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Exclusive Preview: Distant People featuring Nickson "Great I am" (Consortium Muzik CD Promo)

Distant People featuring Nickson - Great I am Every time a new promo from Consortium Muzik lands on our desk we can't wait to listen to it as we know its going to be something special. "Great I am" by Distant People is no exception, featuring an emotive vocal performance by Nickson and delicious keys over an organic backdrop. Hennings Project & Rony Breaker transform the track into a deep mesmerizing thumper fueled with unearthly keys, while Beaten Soul deliver a melodious pumpin' rework. Last but not least, Chris IDH turns out the choice mix for prime time featuring dramatic synths over a ruthless musical backing.

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Exclusive Preview: Vick Lavender featuring Nicole Mitchell "When you get right down to it" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

About a month ago, we proudly presented you "When you get right down to it" by the one and only Vick Lavender where Nicole Mitchell once more impresses with an incredible vocal performance on this masterly orchestrated production featuring Vijay Tellis Nayak on fender rhodes, Brian Doughtey on bass guitar and Mike Logan on vibes, grand piano and strings. Now the Dolls Combers remix has been added, a marvelous interpretation featuring celestial keys and chords over a deep yet smooth backdrop. Simply another timeless vintage Vick Lavender production that is not to be missed.

Exclusive Preview: Michele McCain "I betcha don't know" (Jonny Montana Mix)(Marivent Music International CD Promo)

Just a few weeks after introducing you to the Park Street remix we bring you the next stunning remix of the wonderful "I betcha don't know". Jonny Montana pulls out all the stops, blessing us with a heavenly interpretation oozing with his beloved organic jazz drenched touch and a masterly orchestration, taking the fabulous vocals by Michele McCain to the next level. Timeless and essential. Nuff said.

Exclusive Preview: Charles (Chill00) Mitchell and Drew Lockhart "Paradise lost" (iMusic Underground CD Promo)

Charles (Chill00) Mitchell and Drew Lockhart remember the times of clubs such as Paradise Garage, Club 54, Warehouse, Club Zanzibar, Shelter and the legends such as Larry Levan, Mel Cheren, Tee Scott, Ron Hardy, Walter Gibbons who took us to a place that gave us freedom and let us forget our everyday problems - paradise. It's a tribute to those past moments and memories we'll never forget, it makes us yearning for more of them. "Paradise lost" is deep and soulful yet infectious, full of gorgeous melodies - music is the message, music is our way of life.

Exclusive Preview: John Crockett featuring Natalie "Your gravity" (Haus' Flor Records CD Promo)

With "Your gravity", John Crockett and Natalie follow up their previous successful collaborations "Be my only" and "Light of love". "Your gravity" showcases Natalie's inimitable vocals and John Crockett's unique keys and synths play, all perfectly arranged over a resistless deeply thumpin' groove. Legendary New Jersey producer Big Moses blesses us with a classic rework oozing with soul, while Gene King takes us on a percussion driven journey to deep house territory.

Exclusive Preview: BSC featuring Jessi Colasante "You & me" (Grooveland Music Records CD Promo)

The Brazilian Soul Crew teams up with Jessi Colasante for the marvelous "You & me", a super soulful production featuring sultry vocals by Jessi Colasante, glorious jazzy piano and and killer saxophone over a laidback groove. Hernan Cronner takes the track to deeper grounds on his silky smooth 'SoulCom' remix, while Fresh 27 contributes a percussive workout laced with sublime keys.

Black Powder featuring Adeola Shyllon "One chance "(Tone Control Music CD Promo)

Blackwax and Powdersoul join forces with songstress Adeola Shyllon (previously Ranson) to present "One chance", an old school flavored truly soulful bass heavy jam featuring a sensitive vocal performance by Adeola Shyllon alongside delicious keys. Matthew Band's classic interpretation is full of lush melodies, while Love Over Money takes us back to the early 80's with their boogie rework.

SuSu Bobien "I got my pride" (Diva Down Entertainment CD Promo)

Songwriter/producer Dewey Andrew launches his brand new label Diva Down Entertainment with this musical gem featuring legendary gospel house diva SuSu Bobien who graces us with a one-of-a-kind preacher vocal. The mixes are courtesy of Sean Grasty whose stompin' take is a relentless peak time affair, Davidson Ospina who deepens the vibe on his smooth yet contaminous mixes and finally John Mateo whose deeply thumpin' melodious contribution is as soulful as it gets.

Wil Milton & Rodney Carter "Come go with me" (Alfredo Norese Remixes)(Blak Ink Records CD Promo)

"Come go with me" is taken from Wil Milton & Rodney Carter's "Recarnation" album released back in July and comes complete with Alfredo Norese remixes. The original album version is Milton & Carter at their best, featuring luscious melodies and emotional vocals over a thrilling backing. Alfredo Norese's uplifting retro flavored remix is an uplifting funk soaked affair featuring an illustrious instrumentation. Also included are instrumentals, an alternative stripped down version of the original and a 'Rhodesapella'.

Samba & Ronilo featuring Kadija Kamara "More" (Soul Heaven Records CD  Promo)

Chris Samba and Mason Ronilo present their debut on Soul Heaven titled "More", featuring the highly talented Kadija Kamara who wrote and performs the lyrics. "More" is built around a beat driven bass heavy backdrop, with Kadija Kamara's outstanding vocals being accompanied by delectable keys. Beside the vocal there are an instrumental and the 'Dubness' version which is on a slightly moodier tip.

Hanna Hais "Ka donke" (Boddhi Satva Remixes)(Atal Music CD Promo)

The latest offering from Hanna Hais is "Ka donke" which she produced together with Boddhi Satva and recorded between France, Belgium and Mali - you can definitely hear the various influences which make it standout from the plethora of releases out at the moment. "Ka donke" is an afro house track which features Hanna Hais' unmistakable vocals and Boddhi Satva's unique ancestral production skills.

Hosanna Littlebird "The Littlebird EP" (Bamboo Sounds CD Promo)

On "The Littlebird EP", you find three wonderful new production by Serge Negri titled "Can't pretend", "Magic man" and "New tomorrow" which let you enjoy Hosanna Littlebird's incredible sensual vocal voice to the full, with the musical backing being truly soulful and deep yet laidback. The package gets completed with a fantastic, deeper than deep remix of "New tomorrow" by Kalim Shabazz taking the track to the next level.

DJ Roland Clark "Run run run" (Purple Music Tracks CD Promo)

"Run run run" is a reggae/dance hall influenced house production by house music legend Roland Clark that is spreading a feel good vibe on the dance floor though the uplifting vocals and fierce backing. The package offers a varied selection of mixes giving you plenty of choices to work the track, including a deep intoxicating remix by Dario D'Attis perfect for peak time play.

Kathy Yolanda Rice "Feeling the heat" (TnT Inc. Mixes)(Music Plan Records CD Promo)

"Feeling the heat" in the TnT Inc. mixes is an uplifting affair featuring soulful vocals by Kathy Yolanda Rice alongside jazzy keys and piano over a funk drenched groove in the 'Soul Mix', with the 'Classic Mix' and 'Classic Dub' giving the track a more traditional four-to-the-floor feel using a stompin' backdrop as playground for the vocals and lush keys.

Exclusive Preview: Park Street & Rainy Payne "ExRay" (BabyFace Jay Remix)(Universe Media CD-Promo)

The already massive "ExRay" by Park Street & Rainy Payne gets even bigger with this latest remix by BabyFace Jay who delivers a hypnotic thumper that will send the dancers into a frenzy - this remix is so simple yet so very effective on the dance floors thanks to the remorseless groove, phat synths and dubbed-out vocals.

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