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Various Artists "Original Drum ~ Neter Supreme Edits & Re-Splits (Summer '11 Part 1)" (CD-R)

Summer is here so is the latest collection of edits and re-splits by Neter Supreme, and similar to its predecessors it feature a selection of inspirational wonderfully crafted interpretations, all of which stay respectful to the original while taking them straight to the soulful dance floors: Che'Nelle "2nd nature" and "When will we meet again", Cool Million featuring Laura Jackson "Love the beat", Jill Scott "So gone", Kelly Price featuring Stokley "Not my daddy", Nhojj "Love" and Jennifer Hudson "Don't look down" which is our favorite pick here, but make no mistake the others are equally marvelous.

Nathan G featuring Alexander East "The promise" (Large Records CD Promo)

Melbourne's Nathan G teams up with Alexander East for "The promise", the first single taken from his forthcoming artist album "The Glow" coming later this summer. "The promise" is a somewhat moody yet uplifting and sexy summer anthem featuring Alexander East's touching vocals and juicy chords over a deep bass driven backing. Besides the main 'Luvbug Vocal' and 'Luvbug Dub' mixes there is the 'Boogie Rapture Dub Disco Perspective', a seminal and fresh dubbed-out Disco-House workout.

Exclusive Preview: Bob Marley "Is this love" (Houseconverse & Soul'N'Vibes Remix)(Island Records CD-R)

Another week, another slammin' re-edit by The team of Houseconverse & Soul'N'Vibes. This time they take on "Is this love" by Bob Marley (one of his best known songs taken from the 1979 album "Kaya") and combine the signature instrumentation and vocals from the timeless original with an irresistibly pounding backdrop to give the song a wicked 4/4 feel.

Exclusive Preview: Erykah Badu "Back in the day" (James Blakstar John Bootleg)(Motown Records CD-R)

"Back in the day", one of our all-time favorites from Erykah Badu (the original can be found on her "Worldwide Underground" album released in 2003) gets the remix treatment by James Blakstar John who turns the song into a contaminous yet soulful up-tempo four-to-the-floor stomper that stays true and respectful to the beloved 80's feel and funktified grooviness of the original.

Under Achiever featuring Jermaine "I remember you" (Daddy Funk Records CD Promo)

The team of Under Achiever and Jermaine return to Daddy Funk with "I remember you" coming in a tasty selection of mixes, putting Jermaine's unmistakable vocals to full effect. Seb Skalski gets truly deep on his mesmerizing somewhat moody remix, while Mark Di Meo & Tony Loreto throw in lush sax and guitars on their exquisite melancholic interpretation. Filin Brake serves a deep funk drenched rework oozing with a classy old school feel, while Placidic Dream delivers a deep version laced with dramatic melodies. Marius Slickersson gets minimal on his pulsating tech-soul take, while finally we have Berny's pounding sax driven workout on a laidback garage tip.

Donald Sheffey "My house" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Originally featured on the "WMC20Eleven - Miami Sampler", the fierce "My house" by Donald Sheffey finally gets a full release. The original 'Nu Disco Original' by Colum Hustler (under his Beaten Soul disguise) features cool keys, classy sax and rousing vocals by Donald Sheffey's over a ruthless groove. Included is a formidable truly multifaceted selection of remixes by the likes of Distant People, Spiritual Blessings, Tristram & Acheson, Mr. Fuzz, Greg Stainer and Deep Trouble all adding their distinctive touch, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor.

Junior White & Noelle "Can't stop" (Spirit Sound Records CD Promo)

Junior White and songstress Noelle return with "Can't stop", the latest chapter  in a series of highly successful collaborations, following up on previous smash hits such as "Can't keep it up" and "On my way" to name only two. "Can't stop" is an uplifting production built around a stompin' funk soaked backdrop, featuring deeply felt vocals by Noelle alongside melodious keys and chords, altogether creating an intoxicating feel good vibe you can't resist to dance to.

KqueSol & D.O.O.P. featuring Shatti "So lonely" (Open Bar Music CD Promo)

Open Bar Music pull out all the stops on this production titled "So lonely" that brings together South Africa's KquesSol, Davidson Ospina, Oscar P and vocalist Shatti, with the result being a sexy slice of soulful deep house featuring sensual vocals by Shatti and delectable melodies over infectious rhythms. The package includes ultra strong remixes by Timozz, Berny, Pretty Criminals, Vincemo-Hang, Jon Sweetname and Charlie Hamilton all keeping the vibe soulful and deep. An essential deep house purchase.

MuSol & Marra featuring Dirty Turk "That's the beat" (MuSol Records CD Promo)

"That's the beat" is a thrilling production by the team of MuSol and Marra featuring phat spoken words by Dirty Turk and melodious keys over driving rhythms - jam packed floors and hands-in-the-air guaranteed. Add eclectic remixes by some of Europe's up and coming producers/remixers to the package and you've got a sure fire weapon guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor whenever you play it.

Meisha Moore "I just wanna dance" (Global Mixes)(AudioBite Records CD Promo)

Just a couple of after the beautiful classic remixes by Francesco Cofano comes a massive remix package of Meisha Moore's "I just wanna dance" taking her inimitable sensual vocals to the next level. This truly versatile release features a previously unreleased version by Francesco Cofano (Italy) alongside brand new remixes by Dany Cohiba (Spain), DJ Christian (Chicago), Bruno Kauffmann (France), Francis (Russia), Silvia Zaragoza (Spain), Ramiro Bernabela (Netherlands), Alex & Chris (Italy) and last but not least X Squared (South Africa) - there is something offered here for everyone, whether you like it deep, afrotastic, tribal, peak time... you'll find it here.

Rescue "Shadow dancer" (D#Sharp Records CD Promo)

With "Shadow dancer", Joe Flame and spoken word artist Rescue present an uplifting, sun drenched production using a deeply groovin' smooth backdrop as playground for Rescue's poetry and warm melodic keys. The 'Shadow Mix' takes the track to deepest underground territory, putting the spoken word poetry center stage and giving the track a minimal feel, while the '98 Degrees Mix' turns up the heat with a stormin' groove and captivating synths.

Synchrosize "Sombra (Shadow) EP" (Xtrasolar CD Promo)

Once again, Xtrasolar Records impress us with an outstanding release. "Sombra (Shadow) EP" courtesy of Spanish duo Synchrosize is a delectable slice of electro funk oozing with soul-jazz flavors, with the 'Synchrosize Band Version' being a lively acoustic interpretation. Bring DeejayKul, Soultechnic, Toni Rox and Soulfeenix into play who all add their beloved deep touch to the song, and you've got a seminal deep house release.

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