Various - 10 Years of Soul Heaven

Soul Heaven not only just recently celebrated their 10th anniversary with a spectacular show at their spiritual home Ministry of Sound in January (the line up included Louie Vega, Phil Asher, Neil Pierce, Aaron Ross, Jocelyn Brown, Barbara Tucker and more...), they also released the essential "10 Years of Soul Heaven" 3xCD compiled and mixed by none other than the legendary Louie Vega.

The three discs take you on a musical journey through time, with disc one being all about the cutting edge, fresh new sounds, while disc two reflects the vocal house sound that Soul Heaven is famous for. Finally, disc three is a respectful and nostalgic tribute to 10 years of Soul Heaven by Louie Vega, the resident DJ's and owner Fleur Woolford, who all choose classic tracks from the Soul Heaven era.

This release is also available in unmixed format as digital download at the usual places, including the forthcoming Elements of Life release "Love will know" (which features songstress Lisa Fisher) and a brand new, absolutely slammin' Glenn Underground remix of "Take you away" by DJN Project.

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