Enjoy the latest batch of reviews, this time on a deeper, more tracky tip, with some techy sounds as well... but hold on, some surprises are thrown in as well for your pleasure.

Lets kick off with a couple of Exclusives we've got in recent weeks. Luis 'FriskyBeat' Machuca beefs up the 'Respect To The Master Mix' of Gregor Salto's cover of the timeless "Mas que nada" (released back in August 2007 on Slip'N'Slide Records), will Hiro serves a deeper than deep, irresistible re-edit of the Buzzin Cuzzins (Romanthony) classic "Let me show U love". DJ Dayzee continues to drop hypnotic deep house gems with her latest offering "2 thirteen", while Mr. Mama sent the unreleased "DNY" over, a track deep and mesmerizing as only he can do. With "Groovement (Ode to JoVonn)", The Groove Victim presents a tribute to the earlier sounds of JoVonn on a deep and moody tip (all CD-R).

CyberJamz Records are about to drop two slammin' releases back-to-back. Mo-Rece teams up with Petula Ceaser for two old school tinged tracks: first up is the energetic "Make it move" featuring jazzy keys and a lovely flute over a deeply stormin' backing, while "In the dark" is built around stompin' beats and features wicked spoken words and phat keys, keeping the vibe deep and captivating (CyberJamz Records CD Promo). "Rhythmic friendzee" by One Master Mixer (Les Calloway) is a jazz fueled affair featuring a great trumped and jazzed-out keys over a drum driven groove, with JMJ contributing a hot'n'sexy re-edit that is heating up the feel (CyberJamz Records CD Promo).

Rasmir Mantree presents the five track "Conditional Love EP", with the title track making use of a resistless percussion enriched grooves which gets topped with sexy spoken words, female background chants and lush keys. The 'I Dont Think So Mix' emphasizes the percussions and strips the spoken words for a slightly deeper, more intense feel. "Mr. Potter" is a funk monster based on an old school styled funk soaked bassline groove and classic horns, while "Your sins within" relaxes the vibe for some laidback late night action. Finally the deep and funky "Rest n beats" has a somewhat dark touch to it, with the spaced-out synths and cool chords creating a mesmerizing feel (Mantree Records CD Promo).

The "Sumatra EP" by Groove Cocktail features the uplifting summery title track "Sumatra", a smooth'n'groovy production with an exotic touch to it. Szato Szatewicz deepens the vibe and gives the track a dreamy edge on his remix, while the bonus track "Hypnotize" is a funk drenched underground-ish affair featuring a resistless organ (Coffee Bar Music Records CD Promo). "Mind games" by Steve Jones features warm atmospheric synth melodies over a deeply groovin' backdrop in its original form, with three remixes included in the package: Daniel Kyo takes the track deeper, while Matt Masters smoothes the vibe down for a more laidback interpretation. Lastly Playone & Griboedoff give the track a techy edge on their remix (Deepology Records CD Promo).

Dave Storm presents "Dancetrap", a deep atmospheric track charged with Caribbean sounds that is spreading a contaminous vibe on the dance floors. Elastic Sound sweetens the vibe on his remix for a more laidback feel, while Budai & Vic contribute a tougher rework with a techy edge (Cabrio Records CD Promo). "Atmospherics" by Audio Noir brings you beautiful orbital and ethereal melodies on a mellow chill out tip, with Agent Matteo, Andrew Chibale, Yohan Esprada, Judea Stonez and Homegroove Project all keeping the spirit of the original alive while adding their unique touch to the track (Next Dimension Music Records CD Promo).

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