a feel good vibe.

The laidback Balearic tinged "Te dire" by Afromento features heartfelt vocals by Antonio El Remendao alongside beautiful acoustic guitar and fender rhodes over a smooth backing, and it comes complete with a stompin' funked-up DJ Fudge remix and a tougher yet hypnotic dub by Hedi Benromdan. "Heartbreaker" by Nightrhymes features passionate vocals by M. Clifford and lush melodies over a fiercely stormin' backdrop, with the package offering no less than nine versions covering all the different grounds from soulful to deep to late night to peak time, with the likes of Alfred Azzetto, Walterino, Thomas Toccafondi and Souldynamic being involved in the project.

Exclusive Preview: Marco Fedez & Dani Sandoval featuring Laura Estrada "Love U tonight" (DeeCeeEss Records CD Promo)

"Love U tonight" is an uplifting production by Marco Fedez and Dani Sandoval featuring an inspiring vocal by the highly talented Laura Estrada alongside a gorgeous jazzy sax. The 'Original Mix' is deep and organic, with a fierce funked-up groove leading the way for the vocals, sax and cool keys and chords. The 'Main Mix' intensifies the funky flavas for an even more contagious feel, followed by DeepCitySoul who deliver something truly special and unique with their deep soul-tech interpretation. Finally Chris Budd turns the track into a deeply thumpin' affair featuring phat synths.

Duoswing "Metro Tendencies EP" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Duoswing is Austrian Stephan Hoellermann who presents the sweet and laidback "Metro tendencies" blending classy brass and a wicked organ with compelling funky rhythms. DJ Romain beefs up the vibe to turn the track into a peak time monster, while Spiritual Blessings go deeper and give the track an eclectic funky touch. QuestionmarQ (aka Marq Walsh) relaxes the vibe to give the track a dulcet feel. Lastly there is the deep and mellow, moody edged bonus track "Stiletto".

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