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WMC Aftermath: Jephte Guillaume featuring Wiltrud Weber "Blue and deep" (Tet Kale Records CD Promo)

If you have been in Miami and had the chance to hear this outstanding piece of music, you know why this production made it straight to our Pick of the Week spot. On "Blue and deep", Jephte Guillaume combines operatic singing courtesy of Wiltrud Weber with his incomparable orchestrations that are full of acoustic and organic arrangements, with a resistless percussion and drum drenched groove leading the way for wonderful melodies and the masterly performed vocals. It may be different and sound unexpected, but with its spirit and the uplifting vibe, this one must be considered an innovative masterpiece. Beside the vocal version, there is also a 'Deepstrumental' that strips most of the vocals to create a more intense feeling. Expect a whole album from the collaboration of Jephte Guillaume and Wiltrud Weber in the near future.

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Dom Navarra featuring Monique Henry "When you fall" (Re-Worked)(Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

The beautiful deep and laidback "When you fall" courtesy of Dom Navarra was released in its original from last year, now Gotta Keep Faith present a lovely remix package. Steve Paradise's 'Deep in the Sky Remix' is a deep melodic affair bringing the sexy vocals of Monique Henry to full effect, while Franco Martinelli gives the track a groovy vibe on 'Blue Deep Re-Rub'. Next is Da Fuzz who goes deep and funky, followed by Spiritual Blessings' deep spaced-out interpretation. Lastly Georg Neufeld and Schadler team up as the Thedeepchords for a deep soul-tech reworking.

Seed Allstarz featuring Liza Zayas "Luv me" (2007 Remix)(Seed Records CD Promo)

Seed Records release the 2003 production "Luv me" by the Seed Allstarz (Bradford James, Deknology and Nef Nunez) complete with brand new mixes. The 'Original 2003 Ruff Mix' is a true deep and soulful  underground gem that features additional keys by Quentin Harris. DC Productions (Paul Grooves) contributes a wonderful jazz-funky interpretation on laidback'n'groovy tip, while Jesse Outlaw reworks the track into a stormin', beautifully instrumentated deep house gem. Lastly there is a down tempo take by Chezphonique perfect four lounging or chilling.

WMC Aftermath: Alton Miller "Together" (Seed Records CD Promo)

Now this is what we call a soulful yet infectious track, with a melody that will stay in your head for a long time to come. Alton Miller's "Together" is built around a percussion enriched, deep funktified groove that is enriched with lush keys and synths that together with the sensitive male vocals create a captivating feel on the dance floor. With an alternate 'Club Mix' included that slightly intensifies the vibe while keeping things soulful and deep, this is a delightful piece of house not to be missed.

Ron Allen "Reach out" (Strobe Records CD Promo)

Ron Allen returns on his own Strobe label with the deeper than deep "Reach out" which features sexy vocals alongside lush keys and chords over deeply thumpin' beats that are enriched with sweet percussion elements, with the overall feel being laidback and deep yet fierce. The 'Strobofunq' mix adds a wicked guitar riff while removing some of the chords to give the track a deeper, more mesmerizing feel. Instrumental versions of both versions conclude the package.

RC Groove featuring K. Ladawn "Too much 4 me" (Peppermint Jam Records CD Promo)

Unbelievable how time has been flying since we've first reviewed this track two years ago when it was presented as part of the "Peppermint Jam WMC 2006 Sampler" - now finally this Ron Carroll production will get a full release. "Too much 4 me" is a fiercely thumpin' production featuring sultry vocals courtesy of K. Ladawn, a hot funky guitar riff, jazzy saxophone and wicked keys in its original form. Sean McCabe's 'Afternoon Sax Dub' somewhat relaxes the vibe and puts the sax centre stage to create a more laidback vibe, while So Phat go all electronic on their take. The Rurals add the fierce 'Lounge Melodious Mix' to the package, a deep soulful take that is all about wonderful melodies. Closing the package is Samir Maslo with his energetic, slightly electrofied mixes that will take the bigger rooms by storm.

Crispin J Glover featuring Johnnie Fiori "Never give you up" (2008 Remix)(Nitelife Records CD Promo)

Maybe you remember Nitelife Records for some of the club hits they had between 1999 and 2004 - now the label returns in a joint venture with Metrogroove Records to offer some of their key releases for download along with brand new mixes. First up is Crispin J Glover's classic "Never give you up" which features a beautiful vocal performance by Johnni Fiori with a fresh package of mixes. Both M Sol and the Old School Orchestra contribute soulful reworkings that keep the vibe deep and soulful, with M-Sol going for a classic garage interpretation while Old School Orchestra opted for a jazz-funk soaking groover. Lastly we see Fabio Bacchini taking the track to disco grounds.

Soul Child featuring Cei Bei "Anything for you" (Citrus Sound Records CD Promo)

Chicago based DJ Fritz presents the sublime "Anything for you" featuring a sensitive vocal by Cei Bei over a smooth'n'deep backing groove that is enriched with phat keys and a lovely jazzy piano, altogether creating an uplifting feeling. Dom Navarra's contribution is on a laidback tip, built around a percussion enriched latinesque groove. Dobbie J gives the track a classic orchestral touch on his take, with Jonny Montana being next with his deep mellow interpretation full of lovely melodies. DJ Fritz himself adds a remix to the release that powers up the groove while never letting down the soulful feel.

Neo "Let's have a party" (TriCircle Deep Records CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of the "Smile" /  "A night in Marseille" EP on TriCircle Soul comes Neo's newbie on TriCircle Deep titled "Let's have a party". It's a deep, old fashioned funky house gem getting remixed by the likes of Demon, Soulmonkey, Nicolas Valle and DJinxx who all come up with their own interpretation that melts soulful with funky and deep vibes, each one of the remixes with its own focus and emphasis resulting in a lovely variety of versions to choose from.

Fabio Tosti & Logicalgroove featuring Savio Vurchio "Take me down" (MusicPlan Records CD Promo)

Fabio Tosti and Logicalgroove team up with singer Savio Vurchio for the old school flavored "Take me down", a feel good production based on a smooth funk flavored backing that is enriched with melodic chords, jazzy piano and saxophone alongside Savio Vurchio's passionate vocals. The 'Drum Club Mix' strengthens the drums and deepens the groove to give the track a modern sound, while the 'All Pako Sax Mix' puts the wonderful sax play by Pako Baldassarre centre stage. Lastly there is the 'Tunnel Mix' that takes the track to the underground with stompin' beats leading the way for the chords and keys.

Stan Courtois featuring Marcya "Feel the rhythm and dance" (TriCircle Records CD Promo)

"Feel the rhythm and dance" by French DJ and producer Stan Courtois is a funky gem on a classic tip full of lovely live percussion and sexy vocals by Marcya that is taken to the next level by DJ Circle who is firing the track up for some serious yet smooth disco flavored, jazzed-up house vibes. C&M go one step further with their peak time orientated disco-funk flavored take, while Steve Austin's contribution is the choice for the bigger rooms. Jr. Rex goes all funky while adding an electronic touch to his remix, followed by Tom da Prato's laidback reworking and the downtempo chill version courtesy of Felly.

Phil Asher presents Phlash & Friends "Look at what we've done" / "Minotour" (Archive Records CD Promo)

Phil Asher presents the follow up to the highly acclaimed "Political '06" / "Revolution" release which is another slammin' two track release. "Look at what we've done" features vocals Fyza Saleh with a sultry performance over a deep yet laidback and smooth funk soaking groove that is at the slower end of things (we had to pitch it up quite a bit for our mixshow), with an electric violin, warm chords and lovely guitar creating a beautiful melodic feeling. In contrast, "Minotour" is a fierce up-tempo track built a round a relentless tribal groove that melts funky elements with techno, resulting in a peak time favorite.

Alicia Keys "Like you'll never see me again" (Matthias Heilbronn Remixes)(J Records CD-R)

J Records have decided not to release any dance mixes on Alicia Keys' "Like you'll never see me again" single (at least in the US), so it is uncertain if these mixes by Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn will ever see the light of the day. Two mixes are available, with the 'Soulflower Mix' being a wonderfully orchestrated organic affair that is getting slightly tougher towards the end, while the 'PDP Mix' is all about lush synths and chords over a fiercely thumpin' groove. It would be a shame if these mixes are not getting a proper release !!

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