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Jenny Morrisson "Brand new life" (Deep Haven Music Records CD Promo)

"Brand new life" is produced by Blvd East (the duo of James Rivera and Christian Perez) and features a soulful and passionate vocal performance by Jenny Morrisson. It is is an inspiring song that comes in a variety of mixes, with the original being an uplifting affair built around a driving thumpin' groove that is topped with wicked keys. Blvd East smooth it down on their remix to give the song a more laidback feeling, while Fuzion (George Mena & Franke Estevez) deliver a groovy remix that lets the vocals shine alongside great keys.

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Ian Friday "Everything" (Tea Party Music Records 12" / Digital Download)

Ever since I got the instrumental of this on a sampler CD earlier this year (in march in Miami at the WMC/M3 Summit), I've been eagerly awaiting the full release of this wonderful track that features Yoruba singer Erro with a soulful vocal performance. Funnily enough, the vinyl and digital download offer different versions... The 'Tea Party Mix' is a laidback affair full of lovely latin sounds while the 'Libation mix' is a beautiful deep house rendition that keeps it smooth. The 'Original Mix' is only available as digital download and shows distinct influences from the unique Blaze sound.

ARC Gospel Choir "Sing, stomp & shoout" (Slow to Speak Records 12" Test Pressing)

Slow to Speak present a limited edition, one-sided pressing that features a massive remix of Harlem's ARC Gospel Choir (ARC stands for Addicts Rehabilitation Center) ,turning "Sing, stomp and shout" into an uplifting gospel house track with lovely keys and an infectious groove.

Vikter Duplaix "Manhood" (Marco Rizzi Remix)(CD-R)

Out of Italy comes this great reworking of Vikter Duplaix' broken beat track "Manhood" by Marco Rizzi that stays respectful to the passionate vocal performance by Vikter Duplaix by beautifully arranging it over deeply and heavily thumpin' beats and drums, with melodic keys perfectly accompanying the vocals.

John Crockett "Little sunfllower" (Haus'Flor Records CD Promo)

This is just one of many new releases by John Crockett available on his own imprints (Haus'Floor, Twirlspace and Stimuli). With this release, John Crockett offers his interpretation of the Freddie Hubbard composition "Little sunflower" (which was performed in 1972 by an all-star line-up of Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbard, Ron Carter, Billy Cobham and Milt Jackson). The 'Main Mix' stays true to the original while it is based around a powerful yet soulful house groove. In contrast, the 'Deep Mix' is based around a sharp and techy house groove on a minimal tip, with added effects that ensure dancefloor madness.

Glenn Underground "Back to the Basic Pt. 1 EP" (Moods & Grooves Records Digital Download)

This sought after single has been previously only available on vinyl in Japan and is taken from Glenn's forthcoming longplayer "Back to the Basic". With this versatile two track EP, he once more proves why he is one of the deepest and most soulful producers in the house community. "Soft cell" is a wonderful mellow and laidback jazz house track with a marvellous piano and harmonic keys over a relentless, deeply stormin' groove that is enriched with a funky bassline. "Distorted vibrations" sees Glenn creating something different as he combines soulful house vibes with other musical elements that give the track a unique feeling. Exclusive Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

K.T. Brooks "Joy" (Deep Haven Music Records CD Promo)

K.T. Brooks may be only 27 years old, but he has already worked both as songwriter and singer for some of the biggest names in the house community. With a recent release on Dope Wax and more to come in the coming month, his career is ready to take-off. On his latest project - the uplifting "Joy" - he blesses us with his incomparable voice that is full of emotion and soul, while the music will keep the crowd moving both the in the smooth and laidback 'Main Mix' that is pure classic New Jersey garage and the 'Remix' that keeps the garage flavors alive while spicing it up nicely.

Quentin Harris "Haunted" / "House" (Un-Restricted Access Records 12")

"Haunted" is the frist single lifted from Quentin Harris' brand new longplayer "No politics", and it is already causing a stir (as Quentin's biggest hit to date - "Let's be young" - did last year). Kicking of gently with a low-key beat and looped piano before the saxophone is introduced and takes the track to its climax, with an unexpected but brilliant break in the middle - an irresistible track for the dancefloor. The flip features "House", a more aggressive track with a techy edge thanks fot the bubbling, trancey synth lines.

The Offsetters "Love Ritual" / "Late night" (Farside Records CD Promo)

French production duo The Offsetters (aka Gregory Naillot and Vincent Valentin) have been featured here on Spirit of House a couple of years ago with their fusion of deep house and jazzy flavors, now they return with their upcoming release. First up is "Love ritual", a deep house track with a slight old school touch that features great keys over a moody groove. Next is the raw and dirty "Late night" which is on a more minimal approach with a dubby edge. Lastly there is the Westpark Unit remix of "Live ritual" that takes the track to a new direction, making it sound like an authentic Detroit production.

John Crockett "Transitions (in this place) EP" (Twirlspace Records CD Promo)

This three track EP marks the 10th release on John Crockett's Twirlspace label, following up on the success of the previous releases. "You're life as numbers" is a resistless electro house track enriched with spoken words by John Crockett himself, laminar synth lines and a jazzy piano. "Mi vida en el sol" is a beautifully instrumentated, percussion driven track with a slight latinesque feeling, while the title track "Transitions (in this place)" has a soulful ambient vibe to it thanks to the wonderful synth melodies over a deply storming groove.

Samantha James "Rise" (Part 1)(OM Records 12" / Digitgal Download)

"Rise" was the lead track on the "OM Lounge 10" compilation and got such a good reception that a 12" release was just a matter of time. Kicking off is the Eric Kupper's remix that is the choice for peaktime play with its catchy keys over a storming groove. The Groove Junkies turn the song into a fierce funky house excursion that features great horns alongside the beautiful vocals. Ricardo DaCosta & William Scott rework the track into a dirty electro house track, while Sebastian Arocha Morton's 'Rocasound Mix' takes the elements of the original composition and reworks it into a laidback house groover. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Classic Reviews

Roy Davis Jr. "Gabriel" (Large Music Records 12" / Digital Download, 1996)

One of the greatest house classics has been remastered for digital use: "Gabriel" by Roy Davis Jr. featuring vocals and trumpet by Peven Everett. A favorite with many DJs since its release in 1996, this deep and soulful musical masterpiece has become Large Music's best selling single ever. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

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