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Roy Davis Jr. featuring Terry Dexter "Horizon" (Smooth Agent Records CD Promo)

Roy Davis Jr - Horizon "Horizon" by house music legend Roy Davis Jr. is a marvelous production featuring a heartfelt vocal courtesy of Terry Dexter, beautiful jazzy keys and melodic chords over a warm yet smooth backing. Andre Harris takes the track to soulfully stompin' grounds, while Jason B's groovy interpretation is on a mellow tip. Julius the Mad Thinker & DJ Emmaculate go to church on their sweet remix (listen to that wicked organ ride), while lastly UK's Aaron Jerome serves three lovely remixes where he flips the beats around for 2/4, 4/4 and 8/4 action.

D.J Boxx featuring Carla Prather "Send for me" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

D.J Boxx - Send for me What a magnificent cover version of the timeless Atlantic Starr classic by D.J Boxx this is !! Carla Prather delivers her signature vocals full of passion over a laidback, percussion driven backing, with Mike Logan on keys and Craig Sunkin on trombone adding their unique touch to the song, making this something special. The 'V.L.E' mixes (vocal and dub) relax the feel to give the song even more of a classic sounding. Simply wonderful...

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Exclusive Preview: DJ Qness "Fugama unamate" (Culoe De Song Serenity Mix)(CD-R)

"Fugama unamathe" by DJ Qness in the unreleased 'Culoe De Song Serenity Mix' is a masterpiece of afro house featuring the unmistakable vocals of UK based vocalist Oluhle. Combining indigenous African vocals with dramatic synth melodies and a deep afro-beat influenced groove, "Fugama unamathe" creates an inspirational yet hypnotic vibe you can't resist to dance to.

JoVonn featuring Chavelle Singleton "Take Control EP" (Code Red Records CD Promo)

The "Take Control EP" is the first release taken from JoVonn's long awaited debut album "Blaque House" which just got released through Code Red Records. "Take control" sees JoVonn at his best, going deep to deliver a blissful vibe, featuring sensitive vocals by Chavelle Singleton. DJ Spen contributes the remixes, adding his trademark straight Baltimore sound. Also included is the edgy "Trama", a tech flavored track with a Balearic touch.

Various Artists "Soulshine Sampler 2009" (SoulShine Records CD Promo)

SoulShine is renowned for their massive back catalogue of soulful vocal gems - and as this sampler proves, more gems are to be added. Label head Louis Benedetti himself is responsible for a set of marvelous soulful remixes of "Time to let go" by Perempay N Dee featuring outstanding vocals by Cleo Soul, while "Walk out the door" by Victor Silva features strong vocals by Pepper Mashay alongside a feel good piano over a fierce backing. Lastly Junior White presents "Away with me" featuring sultry vocals by Noelle and lush synth melodies over a deep moody groove.

Exclusive Preview: Vanessa Williams "The real thing" (MJ SOS Edit)(CD-R)

The title track from Vanessa Williams' brand new long player is a beautiful salsa/latin flavored production that has been given a wonderful makeover by Mark Jordan who keeps the original vibe alive while transforming the song into a smooth housed-up groover perfect for those warm summer nights.

Jay-J featuring Charlene Moore "Love alive" (Shifted Music Records CD Promo)

On "Love alive", Jay-J teams up with gospel diva Charlene Moore to deliver an uplifting gem perfect for the coming summer season. "Love alive" features heartfelt vocals alongside jazzy keys and lovely synth melodies over a smooth funk drenched groove, with the dub versions putting the emphasis on the instrumentation. Yogi from Random Soul reworks the track into a funktified broken beat styled affair, while his partner Husky turns the track into a peak time favorite that stays true to the funky vibe.

Alex Botar feat Alec Sun Drae "Love EP" (Part 2 - Remixes)(DEL Records CD Promo)

Here we have part two of Alex Botar's "Love EP" (which features passionate vocals by Alec Sun Drae) bringing us all new mixes. Gregory Del Piero takes on "Neva do that thing" and turns the track into a smoothly thumpin', funk fueled affair with lush keys and chords. Spiritual Blessings deliver two beautiful deep remixes of "Hold on" that keep the feel funky and soulful, while Island Groove's dreamy take is on a more laidback tip. Finally there is John Jacobsen's electro remix of "Feel my love".

Marcelo Cruz & Kid Konga "Deeper music" (Deep'N'Sound Records CD Promo)

Marcelo Cruz and Kid Konga (aka Boris Castellano) team up for some truly laidback vibes on "Deeper music", a track that is all about the sweet percussion elements, deep bassline and wonderful keys. Joe Rizla stays true to the original while taking the track to deeper grounds, with Trinidadiandeep further intensifying the vibe on his take. Justin Imperiale serves a masterly crafted mellow interpretation, while lastly Marcelo Cruz contributes a less percussive souled-up version.

The CombiNations "Visions in black" (Omi Tutu Records CD Promo)

"Visions in black" by The CombiNations features two different productions. First up is "Umbaye", a relentless yet smooth deep house piece featuring atmospheric synths and cool African chants over an infectious percussion enriched backdrop. Second is the more energetic "J'taime" which has got a slight tribal feel to it, with stompin' beats leading the way for the atmospheric chords.

Exclusive Preview: Soul Kitchen "Soul shuffle" (CD-R)

Here we've got an exclusive production by Soul Kitchen (aka Scottish based Scott Mochar and Scott Wilson) fresh out of their studio that combines classic Disco Samples with new instrumentation, with the result being a piece of remorseless funked-up Disco-House driven by a stompin' backdrop. A vocal version in the works - you know where you'll hear it first...

Exclusive Preview: Fabio Bacchini "Gold Coast EP" (Mindtravel Records CD Promo)

Italy's top funky-house producer Fabio Bacchini does it again with his latest release the "Gold Coast EP" and drops a stunning release. "Walking in circles" is a captivating affair oozing with its uplifting funky flavors, remixed by Frankie J into a west-coast styled somewhat electronic bumper. "Cruisin'" takes you back in time with its classy old-skool elements, while "Shuffle mystery" in the Tommy Largo remix is a resistless feel good anthem.

DJ Dealer "Hooka EP" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

The "Hooka EP" by DJ Dealer includes three tracks all oozing with their uplifting funky ingredients, using contaminous backings as playground for cool vocal samples, phat keys and sweet synth melodies. From the chunky "Hooka" over the fiercely stompin' "Dirty money" to the deeply groovin' "Go deeper", they all spread a summery feeling.

Exclusive Preview: Grant Nelson "Brave new world" (Swing City Records CD Promo)

Grant Nelson's "Brave new world" is a monster of a peak time anthem, driven by an irresistible groove and captivating piano which together with catchy female vocals and cool synths create a mesmeric vibe guaranteed to take dance floors by storm. LowJack deepens the vibe on his acid flavored remix that is nothing less than hypnotizing.

Orienta-Rhythm featuring Michelle Weeks "Peace" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

The Sabrina Johnston classic from 1991 gets a new life in this lovely cover version by Orienta-Rhythm, featuring outstanding vocals by house diva Michelle Weeks. Two different sets of mixes included in the package, letting you choose between soulful, funk soaked versions featuring great keys, and powered up proggy mixes for the bigger rooms.

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