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DJ Man-X & Vick Lavender featuring Shawnee Taylor "Happy endings" (DeepHaven Music CD Promo)

DJ Man-X & Vick Lavender featuring Shawnee Taylor - Happy endings After blessing us earlier this year with "City high", DJ Man-X and Vick Lavender are back with another soulful gem titled "Happy endings", featuring an incredible vocal performance by Shawnee Taylor. DJ Man-X' fiery mixes are the choice pick for peak time play thanks to phat keys by Albert 'Sterling' Menendez and tight beats, while Vick Lavender adds his signature touch to the song, with the result being a beautifully orchestrated rework oozing with a resistless yet organic live feel. Soulful house at its best, one not to be missed.

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Exclusive Preview: Various "Neter Supreme Edits & Re-Splitz (Autumn '10 Promo Pack)" (CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Various "Neter Supreme Edits & Re-Splitz (Summer '10 Promo Pack)" (CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Various "Neter Supreme U.S. Edits & Splitz P-07 (Mut-Vybez '10 Promo Pack)" (CD-R)

You know the drill... every now and then, Neter Supreme drops an essential collection of edits and re-splits. The last time we brought one of these to your attention was back in February, so its about time we checked with the man what happened in the meantime. There are no less then three new collections to report on, as usual they feature a selection of inspirational wonderfully crafted interpretations, all of which stay respectful to the original while taking them straight to the soulful dance floors (yes we repeat ourselves once more...).

Similar to what we said before, its hard picking favorites as there is so much outstanding musicianship involved in the 20+ featured tracks, both on the artists and Neter Supreme's side. For example take "My first love" by Rene & Angela (from their 1983 album "Rise"), "Just like magic" by Donnie Williams & Park Place featuring Latoya London, "Baby be mine" by Michael Jackson or "Senkele te sira" by Oumou Sangare - but make no mistake, the others are fantastic too, we just can't list them all...

Lisa Shaw "Free" (The Thor and Jask Remixes)(Salted Music CD Promo)

Salted Music present an impressive set of remixes of "Free", the title track of Lisa Shaw's second artist album released in spring of 2009. The remixes are courtesy of Thor and Jask who take Lisa Shaw's distinctive buttery vocals to the next level. Thor contributes an exciting selection of subtle mixes blending deep house with elements of tech and electronic funk, while Jask uses a heavily pumpin' backing as playground for the vocals and warm somewhat moody keys and strings.

Exclusive Preview: Eddie Nicholas "You left me" (Dario Martino Remix)(Slaag Records CD-R)

Originally released two years ago with mixes by Taka Boom and Adam Cruz, Eddie Nicholas' magnificent "You left me" returns in brand new mixes by Dario Martino who turns the song into a truly soulful affair oozing with masterful melodies and Eddie Nicholas' unparalleled deeply felt vocals, all perfectly arranged over a groovy backdrop. The dub is even smoother, spreading a laidback feel through the mellow groove and jazzy instrumentation.

Soulmagic & Ebony Soul featuring Ann Nesby "Get your things together" (Purple Music CD Promo)

Here we have the full package of the "Get your things together" by Soulmagic & Ebony Soul, featuring legendary house music diva Ann Nesby on vocals. This production has timeless written all over it, featuring outstanding vocals nd jazzy keys over a classy soul-funk backdrop - no wonder this one has been on every DJ's wishlist for the last two years. There are remixes by Jamie Lewis, Souldynamic, Davide Fiorese & Sisco and even some main room mixes by Mr. Root included in the package, but it all comes down to the Soulmagic mixes which are pure magic (don't miss to check their utterly funk dripping dub and masterful reprise versions).

Deepswing & Tony Nuccio give you "Glory" (Generate Music CD Promo)

Erik Wikman and Tony Nuccio team up with vocalist Shemika Secrest for "Glory", a fiercely stompin' funk soaked production featuring uplifting gospel tinged vocals and catchy synths in the original version perfect for peak time play, while the 'Classic Mix' an old-school flavored affair featuring captivating keys over a funktified backing. Toni Nuccio gives the track a deeper touch on his mixes laced with luscious melodies, while Andrew D. FunkHouser delivers a more percussive yet funky rework on a laidback tip. 

Aston Martinez & Marco Berto "Music 4 da soul" (Push On Music CD Promo)

With "Music 4 da soul", Swiss producers and DJ's Aston Martinez and Marco Berto present a summery slice of funky house featuring a wonderful saxophone by Roman Weissert and melodious chords over a smoothly stompin' backdrop. Marco Berto & Daniele Candeloro transform the track into a lovely late night / early morning affair on their deeper remix.

Exclusive Preview: Marco Finotello featuring Maggie Smile "Sometime" (Daddy Funk Records CD Promo)

After we gave you an exclusive preview of the Black Sonix Remix last week, the full package found its way to our desk earlier this week. Featuring sultry vocals courtesy of Maggie Smile, Marco Finotello's "Sometime" is truly sublime and features stylish melodies over an infectious backing. Seb Skalski contributes an uplifting remix featuring a gorgeous flute break down over a smoothly stompin' funk drenched groove, while Deepmilo presents a refreshing fusion of deep house with tech elements. Finally, Black Sonix' truly deep and mesmerizing remix full of intoxicating synth melodies is included in vocal, instrumental and beat versions.

Exclusive Preview: Andrew Richardson "Save me" (CD-R)

After dropping the musical nugget "Hey" in August, Andrew Richardson returns with another slammin' track exclusively available to Spirit of House. The laidback "Save me" is fresh yet mesmerizing, featuring lush keys and cool vocal samples over a deep underground-esque groove - quite simply one of those tracks guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor.

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