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Wil Milton & Rodney Carter "Fly away" (Blak Ink Records CD Promo)

Image Wil Milton and Rodney Carter are unstoppable at the moment as they unleash another bomb titled "Fly away" featuring Rodney Carter at the top of his game, delivering an inspirational vocal performance. The 'Gravity NYC Mix' is a deep mesmerizing affair featuring superb keys and lush synth chords over a funk drenched groove, followed by the delightful uplifting 'Latin Soul Vocal' that is all about the jazzy instrumentation and sweet synth melodies. The 'Dub Away' deepens the vibe for a hypnotic jazzed-up journey through the underground, while 'Beat the Bass' emphasizes bass, beats and vocals. Completing the package are beat and instrumental versions.

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Vick Lavender featuring Robert Green "Afterparty for 2" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

Sophisticado welcome singer Robert Green to their family who impresses with a stellar vocal performance on this exquisite production. "Afterparty for 2" sees Vick Lavender once more delivering a masterly orchestrated smooth song for the dance floor just the way he is beloved for, featuring a soulful funk soaked groove, sweet percussion elements, lovely guitar and jazzy keys. Beside the vocal version there is also the 'Guitar Dub' which puts the guitar center stage.

Guy Robin featuring Anthony Moriah "Private life" (Home Records CD Promo)

Guy Robin and Anthony Moriah team up for the third time on the soulful "Private life" (following up their previous smash hits "Angel of love" and "Bless you brother"), and the result is outstanding. Anthony Moriah's heartfelt vocals are combined with a captivating yet smooth groove and lush keys on the main mix, with the underground mix going deeper to create a relentless feeling by using wicked chords and a lovely jazzy piano. Johnny Montana's rework is a gentle affair featuring beautiful jazzy keys and fantastic organ play over a laidback groove, while Terry Hunter's version is built around an infectious old-skool styled groove and classy piano. Lastly DJ Garphie enters deepest grounds on his soul-tech take that keeps spreading a hypnotic vibe through the remorseless backing and crisp synths.

Uncle Milty "Unity" (Look At You Records CD Promo)

Chicago based Uncle Milty presents his debut release "Unity" which features a sultry vocal performance by Typhanie Monique alongside a lovely guitar and gorgeous keys, with the stompin' beats and funky as hell bassline creating a contaminous live feel. Uncle Milty's own remix softens the vibe and adds a great jazzy flute, while DJ Dealer's deepened version cuts the vocal down and uses mesmerizing chords. Next is Andre Harris' remix that is spreading a hypnotic vibe through the deep tribalistic groove and spacy keys. Last but not least Silk & Vandermeer's version is an electrofied affair perfect for the bigger rooms.

So What featuring Kenny Bobien "Let me apologize" (Remixes Part 1)(Del Records CD Promo)

So What are Gregory Del Piero and Charles Spencer who present the marvelous first batch of remixes of "Let me apologize" featuring the one and only Kenny Bobien with his incomparable falsetto voice. The Harley & Music remix is going as deep as it gets and features delicious warm melodies over a laidback groove, followed by Island Groove who serve a smooth funk drenched interpretation featuring lovely synth chords alongside a admirable guitar. Finally Steven Stone fire things up with a thunderous groove that is topped with lush keys and chords.

Louie 'Lou' Gorbea presents LooweeR "Can't get enuff" (Omi Tutu Productions CD Promo)

Louie 'Lou' Gorbea launches his brand new label Omi Tutu Productions with a big bang by bringing us the massive "Cant get enuff" courtesy of LoweeR, a top notch deep house production built around a tempestuously stormin' groove that is enriched with sweet percussion elements, cool synth chords, classy keys and sexy vocals. For the deeper moments in your set, an instrumental is included as well.

Atjazz featuring  Dawne B "Parallels" (Atjazz Records Company CD Promo)

"Parallels", the 4th single lifted from Atjazz' highly acclaimed album "Full Circle", marks the first release for brand new label Atjazz Record Company. Atjazz (Martin Iveson) teams up with singer Dawne B to deliver a deep electronic slice of broken beat with a jazzy edge. Jazzanova then turn the track into an irresistibly thumpin' deep house gem, keeping the feel on the electronic side of things while adding an exquisite acoustic touch to the track, while Charles Webster twists things around for a spaced-out late night journey.

DaSoul & Hooger featuring Umberto Muselli "Paradise remixes" (Shines Records CD Promo)

DaSoul & Hooger's magnificent jazz oozing "Paradise" featuring Davide Esposito on keys and Umberto Muselli on saxophone gets a second life in form of wonderful remixes. Trinidadian Deep combines the original jazzy sax with one of his deep and soulful yet resistless thumpin' grooves, while DJ Regroove's take is on an uplifting old-school tip featuring a classy piano. Joe Rizla's 'Black Keys Music' is deep and smooth, with his 'Still Black Keys Music' being even deeper and adding gorgeous synth melodies. Ronnie Ron gives the track a deep hypnotic feel, while Marcelo Cruz relaxes the vibe for a laidback loungey feel. Finally Tony Loreto reworks the track into a irresistibly stompin' peak time favorite featuring a catchy piano hook and wicked synths.

Tortured Soul "Home to you" (Remixes Part II)(TSTC Records CD Promo)

While the first part of the mixes are being hammered by DJ's all over the world, fresh new slammin' mixes by Tom Moulton, Pirahnahead and Domu are here. Tom Moulton adds his magic touch to the song, turning out a beautiful laidback version, followed by Pirahnahead who contributes a blissful deep interpretation spiced with lush melodies (check the keyapella for the magic of the keys and vocals). Lastly Domu serves a soulful broken beat take injected with cool brass stabs, with the earthshaking beats being absolutely inexorable.

Mix2inside featuring Joyce Elaine Yuille "My best thing" (Mix2Inside Records CD Promo)

Mix2Inside's lovely "My best thing" is back with a brand new remix package. The 'Soulful Lifting Mix2inside' is on an uplifting tip, featuring jazzy keys, sax and classic strings alongside passionate vocals Joyce Elaine Yuille. M-Sol's vocal remix (the instrumental was released on last years remix package) is a fiercely thumpin' affair that is all about phat keys, sweet synths and a lovely funky guitar. Also included is the peak time 'Latin Trumpet Beats Mix2inside' featuring a wicked trumped over a stompin' latinesque groove.

Musiq Soulchild featuring Mary J. Blige "If you leave" (Matthias Heilbronn Soulflower Mix)(Atlantic Records CD-R)

The wonderful r&b song "If you leave" by Musiq Soulchild and Mary J. Blige gets remixed for the soulful dance floor by Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn who uses a fierce yet smooth backdrop as base for the outstanding vocals and gorgeous keys which altogether create a feel good vibe you can't resist to dance to.

Trans of Life "Foi Voce" / "Delight Earth" (NiteGroove Records CD Promo)

Tokyo based Trans of Life present a delicious double sided release, with "Foi voce" coming your way on a mellow latinesque tip featuring lovely Portuguese vocals courtesy of Yukiko Koga alongside sweet guitars and beautiful melodies over a deep groove. "Delight earth" is a marvelous percussion driven Latin journey, with the jazzy trumpet solos together with the guitars and resistless conga rhythm spreading an uplifting live feeling.

Sublevel featuring Tracy Hamlin "Time & time again" (Tomo Inoue Remixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

"Time & time again", the 1994 club classic by Sublevel (Jay Steinhour &Teddy Douglas) gets revived by Tomo Inoue who is firing the vibe up on his vocal mix, with a deeply stormin' groove leading the way for Tracy Hamlin's passionate vocals and captivating keys. On the dub, Tomo Inoue uses bouncy basslines and eclectic synth melodies to create a hypnotic feel.

Kimara Lovelace "How much I love you" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Songstress Kimara Lovelace returns in fine form with "How much I love", lifted from her upcoming album "Time for love". New Jersey producer Djed delivers a smooth interpretation featuring the incomparable vocals of Kimara Lovelace alongside wicked keys, all nicely arranged over a deeply rumblin' groove. His dub takes the track to the underground, spreading an infectious vibe through the relentless groove and lush synth melodies. Also included are bangin' big room remixes by Nicola Fasano.

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