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Inaya Day & Ralf GUM "Lose my worries" (GoGo Music Records CD  Promo)

Inaya Day & Ralf GUM - Lose my worries The hot summertime may be offer, but dance floors will be set on fire and people sweating for sure as soon as this marvelous tune is played. Songstress Inaya Day and producer/DJ Ralf GUM team up for "Lose my worries", an uplifting production full of luscious melodies and deeply felt vocals perfectly arranged over a relentlessly groovin' backdrop. The 'Alternate Vocal' and 'Dub' take the track to deeper grounds, with the spacy synths creating a hypnotic feel. DJ Spen's The MuthaFunkaz add their distinctive inspirational funktified touch to the track, while Roberto De Carlo contributes an old skool flavored remixes with keys courtesy of Simon Grey.

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Exclusive Preview: The Florist "Prophecy" (StinkiFace Music CD Promo)

Producer Mo-Rese returns to CyberJamz with the wonderful "The florist" featuring spoken word poetry by Prophecy alongside warm melodious keys and synths and classy horns over a smoothly thumpin', funk drenched backing. Close your eyes, listen to the lyrics and let yourself be enlightened...

Sofy Encanto "Once again" (Sofitone Records CD Promo)

The Patrick Green and Lourdes Sofia Romans written "Once again" is a delightful production featuring sensitive vocals by Sofy Encanto. Various mixes to choose from, with M Sol's  interpretation oozing with grandiose melodies over a captivating percussion enriched groove, while Kuningas serves a masterly broken beat rework with fantastic keys. The 'Deep Mix' is laced with celestial strings over a sweet'n'mellow backing, while Hard Mix! use thumpin' beats and moody chords to give the track a delectable late night feel.

BSC & Jay Tripwire featuring Rosa Morena Russa "The feelings" (Conya Records CD Promo)

In its original form, "The feelings" by the Brazilian Soul Crew and Jay Tripwire is deep and mellow, featuring sultry vocals courtesy of Morena Russa and jazzy keys over a percussive groove. A gorgeous selection of remixes by the likes of Haldo, Justin Imperiale, Soletek and Colors Sound System is included, each of them adding his unique touch to the track to give you plenty of choices to play it.

Aphreme & J.S.O.U.L "Take your heart" (Seasons Limited Records CD Promo)

Aphreme (aka Martin Mamzer) and J.S.O.U.L (aka Black Sinatra) team up for "Take your heart", a soulful production featuring deeply felt vocals by J.S.O.U.L alongside luscious keys over a laidback groove. The 'Funky' mixes inject funky flavas to the track to turn the heat up, now add an incredible line-up of remixes from Pirahnahead, Justin Imperiale, Trancemicsoul, John Crockett, Gene King, Nastee Nev and Kuba Sojka, and you've got an essential release covering different grounds that is not to be missed.

Exclusive Preview: Fresh 27 featuring Alex Sun Drae "Still believe" (BSC Remixes)(Kula Records CD-R)

Fresh 27's recent club hit "Still believe" gets the remix treatment by the Brazilian Soul Crew who take the track to the next level with their fresh interpretation. The heartfelt vocals by Alex Sun Drae are accompanied by marvelous jazzy keys, underpinned with a fierce yet soulful funk soaked groove - the result is exhilarating and soulful yet resistless. Hopefully it will get a release soon...

Wil Milton & Rodney Carter "Music is love" (Blak Ink Records CD Promo)

With the inspiring yet uplifting "Music is love", Wil Milton and Rodney Carter continue their fruitful collaboration and present a fantastic production built around a percussively bouncin' backdrop that leads the way for passionate vocals by Rodney Carter and celestial keys and chords by Wil Milton. A blissful and timeless production spreading a feel good vibe on the floors guaranteed to bring a smile to all the dancers faces.

Steal Vybe & Darryl D'Bonneau "Diamonds" (Steal Vybe Music CD Promo)

Steal Vybe team up with the legendary Darryl D'Bonneau for "Diamonds", a powerful yet soulful production featuring the unmistakable vocals by Darryl D'Bonneau alongside wicked keys over a remorselessly stormin' funktified backing on the 'Blue Ice' version. The stripped down 'Saturday Night Ravel Mix' deepens the vibe and features atmospheric synths to make this a late night/early morning favorite, while lastly the 'Steal Vybe Soul One' version oozes with a gorgeous deep soulful feel created by a warm laidback groove and melodious keys.

Georg Levin "Late discovery" (BBE Records CD Promo)

"Late discovery" is the third single lifted from George Levin's "Everything must change" long player. The original is a wonderful song sitting somewhere between a dance tune and ballad, featuring sensitive vocals, sweet guitar and warm keys over a mellow groove. The 'Arrested' mixes turn the heat up with fiercely stompin' beat and tougher synths. Karizma delivers a smooth vocal rework and a deepened killer dub, while Shahrokh Dini gets slightly electronic on his take. As a bonus, the release includes fresh mixes of "The better life" by Muzikman.

Exclusive Preview: Dorian Wright "Sweet one nights life" (MJ SoS Edit)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Jeff Hendrick "Back to the day" (MJ SoS Edit)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Jeff Hendrick Saturday" (MJ SoS Edit)(CD-R)

It has been a while since Mark Jordan blessed us with his delightful edits, but gladly the wait is over... As with his previous submissions we are diggin' them as they successfully manage to keep the original vibe intact whilst giving the songs a new direction - in other words: subtle housed-up interpretations that stay respectful to the original versions (yes we know we used the exact same words before...).

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