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The Beard featuring Amma "Call me" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

ReelGroove Records is the brand new label by Greg Dorban whose debut release is "Call me" by The Beard which unfortunately did not get the attention it deserves when it was first released on NY Soul back in august 2004. The original version is an uplifting production with a warm melodic instrumentation that features a seductive vocal performance by Amma, while the accompanying dub strips the vocal down to create a more laidback groove. The first of the brand new mixes is courtesy of Groove Assassin who delivers a smooth yet powerful reworking that features a wonderful instrumentation including a great guitar solo. Sueno Soul provide the second reworking that comes on a jazz-funky tip, giving the song cool laidback feeling.

Y-Man & Yenza featuring C King "Smile" (Remixes)(UK Basic Records CD Promo)

Swedish trio Y-Man, Yenza and Charlie King are the writers of this wonderful song, with Charlie King being the featured singer. Responsible for the mixes are Kenny Carvajal who blesses us with another one of his musical masterpieces that will take you on a journey into soulful house music - just listen to it and you know what I'm talking about. The other mixes are courtesy of John Kumahara who turns the song into a deeply storming affair with spacey keys courtesy of Martino that give these mixes a unique touch.

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Anthony Nicholson presents Miquifaye "The Sinister EP" (Clairaudience Records 12")

It has been four year since the least release on Clairaudience, and what a pleasant surprise this release was when it suddenly arrived. Anthony Nicholson under his Miquifaye persona goes back in time, bringing memories back about the classic releases on the Balihu, Prescription or Balance labels. "The return of sleazz" is a deep house track with a great organ and wicked scat, while the flipsides "Big room" featues spacey snyth lines and Detroit-esque strings over deeply stormin' groove.

Cafe Soul All Stars featuring Maysa "I'm changing" (You Entertainment Records 12")

One of the choice tracks from Cafe Soul All Stars' longplayer "Love pages" gets a subtle transformation for the dancefloor. Featuring soulful jazz dive Maysa, "I'm changing" got reworked  by Anthony Nicholson and his dynamic Soundphaze team who blend Maysa's soulful vocal stylings  with a mellow and romantic groove that is marvellously instrumentated and gives the song a laidback jazzy feeling.

Franck Roger featuring Mr. V "Come back to me" (RealTone Records 12")

With "Come back to me", Franck Roger delivers a groovy house track with great organ and piano lines alongside vocals by Franck Roger and a rap courtesy of Mr. V. The original versions are on a groovin' tip that will keep the bodies movin' and shakin' whenever they are played, while the 'Street' mixes give the track a slightly darker, dubbier stripped down feeling, taking it to a deeper level.

Danny Clark presents Heart'N'Soul "Feel it in your soul (Part 2)"(Andy Holders Remixes)(SoulFunk Digital Records Digital Download)

Andy Holder comes up with a massive remix package, giving us another dose of Danny Clark's great "Feel it in your soul" production. He gives the track a deeper feeling on his 'Deep Excursion Mix', wtih Carl Stanely providing a wonderful saxophone solo. On the 'Feel the Funk Mix', he goes for a funktified groover with great keys. Rounding off the package are a reprise and acapella tool. Digital downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Exclusive Review: John Legend "Save room" (Pedro London Remix)(CD-R)

Afteir their remixes of Christina Aguilera's "Ain't no other man" and Beyonce featuring Jay Z "Deja vu" (both out on vinyl now), Pedro London are back with yet another slammin' reworking. This time they take on "Save room" by John Legend and deliver a housed-up version that keeps it on a laidback tip, using a smoothly thumpin' groove with sweet percussion and warm melodic keys that harmonise beautifully with the sensual vocals of r&b superstar John Legend.

Groove Junkies featuring Indeya "Oh lord 2006" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

"Oh lord" is one of the standout releases fom 2003 and has become a classic in its own right. Now three years later, this monster track is back to take the dancefloors by storm once again. DJ Spen comes up with a pair of mixes (vocal and dub) that feature his signature sound that takes Indeya's incomparable soulful vocal to another level, combining it with bumpin' beats, wicked keys and a killer ogan solo. For a trackier take, check Spen's dub that strips back the vocals. Park St deliver a funky gem on their take, using a deeply stormin' groove that is enriched with wonderful keys as base for the infmaous preachapella that was featured on the original 2003 release. Lastly there is the previously unreleased 'Sunday Morning Mix' by the Groove Junkies that gives the song a gospel-ish feeling that twill take you straight to church with its uplifting feeling.

Exclusive Review: Dogtooth "Can't cool down (Abracadabra)" (Richard Earnshaw Remix)(Delicious Garden CD Promo)

In 1982, the Steve Miller Band had a world wide hit with "Abracadabra". Now 24 years later, the song gets a new life in this cover version by Dogtooth. Among the mixes to be included on the retail release is a phat remix by Richard Earnshaw that is built around a relentless groove that is augmented with wonderful harmonic keys and a deep bassline, with a great break in the middle of the track that helps the track to spread an irresistible vibe.

DJ Dealer "The dance electric" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

With "The dance electric", DJ Dealer comes up with an absolutely irresistible track for the dancefloor that is heavily inspired by the timeless "I.O.U." by Freeez, a classic that has been rocking dancefloor ever since its 1983 release. The track features electrifying keys and wicked vocal samples over a deeply thumpin' beat that is enriched with a mighty bassline. The package includes a nice selection of mixes that vary the theme of the track nicely, ensuring this one will be huge for a long time to come.

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Michael Jackson "Don't stop 'til you get enough" (Epic Records 12" Promo, 1979)

Produced by Quincy Jones, this is one of the best songs from Michael Jackson ever.

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